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Keelan McGracy

Silence is the best weapon

0 · 349 views · located in The year 2018, Ireland, in the United Kingdom

a character in “Greenfield Boarding School: Secret Agents”, as played by deathrisesagain


Keelan McGracy


Who are you

“It’s just a small price to pay"


Name: Keelan McGracy

Age: 16

Face Claim: Andrew Trischitta

What do you look like

”Just Keepin on, Keepin on”


Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Hazel, his left eye is half orange and half hazel (which he will not talk about)

Skin tone: Tan

Height: 5 foot 10inches

Weight: 155 pounds


What do you act like


Likes 1 Martial arts || Likes 2 Knives|| Likes 3 Steak|| Likes 4 Quietness|| Likes 5 Rain|| Likes 6 History/archeology||

Dislikes 1 Tomatos || Dislikes 2 Spinach|| Dislikes 3 School|| Dislikes 4 Snakes|| Dislikes 5 Getting involved with someone

Fear 1 Loving someone then losing them|| Fear 2 Dying alone|| Fear 3 Failing a mission that could cost the world to go into war

Personality Keelan is a very trustworthy, quiet person. He is mostly seen at school alone, and really never says anything to anyone unless he has to. Keelan is also extremely smart for his age, and the essays he turns in is usually some of the best that the teachers read. He tries really hard not to get involved with anyone, which drives a lot of the girls crazy. Keelan will listen to someone, and help with their problems, but when it comes to his problems, thats what he believes, their his problems he'll deal with them. He never talks about his problems,which sometimes will cause him too much stress, but he refuses to take time off. Image

History: Keelan was an orphan at an early age of 2. He grew up with foster parents that was a part of the MI agency. He knew they weren’t his real parents, but he still felt close to them. They put him into the martial arts program when he was 4 and has been doing it ever since. When he was 7, they gave him his first knife, which he still uses on his missions. The foster parents that Keelan was with were told it was time for him to go, and so they sent him to Greenfield Boarding School, where he entered the MI agency and became an agent through there. His first mission came when he was 9, and with surprise to the handlers and directors, he successfully completed the mission. Ever since then he grew into an outstanding agent. Some claim that he is the best that MI has trained. Though people claimed that, there was still one agent that was better than him, his martial art’s master, Charles. Keelan struggled to live up to the reputation that he had, and didn’t like all the attention. When Keelan was 12, he received word that the Foster parents had disappeared. He was hurt, but didn’t show it. In his spare time he reviewed everything he can so that he could find them.

- SOG Micron Tonto Folding Knife (the knife his foster parents gave him.)
- Gerber Multitool pliers
- Glasses, with a computer that is shown in one of the the lense, a radio ear piece and mic. (they look like normal Oakley sunglasses with bluetooth earpiece attached. Plus the lenses can be changed.) Image
- SAR K2P 9mm Pistol, with 17 round magazine [img]

- Surviellance
- explosives (arming and disarming, only good on some types of bombs)
- hand to hand combat
- knife fighting
- Undercover opperative
- Tracking
- Firearms, mostly Rifles and Pistols, but is an expert at pistols.

So begins...

Keelan McGracy's Story

Liam looked around. No British agent on the team, but they are asking for us specifically for one. Now, the only agent here I am family with is Keelan. Well, Keelan and that one girl from that joint mission a month ago against that media mogul trying to start a war. But, she would still be recovering from the toxic bullet she was shot with. What are you not telling us?

"Yeah, stop beating around the bush and tell us why we are really here. You want us to rescue your agent, a group of foreign agents. And you assign none of your own to this team, implying this is a one time only thing. But the cover for this building is a school, you took our luggage to rooms and told us to pack quite a bit, and you assembled some of the best agents from all Intelligence Organizations into a team to work together, something this large scale has never been done since Workd War 2 Blackfiles. And yes, I know about those. This implies long term assignment, otherwise you would use your own agents".

However, Liam took it a step further. He has a high IQ, and he was still putting the pieces together, but he had theories.

"So, a Multi-National team, long term assignment, and enough skill to capture an agent. My guess is this agent is going to be a future member of this team, but I still don't understand why not bringing one of your own on this as well. Not unless you suspect a security breach. Even then, Keelan could be here. You trained him since he was young, and I know he is fiercely loyal".

