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Delwyn Gallagher

One of the newer spirits who has just been thrown in this extreme amount of chaos. Needless to say, she's not taking well to it.

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a character in “Grim Promotion”, as played by reveries



"Top of the morning to ya. What's that supposed to be mean anyway, eh?"

A tall, slender woman from her diet and genetic, she was pale white as humanly possible and had stood out from her fellow peers in her Life. She stood at 5'7", slightly under the average height of a man's from her good nutrition that the village was fortunate to have, weighing in at 9 Stones.

Born a sickly infant, Delwyn held a light complexion with fair skin that seemed ghastly white and hair that was very blonde. As she got older, her hair became almost white-blonde as it continue to grow longer, very unlike that of her mother's dirty blonde and her father's brown (almost ginger). Many speculated that it was merely because that she spent little time outside in the sun like a girl her age growing up should've. But she remained pale from weather being cloudy and rarely sunny enough for her to actually tan. While she did not inherit her mother's blue eyes, she got her father's gray, making her much more a ghost than one would hope to see.

Having long legs and large hands from her village duties, she was well kept and was lucky to be very clean often from their village's resources. Slightly well-groomed as the tavern was in good business, Delwyn had the luxury of being able to wash and comb her hair. She often carries herself with good balance and well controlled movement, not being very graceful, but rather to a heavy and sure step with a slight slouch. She has little scars, a scratch or two on her jaw, arms and legs from the rough work needed to be done, but are rarely noticeable. A freckle is on her neck, near the left shoulder bone.

Delwyn is a very odd sight that was not like the other girls, and sometimes captivated those who in her village and stranger alike (it'd be hard not to) from how different she was. A thin girl from her diet and slender from natural metabolism, Delwyn isn't the most overly endowed girl, being slightly bony and frail, but she still holds the signs of femininity as a woman.


"Mama and Pa must've really hated the fact that I didn't turn out be their son, so they gave me the ugliest name that they could think of. I kid, of course. But it's still an ugly name."

Delwyn, while not the most intelligent, she is able to write and read and do basic maths. Enough to get by at the very least. As a woman who has to work with ruckus and drunken banter, she is a very strong character, able to speak up to calm a situation with a natural authority and confidence that isn't often found amongst her fellow villagers. As the neutral party and commanding voice of reason, Delwyn dislikes unnecessary conflict and uncontrollable chaos. She was used to being the Mistress of the Tavern, running things with a precise organization and order as it was called for. She doesn't back down, as she believes that her word is final in her territory.

Head-strong and incredibly stubborn, Delwyn has a wrath to mess with and a horribly foul and vulgar mouth whenever she loses her composure. She takes pride in her independence, finding men to be equal to her, at least, the respectable and respectful ones. She keeps to humble things and lifestyle as she was accustomed to in her life, utterly unsure as to what to do when encountered by extreme luxury if she's forced to accept it. (Say, putting her in a noble's home with luxurious things and objects. Becomes a complete klutz, she does.) She doesn't like to be caught unprepared in situations outside her comfort zone, preferring to be certain of herself and dislikes doubt. She is one for spontaneity and adventure when the appropriate time calls for it, but really rather enjoys a simplistic lifestyle where you work hard to get where you are and what you do.

Her greatest talent and best trait of her personality is the ability to keep an open mind, never judging forcefully and always being honest to a fault, being able to strike conversation with anyone. She has always been able to be a listener to whatever a person's got to say before providing her own two cents and wisdom from a natural thinking of philosophy. As a woman who manages a drink for her customers, conversation and a close, respectful and personal relationship amongst good friends is her frequent accomplishment and prized treasure.

While Delwyn is unaware of this, she's picked up on a strong 'Irish' accent whenever she speaks English due to her original roots of Ireland and mother language of Gaelic. Her accent is very strong and quite well noticeable, her voice often pronouncing with a twang.


"Does it look like I wanted to be some idiot's wife? No! I wasn't some trophy for ya, boy!"

Her family owned a tavern, ó Gallchobhair's (Gallagher), that was well in the business in her small Gaelic village that had little to no connection with the rest of the outside world, minding their own businesses and livestock. It was able to get some of the popularity of surrounding villages as the travelers came to settle for the night, these cluster of villages was conveniently built near the main roads. While the village did work in trades, they did it with their surrounding villages who in turn, traded to the rest of the world. In a village with a population of 150 people that steadily and very slowly grew by the year, everyone knew everyone else. They didn't have much advanced technology as per their time period, and did very old traditional ways.

As the only daughter of her family tavern on the west side of the cluster, Delwyn was immediately taught to help serve the customers as soon as she was able to walk and hold things. As she got older, she became the constant presence in the tavern when not being taught to learn to read and write and do maths (some things that would be necessary when strangers come in the tavern) by the town schoolteacher. She read whatever that she could her hands on when not busy talking with the frequent visitors who come for drink and alcohol. Her mother died by the time she turned 13 from fever, as their town doctor was out during the time. By the time that he came back, her mother was past point of saving. By the time that she was 15, she became a well known girl in the area surrounding her village due to her ghostly appearance (which became if only the slightest paler as she aged) and her mouth, unafraid to speak up to a man.

Several of her visitors were admirers, always chased out by her father, a former hunter in the prime of his life, now tending to a farm as a widow, and his tavern that was formerly managed by Delwyn's mother, his beloved wife. Delwyn had an admirer who didn't seem to want to give up unlike the others who took warning. The Lord Ryan Makay of several lands some way from her village, wished to take her as his wife. She opposed to the idea merely because most wanted her for her odd appearance. ("They'd be calling me a faery, they would. It was rather distracting, and not in a good way. I would often chase them out for their nonsense.") He never really justified any other reason as to why he wanted her. Delwyn kept refusing him every time, each more ruder and ruder as her mouth became more foul form her time spent with the older gentlemen of the village who let a word or two slip from their tongue as she grew up. Lord Makay kept persisting, to the point that he tried to kill her father to take over the lands so that he may be able to her forcefully if he had to.

Delwyn took fancy to females instead, such as the local milkmaid on the ó Laoghaire (O'Leary) Farms across the other side of the village from where she was, or the shop clerk's daughter.

When Delwyn made this (rudely) clear to Lord Makay for the final time before banning him from her tavern, he stopped coming by. A week later, she fell down the stairs of her tavern mysteriously, and died at the young age of 24 from the blunt force trauma to her head. It was dubbed as an accident and a tragedy.

Grim Promotion:

So begins...

Delwyn Gallagher's Story