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Messford Dramm


0 · 260 views · located in London, Ontario, Canada

a character in “Green Hills Highschool”, as played by dudedude889


Pure black bed-head hair.
Hazel eyes.
Abit muscular.
six feet three inches.
Scar from the right side of his forehead to the bottom of his eyebrow.


Mess is a mess. He usually has a distant look in his eye, and not really listening to anything. The look is caused by starting his day with some drug. But when he doesn't have that look he usually is caring and all.


Bong, and a black beanie he wears all the tim-in school a He has also a pure black skate board.nd at home... even in his sleep.


Messford Dramm is fifteen and is a niner. His parents abused him since day one, and when he found it was wrong, he went to drug-at the age of nine. His parents never found out, but they still abuse him for no reason. He also took refuge in skateboarding, and is really awesome. When he doesn't have drugs, he usually skates. So he sees many people at the skateboard park, and that's when he talks. He get fairly good marks, just on multiple q's, he guesses most of the time, and passes all the time. and now he's doing his own stuff.

So begins...

Messford Dramm's Story

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Messford Dramm got out of the pool, got changed, and walked to Jasper. "So, you got a place for me to stay?" he asked.

He didn't care if he got turned down. He can steal some food from his parents and sleep at the skateboard park again. It's fun to do that.