"Anyways, so this issue must be of global concern if my nation and the CIA are working together, which leaves three options: Massive nuclear threat, World War III threat, or the unknown threat that has been buying everything off the black market. Maybe a combination of those choices even".

Liam looked at the others. He couldn't help but still notice the age and gender difference. "Other then that analysis, I don't think I have any questions".

(Liam is smart, but I figured it would be stupid to immediately have him assume it was Keelan). (Also accidentally tagged Keelan)

(Well, you people said to wait for two days at least. I did. time to go on a tagging spree. Oh, and death, I WILL hunt you down if you don't come back :) I am also enacting one of the secret plans)

Liam looked back at Johanna. He admitted to himself that he was somewhat conflicted. He was trained to prioritize. And this training made him know, for a fact, they had to focus on the computer. He did want to save Keelan, but he knew the mission. Keelan was technically a secondary objective, however much he did not want to admit it. He also knew which team he had to be on. He could access the computer remotely and download the data if he got close enough with his watch, or he could use his spider drone to hack into it and get all the data. He needed to be on the Computer team.

"I will go get the data. We..." he hesitated a little. He quickly slapped himself. Hesitation means death. "We need to get the data, that is the priority. And I have the best equipment for getting the data too. I don't have any preferences on who goes with me either..."

----4 years ago, Top Secret Chinese Training Facility, Location: CLASSIFIED----


Liam fought off the attacker, both of them wielding Chinese swords. They were sparring in the Sparring room, being watched by their trainers and the project leader. The Project leader looked at the trainers. "Where did you get this...Liam?"

"An orphanage in southern Hong Kong. He was left there by someone. We believe the mother was American and left him here".

"He is exceptional. He is surpassing all of your other students".

"Indeed. He has natural talents. The one that caught our attention was his natural ability to break into safes by ear, but he is equally exceptional at cracking electronic ones. He is short for his age, but he uses that to his advantage, getting under his opponents".

"I assume you looked into who his parents are?"

"Of course. Though he displays no interest to find them, or even know who they are. Which may be for the best. While we have no identity for the mother, the father's DNA has been found once, at a crime scene where an arms dealer was selling some heavy grade weaponry. We do not know his actual identity, we have come to believe he is a master criminal".

"And Liam himself? What else can you tell me about him?"

"Loyal, Goal Oriented, capable of compartamentalizing but showing compassion when he needs to. He has avoided relationships with most of his peers, excluding one who came from the Orphanage he was at. A Itari Xhe. He has also had violent complications with another one of our older trainees, Weyvet Chan. They seem to be of equal match, which is exceptional considering the 5 year age difference. We are selecting him for even further advanced training".


The horn sounded. The trainer and Project Leader looked back. Liam had won, and his opponent was naked from the waste down. Liam had cut his belt and pants, which had startled him. "Liam is not afraid of doing what needs to be done. And he is creative too. He shocked his opponent for just a second, and used that one second to disarm him. A trick people have tried to use on him, but he is goal oriented enough that when people do that, he disarms them. He is well trained".

"Indeed. Consider Liam accepted".


Liam looked at the others. "Well, you guys ready to start?"


"Excuse me, Interrogator. I need a word with this boy for a moment".

He dismissed the torturer, and looked at Keelan. "Do you know who I am? I am the man who can make your life hell...". He took a knife that had a blade that was heated on an oven, and stuck it into Keelan's chest. "Lets not deny the facts. You are British Intelligence. Not MI6, we all know that is a cover for the real agents. And other will come to get you. Now, if you tell us what you know, we will kill you, and make sure your body gets media attention. You will spare anyone who comes here trying to rescue you. But if you don't talk...then you will be letting innocent men and women be slaughtered. It will be your fault. They died coming to save you, and if you give us the information in the first place, they will never have to die. So what do you say? How much blood do you want on your hands?"

