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Riley Evans

It's never a smart idea to mess with a girl who owns a R700 bolt action sniper rifle."

0 · 1,059 views · located in The year 2018, Ireland, in the United Kingdom

a character in “Greenfield Boarding School: Secret Agents”, as played by anything14


Name: Riley Evans
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Riley has dark brown, wavy hair that flows down to her a mid back. She has pale, peaches and cream skin, which only enhance her unusual eye color, a combination of bright aqua flecked with gold. She inherited her mother's symmetrical bone structure, and elegant features. But don't underestimate her, she's tougher than she looks.Image
Personality: Despite her rough up bringing, she almost always has a smile on her face. Riley tries to always look on the bright side of things, believing that what you think will effect the outcome of the mission. But looks can be deceiving, due to her upbringing, Riley finds it difficult to trust strangers right away, or at least only trust a select few. She is used to being hurt and betrayed, not only contributing to her trust issues, but also to the fact that she will often push aside or utterly ignore her emotions. However, if you are one of the select few who has managed to break past this wall built up by a life on the streets and in foster care systems, you will find a compassionate, loyal, if not a little over protective, girl who treasures any love that is given to her, since she has known so little of it in her life. Riley hates seeing those she cares about hurt, and will often do anything, and everything to make sure that that never happens, resulting in reckless behavior that has a high possibility of resulting in self harm. Riley is a stubborn, hard working, determined, fireball, unwilling to throw in the towel until she knows that everything is okay. Though she would never admit it to anyone she is a hopeless romantic, something she constantly scolds herself on. She fears that if she allows her hopeless romantic side to take over, she will only end up hurt, as was her experience with the foster homes, a feeling that she does not on account that it makes her feel weak, an feeling on spy ever wants.
Likes: reading, training, hacking, throwing knives, learning a new fighting styles, surveillance, singing(though she enjoys this very rarely due to the nature of her job)
Dislikes: undercover work, archery, bullies, needles, not being able to remember her parents
Fears: seeing her friends injured or worse, lightening and thunder, being alone
Marksman(woman): Due to her training as a sniper, Riley is an excellent marksmen, though these skills seem to leave her the second she picks up a bow. However, this skill does apply to when she is handling any type of throwing weapon or fire arm.
Undercover: Despite thoroughly hating every moment of it, Riley has shown expertise in adopting what every role she needs to in order to get the job done, this thanks to her acting skill and being able to hide what she is truly thinking or feeling.
Intelligence: Riley is incredibly intelligent, with an IQ of approximately 190. This is partially due to her photographic memory. You only have to show her something once before she knows how to do it. Thanks to this, Riley can learn things such as language, or blueprints very easily. This also attributes to her extensive knowledge in medicine and tactics. She is semi skilled with technology, knowing how to use the new technology the CIA is constantly throwing at her, though don't let her near a computer, the only buttons she knows are off and escape.
Stealth: With stubbornness and a focused mind, Riley has become quite good at stealth, able to sneak up behind diligent guards and scare the living day lights out of them.
Explosives/firearms: While Riley does get a little too excited about them, you can't deny the fact that she is extremely skilled in using both. She has an extensive collection of guns and explosives, and will not hesitate to use them, if the situation calls for, though you might be having nightmares afterwords.
Street skills: growing up on the streets of one of the most dangerous cities in America, you learn a thing or two. She can hold her own in a fight, and has considerable agility and flexibility, as well as well tuned reflexes. While she is not proud of it, Riley knows how to hot wire a car, pick locks, steal things without being noticed, looking purely at her skills, one would think that she was destined for a life of crime, and, quite honestly, she probably was. This also attributes to her considerable skill with machinery, seeing as she is almost constantly fiddling with a common house hold object and attempting to make inventions of her own, though they usually don't work.

Equipment: she has a variety of weapons on her at a certain time, depending on what mission she knows she is going on. Generally, she carries two Glock 19 pistols strapped to either one of her legs. She also has numerous, thin, metal throwing knives, in numerous compartments all over her body.

