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Model A73N93G26E937L

0 · 669 views · located in Greenfield Academy

a character in “Greenfield Academy”, as played by DyLAn:D


Eclipse: Model A73N93G26E937L



Full name: Model A73N93G26E937L

Alias/Nicknames: Eclipse

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Half Android, Quarter Angel, 1/4 Demon, 1/4 Human

Nationality: Experiment

Birth Date: Was created January 1st 2011

Age: Two (but has the body and brain of a seven-teen year old)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Descendent(of): Archangel Gabriel & Nightmare Demon Mara

Job/Profession: Nothing

Is this the first year your character will be attending/working at this school: Yes


Height: 5’8”

Weight: 200,000lb’s

Build: Lean, curvy body

Eye Color: Left eye Red & Right eye Gold. But her eye's dont like to stay one eye, when she is sad her eyes will go silver, when angry Red, when really happy Forest green.

Hair Color: Pale blonde, seems white in some light

Skin Shade/Color: Pale ivory

Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: She has a bar code on her left upper arm. She has two long scars on her back that her wings come out of and varies scars on her arm’s from being experimented on.

Description: Eclipse was programmed to be beautiful and innocent looking. Long curly pale blonde hair that reaches down to the small of her back, pale ivory skin blemished by scars, striking multi-colored eyes and a cute face. She has plump pink lips and to give her character the scientist added some freckles on her cheeks. The body is sleek, lean and curvy the scientist created it to perfection.


Human Mode 1 , Human Mode 2 , Human Mode 3 , Weapon Mode 1 , Weapon Mode 2 , Weapon Mode 3 , Weapon Mode 4, Ultimate Weapon , Angel Mode


Sexuality/Preference: She was programmed to be Heterosexual

Family/relatives: She has no direct family but the DNA used to make her came from the Archangel Gabriel and the Nightmare Demon Mara.

Friends: Jillian

Mental Skills : Her mind is that of the most advanced computer.

  • Talking to people
  • Nice people
  • Being free

  • Bad Scientists
  • To Hurt Things

Hobbies: She likes to create little mini robot’s out of things she finds lying around.

Personality: Eclipse was programmed to be heart less and cruel, able to kill and not even blink an eye like a normal android. She because of her Angel and Human DNA over time she has developed emotions and her own way of thinking. Now she is kind hearted and hates to see anyone or anything get hurt, which usually happens when they are around her because sometimes she has a hard time controlling her abilities.


Weapons: The scientist programmed Eclipse with an unlimited amount of weapon’s that she is unsure of. It’s a mystery to even her of what her body holds.

Attire: Eclipse combat attire is inside her body. When she goes into weapon mode shiny silver, black and red armor surround her body. At normal times she usually just has shorts and a tank top she stole from the market. Her left leg is usually wrapped in a bandaged.

Eclipse's powers are still unknown for she is so new to everything. Jillian wishes to keep it a secret from her as long as she can, she doesnt want to tell Eclipse the reason she was created.


Relationship Status: None

Family: Eclipse’s family isn’t really her family, it is the people of whom the scientists have extracted DNA from and put into her. Jillian is her 'adopted mother' of sorts.

Known Languages: Eclipse knows every language known to humans, angels, demons, and androids

Personal History/Background: Model A73N93G26E937L was created by the world’s smartest scientist’s as the Ultimate weapon for the Government. She was later given the name Eclipse by the Head female scientist named Jillian, whom was compassionate and kind to Eclipse seeing her more as a daughter then an experiment. She taught Eclipse how to speak, walk, run and show emotion even though she was never supposed to. When the Government found out that Eclipse had feelings and Jillian said that Eclipse wouldn't do bad anymore so the Government ditched the program completely and Eclipse was given to Jillian whom heard about this special school and enrolled Eclipse in it to learn human interaction.

Relatives at the school: Jillian became a teacher so she could watch Eclipse

Roommates: Sora

So begins...