Riley nodded and turned to Adele. "Let's move out frauline," she said with a smile.
With a fluid movement, Riley lept out of the helicopter and began sprinting at her top speed. If Keelan was still alive, which he was, then the probability of torture was frighteningly high, meaning that the odds he was severely injured were of the same proportion. In all honesty, she was grateful for Liam and Johanna, god bless their souls, with their attention funneled towards the prioritized computer, it allowed, for Adelaide and Riley to focus on finding and rescuing Keelan.
Her mind drifted towards the First Aid kit in her backpack, it was fully equipped to deal lacerations, but it worried her that she would not be able to treat the injuries he had sustained.
"Keelan, you better not go dieing on me," Riley thought, as Keelan himself could hear, as a hot, unshed tears began to sting her eyes.

A successful mission was one thing, but Liam literally only had three, maybe four relationships. His "friendship" with Keelan, though it could only barely count if it counted at all, was one. He had a friendship with Riley, though that was only from a lot of joint operations based in the Pacific. There was a fellow Chinese operative from his orphanage. He was close with everyone there, even if he left no record of it.

Still, he had something similar to Keelan. "You know, your body was hard to drag out of that place. Good thing you lived. If you had died, I was going to be the only boy on this team. I am already the youngest. But, you know you have one day to recover right? Guess what, you get to go back to work tomorrow! You are lucky the Swiss have had a snowstorm for the past three days. No flights in or out, so you are not missing us infiltrating a bank to prevent it from being robbed. The party got rescheduled for tomorrow, so you better heal quickly".

In a way, Liam was taunting him in a friendly "I saved your life" way. He sat next to Keelan. "You are asleep again? Aren't you? Oh well, I can taunt you more when you wake up".

Liam moved on next into the main room, where there was a bunch of mail. He looked through, then took out a package and opened it. Inside, it contained several things. Liam's toolkit, a bunch of identities, foreign money. He looked through several of them. "Ah yes, Jack Richard, Profressional Young Chef. I got a lot of cooking lessons for this one. Ooooh, Jeremy, my dancer...not going to remember that any time soon. Too many bad memories".

#, as written by Darkie
There wasn't much to do until Keelan woke up and Johanna did what she did best with spending time, cars. Well, when she didn't have classed of course and needed to study. She had asked Madam Devone if they had some kind of garage that she could be in and maybe fiddle with a car. She was granted that with a few conditions, she wouldn't leave her tools all around the place, keep her things separate to everything else and not to fall behind with her studies. Which she more then gladly obeyed. She came and visited Keelan now and then to look how he was doing, leaning against the door frame. "I'd say we're even now, you remember that time in Iraq? I would never have manage to get out alive without your help." She said with a smile before nodding and go back to the garage.

Johanna arrived up to the main room when evening has started to fall and smiled at Liam who stood there with bunch of mail on the table. "What's up kiddo? Oh mail, anything for me?" She asked as she moved to the table. She didn't have her cap this time and her hair was tied as usual in a pony tail, her hands, arms and shirt were dirty after the long time spending under a car. She had streaks of oil along her cheek. She lifted her hand to wipe away the itchy oil, only to make it worse and wince. "I swear, that man had knuckles hard as steel. My cheek's still sore after that punch." She sighed and prodded on her cheek before looking down at the mail. She of course didn't touch a single of them with her dirty fingers. "Oh well, no mail for me. What did you get?" She asked curiously and glanced up at Liam.

(OOC: Ok, sorry guys. My schedule's been a lot busier since I got out of the hospital. I didn't mean to leave you guys.)

Adele gently slid the bow over her taut strings one last time before sighing, setting down her violin and bow. Keelan still wasn't awake and mostly everyone was separated. At least two hours ago, she sat beside the guy's bed, glowering at him. "You owe us all big time, idiot," she had told him even knowing that he was pretty much dead to the world at the moment. "Went through a lot of unnecessary crap, so you better wake up soon."

Adele chuckled at the memory and slid to her feet, brushing off the imaginary dust on her gray sweatpants. Glancing at the clock one last time and deciding that it was late and that she should at least leave her room for a littlw while, Adele pulled the scrunchie out of her hair and headed out the door. Long brown hair fell down her back, glints of the golden-brown highlights catching in the setting sun's rays. Before long, she was in the main room and waved to Johanna and Liam.

"Hey, guys." Adele noted the table. "Any of that for me?"