History: Riley was born in a privileged part of Flint Michigan, ex-agent Bruce Evans, and now retired model Eliza Evans. However, her peaceful life was not meant to last. By the time Riley had hit her first birthday, both of her parents were dead, a bullet placed in each of their skulls. She for the first five years of her life, Riley grew up in an orphanage that most kids would dream of. But on her father's quest to do good, he made some very powerful, and very corrupt enemies. Just before she turned six, she was placed in foster care, in one of the most dangerous parts of the city. For the next five years, she was bounced from foster home to foster home, experiencing everything from the abusive foster parents, to frequent druggies, who only took her in for the money. It wasn't uncommon for her to run away from these homes for weeks on end. It was here that Riley learned not only how to be resourceful and how to fight, but, more importantly, how to survive, a skill which would serve her well. While she was never enrolled in any classes, Riley picked up a variety of fighting styles, being that most of the gangs thought of her like their little sister and wanted to make sure that she could protect herself if need be, these were also the people who taught her how to shoot. At the age of eleven, just as she was about to go into her fifth foster home in three months, she was approached by two men in suits and sunglasses, who had a proposition for her. Either become a member of the CIA, as her father had been before her, or go back to the mostly heinous life she had been living until she turned eighteen. Needless to say, she opted for the former. Almost immediately, the CIA began training their new member. For two years, they put Riley through intensive training, and she rose and excelled whatever challenge they put in front of her. At thirteen, she received her first mission, originally supposed to be a simple retrieval mission, it soon got far more complicated than was expected. Fearing for the young operative's life, they sent another team to rescue her, but when they got their, they found that she had handled the situation perfectly fine, and had successfully completed her mission objective. She did field work for approximately two more years, before she got the call asking her to come to Greenfield.

Other: Her favorite color is black.


So begins...

Riley Evans's Story

"Why are we going to Greenfield again?" Riley asked, a dimpled smile gently lighting across her face.
The English operative glanced back at her, or at least she thought he did, the dark sunglasses, made it almost impossible to see the agent/driver's eyes. "I'm sorry ma'am, but that is classified information, you will be briefed once we arrive at Greenfield," his thick, English accent, giving the somewhat simple sentence an elegant tone to Riley's American born ears.
"You're lucky you have that accent," she pouted, earning her a smirk from the agent driving.
Score one for the American in the car., she thought, the smile once again returning to her face.
Slumping against the leather upholstery of the sleek black car that had picked her up from the air port just moments ago, she let her mind wander to earlier this morning.
She had awoken to the sound of her higher ups in the CIA screaming at her to get her ass on the first plane to England. Ten hours later, a very sleep deprived, and agitated Riley, stood in the midst of other passengers, searching for her name amongst a sea of signs and suits.
But through the jet lag and anger, resulting from a child kicking the back of her seat for a good duration of the flight, something didn't feel right. A feeling had begun to slowly gnaw it's way throughout her mind, but as to what that feeling was, or what it was that was causing said feeling, was a mystery that only the sensation. Every bone in her agent body told her not to make any conclusions before she was briefed, that it was probably nothing, but she was raised as a street kid, and she had learned to always trust her instincts, that sometimes they were the only thing you could count on.
"We have arrived miss. Evans," the agent's voice breaking her from the internal struggle.
"Perfect," Riley said, straightening into a more professional position.
Taking a deep breath, Riley opened the door of the car, and stepped out to face the imposing school.

He arrived there, and saw everyone else aproaching. The team he would be with, from what he could only assume, since they were walking in with them. And all three were female. Now, Liam had no quarrels with female agents, but unless there was a male british agent inside and not a female one, he would be the only boy on the team. A thought he was not a fan of.

He walked and followed the woman, Madam Devone. Eventually they made it to the conference room. However, he found it strange there was no British agent for this team. It also meant he could expect to be the only male on the team. He looked at everyone else, the other three agents. Two of them he did not recognize, but the third, Riley, seemed familiar. He knew he had some rivals in the CIA, and often it was a friendly competition between his intelligence agency and the CIA. He decided to let it be, and only bring it up if she recognized him.

of course, it occurred to Liam he was still wearing his sparring attire, which was basically a black Karate outfit with a black belt (which did not mean anything, but it would be accurate if it did), and some sneakers, because of the whole incident on the plane that got his other stuff bloody. He also would need to get some other things from that bag if he was to go on any missions, like his EVGs (Enhanced Vision Goggles), a laser knife, and his XKM-Designator Rifle, a sniper rifle which he invented, his spare drones, and his prototype drones he was still working on, as well as a variety of other projects. He could not help but notice the cover for this building, beginning to suspect this assignment would be more long term then he planned, though he was not sure for certain, but if so he would need to have more stuff shipped over.

