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Riley Evans

It's never a smart idea to mess with a girl who owns a R700 bolt action sniper rifle."

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a character in “Greenfield Boarding School: Secret Agents”, as played by anything14


Name: Riley Evans
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Riley has dark brown, wavy hair that flows down to her a mid back. She has pale, peaches and cream skin, which only enhance her unusual eye color, a combination of bright aqua flecked with gold. She inherited her mother's symmetrical bone structure, and elegant features. But don't underestimate her, she's tougher than she looks.Image
Personality: Despite her rough up bringing, she almost always has a smile on her face. Riley tries to always look on the bright side of things, believing that what you think will effect the outcome of the mission. But looks can be deceiving, due to her upbringing, Riley finds it difficult to trust strangers right away, or at least only trust a select few. She is used to being hurt and betrayed, not only contributing to her trust issues, but also to the fact that she will often push aside or utterly ignore her emotions. However, if you are one of the select few who has managed to break past this wall built up by a life on the streets and in foster care systems, you will find a compassionate, loyal, if not a little over protective, girl who treasures any love that is given to her, since she has known so little of it in her life. Riley hates seeing those she cares about hurt, and will often do anything, and everything to make sure that that never happens, resulting in reckless behavior that has a high possibility of resulting in self harm. Riley is a stubborn, hard working, determined, fireball, unwilling to throw in the towel until she knows that everything is okay. Though she would never admit it to anyone she is a hopeless romantic, something she constantly scolds herself on. She fears that if she allows her hopeless romantic side to take over, she will only end up hurt, as was her experience with the foster homes, a feeling that she does not on account that it makes her feel weak, an feeling on spy ever wants.
Likes: reading, training, hacking, throwing knives, learning a new fighting styles, surveillance, singing(though she enjoys this very rarely due to the nature of her job)
Dislikes: undercover work, archery, bullies, needles, not being able to remember her parents
Fears: seeing her friends injured or worse, lightening and thunder, being alone
Marksman(woman): Due to her training as a sniper, Riley is an excellent marksmen, though these skills seem to leave her the second she picks up a bow. However, this skill does apply to when she is handling any type of throwing weapon or fire arm.
Undercover: Despite thoroughly hating every moment of it, Riley has shown expertise in adopting what every role she needs to in order to get the job done, this thanks to her acting skill and being able to hide what she is truly thinking or feeling.
Intelligence: Riley is incredibly intelligent, with an IQ of approximately 190. This is partially due to her photographic memory. You only have to show her something once before she knows how to do it. Thanks to this, Riley can learn things such as language, or blueprints very easily. This also attributes to her extensive knowledge in medicine and tactics. She is semi skilled with technology, knowing how to use the new technology the CIA is constantly throwing at her, though don't let her near a computer, the only buttons she knows are off and escape.
Stealth: With stubbornness and a focused mind, Riley has become quite good at stealth, able to sneak up behind diligent guards and scare the living day lights out of them.
Explosives/firearms: While Riley does get a little too excited about them, you can't deny the fact that she is extremely skilled in using both. She has an extensive collection of guns and explosives, and will not hesitate to use them, if the situation calls for, though you might be having nightmares afterwords.
Street skills: growing up on the streets of one of the most dangerous cities in America, you learn a thing or two. She can hold her own in a fight, and has considerable agility and flexibility, as well as well tuned reflexes. While she is not proud of it, Riley knows how to hot wire a car, pick locks, steal things without being noticed, looking purely at her skills, one would think that she was destined for a life of crime, and, quite honestly, she probably was. This also attributes to her considerable skill with machinery, seeing as she is almost constantly fiddling with a common house hold object and attempting to make inventions of her own, though they usually don't work.

Equipment: she has a variety of weapons on her at a certain time, depending on what mission she knows she is going on. Generally, she carries two Glock 19 pistols strapped to either one of her legs. She also has numerous, thin, metal throwing knives, in numerous compartments all over her body.

