Armani "Blitz" Fernheart


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Blitz Fernheart

Name: Armani Blitz Fernheart
Nickname: Blitz
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Rank: 27
Race:Β Drow
Motivation: Power, and nothing else
Defensive/Offensive: Offensive
Class: Manipulator

Eyes: White, pupil-less
Hair: White, thick, roughly 5 centimeters long, somewhat wavy
Height: 2 meters
Weight: 55 kilograms
Skin Tone: Greyish Indigo
Build: Slight and slender, with very lean muscle
Body Markings: Covered in peculiar scars
Voice: Smooth, dulcet tenor.


Blitz is both fearsome and mystifying in appearance, moving in a very intoxicatingly fluid and graceful way; his every step seems irrelevant, as if he were merely gliding across the floor. His mouth always seems to be drawn into the same psychotically devilish grin, needle-sharp teeth bared.

The Drow was born blind, his eyes glazed over with white. But he adapted to his impediment, learning to create mental images by feel, scent, and sound, all of which were greatly honed to compensate for his lack of vision. By feeling the vibrations within the air and listening for the softest of noises, he can create a rough, 360-degree concept of what is around him. And when sound and movement fail him, he allows his nose to guide him.

His ears are very long, and stand out nigh perpendicular to his head. He detests them as they often get in the way, but is also thankful for the gift they are. Their tips are slightly squared off, but still pointed and recognizably elven. His facial features are all very angular and defined, giving him a rough yet strangely attractive appeal. However appearances mean little to him, seeing as he cannot see, and so his face, hair, and body are often caked in dirt and blood. Only after the filth begins to become uncomfortable or restraining will he wash. Surprisingly, even with his lack of hygiene, he rarely ever smells pungent. Keyword being rarely.

Bones and joints jut out awkwardly neath his tightly drawn flesh, betraying his feeble weight. Yet despite this, his lean muscles never seem to fail him. Though his strikes may not do as much damage as a rippling Tank's would, his accurate and agile strikes oft prove very effective. Hence, he finds no need for physical strength. His stamina however is very high, allowing him to barrage his opponents in light attacks relentlessly.

Even before he became a Redeemer, he had always been a vicious individual, and as such got into many fights [most all of which he won] though not without receiving a scar or two from each. His body is quite literally covered in them, all of which he wears with pride. He always found that clothing impeded upon his movement, and so took to wrapping himself in bandages.


Blitz is a sociopath, not caring for anyone else's welfare but his own. If others get in his way, he will deal with them, and violently. He is also a bit of a fan of eloquent speech. Though he may not look it, he is a very intelligent individual, and likes to make it known through his verbal demeanor.


Blitz claims that he does not fear anything, but in truth he is deathly afraid of his blindness. E'er since cognitive memory began to function, he had been able to "see" with his other senses. Were they to be robbed of him, he would not be able to survive. The thought of this alone brings with it a paralyzing fear.


The Drow, like all others of his species, is a carnivore, and hence loves meat. He is particularly fond of rabbit and fish. He is also a lover of momentum; he is at his happiest when he is moving, and moving quickly at that. Due to his psychotic mental condition, he revels at the chance to prove his intelligence, and in the same motion loves diminishing others' abilities.


Blitz doesn't fear death, but he certainly doesn't like pondering upon his own. He'd much rather be alive, and the cause of the demise of others. There are many other things that he dislikes, but there are simply too many to list effectively.

Personality: (at least a paragraph)

Blitz, being a sociopath, doesn't care if his actions have negative connotations for others, providing their provide him with a level of entertainment. He doesn't particularly like the other Redeemers, but he hasn't attacked or killed any of them yet, simply due to the fact that this would certainly lead to his death. Hence he antagonizes them at every turn, staying just within the boundaries of nuisancing.