Eclipse's Story

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#, as written by DyLAn:D
"Come on sweet heart the day awaits" Jillian squealed happy as she and Eclipse hopped out of Jillian's car and started making their way towards the school. Jillian was overly excited happy that her baby girl would finally have human....well not actually human....interaction.
"Ellie i want you to be on your best behavior you got it" Jillian warned playfully and Eclipse nodded.
"Whats wrong baby?" Jillian asked concerned and Eclipse looked up at her with her gleaming silver eye's that seemed to have a rainbow effect whenever she looked in the sun. Jillian loved her baby girl's eye's.
"I dont know Mama, my stomach hurts and my brain feels fuzzy" Eclipse had a soft bell like voice that was sometimes hard to hear.
"Oh baby, that's called being scared, its natural to be scared" Jillian smiled. Eclipse only knew a few human emotion's and Jillian was trying hard to teach her them.
"Come on lets go get your room and your stuff unpacked" Jillian said smiling as they entered the school. But as Jillian passed through the door she was instantly pulled back as Eclipse stopped mid way, her weight holding Jillian down.
"Come on baby girl move, you can do it" Jillian said softly trying to coax Eclipse into following her. It worked and Eclipse slowing follow Jillian to registration.
"Hello i am Jillian O'Connor i'm the new teacher and this is my daughter Eclipse O'Connor" Jillian introduced but the man's gazed never strayed from Eclipse, a light blush formed on his cheek's.
"Would you stop checking out my daughter before you have a black eye! she's seven-teen and you look to be over thirty! PERVERT!" Jillian shouted angrily and the man's face went tomato red from being caught as he signed them and gave them their room key's and number's.
"Thank you" Jillian snapped and the man nodded, never once looking up. Jillian pulled Eclipse with her down the hall to the room's.
"Ellie if that man ever comes by you again i want you to shove one of your gun's in his face or better yet that huge sword of yours by his throat, make him piss his pant's damn pervert" Jillian growled angrily and Eclipse nodded in response as they made their way to Eclipse's room.
"Alright baby this is you i will just be down the hall, now go unpack" Jillian ordered softly and Eclipse nodded before entering the room then Jillian went to go find her's.

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"There's a flying person up there..." Sora thought while looking at Ryan in the clouds. "Sooo... this is the school... and the dorms are... Probably nearby?" She could feel something on her leg. After looking down, she saw a squirrel on her foot. "Aww! You're so cute!" The girl scratched the squirrel behind the ears and put it away from her leg. She barely made a few more steps, until she could feel that both of her legs had squirrels. "Sorry, but I don't know if I'm allowed to have pets..." She told them.

Before she could make another step, Sora was covered and surrounded by squirrels. "Ok, squirrels..." Sora muttered. "I get it... you like my legs... and arms... Now please, I have no time for this!" Sora might have the ability to communicate with animals, but it seemed like they weren't listening to her. Soon enough the girl was covered not only in squirrels, but also rabbits, bugs and other little animals. They were so many, Sora ended up on the floor. "Go away! Go away, animals!"
"You're hopeless..." Sora could hear Togame's voice nearby. "Togame! Please! Help me!" Sora screamed for help. She was also afraid she would accidentally hurt the animals while trying to get rid of them. "Nope." Togame calmly replied while walking away.

Togame finally came to room 300 and entered. Barely paying attention to the broken lamp and wall, she took a look at Tanya. "Great... Now I'll be roomed with a baby hamster..." She muttered instead of greeting or introducing to the little girl.

Sora's hair looked like a tornado. Her clothes were slightly ruffled. "Finally! The rooms! Room 302, here I come!" The girl quickly entered in a room. She could feel slight chill, then she noticed Chris, who was unpacking. Well that was weird - she thought that the roommates had to be the same gender. "Excuse me... Are you Eclipse O'Connor?... Is this room 302?" Sora opened the door, went out, looked at the room number and felt a massive amount of blood rushing trough her face when she realized she entered in room 303. "Never mind, bye!" She quickly closed the door.

"This is the right room. 302." Sora entered. "Hi...." She greeted Eclipse. "My name is Sora Markovska... N-nice to meet you..."

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"What are you thanking for?" Togame asked. "You're a weird kid..." However, for a strange reason, Togame felt interested in the little girl. She has never felt like that when it came to meeting new people "Yep. It's pronounced To-ga-me. Your accent is weird, are you Slavic?" Togame wouldn't normally start asking questions, because she would be too busy minding her own busyness. However, this kid took her curiosity, but only for a while. Probably she wouldn't even listen if Tanya replied.