History: Riley was born in a privileged part of Flint Michigan, ex-agent Bruce Evans, and now retired model Eliza Evans. However, her peaceful life was not meant to last. By the time Riley had hit her first birthday, both of her parents were dead, a bullet placed in each of their skulls. She for the first five years of her life, Riley grew up in an orphanage that most kids would dream of. But on her father's quest to do good, he made some very powerful, and very corrupt enemies. Just before she turned six, she was placed in foster care, in one of the most dangerous parts of the city. For the next five years, she was bounced from foster home to foster home, experiencing everything from the abusive foster parents, to frequent druggies, who only took her in for the money. It wasn't uncommon for her to run away from these homes for weeks on end. It was here that Riley learned not only how to be resourceful and how to fight, but, more importantly, how to survive, a skill which would serve her well. While she was never enrolled in any classes, Riley picked up a variety of fighting styles, being that most of the gangs thought of her like their little sister and wanted to make sure that she could protect herself if need be, these were also the people who taught her how to shoot. At the age of eleven, just as she was about to go into her fifth foster home in three months, she was approached by two men in suits and sunglasses, who had a proposition for her. Either become a member of the CIA, as her father had been before her, or go back to the mostly heinous life she had been living until she turned eighteen. Needless to say, she opted for the former. Almost immediately, the CIA began training their new member. For two years, they put Riley through intensive training, and she rose and excelled whatever challenge they put in front of her. At thirteen, she received her first mission, originally supposed to be a simple retrieval mission, it soon got far more complicated than was expected. Fearing for the young operative's life, they sent another team to rescue her, but when they got their, they found that she had handled the situation perfectly fine, and had successfully completed her mission objective. She did field work for approximately two more years, before she got the call asking her to come to Greenfield.

Other: Her favorite color is black.


So begins...

Riley Evans's Story

#, as written by Darkie
((Sorry for the wait. Something huge happen at home and I should have posted earlier. Anyway here it comes!))

Johanna watched Liam climb upwards to the Heat Duct, he's like a spider. She thought with appreciation and looked around a little before she grabbed the rope Liam had tossed down to her. She climbed up as fast she could, quickly rolled up the rope and put it over her head so it would lie diagonal over her right shoulder and left waist. Always be on the safest side, never leave anything behind you. She looked back at the other two before heading after Liam, climbing after him. When she finally caught up with him, she placed a hand on his ankle and placed a finger to her lips so he wouldn't say a word. There were faint noises under them that grew louder, two men talking under them and if they moved now. They might be heard. When they passed on and you couldn't hear them anymore, she let go of his ankle so that they could continue.

She hoped that mission would go smoothly so that they could bring Keelan and the computer back in one piece. Right now she let the worry about Keelan go, Adele and Riley would take care of that. Liam and her only had to worry about the computer, it also seemed that Liam had everything out thought so she just followed him. She would only interfere with when she thought they could do something else.

(Well, I realized Anything might have trouble posting since Adele/Darkdiva isn't here, so to help, il post for Darkdiva (sorry, just want to help) so Riley/Anything has something to post to)


Liam acknowled this, and then went outside and made sure the hallway was clear of Hostiles, checking around corners. The hallway was filled with doors, paintings, an old laundry chute, and expensive vases. But no signs, and no stairs were visible. Liam started checking doors, when an alarm went off. He looked around, and after some more focus, realized there were hidden cameras.

"We need a way out of here, and to Keelan" he noted, taking out his pistol, taking cover, and firing at guards as they turned a corner. That is when he turned his attention to the laundry chute. A quick slide to the basement. He signaled Jo, then jumped in, sliding down to the basement. He landed in a pile of laundry, a surprise to him. He didn't think the chute would be in use.

Two guards quickly turned the corner and shot him in the chest. Luckily his clothes were made with bulletproof fibers, so albeit making them much heavier, he survived uninjured, and shot both of the guards. He then waited for Jo to come down, making sure to get out of the way of the chute.


Adele made her way into the compound through the sewer drain. It was dark though, so she couldn't tell, if Riley was still following her. However, a guard turned the corner in the drain, but Adele quickly took him out with her crossbow. She soon found a drain that led inside the compound. "This way!"

A successful mission was one thing, but Liam literally only had three, maybe four relationships. His "friendship" with Keelan, though it could only barely count if it counted at all, was one. He had a friendship with Riley, though that was only from a lot of joint operations based in the Pacific. There was a fellow Chinese operative from his orphanage. He was close with everyone there, even if he left no record of it.

