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Name: Greyais Be'Ureven
Nickname: Grey
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Rank: 18
Race: Human
Motivation: Having assisted in the defense of a small watch tower, a veritable siege that lasted nearly seven days, Grey burns with the white-hot fire of revenge. A tide of demoni swarmed around the stone spire and broke upon it like a river split by a rock in their attack on the nearby city. Grey and nine of his comrades gunned down the beasts with bolt and drove them from windows with steel, but they were eventually overcome. The last thing Grey remembers before waking up to an odd woman asking him if he wanted to drink demoni blood, was the pain-contorted face of his cosest friend, Herris. Despite the miracle of his survival, Grey wishes nothing more than to return to the fray and crush each and every last blight this world has to offer.
Defensive/Offensive: Offensive
Class: Manipulator


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Skin Tone: Medium brown, swarthy skin
Build: Tall, lanky and compact
Body Markings: A large disk of deepest black tattooed onto his back. The rest are simply various scars from the most recent five years of combat.
Voice: A soft, if somewhat deep baritone
Description: If Grey were not such a naturally dark creature, he would be considered average as far as humans go. Like most of those hailing from the south, Grey is of tall and athletic stock with a rich brown skin. Most every inch of his dusky skin is marred by some sort of scar, which Grey refers to as 'dodges'. He purposefully allows memorable attacks to get just barely close enough to him to cause superficial damage, as to remember the battle for the rest of his natural life. Several other high-ranked Redeemers have taken note of this odd habit and either frown upon or congratulate the scars as a sign of foolhardiness, or mockery towards the demoni for their inability to slay him.

Clothing-wise, there is not much to say. Born into a military family, living as a soldier(and nearly dying as one), Grey has always dressed in the most practical battle gear possible. As of his induction into the ranks of the Redeemers however, the southerner has forsaken that practice. As a manipulator and easily one of the least 'tangible' of the Redeemer types, Grey feels that armor in unecessary and cumbersome. His natural alacrity and ability to absorb blows that would fell a normal man make armor extraneous in most situations. As a result, Grey only wears basic linen pants, combat boots, leather gloves and a flowing ebon robe emblazoned with the symbol of the Redeemers in blood red.

His face is unremarkable, with minor facial hair and deep set lines. One noticeable aspect of his profile is a set of jagged scars on the corners of and around Grey's mouth and eyes from his first awakening as a Redeemer. It was because of this strange occurrance that others assumed he was a Senser, but that assumption was quickly put to rest when Grey began popping bones out of place. As a rule of thumb(and due to the fact that Grey is slightly ashamed of his unstable awakening) Grey wears a black blinder over his eyes.



Quirks: Often called obsessive, compulsive and impulsive, Grey has a tendency to switch subjects on a dime and follows people out of an inquisitory sense of curiosity.
Fears: Encountering not an abomination, but a rogue Redeemer. With the power that they command, what would be the end result?
Likes: Eating, Cooking, Drawing, Wandering, Racing, Reading and Talking
Dislikes: Obnoxious people, Insects, Demoni, Singing
Personality: At first, based on his appearance, most would assume that Greyais is quiet and taciturn...this is far from the truth. Grey is observative, and intrusive to the point of being rude. He was raised in a family of twelve brothers and sisters, and cannot even begin to fathom the concept of 'personal space'. Space exists for everyone, so isn't it selfish not to share?

Grey is also a firm believer in shades of gray. Good and evil are much too subjective to be used as accurate labels for anything nowadays, although he does reserve hatred for several deplorable and depraved acts. Such actions include, from most severe to least, rape, senseless murder and wanton destruction. Most of the time, Grey appears to be spaced out or aloof, uncaring and unheeding. He does, however, smile a great deal.

One thing that will really set off the manipulator's trigger though is the mention of retreat. No matter the situation, no matter the odds, retreat is never an option for Grey. Aside from having ignored orders to fall back in the past, Grey has even struck down a standing member of the army in defiance for attempting to force the Redeemer to retreat.



Armor: A stylized black cloak, simple black leather boots, gloves and a belt of the same make.
Casual Clothing: A dark red shirt as well as black wool breeches.
Carried Items: A waterskin, a pack of dried fruits and nuts, and a coin satchel. A sheathe for his sword rests on the right hip, as a smal leather cord holds the coiled chain on his left.
Main Weapon:
  • Name: Shrike / Stirge
  • Type: Kilij(sword) / Spiked War-Chain
  • Made of: Steel
  • Length: Three feet / Ten feet uncoiled
  • Weight: Five pounds / Ten pounds
  • Description/Info: Stirge is a wickedly edged sword with cutting power that rarely meets an equal. It's design is built for maximum slashing damage, the curved yelman tip delivering a disproportionate amount of kinetic energy with each swing. It's cross-shaped guard is more for show than actual defense. Stirge is also almost completely offensive in nature, using swing-speed and weighted morningstar-like ends to deliver crushing blows or simply wrap around the target to tear off chunks of flesh.


Natural Talents:

  • Jungle Runner: Being the descendant of an ancient hunter bloodline, it is no small wonder that Grey is a natural born runner. A combination of good breeding stock and training have given Grey excellent endurance as well as speed.
  • Range Rover: Grey has always had a knack for sensing shifts in mood or expression, and his newfound demoni abilities only amplify that. Even the subtle shift in weight from one foot to the other has a hundred words to tell to the manipulator.