"So, shall we get straight to it?"

#, as written by Darkie
Johanna watched the woman greet them. Madam Devone was her name if she remembered right and she suspected that there was something huge going on if they all had been asked to come here in such a short notice. She looked at the other agents that she probably would work with, Johanna had never really had any problem working with anyone else so it didn't bother her much. The more the merrier as they would say. Two girls and a fairly young boy, she of course knew the CIA agent. Who wouldn't? She was the second most experienced agent in the field, short after Keelan. And where could he be? If they were here on such a short notice then he should also be, right? She hummed quietly for herself, maybe he was busy on a mission.

When she heard that they were going to leave their baggage, she hesitated with her tool bag. It was the most precious thing she owned. It only took her a moment to leave it behind with the rest of her baggage to follow Madam Devone to a conference room. She thanked her for holding up the door and went to sit down at the table.

"So, shall we get straight to it?" The boy had asked the minute they all sat down at the table. He would probably be the only boy in this team which.. Could be interesting. A young boy among older girls. She held back a laugh at the thought and just smiled. Though he was right, they had been called here for a reason and as it seemed, no time for pleasantries. She entwined her hands on her lap and leaned backwards in the chair, looking at Madam Devone and waited for some explanation on why they were here on such a short notice.

Liam looked around. No British agent on the team, but they are asking for us specifically for one. Now, the only agent here I am family with is Keelan. Well, Keelan and that one girl from that joint mission a month ago against that media mogul trying to start a war. But, she would still be recovering from the toxic bullet she was shot with. What are you not telling us?

"Yeah, stop beating around the bush and tell us why we are really here. You want us to rescue your agent, a group of foreign agents. And you assign none of your own to this team, implying this is a one time only thing. But the cover for this building is a school, you took our luggage to rooms and told us to pack quite a bit, and you assembled some of the best agents from all Intelligence Organizations into a team to work together, something this large scale has never been done since Workd War 2 Blackfiles. And yes, I know about those. This implies long term assignment, otherwise you would use your own agents".

However, Liam took it a step further. He has a high IQ, and he was still putting the pieces together, but he had theories.

"So, a Multi-National team, long term assignment, and enough skill to capture an agent. My guess is this agent is going to be a future member of this team, but I still don't understand why not bringing one of your own on this as well. Not unless you suspect a security breach. Even then, Keelan could be here. You trained him since he was young, and I know he is fiercely loyal".

"Anyways, so this issue must be of global concern if my nation and the CIA are working together, which leaves three options: Massive nuclear threat, World War III threat, or the unknown threat that has been buying everything off the black market. Maybe a combination of those choices even".

Liam looked at the others. He couldn't help but still notice the age and gender difference. "Other then that analysis, I don't think I have any questions".

(Liam is smart, but I figured it would be stupid to immediately have him assume it was Keelan). (Also accidentally tagged Keelan)


Adele had been quite silent throughout the entirety of their being in the presence of this Madame Devone. She listened patiently as the situation was explained and while the woman was talking, all she could think about was Keelan's non-appearance. Wouldn't they at least have one of their best agents here? Or even, if not him, another one of their own? Why send for members of mostly every Intelligence Agency in the world?

Before she could get to questioning that herself, the young boy - the male agent, she corrected herself out of respect - was the first to crack under the suspicious tension in the room. Adele's eyes lightly grazed over the younger agent as he spoke. While she knew she wasn't stupid to say the least, her curiosity about this one boy and his careful observation of the situation was impressive to say the least. After a few moments, however, her attention was off him and the woman.

Despite the cool features she schooled her face with, Madame Devone's eyes showed a hint of panic. She kept clasping and unclasping her hands, Adele noted, and she pursed her lips the entire time the guy talked. While she had spoken, she noticed worry lace with the woman's voice and that alone already had Adele even more suspicious. And now that the boy had caught the woman, a small smirk played out on Adele's face at the deer-caught-in-headlights look that Madame Devone seriously tried to play.