Still, he had something similar to Keelan. "You know, your body was hard to drag out of that place. Good thing you lived. If you had died, I was going to be the only boy on this team. I am already the youngest. But, you know you have one day to recover right? Guess what, you get to go back to work tomorrow! You are lucky the Swiss have had a snowstorm for the past three days. No flights in or out, so you are not missing us infiltrating a bank to prevent it from being robbed. The party got rescheduled for tomorrow, so you better heal quickly".

In a way, Liam was taunting him in a friendly "I saved your life" way. He sat next to Keelan. "You are asleep again? Aren't you? Oh well, I can taunt you more when you wake up".

Liam moved on next into the main room, where there was a bunch of mail. He looked through, then took out a package and opened it. Inside, it contained several things. Liam's toolkit, a bunch of identities, foreign money. He looked through several of them. "Ah yes, Jack Richard, Profressional Young Chef. I got a lot of cooking lessons for this one. Ooooh, Jeremy, my dancer...not going to remember that any time soon. Too many bad memories".

"You meet after saving your life, discovering the ultimate bank robbery, and planning an op? Getting some cover IDs mailed to me...". He looked through some of them. "Oh, Keelan, you remember Vance Redcliff, right? that was a nice cover ID. Won't get me ïnto many legitimate parties, but the name did prove useful to get me into the criminal underground".

One of Liam's strengths was also one of his weaknesses. He wasn't used to working with teams. Sure, he could plan an op for a team of agents, but he isn't the best at working with people side by side. He was independent, but his communication skills could use improvement.

When dinner was announce, he went to take his seat. Normally, he didn't care about height, but for some reason it was bothering him everyone was older and taller. He then noted to Keelan "I swear, if you die on me though, I will find a way to bring you back and kill you myself. I do not want to be the only guy on this team, understood?"

"Oh, and could you pass the mashed potatoes and gravy?"

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#, as written by Darkie
Johanna waved at Adele when she came. "I don't know. I won't touch any of the letter, obviously." She said looking at her dirty hands. She was leaning with her arms on the counter but straighten when Charles came and told them that the dinner was done. "I better go and clean up a bit then." She excused herself as she went to her room to clean up a bit, so that she didn't look like a total mess. She didn't bother to change clothes really, if the others had a problem with that then well.. They could deal with it.

She returned when everyone was sitting around the dinner table. She took her place and laughed at Liam's comment, putting food on her place. "It can't be that bad being surrounded by girls." She winked at him and bit her lip to stop from laughing. She grabbed the mashed potatoes and gave them to Liam, then the gravy. "We were sent here to get you out from that place and well.. I guess Madam Devone have something more in mind for us, obviously since we're still here. And we even have classes here." She shrugged and took a bite. "Whatever it is, I hope to find out soon but I think she wanted to wait until you woke up and recovered."

Liam was fine with most of those rules, but a few he twitched at. The Uniforms. First off, he never ever had to wear a uniform ever. Not even for training. They had sparring outfits, sure, but never school uniforms. There was a reason for that. School uniforms did not have bullet proof fibers inbeded in them. All his clothes did. The lights off thing was another issue. He sleeps for about 4 hours a night, because that is how much he needs. He usually works until 2 AM on his tech. He recently was working on a new drone design.

Liam caught the keys, and quickly went to Keelan's room, which coincidentally was next to his. He got the medicine, or at least what he guessed was medicine, quickly glanced around the room, then went back down. He walked next to Keelan, put it on the table, then went back to his seat. "So, while you do whatever you do with that, perhaps I should go over the op now? The party is tomorrow, and we need established cover ideas. I already got us some invites, but I need to know what cover IDs you plan to use. Riley, I wasn't sure about everyone else, but I was thinking we use the Baylons. Those cover IDs have banking history, and we could pass off that we came to the party to represent the family who could not make it. It worked before for us".

Liam waited for his answers, hoping he would be able to start the briefing soon. Liam would be a good handler and manager one day. He has great potential.

(Anything just let me know that she has been busy with school stuff, and that I can post for her. So add Riley to the mission list)

Riley and Liam:

Riley looked over at Keelan, and then at Liam and Jo. "Only three? That is going to make this mission there any way we can give Keelan time to heal?"

