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Kain Sangria

"Fear is the mind-killer."

0 · 800 views · located in Remnant

a character in “Grimm Beginnings”, as played by Cato The Great


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{"Almost dead yesterday, maybe dead tomorrow, but alive, gloriously alive, today."}

| N A M E |
Kain Sangria

| M E A N I N G |
Kain - From Cain, the biblical son of Adam, and brother of Abel. Also from the phrase "Cain-colored" Which describes a reddish-yellow color similar looking to the biblical Cain's hair.
Sangria - A red color. Based on the Spanish and Portuguese wine drink, Sangria.

| N I C K N A M E |
None (So far)

| A G E |

| G E N D E R |

| S P E C I E S |

| T E A M |

| S E X U A L I T Y |

Image Image
{"No worries."}

| H E I G H T |

| W E I G H T |
204 Lbs.

| E Y E C O L O R |
Pale Purple

| H A I R C O L O R |
Charcoal Black

| A P P E A R A N C E |
Like his mother and grandfather before him, Kain possesses the trademark Calloway ashen black hair and pale violet eyes. His toned, lithe body and cream-colored skin are rife with scars, especially his upper back. When not wearing his signature black overcoat, with meticulously polished silver buttons, and red detailing on the shoulders, Kain tends to wear a simple crimson red vest with a white dress shirt underneath and black gloves, usually with a suspenders-like leather shoulder holster on each side for his weapons, and black slacks, along with painstakingly polished brown leather boots.

| O D D I T I E S |
Kain has several large scars on his back. He also tends to talk with his hands, and spout quotes he's stolen from his favorite movies in order to sound cool.

{"You gonna shut up and draw your weapon, or just whistle Dixie?"}

| P E R S O N A L I T Y |
✦Brave ✧ Brash ✦ Charming ✧ Insecure

Having been described as a lost puppy trying to pretend he knows where he is, Kain tries to put as much careful deliberation and confidence in his body language as he can, to seem cool and under control. Years of pretending to be okay have made Kain very good under pressure, as well as very bold and assertive towards people when he wants something done, though this can sometimes seem brash and arrogant. He isn't afraid to take charge if things go to shit, but always respect's Halcyon's leadership and follows her orders without question. Usually.

Years of being physically and sexually abused have made him somewhat closed off, especially towards women. If he is hugged or touched by someone he doesn't know he has a hard time not recoiling. He's tried romance before, to varying degrees of success, but has never truly found somewhat he could let his guard down, as of yet. At least not someone that's liked him back.

{"You're gonna look pretty funny with that sword sticking outta your ass."}

| W E A P O N |
The Devils You Know
Kain wields a pair of custom-made dust revolvers. Both guns are high caliber magnum handguns, that fire bullets charged with burning toxic energy. When shot with these bullets, the victim's wound will continually burn and spread until the bullet is removed. The wound will be excruciatingly painful, and will leak a red trail of dust energy, making it easy to track the target if they escape.

| S E M B L A N C E |
Acceleration Manipulation
Inside a small field in a 360 degree radius around him, Kain can control the movement speed of objects and people. For example, he can cause a bullet to travel much faster than it's normal speed, throw a knife with insane speed, or slow down an enemy slash to the point of nearly stopping it. This does not work on himself, and slowing or stopping an object takes far more energy than speeding one up.

| S T R E N G T H S |
✦Sure-shot - Kain has always been known as an amazing marksman. He has incredible aim, and hardly ever misses a target.
✧Endurance - Kain is known to weather many hardships, and has a astounding amount of endurance. He has a strong pain tolerance and high mental fortitude.
✦Confidence - Kain is hardy ever phased by any challenge, and is always confident in his abilities. He finds a very seldom selection of tasks daunting in any way, and has a way of putting other at ease with his constitution.
✧Charm - Always charming and on point, Kain is very charismatic, sometimes to the chagrin of his friends and teammates.

| W E A K N E S S E S |
✦Not Very Analytical - Sometimes quick to jump to conclusions, Kain tends to not think one step ahead, and often goes in guns-blazing.
✧Hot-Headed - Though Kain has a great sense of humor and loves to tease, he often comes off as abrasive to those who don't known him, and is quick to pick a fight.
✦Women - While not outright afraid of them, Kain is sometimes uncomfortable around women he doesn't know, especially when being touched by them.