"Frau töricht," Adele said softly, her smirk not fading. She then went back to speaking English for the sake of the others. "It seems that when you called for all of us agents, you forgot that you were dealing agents, and not children. And I don't think I need to look at everyone else's faces to see that we aren't just children you can manipulate and whose times you can monopolize just because you feel like it. So, I suggest that you tell us the full story here."

#, as written by Darkie
Johanna bit her bottom lip hard to keep back the laugh that bubbled inside of her. In her eyes this was kind of amusing meeting. Madam Devone seemed to be in a hurry and wanted them to leave quickly when they had arrived. The mission was of high priority and an agents life were at stake here. They will rescue him even though the computer was top priority. All of the agents here were one of the best in their respective country. She hadn't figured out who everyone came from but the boy was damn smart for his age. Okay, compared to a normal non agent like boy in his age and it was hard to keep the laugh inside of her as he laid forwards his theories on why they were there and it all seemed to make sense. He was right, there was something fishy about all this and they deserved to know more then what Madam Devone had just told them.

Then the German agent, she guessed from what she had first said, started to talk and well.. She more or less put what Johanna wanted to say in those sentences. Maybe a bit dragged out but Johanna liked to keep things simple and straightforward instead of using unnecessary words to make the sentence longer. She grinned at them, moving her chair a bit back and put her boots on the table, her hands still locked together in her lap. Her day had started bad when she came back from that god damn mission but now she thought it might lighten up good enough for her to enjoy the rest of the day, even the mission they were going to go on.

So they all were going to be a team it seemed and the agent they are going to save is probably Keelan, she hoped that he was okay and that they will manage to rescue him in time. "May I do an input in this very amusing verbal assault against Madam Devone? I think we all can wait for further details until we have recovered the computer and rescued the agent. So, I suggest we introduce each other and get a bit familiar with one and another before we leave. We have an agent that might still be alive who needs to be rescued and our flight leaves soon so we should get ready for that. Am I not right?" She asked everyone with a raised eyebrow and a wide smile on her lips.

Liam was unimpressed by some of the tech. His watch was more advanced, his phone was more advanced. Bluetooth was the most easily hacked thing in the universe. Now, he suspected that the Chinese Government had some of the best tech and budget for their Intelligence Service, but he had no idea by this much. He activated his Watch's data sync function, taking all the features and adapting them to his own gear.

Liam found his room to be the closest to Keelan's. Being in a rush, he opened up his case full of gear. He put on a combat vest, combat boots, cargo pants, combat shirt, and a black hat you might expect a theif to wear. He also took out his dual Chinese Compact Mark II Pistols, a combat knife, his extra drones, a second Combat knife, some rope, and a G-36 Bolt Rifle with the A-25 Attachments allowing it to become a Sniper Rifle when needed.

He also took out some Red and Green gum, and put it into his pocket.

He walked to the landing pad where they would meet with their vehicle. He hoped it was a DS9 Prowler. He absolutely loved to fly those things. So stealthy, so silent, so smooth.

As Riley packed her supplies into her sleek, bulletproof backpack, she found her mind wandering to the meeting. It hadn't gone as smoothly as she had expected. The CIA had conditioned her to sit in her seat, soak up all the information she could, without uttering a word of disapproval. If she did, as she would often back talk her superiors, she was put through extra "training" with Special Agent Abbott, a man she sworn had studied every type of torture tactic alive, and somehow molded it into a form of training. Needless to say, the ex-street kid had learned to keep her lips sealed tight.
Riley picked up a small explosive device that could easily stick, and ultimately detonate, on any surface. "This will most likely be of help," she smiled, packing the device away.
If Keelan is even still alive, her brain argued, which he is, she hoped.
When Madame Devone had said that it was Keelan who had gone on the mission, Riley felt her heart stop. While she had only crossed paths with Keelan occasionally, he seemed like a good kid, at least according to her gut. It pained her to think of what they might be doing to him. The thought trailed off as she absent mindedly traced the thin scars that lined her left arm with her finger. It had just been over a year since she had been blown up by a stray land mine, resulting her confinements in the States, up until this point at least.
She hoped that Keelan wasn't too hurt, though the odds of that were slim to none. She placed a heavy duty first aid kit on the outer pocket, for easy access when they find him....if they found him.
Stop thinking like that, she scolded her roaming mind, if she kept thinking like that, then they would surely fail.
Packing the rest of her supplies, Riley closed the backpack with in one, fluid motion, she stared for a few moments. I don't care what they say. I am NEVER leaving an agent to die...not again. her fist and jaw seemed to tense in an eerie unison.
Slinging her pack over her shoulder, she went to go find Liam, the one agent who she actually recognized. After all, he was her rival. Plus she had been wanting a hug since she got their, and Liam's reactions to her attempts at an older sister like affection towards him, always managed to put the smile back on her face.