"You meet after saving your life, discovering the ultimate bank robbery, and planning an op? Getting some cover IDs mailed to me...". He looked through some of them. "Oh, Keelan, you remember Vance Redcliff, right? that was a nice cover ID. Won't get me ïnto many legitimate parties, but the name did prove useful to get me into the criminal underground".

One of Liam's strengths was also one of his weaknesses. He wasn't used to working with teams. Sure, he could plan an op for a team of agents, but he isn't the best at working with people side by side. He was independent, but his communication skills could use improvement.

When dinner was announce, he went to take his seat. Normally, he didn't care about height, but for some reason it was bothering him everyone was older and taller. He then noted to Keelan "I swear, if you die on me though, I will find a way to bring you back and kill you myself. I do not want to be the only guy on this team, understood?"

"Oh, and could you pass the mashed potatoes and gravy?"

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#, as written by Darkie
Johanna waved at Adele when she came. "I don't know. I won't touch any of the letter, obviously." She said looking at her dirty hands. She was leaning with her arms on the counter but straighten when Charles came and told them that the dinner was done. "I better go and clean up a bit then." She excused herself as she went to her room to clean up a bit, so that she didn't look like a total mess. She didn't bother to change clothes really, if the others had a problem with that then well.. They could deal with it.

She returned when everyone was sitting around the dinner table. She took her place and laughed at Liam's comment, putting food on her place. "It can't be that bad being surrounded by girls." She winked at him and bit her lip to stop from laughing. She grabbed the mashed potatoes and gave them to Liam, then the gravy. "We were sent here to get you out from that place and well.. I guess Madam Devone have something more in mind for us, obviously since we're still here. And we even have classes here." She shrugged and took a bite. "Whatever it is, I hope to find out soon but I think she wanted to wait until you woke up and recovered."

Liam was fine with most of those rules, but a few he twitched at. The Uniforms. First off, he never ever had to wear a uniform ever. Not even for training. They had sparring outfits, sure, but never school uniforms. There was a reason for that. School uniforms did not have bullet proof fibers inbeded in them. All his clothes did. The lights off thing was another issue. He sleeps for about 4 hours a night, because that is how much he needs. He usually works until 2 AM on his tech. He recently was working on a new drone design.

Liam caught the keys, and quickly went to Keelan's room, which coincidentally was next to his. He got the medicine, or at least what he guessed was medicine, quickly glanced around the room, then went back down. He walked next to Keelan, put it on the table, then went back to his seat. "So, while you do whatever you do with that, perhaps I should go over the op now? The party is tomorrow, and we need established cover ideas. I already got us some invites, but I need to know what cover IDs you plan to use. Riley, I wasn't sure about everyone else, but I was thinking we use the Baylons. Those cover IDs have banking history, and we could pass off that we came to the party to represent the family who could not make it. It worked before for us".

Liam waited for his answers, hoping he would be able to start the briefing soon. Liam would be a good handler and manager one day. He has great potential.

(Anything just let me know that she has been busy with school stuff, and that I can post for her. So add Riley to the mission list)

Riley and Liam:

Riley looked over at Keelan, and then at Liam and Jo. "Only three? That is going to make this mission there any way we can give Keelan time to heal?"

"No, they are striking at this party, and we got lucky with the snowstorm. Anyways, so this bank is called "The Vault", it has 10 levels. The first level is the main hall, and art galleries, where people usually wait while business is being done, and where parties are held. The first level is three floors, and includes a kitchen, a ballroom, and a game room. The second level is employee and Minor VIP areas, and consists of two floors. The third level is one floor full of security measures, that even kids have to abide to. Whoever enters needs to have a registered standard weight in the system, which is done by employees and regularly checked. They also need a fingerprint check, and a facial recognition scan. The only human involvement in the system is registering. The rest is done by cameras, and previously mentioned systems. Now, back when me and Riley were working in the Pacific Area, we had a cover established that we can still use. It already is registered with most banks like this, and including this one itself. So, we have access past the first major security level, into the Elite VIP area, which is Level Four. There is literally a private room for everyone registered at this level and their families, so it gives us access. It consists of six floors. Next is another security checkpoint, Level Five, which we get access, and then the Elite VIP boxes. You can take an elevator and stairs right past level six, and to the rest of the boxes. Level six is the most well protected, and the best guarded. 4 guards native to the country stand in the box room at all times, and are either mutes or had some incident making them unable to speak. Point is, they can't communicate secrets that well, and are sworn to secrecy".