{"I'm your huckleberry.”}

| H O B B I E S |
✦Trick Shooting - Kain loves to practice trick shooting, and showing off by spinning his revolvers in skillful and ridiculous ways.
✧Watching And Studying Film - Kain loves to watch and study movies.
✦Track/Running - During his free time, Kain can often be found at the school's running track.

| H A B I T S |
✧His Hair - Kain is always playing with his bangs, and often slicks his hair back during a battle.
✦Foul Language - He swears. A lot.
✧Talking With His Hands - Kain makes a lot of hand movements and directions while talking.

| L I K E S |
✦Guns - "An elegant weapon, from a more civilized age."
✧Films - "I love the movie experience. Or at least mine. Cuddling up with pillows and a blanket, with a bowl of warm popcorn, in a dark room with just an undershirt and boxer-Wait, shut up! You heard nothing!"
✦Cooking - "Girls love a guy who can cook... Or s-so I've heard!"
✧His Uncle Sartana - "I guess you could say he's my, uh... Hero."
✦Loud and Abrasive Rap Music "Ironically, of course."

| D I S L I K E S |
✦Politicians - "Liars."
✧His Step-sister - "..."
✦Alcohol/Alcoholics - "I'm not a fan. If you're the type of party guy that gets hammered every other night, chances are I don't like you."
✧Onions - "If you're a god-damned douchebag onion... chances are I don't like you."
✦Swimming - "Just the thought of swimming in open water makes my skin crawl..."

| G O A L S |
✦To Make His Uncle Proud - "He's the only man I truly respect, and the only person I want to be like."
✧To Confront his Step-Sister - "One day... I want to know why... I want... To make her pay."
✦To Find True Love - "Shut up, I know it's dorky. I just think it would be nice... To have someone to watch movies with."

| F E A R S |
✧Disappointing His Uncle - "... Never."
✦Drowning - "Abella held me under water one time, when we went swimming at the lake near our house. I guess I've been terrified since."
✧Walking Around With His Fly Unzipped - "Fuck you! It's not stupid!"
✦Being Betrayed/Cheated On By A Girl - "If I were to open my heart up to someone, and they did that... I could never trust someone again."

{"Sometimes the best laid plans are just landmines in the dirt, waiting to blow up in your face."}

| H I S T O R Y |
Family is a touchy subject for Kain, and for good reason. He was born to Adam Sangria, a somewhat well-known and successful huntsman and Eva Calloway, the only daughter of a rich and influential aristocrat. They lived a comfortable life together, up until Kain was born, with no shortage of capital, and enjoyed somewhat of a luxury life. They loved each other very much, and by all accounts were an amazing couple, but had very little family to speak of, other than Eva's distant brother, also a well-known huntsman, Sartana Calloway. So, when Adam was killed in the line of duty relatively soon after Kain was born, his mother was understandably distraught. The next year, Eva's father, Kain's grandfather, was disgraced after a particularly damning sex scandal. He committed suicide shortly after.

With no money to speak of, and no husband to help her raise her child, Eva fell into a deep depression, and became distant and neglectful. She eventually married a successful and influential businessman, Guy Leone, and was reduced to what was essentially a trophy wife, forced to put up with her husband's drunken whoring, and smile like everything was okay at the social gatherings he dragged her along to, or be out on the street with her young son. Kain always had an extreme dislike for his step-father, but nothing could ever compare to his utter hatred for his older step sister, Abella. Taking very much after her father, Abella was a spoiled and ill-tempered monster, who physically and sexually abused Kain through most of his young life. Terrified to speak out about his abuser, Kain eventually found the courage to tell his mother, but was labelled an attention-seeking liar. Emotionally destroyed, and physically drained, Kain finally found happiness in his life when his uncle Sartana came back into the picture.