His mentality roughly revolves around gaining all of the power he can, and all of the respect that comes with it. He has a massive superiority complex, which blatantly shows in all forms of communication he shares with others. He is also a sadist and a masochist, but this goes without saying. Half of the scars he is covered in are self-inflicted, for he revels in the pain... in the scent of the blood... in its taste... in the tantalizing way it trickles down his quivering flesh. Not many within the Redeemer core tolerate his sickening behaviour, and so most avoid him like the plague he is. Due to his slightly misanthropic views, he really does not mind. After all, he's not fighting for them; he's fighting for himself.

He loves the thrills and joys of battle, often referring to it as "the Hunt", seeing as he often seeks out his victims as opposed to them coming to him. Every kill he makes sends a delightful shiver up his spine; he loves the feel of his blades tearing through his prey, the sound of their flesh ripping apart, the delightful spattering of fresh blood upon his skin... He only wishes he were able to see the distorted expressions of his kill as the life leaves their eyes.

Armor: Mythril Spaulders
Casual Clothing: Off-White Bandages, Off-White Loincloth
Carried Items: Throwing Needles, Survival Knife
Main Weapon:
  • Name: MIRTH & MYRIAD
  • Type: Wrist-Mounted Claw-Blades
  • Made of: Mythril
  • Length: 30 centimeters [From Knuckles]
  • Weight: 2 kilograms
  • Description/Info:
MIRTH & MYRIAD are two twin weapons used in battle by Blitz. Three wickedly-sharp double-edges extend from a wrist-mounted grip system, the tips of each hooking down slightly to a fine point at the end. They greatly resemble cat's claws, only much deadlier. Their once pure white blades are now bloodstained to a rusty red.

Natural Talents:

  • High Sensitivity: Seeing as Blitz was born blind, his other senses were adapted to compensate. As such, he has an exceptional sense of touch, sound, and scent.
  • Agility: Blitz's light frame and lean muscular composition allow for him to move exceptionally quickly and silently. When unhindered, his speed is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Uninhibited: A sociopathic mindset allowed Blitz to take lives without a second thought or remorse. His only concerns [which rarely even concern him] are how it will affect him in the future.


  • All-Seeing: Blitz can create a rough, featureless, 360-degree image of what's around him based off of three useable senses; sound, feel, and scent. This makes it very hard to catch him off guard, and very easy for him to deal with swarms of attackers. He travels barefoot to feel the vibrations created by his every step, using a method similar to echo-location to make his way around towns and the likes. He can also feel some strong vibrations and currents in the air around him, as well as electrical and thermal energies, which allows for him to "see" non-grounded objects that might get in his way. Every sound only adds to the "black and white" construct within his mind. He also has a tendency to rely on scent trails to locate objects and persons.
  • Relentless Mind: Through a lifetime of fighting and killing, Blitz's mind has become accustomed to taking lives. His mind moves very unpredictably and individually in battle. Being born blind, he is a master of adaptation; combat is no exception. He is a very capable fighter, and a very dangerous one at that.
[*]Unhinged: Even before his Redemption, Blitz was a very flexible individual, able to bend and move in very unnatural ways. Every day he would stretch for a good hour or two, in very peculiar ways.


  • Projectiles: Though he can feel the air around him, quick-moving projectiles sometimes don't give Blitz enough time to react and evade. The smaller they are, the less likely he is to notice them before it's too late.
  • Sandy Environments: Seeing as much of his movement is based around what he can feel around him, he relies heavily on unchanging environments that offer his feet reverberation. When in sandy environments, his "vision" is distorted and unreliable, forcing him to go off of airborne vibrations and movements, which can be just as unreliable in deserts.
  • Sensory Overload: Due to the high sensitivity of his hearing, scent, and feeling, Blitz is very easily thrown off by overly-abrasive odours, sounds, and vibrations. If ever one were to present an overpowering aroma, high-pitched or high-decibel sound, or a strong vibration, it would throw off his other senses as well, and cause him great mental and physical stress.

Demoni Powers:

Blitz was born a flexible individual, but his level of contortion before his Redemption was nothing compared to what it is now. His joints know virtually no bounds, every one within his body as flexible as though the bones connected simply did not exist. On top of this, he can break and repair his bones at will, with minimal expense in energy, as well as create new joints [though this admittedly takes much more energy]. He can move in a very agile and adept manner, no matter the complexity of the internal changes he has gone through. On top of this, his sense of perception greatly increased, to allow him to sense a greater area with ease, though this hardly counts as a Demoni power.