(Anything is back! But where did everyone else go...maybe a post will draw them out....)

Liam saw Riley coming onto the platform, and immediately got this feeling she was going to do something he didn't like. Maybe it was because she had a history of doing that.

He had no doubt Keelan was still a live. Keelan was a tough and stubborn SOB, even when it was against his best interests. Still, Liam had no doubt he was alive.

If he was dead though, he would dismember the person who did it while they are awake, taking an arm and a leg.

"Wonder what our ride will be. I can probably fly it, I have flight and driving training in most vehicles".

He turned to Riley. "Oh, did you pass your Fighter Jet flight test yet?"


Adele had to roll her eyes at the equipment she found in her room. Without really thinking much on it, she got changed into all black clothing, zipping up her black vest and black combat boots at last. She gathered her long hair into a tight ponytail. As she considered the gear, worry struck her, surprising her as she didn't even realize she was as concerned about Keelan as she was. He's not dead, she told herself. Too much of an ass. Adele mentally vowed that when she did find Keelan - and she had to tell herself that they would - she was going to punch him for getting caught.

Adele sheathed her two pair of sais on the insides of her vest. She decided against bringing her own communicator, but packed her laptop in a bag along with a handgun and compound box and arrows. Once decidedly ready, she glanced around her room surreptitiously and walked out.

She arrived onto the platform at least a few moments after Riley and gave a brief smile to the others. It wasn't out of contempt or anything, but she had this nagging feeling like they really needed to go now and that something was wrong. But she squashed it down and schooled her features before anyone cold notice.

#, as written by Darkie
((I can barely post everyday since I have a full house and everything and I don't like leaving people behind so I usually wait until everyone have posted once before I post again. We all have a life so I think everyone should be granted a day or two to be able to post before anyone post again. But that's my thoughts. So we don't leave anyone behind.))

Johanna thanked Charles for the envelope and got her room that was on the second floor. She looked down on herself and wondered if she needed to change. She wore cargo pants in greenish brown colour, combat boots and a black vest. She thought it was fine enough for her to go in and just took a belt with pockets on to put some of her more important tools in. You never knew if they would be in use or not, with her gun and knife. She put her hair in a messy pony tail and put a worn green cap on. This should be good enough, she thought for herself as she took up the rest of the equipment that was laid out on her bed.

She headed towards the platform where the others were waiting, with her hands in her pockets. She cleared her throat when she approached the others. "Well then, I guess we all are ready. Let's head out then? Oh you can call me Jojo, short for Johanna." She said and made a small salute with two fingers.


Adele turned her head to the one that spoke, offering a gentle smile in response to the girl.

"Adelina, but you all can call me Adele," she told the others just as the Chopper landed. Adele nodded towards the chopper and began walking towards it. "Might as well get this show on the road." Just as she approached the helicopter, the doors were opened and the pilot began speaking. Adele nodded to his words and climbed on in, strapping herself before glancing at the others and waiting for them to enter.

"Liam. Everyone calls me Liam, or Li. Anyways, lets get this show on the road..."

Liam was geared up and good to go. He took his seat, although he would have preferred to have been the one flying the ship.

He also would have preferred a DS9 Prowler, but he kept that to himself for now.

"Riley," she said with a smile, "...uh, I don't really have a nickname, but honestly I don't care what you call me."
Riley climbed onto the helicopter and strapped herself in next to Liam. A thought occurred to her once she was finished.
"I did pass my fighter flight test, three years ago," she smiled gently ruffling Liam's hair, before wrapping the small boy into an tight hug.
Knowing he hated it when he did it, she couldn't help herself, the boy was just to damn cute.