When Eva had been married to Adam, her younger brother Sartana was very close to the family, but when Adam died, and Eva turned away his offers of help and support, and instead married a drunken abuser of a man, Sartana became distant, and rarely showed himself for a long while. When Kain was in his early teens however, his uncle began to contact him, curious about his nephew's well being and guilty for abandoning him to a life of abuse. When Kain told his uncle about his abuse at the hands of his sister, and the neglect of his mother to deal with the situation, he became furious, and demanded to the couple that something be done about the situation. Once again, the accusations were denied, and Abella acted like an innocent princess, who would never do harm to her precious little brother. Horrified, Sartana took Kain into his care, taking him to live in his estate, along with his uncle's long-time girlfriend. Finally happy, and feeling the warmth and love of a family who cared for him, Kain cut ties with his mother and step-father, and taking interest in his uncle's work began training to become a huntsman, like the his real father, and the uncle he now idolized. Discovering Kain's semblance, and finding his unnatural talent with firearms quite astonishing, Sartana urged his nephew to enroll in Beacon Academy, and the rest, as they say, is history.

| F A M I L Y T I E S |
Adamska "Adam" Sangria - Father, Deceased (26 at death)
Eva Calloway - Mother, Alive, 44
Guy Leone - Step-father, Alive, 54
Sartana Calloway - Uncle, 31, Alive
Abella Leone - Step-Sister, Alive 24

{"I like a man who grins when he gets punched in the teeth.."}

ImageImage| F C |
Guren Ichinose

| C O L O R |
#92000A - Sangria

| P R O T R A Y E D B Y |
Cato The Great

Sheet Ⓒ of CutUp

So begins...

Kain Sangria's Story


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#, as written by CutUp
Murder Melody
{"I just as well kill you today."}
Location: Atlesian Supermax Prison Labyrinth
Time: 11:15 PM, First day of Fall

A loud sigh of boredom came from one of the three Atlesian guards patrolling the halls of the supermax prison known as the Labyrinth, home of many dangerous criminals that could prove to be harmful to the four Kingdoms, and it's ever fragile peace. "Hey." One of the guards called out to get the others attention. "What?" One of them replied in an annoyed tone. If his eyes could be seen they would most certainly be rolling. "You ever wonder why we're-" Suddenly a chain came from the ceiling, and wrapped itself around the man's neck. He dropped his weapon, and tried desperately to wiggle free as he was lifted up in the air. "What the-" Then a black glowing hand extended forward, and grabbed the guard by the back of his head, and yanked him backwards.

"Sonofva-" The third guard struggled to get his scroll out to sound the alarm but strangely it said no signal, something that has never happened at the prison. Before he could do anything else something suddenly slammed against his knee, as if someone kicked him. He was forced down to one knee, and quickly looked behind him to see a man seemingly fading in, and out of existence, he would be visible for a split second, and then he would disappear. The guard felt two hands grab his neck, and then everything went black as his neck was violently twisted, and snapped.

Meanwhile the guard that had been yanked by the spectral hand was being flung towards a dark figure at the end of the hallway. Once he reached the end a gladius sword was ran through him, he had been pulled directly into it. The guard slowly turned his head to look at the face of the killer, only to find it was a tall man with a long dark trench coat, and black combat armor, along with short spiky black hair, and he wore a white mask with a sinister smirk across it. The guard tried to say something but he couldn't get the words out, only able to get some drops of blood out of his mouth. The dark figure pulled his sword out of the guard's chest, and let him fall to the ground. He stepped over him to join the others.

The guard being hung by the chain finally slipped away, and was promptly dropped on the ground. The chain that hung him receded up to the ceiling, and a little girl dropped down from a hole in the ceiling. She was rather small, and just from her built it was apparent that she was young. She wore a dark blue sweater with long, and oversized sleeves that hid her hands, and a mask just like the other one. She had long brown hair tied down with a ponytail. The other figure turned fully visible and joined the two. He wore tight fitting black clothing, ones that were made for stealth. He had snow white hair, and pale skin along with another mask the same as the others. He pulled out his scroll which had a pure red screen that then suddenly turned green. He showed the screen to the others who gave him a nod. The swordsman then cracked his knuckles, and rolled his head on his shoulders.