  • Fleet Footed: A result of his military family and their training, Grey can run extremely quickly for a human and with great control. Forced to run along wooden planks until he could do it at top speed, Grey has an uncanny ability to outpace most every non-speed oriented opponent as well as outmaneuver them in the same range of movement.
  • Fighter's High: Since the age of seven, Grey and his siblings were trained to control the crushing thrill of adrenaline that comes with battle. As a result, Grey is not affected by the subconcious switch from thought to instinct that accompanies the rush of adrenaline. In simple terms, he is not nearly as prone to making mistakes or missing details in the heat of battle.
  • Iron Will: To give in to despair is to give in to the cold embrace of death. It has been beaten into Grey that defeat is never an option, and to fight to the last breath. One would find themself hard-pressed to intimidate or break Grey, as the dervish of a man will shirk off even fatal confrontations.

Weaknesses: [list]
[*]Hair Trigger: Anger-wise, although it may not be immediately apparent, Grey is easily set off. Most of the time the manipulator can vent his anger and frustration on some sort of foe, but rarely an innocent or two might be hurt. This also translates into rash decisions during confrontations with humans.
[*]Martyrdom: Despite his proclivity for bloodlust and brutality in battle, Grey has always had it somewhere in his mind that there is no greater honor than sacrificing oneself to save a comrade in arms. That said, he will almost certainly take an arrow or a stab for a friend at his own expense.

Demoni Powers: The usual fare of hyper-contortion common to manipulators is present here, in addition to a few not-so-standard abilities. Grey has a knack for hyper extension, lashing out with limbs as long as ten feet and playing at being a snake by striking with a crushing bite. He almost always uses his freakish power to amplify physical attacks and kinetic force for maximum damage. Another odd manifestation of his powers is Grey's ability to 'Ripple', liquifying a strand of his flesh in a rapid sequence to redirect the impact of an attack and send it into a target he is in contact with.



Old Life
  • Martial Status: Formerly Engaged
  • Family: Four brothers(2 Deceased), Eight sisters(4 deceased), Mother and Father(Deceased)
  • History: It's never easy being the middle child. In a family of twelve, plus parents and a ton of cousins, Grey was all but invisible. Everyone received uniform training and Grey was far from the cream of the crop. He never rose above the rest, never distinguished himself, and never beamed like a star in the eyes of his parents. The boy was happy, though. He had a pleasant home, if a bit crowded, and enough training to survive in the world. WHo could ask for more?

    The world, apparently, when it began the demoni/mortal wars. Grey and most of his siblings were drafted, the rest already having been a part of the standing army. Their father died in one of the initial attacks saving their mother. By the time Grey and his sisters, Belais and Tara, were released from training, half of their family was either dead or MIA. They pushed for the most aggressive positions and dangerous assignments to make a name for themselves, and succeeded surprisingly well.

    It was only on Grey's twenty-fifth birthday that things went awry. He was deployed and stationed in a backwater town with a single guard-tower, some scout outpost for a nearby major city. It was the first time he had not shared an assignment with his sisters and wrote to them every day. Within the first week of this posting, Belais and her unit were reported dead. The next day, Grey received a letter stating that Tara was missing along with seven other soldiers. Grey's own outpost was summarily besieged and overrun without warning over the next few days.

New Life
  • Reason for Becoming a Redeemer: He did not want to die. Not without killing some demoni first, at least. It is literally as simple as that. Grey had his chest partially caved in, and was given two options; Die an inglorious death, or take one last shot at revenge.
  • The Changing: It was everything he imagined it would be. Skies bleeding fresh crimson, scalding brimstone ground and volatile chasms filled with gouts of hellfire. Best of all? Grotesque beasts of unimaginable horror crawling out from their holes to greet the newest arrival.

    To his left, he saw a sword and shield, as well as a two-handed axe; Weapons to defend himself with? In hell? The sword and it's counterpart were gleaming new, as the axe was rusted and pitted in places. Grey wasted no time in grabbing the axe and launching himself into an all out attack agains the advancing demons. They retreated under the assault for some reason, and a deep chuckle resonated from somewhere unseen.

    Grey continued to hunt for what seemed like days until he could move no more. The man dare not drop his axe, however, as the creatures advanced with each finger that released it's grip on the shaft. He heaves one labired breath after another, ignoring the horrendous pain in his chest. The laughing was still there...louder, more insistent. More manic. It was reaching a crescendo, a horrid climax that rang in his ears and forced the man to clutch his temples...drop the axe. The horrors swarmed and tore and bit. Then, the laughing stopped.

    No...not quite. He was laughing! Grey awoke with a start and snatched up the dagger on his thigh, slashing at his own mouth which now produced the hellish chortling. It is a long while before several pairs of strong hands manage to hold him down. The laughing is gone now, truly. All that remains is a corpse-strewn room and several strangers. One extends his hand and helps Greyais up.

    "Welcome to the Redeemers. I'm John...and you're a screamer. Ha! That rhymed!"
  • Opinions: None that he would openly admit. As a soldier, Grey rarely questions something he could fight his way through. As a Redeemer, there is little doubt that he cannot fight his way through something.
  • Abomination Experiences: Oooh, yes. Grey has pushed himself past his limits twice, and faced down abominations four times. Both times Grey has actually become an abomination he was only brought back to sanity by his only friend amongst the Redeemers, the former number 9, John. Unfortunately, John was mortally wounded on this second occassion by Grey before resonating with the manipulator and calming him down. Grey has since resolved to control himself more during battle. Those times he has faced abominations, Grey has wondered what exactly would happen should a sane Redeemer turn to the dark side.

So begins...

Greyais's Story