"No, they are striking at this party, and we got lucky with the snowstorm. Anyways, so this bank is called "The Vault", it has 10 levels. The first level is the main hall, and art galleries, where people usually wait while business is being done, and where parties are held. The first level is three floors, and includes a kitchen, a ballroom, and a game room. The second level is employee and Minor VIP areas, and consists of two floors. The third level is one floor full of security measures, that even kids have to abide to. Whoever enters needs to have a registered standard weight in the system, which is done by employees and regularly checked. They also need a fingerprint check, and a facial recognition scan. The only human involvement in the system is registering. The rest is done by cameras, and previously mentioned systems. Now, back when me and Riley were working in the Pacific Area, we had a cover established that we can still use. It already is registered with most banks like this, and including this one itself. So, we have access past the first major security level, into the Elite VIP area, which is Level Four. There is literally a private room for everyone registered at this level and their families, so it gives us access. It consists of six floors. Next is another security checkpoint, Level Five, which we get access, and then the Elite VIP boxes. You can take an elevator and stairs right past level six, and to the rest of the boxes. Level six is the most well protected, and the best guarded. 4 guards native to the country stand in the box room at all times, and are either mutes or had some incident making them unable to speak. Point is, they can't communicate secrets that well, and are sworn to secrecy".

Liam took a breath, and drank some water, before continuing. "While level six is the most secure room in the whole building, level seven through ten is also, and are filled with money vaults and safety deposit boxes, as well as cameras, roaming guards, gun turrets, and a lockdown system. Our way in is their way in, the party. Me and Riley will be able to access up to level six, but unless you have a cover I dont know about, your stuck up to level two. On that note, I do know an alternative way in for you. Facial recognition software is unbribable, but it mistakes photos for real people. Jennifer Aldeson will be there, she has level six access, I believe you are close enough in weight, and she will be there at the party. All we need to do is acquire her fingerprints on any surface, I will bring my toolkit, and I can get you fingerprint access. The camera data will be easy for me to erase and disable on level four, and then we can stop what they are up to".

He took another drink. "Any questions?"

Riley just sat there and processed all that. However, she also felt like making fun of him a little. "Sorry, can you repeat that? It was hard to hear you when your all the way down there!"

Liam knew what she meant by that, and she knew he felt a bit outnumbered. Normally height jokes meant nothing to him, but this time he was a tad flustered by it. "Shut up Riley! Not funny!"

While they did work together, Riley was still his rival. The Chinese and American spies had a long standing rivalry.

#, as written by Darkie
((I'm finally back! Holy geez, I've been super busy even when I came back but it finally calmed down now. Sorry for being gone for so long..))

Johanna finished her meal pretty quickly and listen what Charles had to say. School uniforms. That'll be interesting. She had never had to wear something like that before and it made her wrinkle her nose a little. She liked to be careless with her clothes, didn't really mind if they got a bit dirty or worn but now she had to wear a school uniform? She bit her bottom lip and leaned back in her chair. "Does that mean we girls will have to wear skirts?" She asked and masked her disgust against it. She was really not a skirt or dress wearing girl. She preferred pants and maybe shorts when it's warm.

She gave Keelan a sympathetic smile when he seemed to be in worse pain, they all have been there more or less. She watched as Liam hurried away as Charles worried about Keelan, everyone here had worried about him and it had been quite the relief when he had come down to eat with them. She crossed her arms and tapped her fingers on her arm and sat there in silence.

When Liam came back with the bottle of.. Okay, whatever it had been in it. Something that would make Keelan better at least. She turned her attention to Madam Devone and nodded when she said who would go to the new mission. She sighed lightly, they would be only three but she thought even though it would be hard they would manage it. She chewed on her bottom lip when Liam told them about the bank and the party there. He was like a walking information terminal, it was amazing and it made it harder to see him as so much younger then the rest of them were but she knew better then to underestimate him. She nodded when he was done and chuckled when Riley teased him.

"You're amazing." She simply said after a moment when she went through what he had said in her head. "I think we'll do fine, even if we are cut a bit short."

Liam, for a moment, nearly mistook Jo's mentioning of being cut short as another height joke. He refocused though on the matter at hand. "Anyways, Jo, I need to get the name of your cover ID for the tickets, and for entrance. Preferably a cover with banking history. And Jo, keep in mind we will have to go in separately, unless you plan to be staying up the first two levels. The cameras will see you faking your way into the vault if the alarm goes off, so use an expendable cover. The covers me and Riley will be using are ones I would rather be able to use again".