The three of them rushed forward through the halls of the prison. The white haired one suddenly disappeared as they rounded a corner into a hallway that had four guards in it. He suddenly stopped in his tracks, and appeared between two guards. He held out a dual pair of black tonfas, and pulled the triggers on the tonfas with his pinky fingers, shooting both guards in the head, killing them instantly. The other two guards started to turn around to see what happened but one was suddenly stabbed by a spectral hand through his chest, and the other had a dagger attached to a chain stabbed through his throat. The spectral hand disappeared, and the dagger was pulled out of his neck, and the chain was reeled back to the little girl, and returned to her large sleeves.

Alarms then suddenly went off, and the two men looked at each other. They then picked up their pace, and rushed forward. They were soon met by a hallway full of guards, all with their weapons ready, and pointed at them. "Stop right there! You are all under arrest!" One of the guards ordered. The two men looked at each other, and then they stepped aside to allow the little girl to step forward. Chains with daggers extended from her sleeves, and she began twirling them around in circles, as if it was a mesmerizing dance. The guards glanced at each other in confusion as she did this. She was not attacking them, nor did she appear like she was going to.

Then the chains began to glow bright red, and the lights above them began to flicker. A dark red aura began to extend from the girl, and enveloped the guards. The guards then tried to open fire at her but their guns wouldn't fire, it was as if it was being jammed. At first there was no visible effects from the aura that had enveloped them, but then it happened. One guard suddenly dropped his guard, and leaped up off the ground, and began screaming in intense pain as he desperately struggled to get his armor off. And soon the others did the same. What little skin that was showing began to turn bright red, and it seemed as if their blood was bubbling underneath the surface.

A popping sound could be heard coming from each one of them, and they then all collapsed at the same time. The three of them calmly stepped over their bodies as they made their way towards a cell door at the end of a hallway. Prisoners from the other cells began gathering around their doors, each one pleading to be released by the trio, but they ignored them all. They came there for a specific reason, and none of them were it. They stopped in front of a cell at the end of the block, one that seemed much more heavily secure than the others. The air around the cell was ice cold, feeling like a meat locker. The man in black held his hand up, and it glowed black as he prepared to fire off another astral projected hand at the door.

They were then joined by another, much larger squad of soldiers that took aim at the three. The little girl started to step forward once again, but the white haired man held her back. Behind the guards was another masked figure. He was a tall man more elaborately dressed than the others, as he wore a red tuxedo and top hat, appearing like a ringleader at a circus. He had a deck of cards in his hands that he passed between his gloved hands. He approached the two guards in the very back, and placed his hands on their shoulders. His body began to glow purple, and it was then passed onto the guards. Whispering could be heard, but it was impossible to make out, and didn't even appear to be any form of language.

The two guards he touched then tensed up, and grunted their teeth as they glared at their comrades in front of them. Then the two men shoot their comrades in the back, killing each one of them. The masked man walked forward, dancing around the corpses as the two remained guards turned to each other, and then shot one another. The masked man approached the others with a sinister, and unsettling laugh that echoed through the prison. "Oh what a wonderful day this is!" He smirked. He turned to the black swordsman. "Shall you do the honors? You were the one who recommended him." The dark figure nodded, and reached out his hand. He created a large spectral hand, and slammed it into the door, and violently ripped it off the wall, and tossed it behind them.

Cold air rolled out of the cell, feeling like they just opened a freezer. The cell held a single prisoner, a dangerous man who was chained to the wall with steel shackles, and a iron straight jacket. The man had long black straggly hair, and a matching beard along with an eyepatch on his left eye. The man slowly opened his remaining eye to look at his rescuer, and breathed deeply, his breath could be easily seen due to the cold. "Who the hell are you?" He asked bluntly. The masked man let out a loud laugh. "We're your new best friends, Dunstan Spada." The man smirked. He then took his deck of cards, and threw them at Dunstan. The cards embedded themselves into his shackles, breaking them enough for Dunstan to break free of his confinement.