Liam took a breath, and drank some water, before continuing. "While level six is the most secure room in the whole building, level seven through ten is also, and are filled with money vaults and safety deposit boxes, as well as cameras, roaming guards, gun turrets, and a lockdown system. Our way in is their way in, the party. Me and Riley will be able to access up to level six, but unless you have a cover I dont know about, your stuck up to level two. On that note, I do know an alternative way in for you. Facial recognition software is unbribable, but it mistakes photos for real people. Jennifer Aldeson will be there, she has level six access, I believe you are close enough in weight, and she will be there at the party. All we need to do is acquire her fingerprints on any surface, I will bring my toolkit, and I can get you fingerprint access. The camera data will be easy for me to erase and disable on level four, and then we can stop what they are up to".

He took another drink. "Any questions?"

Riley just sat there and processed all that. However, she also felt like making fun of him a little. "Sorry, can you repeat that? It was hard to hear you when your all the way down there!"

Liam knew what she meant by that, and she knew he felt a bit outnumbered. Normally height jokes meant nothing to him, but this time he was a tad flustered by it. "Shut up Riley! Not funny!"

While they did work together, Riley was still his rival. The Chinese and American spies had a long standing rivalry.

#, as written by Darkie
((I'm finally back! Holy geez, I've been super busy even when I came back but it finally calmed down now. Sorry for being gone for so long..))

Johanna finished her meal pretty quickly and listen what Charles had to say. School uniforms. That'll be interesting. She had never had to wear something like that before and it made her wrinkle her nose a little. She liked to be careless with her clothes, didn't really mind if they got a bit dirty or worn but now she had to wear a school uniform? She bit her bottom lip and leaned back in her chair. "Does that mean we girls will have to wear skirts?" She asked and masked her disgust against it. She was really not a skirt or dress wearing girl. She preferred pants and maybe shorts when it's warm.

She gave Keelan a sympathetic smile when he seemed to be in worse pain, they all have been there more or less. She watched as Liam hurried away as Charles worried about Keelan, everyone here had worried about him and it had been quite the relief when he had come down to eat with them. She crossed her arms and tapped her fingers on her arm and sat there in silence.

When Liam came back with the bottle of.. Okay, whatever it had been in it. Something that would make Keelan better at least. She turned her attention to Madam Devone and nodded when she said who would go to the new mission. She sighed lightly, they would be only three but she thought even though it would be hard they would manage it. She chewed on her bottom lip when Liam told them about the bank and the party there. He was like a walking information terminal, it was amazing and it made it harder to see him as so much younger then the rest of them were but she knew better then to underestimate him. She nodded when he was done and chuckled when Riley teased him.

"You're amazing." She simply said after a moment when she went through what he had said in her head. "I think we'll do fine, even if we are cut a bit short."

Liam, for a moment, nearly mistook Jo's mentioning of being cut short as another height joke. He refocused though on the matter at hand. "Anyways, Jo, I need to get the name of your cover ID for the tickets, and for entrance. Preferably a cover with banking history. And Jo, keep in mind we will have to go in separately, unless you plan to be staying up the first two levels. The cameras will see you faking your way into the vault if the alarm goes off, so use an expendable cover. The covers me and Riley will be using are ones I would rather be able to use again".

He then turned towards Keelan. "Awhile. You are an agent, I am sure you can figure it out. Riley, Jo, our plane leaves in six hours, so I would get as much sleep as possible, both now and on the plane. Good news is, we get to use first class. Keelan, if you don't get better by the next OP, I am going to have to assume you lost your touch". Liam ended in a tone that was both making fun of Keelan, and attempting to motivate him.

-----------------Meanwhile, in the evil lair--------------

"No agents were identified?"

"No sir, but we believe we have found someone who knows one of them. A Chinese assassin, trained to be a spy till he went rogue and tried to kill one of their best agents. An agent we believe was part of that team".