#, as written by Darkie
Johanna nodded and smiled at everyone. "Well, nice meeting you all." She said and followed everyone inside the chopper. She sat down next to Adele and in front of Riley before strapping herself tight. She leaned backwards in the chair and entwined her hands in her lap. She had never really been a fan of flying in a chopper but that was something she held to herself. The only ones who knew her dislike of chopper was her parents and they hadn't told anyone, she hoped. Too easily to be shot down and a crash with one would most likely end all of theirs like. She tensed a little and mentally shook away the thoughts. It wasn't a fear really, just a.. Discomfort to her.

She looked to the side and bit her lip. Don't give up yet Keelan, we're coming. She thought and hoped that mission would at least go well. Everyone here was a top agent in their agency so it should go well for them. Not the best time to go out as a team but you had to work with what you get, right?

Liam wriggled as Riley hugged him. "Riley....Ri....personal space please! Please let go!"

Liam continued to try and escape? "Riley...this wasn't funny the first time, or the second. Now let me go!!"

Liam hated when Riley did this. Liam could be kind, he could be caring, but he absolutely hated when people hugged him. Or picking him up. He wasn't much of a fan of that either.

When they arrived, Liam was the first to get out. He scoped out the building ahead. "So. Heavily guarded, heavily armed, looks like thick walls. Reminds me of that nuclear bunker last year".

He walked forward, watching the building. "So. Two Teams of two, scatter and search, or combined force? Personally, I think one of the first two. I see three entry ways. Third Floor window on the inner corner. Basement access from the east side storm drain. Oh, and then there is the kitchen's heat ducts. Not ventilation shafts, too easily booby trapped, but the heat ducts for the kitchens are often overlooked. I will take those".

Liam was used to solo missions, so his brain was racing ahead and thinking about what he would do next. "Computer room is either on the top floor or the basement. Keelan will almost certainly be in the basement or sub basement if this place has one".

Liam looked back. "Oh, sorry, did you say something?"

#, as written by Darkie
Johanna got out after Liam and watched the building in front of her as she heard Liam talk away. She couldn't help but grin at him. It was at least a good thing he spoke out loud instead of thinking all that in his head. She took off her cap to brush back some hair before she put it on again and walked up to stand a bit behind him to his right. She looked at every spot Liam pointed out where they could get inside.

"I think we should go in pairs. One team look for the computer and the other Keelan. The one looking for the computer go to the top floor and work their way down. The other team start in the basement and when they find Keelan they should head out from there. I don't think he will be in a very good shape. If the computer team meets difficulties then one of the other team goes and help them when they have made sure Keelan is safe enough. Though we can start from different points when we have teamed up, then meet in the middle before heading out." She said when Liam had looked back at them.

She winked at him before looking at the building again. "I like the way you think. So, who goes with who? I don't have any problem with going with either of you or which search team. If none of you don't really feel like going through the Storm Drain then I can take that one. I don't mind getting my hands dirty." She said with a shrug as she turned to the others with her hands in her pockets.

(Well, you people said to wait for two days at least. I did. time to go on a tagging spree. Oh, and death, I WILL hunt you down if you don't come back :) I am also enacting one of the secret plans)

Liam looked back at Johanna. He admitted to himself that he was somewhat conflicted. He was trained to prioritize. And this training made him know, for a fact, they had to focus on the computer. He did want to save Keelan, but he knew the mission. Keelan was technically a secondary objective, however much he did not want to admit it. He also knew which team he had to be on. He could access the computer remotely and download the data if he got close enough with his watch, or he could use his spider drone to hack into it and get all the data. He needed to be on the Computer team.

"I will go get the data. We..." he hesitated a little. He quickly slapped himself. Hesitation means death. "We need to get the data, that is the priority. And I have the best equipment for getting the data too. I don't have any preferences on who goes with me either..."

----4 years ago, Top Secret Chinese Training Facility, Location: CLASSIFIED----


Liam fought off the attacker, both of them wielding Chinese swords. They were sparring in the Sparring room, being watched by their trainers and the project leader. The Project leader looked at the trainers. "Where did you get this...Liam?"