Dunstan then fell to the ground, and crawled towards the exit. His skin was a light blue due to the cold, and his body was weak. He looked up the his masked rescuers. "Who are you? What do you want?" He asked. The masked man, who was now clearly the leader of them, let out a chuckle, and reached his hand out to help him up. "Me? I'm the man who will destroy the world. Beyond that you can call me your new employer." Dunstan raised an eyebrow as he hesitantly took his hand, and got up. "You see, Mr. Spada, you come highly recommended. I've been following your work, and I gotta say, I'm a big fan. I could use someone with your skills, and you'll be well compensated of course. But we can talk details later. I just want to know if you're in?" Dunstan then looked the others over, and let out a sigh. "Doesn't look like I have much choice." He replied. The masked man let out a loud laugh, and smacked Dunstan on his back. "That's the spirit!"

He pulled a card out of his deck, and it began to glow black, and he tossed it on the ground. The card began to turn to ash, and the ashes swirled up in the air, and formed a black portal. "Alright kiddos, field trip over, let's go." He stated as he waved his companions through the portal, first was the little girl, then the white haired man, and then the swordsman, and finally Dunstan. The ringleader stopped before he entered the portal, and looked up at a security camera. He took off his hat, and took a bow in front of the camera. He pulled out another card, and this one began glowing a light blue, and he then threw it at the wall behind him. The card turned to ash, and a wave of electricity surged from the card, knocking out all power in it's wake. The cell doors then began to open one by one, releasing each prisoner. And with that the masked man finally left through his portal, and it then disappeared.


My Demons
{"Save me if I become my demons."}
Jet's eyes shot open as he was woken up by the sound of his scroll going off. Jet picked up his scroll off the nightstand next to his bed, and saw that it was a message from Professor Ozpin, he had a mission for the team, and wanted to see them. He had sent a message to team HKL as well. Jet sighed, and let out a big yawn. He sat up in his bed, stirring Black Oroshi who slept at his feet. The dog yawned like his master, and stretched out his body. Oroshi got up, and made his way over to Jet, and proceeded to lick his face. "Aw stop! You got morning dog breath!" He groaned as he pushed his pet away.

Jet stretched out his arms, and looked over at his teammates. "Oroshi make sure everyone's up." Jet ordered as he started to change out of his pajamas. Oroshi barked happily, and quickly turned around in a circle as he proceeded to jump on his teammates beds, and licking them each on the face to wake them up. This caused Jet to chuckle, he knows that at least Roux isn't too fond of the dog, despite the fact that Oroshi seems to like her the most of the team, other than Jet of course. "Ozpin wants to see us, got a mission for us. Get ready in five. If you don't then you have to take Oroshi for his walks the rest of the week."

Jet picked up his longcoat, and threw it on, and with that he was fully ready for the day. No matter what was in store. Once Oroshi was done waking everyone up he rushed over to Jet, and sat down in front of him. Oroshi made small whimpering sounds as he raised his paw up. Jet sighed. "Alright, you did good." Jet then opened up the drawer in his nightstand, and pulled out a bag of dog treats for him. Jet tossed one up in the air, and Oroshi leaped up, and caught it in midair. "Good boy."


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Those long days passing by from t͚̫̰̟̱̟h̞̥̗̗a͚̫͕̪t̯̣̙ ͖͕̣̙̘̝d̫̬͇o̬̠̬o͈̺̗̪̻r
Like f̫rai̥̤̼̹l̼̠̞͍ ͎͚̖̞s̻͖̝̼̼̜n̤̫̣ọ̘̪̲͚͙w they slowly disappear
Finding ways through the f̥̟a̭̭͍̪̯̖v͔̣̱̝͍͇̲or͈̖it̥̙̝̻̲̞̮e͈̹ ̙̜̰̱fr̞͓i͔ḙ̭̠̲̝nd͍̬s̥
Filling me with
w̠͖̼a̪͓̫̳͖̦ṟ̞m͉̘ͅ ̟̬̖̺͕ẹ̘͈̦̪̳ͅmḇ̪ͅr͕a̪̣͈c̘͖̦̫̮̳͍e

“It's open, you can go ahead and go in.”

It was true. The door was open this time, not locked. Why would it be? Where was he going? Who was the man who said that, and why didn't he have a face? It didn't matter, of course. The details never do when you're dreaming. The teacup in his hand, Kain thought, was very hot. Burning, almost.

