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Mai Chang

An ordinary girl, besides being a fairy.

0 · 180 views · located in grimm apartment complex

a character in “grimm apartments”, as played by Ahimlilgina


Mai Chang

↳ Life can be tricky, never let your guard down↲

Into Me You See▯ Katy Perry

Fᴀᴄᴇ Cʟᴀɪᴍ ◇Hu Bingqing

Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ◇ ▯ Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ◇

⌊ Mai Chang ⌉

⌊ Mai ⌉

⌊ Female ⌉

↪ AGE ↩
⌊ 22 ⌉

⌊ Straight ⌉


⌊ Mai is usually dressed in rather comfortable clothes. She can be seen wearing skinny jeans or skirts. Boots or sneakers usually, for hot weather she can be seen wearing sandals or flip flops. The skirt or jeans are often paired with a button down shirt or a regular t-shirt sometimes just a hoodie depending on her mood. For colder weather she can be seen in jeans, boots, and a long sleeve with a goodie or jacket on, usually a beanie as well.

For when she goes to the beach, its usually a tank top, shots, and flip flops she also has her sunhat and big sunglasses on. She rarely goes in the water due to her bindings she can show off too much of her skin without people wondering what the binding is for. She loves walking the boardwalks and trying out the foods along the beach or just check out the stores and what they all have. ⌉


Shy Kindhearted Flirty Adventurous Reservered
⌊ She's a pretty down to earth person, once she gets to know you she's pretty much an open book. Being very sensitive, she doesn't enjoy being yelled at. Mai is someone who will go out of her way to help someone who might need it, weather that be holding a door, going an extra mile to help an elder get home safe, paying the difference for someone at a store, or just giving someone a smile who looks down.

Mai tries her best to make everyone in her life happy. She's very hardworking and will go the extra mile with whatever job she has, often will stay late to finish up some minor tasks or just to tidy up the workspace. Hell, she will even open a tad earlier if someone is waiting outside. She often gives complete strangers discounts for no reason other than to make them smile.

Although while she is very hardworking and upbeat she can be very stubborn when she puts her mind to something she wont stop till its done. When she makes a promise she keeps it no matter the cost. She always thinks of others before herself. Being a fairy she can feel how others are feeling through her empath power, which often helps her help others. She tries not to let being a supernatural being hold her back from things she might enjoy. She just has to be careful going to the beach. The bindings for her wings are often very uncomfortable for her so she tries not to go out and about too often. Most nights she's at home playing games or reading a book maybe watching a movie or tv show she enjoys. Of course her bindings are off so she can let them flow freely till the next morning. ⌉

  • Animals
  • Outdoors
  • Warm clothes
  • Storms
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Naps
  • A good Massage
  • A good book

  • Violence/Fighting
  • Surprises
  • The Dark
  • Being lied too
  • Closed/tight spaces (she's claustrophobic)
  • Cold Tea
  • Worn out socks
  • Cigarettes

⌊ Mai is scared to lose her family, her wings, and her freedom. Like anyone else she doesn't want to die either, who does anyway? Mai doesn't have that many close friends anymore but she'd hate to lose them or a friendship she holds dearly. Other than that a few small things are, tornados, bugs with lots of legs, guns, and being burned alive.⌉

⌊ Empathy/Flying/Magic: Being a fairy is isn't uncommon for them to dabble in magic and potions. They can also fly and feel what others feel given it being a strong emotion. While Mai doesn't have much experience flying, she'd like to think she'd be pretty darn good at it. She hopes to be able to find some place secluded to be able to practice not only flying but maybe some magic too. So far she just knows her healing ability is pretty useful with common burns and scratches.

She's not sure how others would react to her powers so she doesn't go around healing everyone who needs it, she'd only use her power on someone she knows she can trust, her family, or herself. She doesn't need to be taken into custody and being out through who knows with tests and experiments.
Cons ⌉

⌊ Mai has lived with her parents all her life. Her grandparents were a big part of her life as well, giving they also lived with them until the unfortunately passed away due to old age. She was very close to both grandparents and were deeply saddened by their passing. Mai had two childhood friends growing up, John and Mary. Both were next door neighbors, they would hang out and talk up until graduation she hasn't really heard from either of them since which is a bummer .

It was only the beginning of high school Mai found out she was part fairy. When she asked her parents about it, they were reluctant to even mention it to her, hoping their genes would skip her so she wouldn't be "cursed" like they were. Shocked, Mai didn't know how to react it was only then within a few weeks her beautiful wings started to grow. While in a panic she had told her parents about it, and they being prepared had a harness for the wings made so they wouldn't be noticed.

Mai's parents were strict but not too strict. They knew school wasn't as easy as it was for them growing up they wanted Mai to do good, but didn't want to pressure her with high expectations. Though she did very well in school being a A+ student in most of her classes. Her father grew sick for a little while and had to be hospitalized for a few months. He had developed cancer, but through hard work and many doctor visits he pulled through beating it.

Mai has a very adventures outlook on the world, there is so much out there she wants to experience. That being one of the reasons she moved away from home. Not only to get out of her comfort zone, but to experience so many new things she hadn't before. Only thing is she must be very careful she'd hate for people to find out what she truly is and steal her wings from her...or worse.⌉

Mai recently moved to New York to not only find herself but to become a better person. She hasn't had much of a challenging life she figured moving out here on her own would give her the opportunity to grow as an individual and start a new path. She's excited to start her new journey. Back home in Colorado her father an mother still live. She plans on flying home for the holidays and special occasions. Her father and mother both own a coffer shop not too far from their home, they both work and manger the place which as been rather successful. Mai herself dabbles in the barista world, but she's not quite sure if she'd like to make a living out of it just yet.

So begins...

Mai Chang's Story