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Confrontation avoided. The strange young man regards you with interest.

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a character in “Greenfield Academy”, as played by angelwolf123




Name: Dark
Age: Physically, he appears to be eighteen or nineteen. His mental age seems to vary around different people, ranging from a small child to an intelligent young man.
Appearance: He's very pale, and his paleness is further stressed by fluffy black hair and violet eyes. Dark is tall, slender, and somewhat lanky. For the most part, he looks like a human until you actually get up close. Dark doesn't have a shadow; he is a shadow. Therefore, he's very visible in bright light, and is increasingly difficult to see as things get darker. You'll always be able to spot his luminescent eyes and their white, diamond-shaped pupils, however. Oddly, when he's happy he'll begin to emit violet sparkles; the more there are, the merrier he is. When in "hostile" mode, however, Dark's eyes will begin to glow, and these sparkles will dissolve into a sinister sort of aura/haze. Dark is extremely graceful, bordering on cat-like. He always lands on his feet.
Height: Easily six feet, probably taller.
Weight: His weight changes from that of a normal human his size (170lbs), to virtually nothing. It changes from how "present" Dark is at the moment, and he doesn't have conscious control of it.
Nationality: None. Shadow creature.
Occupation: Shadow-creature.
Sexual preference: Unsure if he has one.
Powers: By himself, Dark is pretty much harmless. All he can do, besides the stuff that comes from being a Shadow-creature (sometimes weighing nothing, invisible in the dark, grace) is teleport. It's only for about 50 feet at most, and that's the only "power" that he can use and manipulate at will. When he doesn't weigh anything, he can float around. And that's it, until given direct orders by his creator (the main bad-guy boss). When this happens, Dark has access to a plethora of new skills. He can alter his body (remember, he's made of shadow?), and do things like turning his arm into a shadow sword. His presence invokes uncontrollable fear, and Dark just becomes more lethal all around. He's capable of much more, but any more power than that is up to how much his creator wishes to bestow upon him. Any extra powers Dark receives will vanish once he's completed whatever task he's been commanded to execute.
Is this the first year your character will be attending/working at this school: Dark doesn't really attend the school. He just... lurks.

-Experimenting with humans
-Causing trouble
-When people stare at him too intensely
-Strong, negative emotions
-Being "claimed" or "owned"

One of the first things you have to know about Dark is that he's not human or even an organic entity. He tries his hardest, but he's not capable of very many emotions/feelings. Dark only has two modes of operating; neutral and hostile. His expression will never change beyond impassive; he doesn't understand the concept. Dark can't laugh, smile, frown, cry; if he speaks, it's usually in the form of one-word observations. Dark understands the language, however, and gets his meaning across quite clearly through his actions. Most of the time he's emotionless (similar to an inanimate object), but his next most common "feeling" is curiosity. This is where Dark can be compared to a small child, he gets intrigued easily, about even the most mundane of things. But, like a small child, Dark doesn't have any empathy towards other living creatures, and won't know they're feeling pain or in distress until they make it very clear (like crying). When this happens, he won't understand that it was him who made the problem; Dark will only be panicking and trying to figure out how to make it better. Besides curiosity, panic, and concern, Dark can also feel attachment, anger, and amusement. And although they're much less likely to show up, surprise and regret. All of this in "neutral mode".

Dark only enters "hostile mode" when provoked or given a hostile command by his creator. However, it should be noted that Dark doesn't easily become hostile on his own, and is far more likely to feel amusement than anger. But when it does happen, the only thing Dark has going through his mind is "destroy". At that point, Dark will pursue his target until they're taken out, directly ordered otherwise by his creator, or significantly distracted by someone he is "attached" to.

Now, getting away from the mechanics, Dark is vaguely manipulative and hard to get along with. He doesn't like to be bossed, but will gladly bend over backwards for people as long as they play their cards correctly (he's a sucker for sob stories). As naive as he appears to be, Dark has a built-in lie detector and can tell when someone means to do him harm. He's very friendly, but people he's always liked won't know how deadly-serious and apathetic he is around most people. In fact, his presence may even be considered by some to be downright malevolent.