“Take a seat.” The faceless man said, and without question, Kain obliged. He looked down at the eggshell white desk, then back up at the man, who was now sitting on the opposite side of it. Then down at the eggshell white chair, which he pulled out a bit, across the eggshell white floor, and sat, staring at the eggshell white wall.

“Kain.” The man said, trying to get the young man's attention. Kain looked over at him, cooperating, but still not focusing. “You know why you're here, don't you.” It wasn't a question. At least Kain didn't think it was. It was hard to read someone without a face.

“No. I don't have a fuckin' clue.” Kain said, softly, at least for him, as he looked down and to the left. The man sighed and leaned back in his white chair, putting his hand behind his head. Very characteristic of [̷̧͜͝ ҉̴̧͜ ̴̵ ̴̸҉̴̛ ̧͟ ̷͢͠ ̴̴͜͡ ҉̴͢͠ ̧̧]̢̧͘͢ . Interesting.

“If I've told you once, I've told you a million times, Kain.” The man said, putting his arms on the table, and leaning his head forward. His breath, smelled a little like good scotch. He chuckled a little bit.“You're not very good at listening.” Then, somehow looking surprised without a face, the man's head tilted up a pinch.

“Nope, he still isn't.” A woman said, behind him. He could hear that fucking smirk on her face. Two arms wrapped around him from behind. A head nuzzled on his shoulder. He felt sick to his stomach. Soft hair fell across his chest. White.

The teacup was very hot. Burning, almost.


Usually, when he woke up from a nightmare, he was hot. Sweating. But this time, he felt good. Not hot, just pleasantly warm. Especially his back.

He opened his eyes. Dawn was just peaking through the window. Lying on his side, he stretched his legs and balled his fists, beginning to regain feeling. Feeling. Arms. Wrapped around him. Not his. Not again. Was he still dreaming? His mind began to race. He began to hyperventilate. Mustering up all his courage, he turned his head around and felt soft hair. Not white. Purple.

A wave of relief washed over him. Beau. “Damn.” He muttered, plunking his head back down on his pillow, smirking slightly. She must have crawled into his bed last night while he was sleeping. What would Lotus think? Was she still sleeping? He looked over at her bed, but couldn't quite make out her form. He then heard a soft plink. Someone's scroll. Beau's, he realized, looking over at the bedside table. He turned over, nudging her slightly. “Hey. You almost gave me a god-damned heart attack.”


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The loss of life causes but a moment's grief, but disgrace brings grief every day of one's life.

|| Color #993299 ||

It had been a few weeks since the mission gone bad, but of course the memory of that fateful day still haunted Beau’s dreams. She remembers it so clearly; they had been sent to clear out a couple of rogue Grimm that had wandered too close to a village. But when they arrived, the village had been leveled, and there were what must have been hundreds of Grimm. Being the cocky children they are, HUKL decided they could take the Grimm. It was just some Beowolves, Creeps and Boarbatusks. At first, the team was doing well. Of all the fights they’d had, this was nothing. They got too comfortable, too relaxed. That’s when the Ursas showed up, along with an Ursa Major. Umber fell victim to the Ursa Major’s powerful swipes; it drained his aura dry in mere moments. Right when he called for help, the Ursa dealt it’s final blow, sending Umber’s dead, broken body flying.

Beau screamed in horror, but the fear and shock quickly turned to rage. Letting out a war screech like none other, she charged the beast. It was the first time in a long while that Beau went into a fight with only anger and revenge, not peace, at mind. Blinded by red-hot anger, her strikes were sloppy and her energy was drained quickly. If not for her teammates dragging her battered, damages body away from the fight, Beau probably also would have died that day.

A few days later, when Beau finally regained consciousness, she was devastated. Despite the doctor's orders, she crawled out of bed to find somewhere to think. So, she went to the roof; her mind always seemed to work best when she was perched somewhere high up. It wasn’t long until she felt a familiar presence behind her. “That’s not how a team leader is suppose to act.”

Beau clenched her jaw. “I’m aware, Kiera. I don’t need a lecture from you right now. Or ever again for that matter.”