He then turned towards Keelan. "Awhile. You are an agent, I am sure you can figure it out. Riley, Jo, our plane leaves in six hours, so I would get as much sleep as possible, both now and on the plane. Good news is, we get to use first class. Keelan, if you don't get better by the next OP, I am going to have to assume you lost your touch". Liam ended in a tone that was both making fun of Keelan, and attempting to motivate him.

-----------------Meanwhile, in the evil lair--------------

"No agents were identified?"

"No sir, but we believe we have found someone who knows one of them. A Chinese assassin, trained to be a spy till he went rogue and tried to kill one of their best agents. An agent we believe was part of that team".

"Send him on the next mission".

"Already done".


Liam, for a moment, nearly mistook Jo's mentioning of being cut short as another height joke. He refocused though on the matter at hand. "Anyways, Jo, I need to get the name of your cover ID for the tickets, and for entrance. Preferably a cover with banking history. And Jo, keep in mind we will have to go in separately, unless you plan to be staying up the first two levels. The cameras will see you faking your way into the vault if the alarm goes off, so use an expendable cover. The covers me and Riley will be using are ones I would rather be able to use again".

He then turned towards Keelan. "Awhile. You are an agent, I am sure you can figure it out. Riley, Jo, our plane leaves in six hours, so I would get as much sleep as possible, both now and on the plane. Good news is, we get to use first class. Keelan, if you don't get better by the next OP, I am going to have to assume you lost your touch". Liam ended in a tone that was both making fun of Keelan, and attempting to motivate him.

-----------------Meanwhile, in the evil lair--------------

"No agents were identified?"

"No sir, but we believe we have found someone who knows one of them. A Chinese assassin, trained to be a spy till he went rogue and tried to kill one of their best agents. An agent we believe was part of that team".

"Send him on the next mission".

"Already done".


#, as written by Darkie
((Have Anything also left us? It was quite a while ago she put a post here.. I'm sorry for being slow on the posts. A lot of things are happening for me and I don't know when it will calm down.))

Johanna nodded at Liam. "Of course, you can use Alexandra Millers. She'll suit fine for this mission and disposable. She got a good enough baking background to be able to go in there without and suspicion really. And don't worry about me, I'm a big girl. I think I can handle it." She said with a teasing smile. She got up to take her plate to the sink and thanked for the food. She watched Keelan leave with a little worried frown on her face, of course he was pretty tired and all after that beating he got from the mission.

"I think I'll head to bed then. See you in 6 hours." She said with a wave as she headed out from the dining room and went to her room to pack her things for the mission. She hated wearing dresses but she really didn't have a choice in this one and it was a must for the mission. She sighed a little, stretching when she was done and looked at the time. She wasn't particularly tired and thought she should go and check on Keelan, to see if he really was fine. She went to his room, knocked but no one answered. She crossed her arms and tapped on her bottom lip with one finger, walking around to see if she could find him. "Where could he be?" She asked aloud at herself and went up to the roof. Maybe he was there.

She open the door to the roof and saw Keelan sit there. "Care to share one?" She asked with a smile and went to sit down next to him, looking down from there. It was sure a far way down to the ground but height have never been anything she had been afraid off.

(She is just busy with school stuff, she gave me control of Riley until she gets back. Hopefully she gets back)

(Also, sorry if the post is short and crappy, kinda rushed)

"Alright, I will set up the ticket and entry permissions. I will see you all then".

Liam went to his room, and started working on some of his designs. It helped calm him before a mission. Besides, he slept better if he passed out. Riley also went to her room to get ready.

He was worried about Keelan, he just did not know how to show it himself. His social skills were sub-par, so he had to go off instinct.

In six hours, they would be on a plane to the Most Secure Bank in the world.

Liam had fallen asleep on the plane. And, for once, he looked different. Something about his face seemed a bit more...peaceful. Or maybe it was just the fact he wasn't doing anything.

However, at the Bank, he took to his role perfectly. The whole group would pass through the checkpoint no problem.

The real fun was just beginning.

(Sorry its so short and bad, I had minor writers block about what to put).