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Castiel Adams

"Self pity becomes your oxygen. But you learned to breathe it without a gasp. So, nobody even notices you're hurting."

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a character in “Greenview Heights”, as played by InakoUchiha



{"i was as pure as a river, but now I think I'm possessed." }
| Cold Water | Haunting | Don't Trust Me |

|Full Name|
Castiel James Joshua Adams

Cas (tolerates)
Cassie (hates : siblings only)
Jimmy (hates : noone)

January, 23rd ( Aquarius/Pisces Cusp )

22 : Twenty-two

1/2 British ; 1/2 American



|Apartment Number|

Johannesburg, South Africa

{"you put a fever inside me. and I've been cold since you left". }

|Quirks & Habits|
| Changing His Language Subconsciously |
This happening a lot, Castiel, has a habit of changing the language he speaks when he's talking to people. He won't even realize he's doing it. He'll just notice that they are confused. Then he'll blush when he realizes he's speaking a different language.

| He Carries A Guitar Pick & A Lighter Around |
Being apart of a musical family, Castiel learned that it was a lucky charm for him to carry a guitar pick around. Not just ANY guitar pick. One he had custom made with his zodiac sign on it. It gives him a sense of calm, which relates to another one of his habits. He also seems to find it convenient when he has it, because he can mess around with it to give him something to do. He also carries the lighter around, which again has his sign on it, because of his love for fire.

| Zodiac Sign Religious |
Castiel lives by the horoscope. Not counting Ophiuchus, but he views it as a religion. Castiel is often seen reading through them on his phone, or in the newspaper. He finds them the truth about most people, and can often guess people's zodiac by their personality and reactions.

| ADHD |
Castiel was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder when he was ten. This put a strain on his rather religious family, who wouldn't allow him to take medicine for it. They would make him control it, and he does have some degree of control over it. Mainly he just fiddles around with his lighter, and when someone is speaking he'll start singing songs when they say a word that reminds him of it.

|Talents(T) | Strengths(ST) | Skills(SK) |
| Fluent In Seven Languages |
Due to his wealthy upbringing, Castiel can fluently speak seven different languages. Japanese, Russian, English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Greek. This is sort of where his tendency to shift languages come from. His parents insisted that he learn to sing in several different languages, and he just ended up learning them.

| Can Play Three Instruments |
Again, his parents insisted he followed a musical career. Castiel learned how to play guitar (any kind), ukulele, and piano. His parents weren't very happy about his learning how to play piano, but he honestly would rather play it, because it's easier to play. But he primarily uses the acoustic guitar when he performs his music.

| Persuasive |
Well, you can expect this when you're the baby of a large family. He basically found a way to get everything he wants. Bat those pretty brown eyes to people. This essentially got him most things in life. It works with other people too, and he's found this a way to get his fun started and be able to do most things. He loves being this way, but he only does it when he really wants something. Also, his hips can get him things where he wants.

| Easily Irritated |
One thing that is Castiel Michael James Adams, is his short fuse. He is easily ticked off, and rather irritable. Especially in the morning, when he hasn't had his coffee. He's just easily set off by about everything.

| Non-Functional Without Coffee |
Don't bother trying to even look at him when he wakes up. He is the most argumentative, temperamental, tantrum holding baby. He will hold an argument, over if you tell him there's no cloud in the sky. Regardless of facts, he will be argumentative. He will call anyone and everyone names. He just can't function without a coffee in any part of the day.

| Songwriting |
Not really a hobby per say, but something that occupies his time. He's constantly writing down song lyrics, to songs he hopes to make a big thing one day. He just happens to do it for pure fun.

| Stargazing |
He loves to look at the stars. He'll spend most nights on the roof of the complex, staring at the night sky. He finds it really relaxing. He can fall sleep just by listening to the sounds of nature. and staring at the sky.

ø| Dying Alone |ø
He's a very commitment oriented person. He doesn't want to die alone, honestly he would prefer not to die. But he would be better at dealing with it if he had someone by his side.

ø| Never Being Famous |ø
One of his greatest fears, is, never getting his big break. He wants to be famous so badly, but he doesn't want the chance of him being a failure to be an option. So he pushes himself with this fear.

ø| Being Abused Again |ø
He has the small fear in the back of his head, that he's going to eventually be abused again. Because his family may have been right, he was a fuck up in the eyes of the Lord. Maybe he deserves it. He feels like he just never wants to go through that again.

| His Location From His Family |
Castiel keeps his location from his family due to the bridge he burned with them. He doesn't feel as if he should ever keep any contact with them, other than his elder brothers Lucifer and Gabriel. Other than that, his family has proven themselves not worthy of his attention, nor time.

| Abused |
At thirteen, when he came out as gay to his family. They mercilessly abused him, because he was not what people loved. He was a fag, and an embarrassment to his family. So they beat him, and tried to make him "normal". When that didn't work, they disowned him and sent him to live with his gay Uncles in California.

