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"Countless words. Roughly 6,500 languages. Billions of stories."

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"I tired, but for them that was never enough. I'm done trying. I'm just going to make myself happy instead."
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❂ Full Name ❂
Aria Violet Kerry
❂ Gender ❂

❂ Age ❂
❂ Sexual Orientation ❂

❂ Apartment Number ❂

❂ Occupation ❂
YA Author ♦ Children's Books Author

❂ Apartment Room Appearance ❂
Aria's Room

❂ Hair Color ❂
❂ Eye Color ❂
❂ Height ❂
❂ Weight ❂

❂ Tattoos ❂
Without the Dark
We See Things
An Awfully Big Adventure
I Am the Architect
❂ Piercings ❂
Ear Piercing
❂ Scars ❂
Aria has a scar on her nose from when she got hit with a cabinet door. She also has a scar on her ankle from one of her infamous motorcycle incidents, another from when she spilled boiling hot tea on her leg and two on her arms from her old cat Grey.
❂ Oddities ❂
♦ Aria had severe asthma from the ages of seven to thirteen, but she hasn't had an attack in the past nine years. She still carries her inhaler with her though. ♦
♦ Aria used to be a chronic smoker, but she's been sober for three years now. ♦
♦ She is addicted to caffeine, but drinks tea and coffee instead of soda. She hasn't had soda in nearly five years. ♦
♦ She prefers to wear colorful outfits to darker colors. ♦
♦ Aria is clinically depressed and has panic disorder. ♦
♦ Aria just happens to know how to ride a motorcycle. ♦

❂ Personality ❂
{Creative, Hardworking, Outspoken, Arrogant, Wary}
Aria is easily seen as the kind of person everyone wants to be. She is bubbly, optimistic, confident, creative, charismatic. People are drawn to her and she is usually quite comfortable with talking to those around her. She is very kind to people around her and always willing to help, even if it means going above and beyond. It seems that she makes friends easily and shares her opinions freely.

However, despite all outward appearances, Aria is actually quite wary of those around her. She keeps most, if not all, of her friends at an arm's length. She is more introverted than extroverted and prefers to keep things to herself. There are days when you can hardly get a word out of her. She is very confident in her abilities to the point of arrogance and often tries to put herself above others, but only because she sees herself as a survivor and no one is going to pull her off that pedestal.

Aria is quite proud of her accomplishments and works hard in each and every thing she does. She has some weird quirks from her obsessive love of tea and sweets to her manic desire to learn. Of course, she's always learning and always willing to learn. She likes to remember obscure facts about irrelevant things and has a tendency to either talk really fast or not talk at all. She can get wound up easily and will often get angry over the smallest things. However, arguments are not a strong suit for her. She will normally just storm out of the room to go cry or something.

Once she opens up to you, it is easy to find that Aria is not nearly as happy as she seems. She is prone to overthinking things and is quite insecure most of the time. She tries to be happy and is the queen of false smiles.
❂ Hobbies ❂
♦ Writing ♦ Ever since she was a little girl, Aria has loved writing. She loves that she can make entire worlds with 26 letters.
♦ Drawing ♦ Aria has never had an art class outside of school, but you can't really tell by looking at her art. She prefers cartoons over realism though.
♦ Swimming ♦ She's always loved swimming and used to walk three miles to the nearest swimming pool every Saturday.
♦ Reading ♦ Aria has always considered books her sanctuary.
❂ Habits ❂
♦ A Cup of Tea ♦ Aria always has a cup of tea in the morning and often has one when she's writing.
♦ Chewing Nails ♦ She has a tendency to chew her nails when she's nervous.
♦ Hum ♦ Aria will often hum under her breath when she is preoccupied.
❂ Likes/Loves ❂
♦ Books ♦ Pens ♦ Tea ♦ Animals ♦ Listening to Music ♦ Water ♦ Coffee ♦ Art ♦ Sketching ♦ Birds ♦ Sweets ♦ Disney ♦ RomComs ♦

❂ Dislikes/Hates ❂
♦ Soda ♦ Playing Music ♦ Smoke ♦ Math ♦ Going Out On Rainy Days ♦ Small Spaces ♦ The Cold ♦ Large Crowds ♦ Long Uncomfortable Silences ♦

❂ Strengths ❂
♦ English ♦ As an author, Aria is required to be good at writing. She has a bachelor's in English and Creative Writing. So far, Aria has publish six YA novels and four children's books.
♦ Research ♦ Aria has always been good at researching things and remembering large passages of information.
♦ Baking ♦ Of course a lover of sweets has to know how to bake. Aria has always prided herself in her baking abilities.
♦ Art ♦ Aria has been drawing since a young age and she illustrates her children's books.
♦ Music ♦ Because of the nature of her family, Aria was forced to take lessons in music. She learned the piano and violin and is still fairly good at them.
♦ Dance ♦ Aria was also forced to take dance lessons. After her asthma started to fade away as she grew older, she was forced into more and more lessons.
♦ Swimming ♦ Ever since she was a kid, Aria has loved swimming and prefers it over any other kind of physical exercise.

❂ Weaknesses ❂
♦ Math ♦ Aria was never good at math and often scraped by with a "D" in most of her classes.
♦ Singing ♦ Because of her asthma, Aria was never very good at singing. This was one of the reasons her mother and father were severely disappointed in her.
♦ Organization ♦ Her room and desk are almost always a mess until she gets in a random mood to clean.
♦ Claustrophobia ♦ Aria is very claustrophobic and can't stand small spaces.
♦ Crowds ♦ Aria has a severe fear of crowds and can't be left alone in them or she will have a panic attack.
♦ Emotions ♦ She isn't good at comforting people or telling people how she feels.
♦ Healthy ♦ Aria is awful at maintaining a healthy diet. If it wasn't for all the notifications on her phone, she would probably just eat junk food all day.

❂ History ❂
Life was never easy for Aria Violet Kerry. She was born September 15th to a musician, David, and a dancer, Irene. Because of her birth, her parents were forced to settle down and her mother had to leave the Royal Russian Ballet. Her father joined another orchestra and once she was old enough, Aria was left with a babysitter for weeks on end. Her babysitter would smoke around her and invite her boyfriend over. It made Aria independent and lonely, so she found solace in books and writing and drawing. She would walk to her big fancy prep school by herself in the morning and ride the bus home at night, eating whatever she could find in the fridge.

She was around the age of seven when her parents started to stay home more often after she had been diagnosed with asthma. They forced her to take piano lessons, violin lessons, and dance lessons. She hated most of them and she didn't like most of the friends in her classes either. She was never really good at any of them anyways and it disappointed her parents immensely. They hired a nanny and started to ignore her again, still ensuring that she went to her classes.

When Aria was eleven, her younger sister Alice was born. It was around this time that Aria also became more invested in writing and drawing. Her English teachers saw promise in her and tried to convince her parents to sign her up for classes. They didn't and she continued on with the dance and music classes. She started high school with a few friends. Eventually, Aria started to become more charismatic at school and attracted people to her. She never really trusted any of them though.

Aria published her first book behind her parents back when she was sixteen. It became an instant bestseller and her parents were none the wiser as they were too caught up with Alice, their "prodigy" child. Aria and Alice got on well enough and her younger sister was happy for her when she published her novel. Over the next two years, Aria published two more novels and a children's book. She graduated and left for LA. Although she still keeps in touch with her sister, she's never really looked back.

❂ Face Claim ❂
Jenna Louise Coleman

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