"An orphanage in southern Hong Kong. He was left there by someone. We believe the mother was American and left him here".

"He is exceptional. He is surpassing all of your other students".

"Indeed. He has natural talents. The one that caught our attention was his natural ability to break into safes by ear, but he is equally exceptional at cracking electronic ones. He is short for his age, but he uses that to his advantage, getting under his opponents".

"I assume you looked into who his parents are?"

"Of course. Though he displays no interest to find them, or even know who they are. Which may be for the best. While we have no identity for the mother, the father's DNA has been found once, at a crime scene where an arms dealer was selling some heavy grade weaponry. We do not know his actual identity, we have come to believe he is a master criminal".

"And Liam himself? What else can you tell me about him?"

"Loyal, Goal Oriented, capable of compartamentalizing but showing compassion when he needs to. He has avoided relationships with most of his peers, excluding one who came from the Orphanage he was at. A Itari Xhe. He has also had violent complications with another one of our older trainees, Weyvet Chan. They seem to be of equal match, which is exceptional considering the 5 year age difference. We are selecting him for even further advanced training".


The horn sounded. The trainer and Project Leader looked back. Liam had won, and his opponent was naked from the waste down. Liam had cut his belt and pants, which had startled him. "Liam is not afraid of doing what needs to be done. And he is creative too. He shocked his opponent for just a second, and used that one second to disarm him. A trick people have tried to use on him, but he is goal oriented enough that when people do that, he disarms them. He is well trained".

"Indeed. Consider Liam accepted".


Liam looked at the others. "Well, you guys ready to start?"


"Excuse me, Interrogator. I need a word with this boy for a moment".

He dismissed the torturer, and looked at Keelan. "Do you know who I am? I am the man who can make your life hell...". He took a knife that had a blade that was heated on an oven, and stuck it into Keelan's chest. "Lets not deny the facts. You are British Intelligence. Not MI6, we all know that is a cover for the real agents. And other will come to get you. Now, if you tell us what you know, we will kill you, and make sure your body gets media attention. You will spare anyone who comes here trying to rescue you. But if you don't talk...then you will be letting innocent men and women be slaughtered. It will be your fault. They died coming to save you, and if you give us the information in the first place, they will never have to die. So what do you say? How much blood do you want on your hands?"

Riley nodded and turned to Adele. "Let's move out frauline," she said with a smile.
With a fluid movement, Riley lept out of the helicopter and began sprinting at her top speed. If Keelan was still alive, which he was, then the probability of torture was frighteningly high, meaning that the odds he was severely injured were of the same proportion. In all honesty, she was grateful for Liam and Johanna, god bless their souls, with their attention funneled towards the prioritized computer, it allowed, for Adelaide and Riley to focus on finding and rescuing Keelan.
Her mind drifted towards the First Aid kit in her backpack, it was fully equipped to deal lacerations, but it worried her that she would not be able to treat the injuries he had sustained.
"Keelan, you better not go dieing on me," Riley thought, as Keelan himself could hear, as a hot, unshed tears began to sting her eyes.

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Liam looked at the climb ahead. There was a narrow indent in the outer wall that had a Heat Duct shaft. However, the walls by it were near unscalable. Emphasis on near. Liam put his hands on one side of the indent, and jumped his legs up to press against the other side. He then began climbing up, moving an arm and a leg at the same time, slowly making his way up...


The instructors and the Project Manager watched as Liam made his way up the completely flat surface. "He is creative. He seems perfect even. So, tell me his flaws. I have been alive too long to believe in perfect".

"Despite some people seeing it has a strength, A flaw I see is his inability to form new connections easily. Sure, he can joke and train and talk with others, but he doesn't really let them in easily. And while he has yet to have a major failure because it was his fault, his overreaching could potentially be dangerous, no matter how careful he claims he will be. Its not pride so much as commitment, but he believes he can go in and do things alone. I am afraid this will eventually get him killed, if we, or him, are not careful".

"But the skills are there?"

"Other then people skills and real social skills, yes. The skills are there".



Liam made it to the top, and got the Heat Duct open, before looking back down at Jo. He tossed down some rope so she could climb up, before going on ahead. He was goal oriented. And the sooner he found the computer, the sooner he could go save Keelan.