"You must be Eclipse..." Sora was talking to the blonde girl. "I'm here for the first time and I'm a little nervous... Are you here for the first time too?" Suddenly a blissful sound of guitar caressed Sora's ears. "Is... Is that... Three Days Grace?" Sora's pulse started speeding up, until she became hysterical. "Oh my God! Someone is playing a song of Three Days Grace! Someone is actually playing guitar here! A neighbor! Our neighbor can play a song of Three days grace!" Sora took Eclipse's arms and started jumping in joy. "How awesome is that? Wait..." The girl suddenly stopped. "Isn't it coming from room..." She suddenly gasped. "Oh my god! I just mistook my room with the room of the guitar player! Aaah!" Sora hit her forehead with her palm. "This is just embarrassing... And I just went hysterical in front of you, isn't that a great introduction... I wonder what his name is..."

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Chris overheard the two girls next door go crazy over his guitar playing. He laughed to himself, he wasn't the only one who could play. Still playing, he tried to think of who else played guitar here. "Oh, yea, it was Ryan. He was pretty good at it, too." He stopped playing guitar and tried to think of a song he could sing to. "Hmm, nope, no. Ah, there is that one," he thought as he moved his hands to their appropriate frets, and began to play again. It was another Three Days Grace song, but this time it was Never Too Late. He waited for his cue,

"This world will never be,
what I expected.
And if there's something wrong,
who would have guessed it?
I will not leave alone,
everything that I own,
to make you feel like
it's not too late.
It's never too late..."

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Ah, the first day of a new school year, I remember it like it was yesterday. I woke up, yawned, stretched, and then rolled out of bed.
In retrospect, it may have been a good idea to not take top bunk when we were calling dibs in the room.
One pile of sheets on the floor later, I was up and ready to go, having dressed the night before in my trademark dark jeans, black socks, and black shirt. Throwing on my (also trademark)black trenchcoat(Thin enough material to flap dramatically in the breeze, just like I like it, and let me tell you, it is HELL trying to find material that perfect.), I walked out the door, sending a tentacle of my aura over to my desk to grab my key to the room before the door closed.
Allow me to explain my power a bit, just in case you weren't paying attention before. I can create something called an "aura", and as long as I have the mental stamina and an idea as to how to do something, I can make almost limitless possibilities. For example, if I wanted to cover a lot of ground and had a tree nearby, I could make a tentacle of aura wrap around a branch, harden my trenchcoat into wings(hence why I like it thin), and basically make myself into one of those little glider toys I used to play with when I was a kid. Of course, like anything, this takes up energy, quite directly from my mind, at that. If I have too much going on or I break my aura(which is rather difficult, at least for those who try), it takes a LOT to keep it up, at least until I lessen my load or the damage repairs, at which point it takes very little toll. But now I'm just digressing. Flash forward a while, and I was finally walking through the halls of the dorms, before I remembered to grab my backpack from the room. Two flights up. This... was NOT my day. Throwing a whip of aura up the stairwell, I pulled myself up the stairs and swung over the rail, landing on my floor and dusting myself off.
As I was about to enter my room again, I heard what appeared to be Three Days Grace. Disgusted, I focused my aura into my hands and formed a bow, then the fiddle it went to(What were YOU thinking?). Tapping the strings to make sure they were tuned(just because I made the thing doesn't mean I made it perfect), I began playing a song I had fallen in love with a few years back. So that I could make sure I wasn't seen by anyone else, I stayed hidden by the stairwell, the light pulsing purple of my aura and pale grey hair(it's hereditary, shut up) the only indicator the someone was there. As I got into the song, I made a drum and a few other instruments behind me with an extension of the bow's aura. Because I didn't know how to play any of them, I just made the parts that needed to vibrate resonate with their parts in the song, thus giving the same result as the area I was in amplified all my sound.
"I won't blame the hurting on you, you left in the sweetest way...
I won't say that it's you, making me feel this way.
It's the heart, and the soul, and the body, and the brain driving me insane,
but the wind, and the land, and the fire, and the rain always stay the same...

Ai, ai, ai
Wanna roll with the wind, bringing distance to everything
Ai, ai, ai, whoa

Ai, ai, ai
Wanna sit by the fire and glance at the pouring rain
Ai, ai, ai, ai, ai, ai..."
As I leaned against the wall in the alcove, continuing the song, the stress of playing several instruments at once began to give me a headache, but to piss off the guy playing TDG, it was worth it. He was lucky I didn't launch into one of my Irish songs. Maybe later at a party.
(Link to the song for those who haven't heard it. And shame on you for taking this long to get to it.