Castiel has big dreams for his own life. He of course wants to become famous, and wealthy. To show up his family. He also wants to find happiness, and get married to a man who makes him happy.

{"i've got a boyfriend now and he's made of gold. and you've got your own mistakes in a bed at home." }


|Flirtatious| |Caring| |Sarcastic| |Motherly| |Adventurous|

What's the perfect mix of a cocky and prideful person, and a mom? Castiel. When these combine, you get a mom-friend, who you'll probably end up having sex with. Castiel dares to strive away from his old self, and become someone he knows he is. Part of him is this over-confident, and cocky person. Who attempts to do his own thing, while simultaneously, being apart of something. He loves to rally, and riot, and often uses his music to do so. He's pretty confident in his voice, and instrumental lessons. He knows that he's a pretty neat person. So he has no insecurities about that. You wouldn't really have Cas, without his sarcasm. Almost everything the man speaks is in a sarcastic way. He somehow has a habit of getting away with, by playing it off as innocence. He's a bubbly person, with a large outlook on life. He never turns down a positive look on things, but will often push it aside. He knows what life is, but he chooses to treat it as something like a game. He's flirtatious, and will often flirt with anyone just to see their reactions. This commonly, makes people think he is straight, but he isn't.

Castiel is confident in who he is, and will proudly exclaim he like's dick. He's also a caring and kind person. People doubt this, if they know him barely, and assume he's just an arrogant jerk all around. But he truly isn't, and tries to let people know. He's motherly, and looks after all his friends as if they were his children, and he loves every second of it. Because he feels wanted.

Voltron (Netflix Edition)
French Vanilla Coffee
Taller Men
Listening To Meaningful Music
Small Coffee Shops
His Music
Severe Storms
One-Night Stands
Annoying women
Sugarless Coffee
Heavy Drugs

{"i'm hoping you could save me now, but you break and fold. you've got a fire inside, but your heart's so cold." }


|Place of Origin|
Johannesburg, South Africa {Birth-12}
Birmingham, Alabama {12-13}
Los Angeles, Calfornia (13-Now)

|Family Tree|
Amelia Adams | 45 | Biological Mother | Opera Singer
Everett Adams | 48 | Biological Father | Christian Rock Musician
Michael Adams | 28 | Elder Brother | Lawyer
Lucifer Adams | 26 | Elder Brother | Stripper
Gabriel Adams | 24 | Elder Brother | Drug Dealer
Adam Muller | 34 | Uncle/Adoptive Father | Fashion Designer
Tyson Muller | 33 | Uncle/Adoptive Father | Gay Rights Activist/Drag Queen

|Happiest Memory|
Moving in with his uncles, and accepting who he was.

|Saddest Memory|
Coming out to his family, and being abused for it.

Castiel grew up in an upper class family, the youngest of four. His parents were extremely religious, and powerful people. So they were barely around, but made sure religion was part of their children's life. They encouraged to the point, their names were all angelic. His eldest brother Michael, was the strictest, and the most like his parents. He followed his parents rules, and lived to their expectations. Gabriel and Lucifer on the other hand, were.....trouble. They took the stronger bond with Castiel and molded him to their image. When they lived in Johannesburg, their parents made them all take lessons on instruments, so they could pursue a career in music.

When he turned twelve, they moved to Alabama, because his father got a permanent label out there. For those three months, Castiel attended an all boys school. There he met a boy named, Lucas. He and Lucas began to bond over similarities. Religious families,, being the youngest, their ability to play instruments. They hung out often, attended church together on Wednesdays and Sundays. Castiel's elder brothers often teased him. They ended up becoming very close. On Castiel's thirteenth birthday, they were playing piano in Castiel's bedroom. As they did, the song started to turn into one about romance. A song Castiel had been practicing, for their Valentine's Day talent show. As he sang the words, Lucas had leaned into the boy and kissed him. The two boys turned the kiss, almost into something more. They were close to making it, sexual, then Castiel's parents walked in. Lucas ran out of the house, his parents finding out at a later time. They began to beat Castiel and abuse him, because he was something of sin. After they disowned him, they forced him to pack his bags and move in with his uncles.

Castiel didn't really like the idea, he felt like a failure. He became afraid of physical contact for awhile. He wouldn't talk, and he barely ate. His uncles encouraged him to be himself, and took him to a therapist. This got him to finally accept himself, when he turned sixteen, his elder siblings moved out to California. They both became what they wanted, while Castiel attended school. His uncle, using his connections, got Castiel an audition for a record label. He was signed, and now begins his journey to be a star. Living in Greenview, may make his life.

{"i'm begging you to keep on haunting." }

Character Portrayed By InakoUchiha
Speech Dialogue is #E29AC8
Thought Dialogue is #904C77
We all know that in spite of his mistakes, JB is hot and talented.

So begins...

Castiel Adams's Story