Dark can sometimes get "attached" to certain people. Like "hostile" and "neutral", this is less of an emotion and more like a state of being. There are no grey areas. It's not easy for him to get attached (far more likely to simply be interested), and it's not exactly a good thing. He can get hostile very easily if he feels they are being threatened, and things tend to get nasty very quickly. Dark will be very possesive, and once this "mode" is activated, there's nothing that can really be done about it.

Interestingly, when Dark is under the command of his creator, he becomes a lot more talkative, and the finer details of his personality are made visible. He also has access to a large plethora of expressions, but it's anyone's guess if he actually means them or not.

Actually, there is a school legend about a spirit who sometimes appears under the broken stairwell on the third floor. New students are expected to spend the night there as a sort of entry-ritual into the school community.
Romantic interest:(if any; that might change)
Relatives at the school: The other shadow-creatures?
Roommates: (fill that later)

((In case I have not made this clear; Dark is one of the shadow-creatures invading the school. Just.. of a higher caliber. He, like the shadow creatures, are just there. He's not a student, though that may change. I don't know if this is allowed, but the rules say I should just go for it so I will.))

So begins...

Dark's Story

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Telepathy - the ability to communicate with others via thoughts. There were living creatures who had this power. That included the Dark Lord, who was trying to communicate with...
"Dark..." The telepathy conversation started. "I want you to know about the students and the staff here as much as you can. I want you to know their desires, their fears, their strengths and weaknesses... I want you to pretend to be a student... and befriend them... Make them like you, trust you, and tell you their secrets... so we can use them in our advantage...

Sora went silent when Eclipse's wings wrapped around both of them. "N-no worries..." She muttered, still in surprise. "Do you want to go outside and greet the neighbors?" It wasn't only because she wanted to see who could play music instruments. She wanted to befriend many people, or at least those at the same floor.

"Mhm... Russia..." Togame only responded. "And I have no idea what you didn't do... If you didn't make a huge hole in the floor, that's fine..."

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The growling sound was probably what made me stop paying attention to what anyone was doing. All I saw was some sort of hellspawn in the doorway that had magically been reopened, even after I had closed it. Either way, I wasn't having any of that, and after years and years of going to this school, self-defense is probably my strongest suit. I walked over to whatever this thing was, making sure I didn't show any fear, and made a finger gun, aiming at the whatever. As I fired a beam of aura at it, I split the shot into six beams, turning the blast into a cage and pinning down the creature before anything could be done on it's part. I inspected the creature with a bit of a grimace and tightened the cage so it was completely immobilized.
"Ugh. And I thought I needed to freshen up." I said, the aura flowing from my fingertip and around the cage, harder than any alloy I've seen to date. Well, any alloy bar an odd gold/platinum/silver mix, but I doubt anyone is going to weaponize that any time soon. I then poked my other finger at the kid who ran in behind this thing and used my big boy voice. "Watch your hellspawn, it could seriously hurt someone."

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A black and gauzy ribbon-like line was swooping around the hallway walls. It was growing and disappearing at the same time. Suddenly, the whole floor got pitch black. The blackness shattered in pieces, which violently started moving around the hallway, to the stairs and most likely - to the other floors.

Each of the pieces invaded the mind of every single living creature in the dorm building. It attacked their five senses, sped up the pulse and breathing of most of them, and started fighting with their psyche. Some could barely feel it, although they were affected enough to notice it.

"What was that?" Togame thought.

Others almost got a mental breakdown, as both their organs and mind state were struggling with darkness.

Sora collapsed on her knees, holding her head, screaming for help. Her thoughts were rushing and fighting, her heart was pounding. She went silent and started breathing heavily.

It affected each of them differently. However, everyone now knew something was wrong.