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#, as written by DyLAn:D
"Guitarist?" Eclipse asked confused for a moment before she heard a tune, then another followed it, both loud and hurting her sensitive ear's.
She had minded the person who first started to play a.....three days actually she kinda liked it but then someone made another tune and it scrambled her brain.
Eclipse whimpered as pain shot through her head, she didnt know how to deal with it, she didnt know how to deal with any of this, this girl's screaming, so many noise's.
"It hurt's" Eclipse whimpered then another noise broke through the rest. The sound of bones cracking as reforging, skin tearing and a moment later large, soft silver white wing's shot out of her back and wrapped around her like a barrier, instantly cutting off the noise's.
She eyed her silver eye's which were glowing slightly and looked up to see not only had she encased herself in the feathery barrier but the other girl as well.
"I'm sorry i dont know how to control any of my powers yet.....i dont even know what they are" Eclipse apologized to the girl.

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Chris jumped when the entire band began to play another song, and stopped playing. As the music continued, he heard a strange shuffling sound from the room over. He stopped and laughed. Chris then got up from his bed, put his guitar on his back, and left his room. He turned and looked down the hall. "Walker," he called. "Come on man, You're the only one who could conjure up a band from thin air." He was smiling as he said this, and continued to smile. "What's the matter, Walker? You got cold feet or something?" Chris called down the hallway, laughing at his own joke.

Chris crossed his arms. Still smiling he said, "Walker. It's not cool to give people the cold shoulder," he had to stop and laugh again. By this point he knew where Walker was standing, he had traced the tiny tentacles of energy back into the stairwell. He set his guitar back into his room, and walked back outside it. Now he just stood there, arms crossed, with a big smile on his face.

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Telepathy - the ability to communicate with others via thoughts. There were living creatures who had this power. That included the Dark Lord, who was trying to communicate with...
"Dark..." The telepathy conversation started. "I want you to know about the students and the staff here as much as you can. I want you to know their desires, their fears, their strengths and weaknesses... I want you to pretend to be a student... and befriend them... Make them like you, trust you, and tell you their secrets... so we can use them in our advantage...

Sora went silent when Eclipse's wings wrapped around both of them. "N-no worries..." She muttered, still in surprise. "Do you want to go outside and greet the neighbors?" It wasn't only because she wanted to see who could play music instruments. She wanted to befriend many people, or at least those at the same floor.

"Mhm... Russia..." Togame only responded. "And I have no idea what you didn't do... If you didn't make a huge hole in the floor, that's fine..."

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"Eclipse, I'm going to get my schedule, because if I don't get it now, I'll forget about it. I'll be right back!" Sora smiled at Eclipse and walked out. In the hallway she found a whole group of guys and she gasped, because she couldn't help, but notice there was a... "Cute kitten!" Sora squealed. She started petting the kitten, as it calmed down and started purring in Cyrus' arms.
Happily, Sora continued her way.

"I'm bored, I'm going outside." Togame thought. She simply walked out of the room, without telling anything else to Tanya. Will the little Russian girl follow her roommate? Togame hoped she wouldn't, but who knows...

"This guy over there looks familiar..." Sora was thinking, after she noticed Chris, who wasn't far away. "Wait! Isn't that..." Sora was about to finish her thoughts, when she suddenly tripped and fell forwards. She got used to that, since she trips and falls often. Some wounds on her knees weren't fully healed yet.

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A black and gauzy ribbon-like line was swooping around the hallway walls. It was growing and disappearing at the same time. Suddenly, the whole floor got pitch black. The blackness shattered in pieces, which violently started moving around the hallway, to the stairs and most likely - to the other floors.

Each of the pieces invaded the mind of every single living creature in the dorm building. It attacked their five senses, sped up the pulse and breathing of most of them, and started fighting with their psyche. Some could barely feel it, although they were affected enough to notice it.

"What was that?" Togame thought.

Others almost got a mental breakdown, as both their organs and mind state were struggling with darkness.

Sora collapsed on her knees, holding her head, screaming for help. Her thoughts were rushing and fighting, her heart was pounding. She went silent and started breathing heavily.

It affected each of them differently. However, everyone now knew something was wrong.