Old Life
  • Martial Status: Unmarried
  • Family: Mother died in childbirth, father abused him until age seven, when he was arrested for drug peddling. All other family deceased.
  • History:
Ever since he was born, his father had known there was something wrong with him. He was a violent man, and constantly took out his frustrations upon the boy, through physical and verbal abuse. Yet as opposed to begging for him to stop, Blitz took the hurtful words and raging beatings, and with a smile on his face nonetheless. He never spoke back to him, he never hit him back, he simply laughed has his father pounded away at his flesh. They got along well.

The drow was born blind, but despite this fact had no problem navigating his populated city. The elven were despised throughout most of the country, and so once he began traversing the scape, the beatings he received expanded from solely his father to all those unfortunate enough to happen upon him. As per usual, he would take the violence silently, a devilish and toothy grin in place. Until one day, he discovered how pleasing it was to inflict pain on others.

Yes, more pleasing than it was to receive the pain. One day, whilst taking his usual stroll throughout the city, taking in all of the sounds and smells, he happened upon a rather large brute of a fellow; the corner of his meat stand had evaded his senses, and he accidentally tripped over it, knocking over a barrel of fish and strewing them across the dirty back-trodden alley. The man rose in a violent rage due to his disposition, and lifted the boy by his neck; a firm, choking vice-grip.

"Yeh li'le fuck! Tha' was fifty crowns werth o' salmon! Yeh gonna pay fer that, elf?" He breathed his words angrily in the boy's face, a foul stench befalling his sensitive nostrils. Blitz was finding it difficult to remain calm, seeing as the life was slowly being squeezed from him, and panic began to give rise; dying was simply not a part of his plan. "No, then? Well, yer life'll pay fer more than tha'!" His grip tightened, and instinctively, Blitz flung his foot forward, connecting square with the man's groin. With a sharp, pained groan, the large man dropped the boy, now gasping for air, and curled in upon himself in agony. Blitz steadied himself, and slowly rose from his knees to his feet, staring down at the man below him. He smiled his trademark, psychotic grin, and began a low chuckle... That was riveting. He thought to himself. Let's try that again...

He raised his leg, as far behind his back as he could muster [which was above his head] and swung it swiftly towards the man's featureless face, smashing into it with his shin. He felt the cartilage of the man's nose crumple beneath the force, which sent shivers down his spine, and the sound of his gurgled, tormented moans did likewise. And so he brought his heel down on the man's face. Hard. And again. And again. And again, until all that was left was a broken, bleeding mess of a face. Not that he knew what his face had looked like before, but he knew that by this time it was disfigured. It was then that he noticed the audience his escapade had gathered, all staring around in shock and awe. Should they help? Should they call the guard? He chuckled at their whisperings, his unseeing eyes gazing out at them, before he gave the man a departing kick and strode off calmly.

When he had returned home, he was in fact greeted by the guard, though they were not there for him; they were there for his father, arresting him for his dealings in the Opiate market. He bid his father adieu with a

New Life
  • Reason for Becoming a Redeemer: (remember that Redeemers are formed from people as a "last chance" sort of deal, whether they're orphans, criminals with a death sentence, or dying. This should also correlate with their motive.)
  • The Changing: (describe the process of transforming to a Redeemer for you. Include what you went through in hell as well as what it was like waking up as a Redeemer for you. Each experience is different and personal, and hell is certainly not a uniform systematic process. Take some artistic liberties.)
  • Opinions: (on the current mission, the Redeemers as an organization, on the Redeemers situated in Litas)
  • Abomination Experiences: (have they ever almost become an abomination through pushing themselves too far? Have they fought an abomination before? Have they seen someone changed into an Abomination- perhaps in their induction ceremony?)

So begins...

Armani "Blitz" Fernheart's Story