"Send him on the next mission".

"Already done".


Liam, for a moment, nearly mistook Jo's mentioning of being cut short as another height joke. He refocused though on the matter at hand. "Anyways, Jo, I need to get the name of your cover ID for the tickets, and for entrance. Preferably a cover with banking history. And Jo, keep in mind we will have to go in separately, unless you plan to be staying up the first two levels. The cameras will see you faking your way into the vault if the alarm goes off, so use an expendable cover. The covers me and Riley will be using are ones I would rather be able to use again".

He then turned towards Keelan. "Awhile. You are an agent, I am sure you can figure it out. Riley, Jo, our plane leaves in six hours, so I would get as much sleep as possible, both now and on the plane. Good news is, we get to use first class. Keelan, if you don't get better by the next OP, I am going to have to assume you lost your touch". Liam ended in a tone that was both making fun of Keelan, and attempting to motivate him.

-----------------Meanwhile, in the evil lair--------------

"No agents were identified?"

"No sir, but we believe we have found someone who knows one of them. A Chinese assassin, trained to be a spy till he went rogue and tried to kill one of their best agents. An agent we believe was part of that team".

"Send him on the next mission".

"Already done".


#, as written by Darkie
((Have Anything also left us? It was quite a while ago she put a post here.. I'm sorry for being slow on the posts. A lot of things are happening for me and I don't know when it will calm down.))

Johanna nodded at Liam. "Of course, you can use Alexandra Millers. She'll suit fine for this mission and disposable. She got a good enough baking background to be able to go in there without and suspicion really. And don't worry about me, I'm a big girl. I think I can handle it." She said with a teasing smile. She got up to take her plate to the sink and thanked for the food. She watched Keelan leave with a little worried frown on her face, of course he was pretty tired and all after that beating he got from the mission.

"I think I'll head to bed then. See you in 6 hours." She said with a wave as she headed out from the dining room and went to her room to pack her things for the mission. She hated wearing dresses but she really didn't have a choice in this one and it was a must for the mission. She sighed a little, stretching when she was done and looked at the time. She wasn't particularly tired and thought she should go and check on Keelan, to see if he really was fine. She went to his room, knocked but no one answered. She crossed her arms and tapped on her bottom lip with one finger, walking around to see if she could find him. "Where could he be?" She asked aloud at herself and went up to the roof. Maybe he was there.

She open the door to the roof and saw Keelan sit there. "Care to share one?" She asked with a smile and went to sit down next to him, looking down from there. It was sure a far way down to the ground but height have never been anything she had been afraid off.

(She is just busy with school stuff, she gave me control of Riley until she gets back. Hopefully she gets back)

(Also, sorry if the post is short and crappy, kinda rushed)

"Alright, I will set up the ticket and entry permissions. I will see you all then".

Liam went to his room, and started working on some of his designs. It helped calm him before a mission. Besides, he slept better if he passed out. Riley also went to her room to get ready.

He was worried about Keelan, he just did not know how to show it himself. His social skills were sub-par, so he had to go off instinct.

In six hours, they would be on a plane to the Most Secure Bank in the world.

#, as written by Darkie
((Hopefully she does otherwise it will more or less be two guys and one girl here xD Not that I really mind though.))

Johanna lit one of the cigarettes and took a drag on it, exhaling to watch the cloud before really looking at the view. "I can see that. It is really nice here." She said and swung her legs a little. It was really dark outside by now and the sky was clear so you could see the stars. "I do but.." She shrugged and waved her hand a little, taking another drag to blow the smoke out towards the sky. "I'm not very tired and to be honest, I only need a few hours sleep right now. I've rested enough after the rescue mission. And right now I'm more or less alert because of the upcoming mission. I'll sleep on the plane, easier to fall asleep on something that's moving and not a Helicopter." She muttered the last thing with a little distaste. She dragged her tongue over her lips and glanced to the side at Keelan. "How are you feeling? You were pretty out cold for three days and well.. We all worried there. But it's nice to see you walking again Keelan. You looked like hell when we pulled you out." It was only in her nature to worry about everyone really even though she was a spy who could kill without a second thought. She cared a lot about the people around her.