“Clearly you do, considering what happened.”

“What do you know?! You weren’t there! So fuck off!” A heat grew in her chest. It felt strange. It was too fuzzy to be anger. Suddenly the scene faded.

Beau felt her source of warmth shift. She let out an annoyed groan, trying to hold fast onto the heat. “Hey. You almost gave me a god-damned heart attack.”

… Oh yeah! It was Kain. Now she remembered. She crawled into bed with him last night when she couldn’t sleep. Sleeping with another person generally helped her get more rest. There was something about the body heat of someone else that gave her comfort. “Shoot… Sorry. I just… You’re warm.” She let out a quiet giggle and flashed him a soft smile. The hum from her scroll caught her attention. Grumbling, Beau scrambled out of the blankets to grab the ringing device. Once she got the message on it opened, she groaned. “Alright… Kain, Lotus, up and attem. Ozpin wants us. Combat outfits. I suppose he thinks we’re fit to fight again.” She stood up, running her fingers through her long, purple hair. “Who am I kidding. He’s probably going to send us to save some kittens in a tree or go make sure a lady in the woods has enough sugar... Hey, I call the bathroom first!”

Beau darted towards the team’s shared bathroom, slamming the door shut behind her. She turned up some music on her scroll before setting it down on the counter. Before the song was over, she had stripped out of her clothes, stretched her wings, put on her combat outfit, and brushed her hair and teeth. She burst out of the bathroom, humming and swaying her hips along to the solo. “C’mon guys, we leave in ten minutes!” Beau said in a singsong voice over the music.


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díαlσguє cσlσr ◆ "#AB3449"
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"This world is so backwards sometimes.
We kill all the caterpillars,
then complain there are no butterflies."
-John Marsden

Lotus' slumber was everything but peaceful. When intruding thoughts from that mission weren't torturing her when she was awake, they would always find their way into her dreams. She would never fully relive the harrowing moment of Umber's death, and it would only appear to her in brief flashes, accenting only the most horrific instances of his death. It was déjà vu in the worst sense of the word, reminding her of a similar situation from her childhood.

Funny how so little could change - how so little she changed in such a long span of time. She was still the same helpless little girl, watching in shock as yet another person died, only having enough sense to drag Beau away from the Ursa Major that had killed Umber before she too ended up dead.

Even after waking from the terrible dream, Lotus remained in her bed until she heard the sounds of Kain and Beua waking up as well and only then did she finally decided to crawl out of bed. She had slowly opened up one of the drawers on her bed stand to grab her scroll, but also to take a quick look at the stained glass memorial that she had made for Umber some time after he had passed, though the others weren't aware of it.

Making stained glass had always been a way for her to calm down, and at the time that exact thing was sorely needed. Her lips tugged slightly on her lower lip at the mention of Ozpin calling them to his office. "I'm sure it must be of some importance. He wouldn't call us to his office if it was for something as menial as saving a cat stuck in a tree." Lotus said, still staring down at the memorial tucked away in her drawer before she finally closed it, waiting patiently for Beau to be done with the bathroom before she too changed into her combat outfit.

"Though I have to admit myself, I'm not entirely clear myself what he wants us to do while we're still...recovering." Lotus stated as she continued to straighten out her hair from the messy bun that it was in while she had slept, her monochrome hair flowing right down to her shoulders. "I'll guess we'll find out soon enough, no point in questioning it right now."


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#, as written by CutUp
Stuff Is Messed Up
"Sorry, Oz didn't give me any details. Not surprising." Jet replied to Poppy's question. The Black Swordsman leaned against the wall next to the door as he waited for his team to finish getting ready. "Well knowing Ozpin I'd say you'll get your wish." He directed at Sky. As Roux was woken up it caused Jet to chuckle at her reaction to Oroshi's wake up call. "Aw but he loves you! Come on, you can't tell me that after all this time with him you haven't grown a little attached to him?" Jet snickered. Once she was done with her millionth shower or whatever he pushed himself off the wall.

"Alright, let's get a move on. We don't want to be late." Jet ordered as he opened the door. "Come on Roux, the dust will be here when you get back. Though if you want to clean something you can give Oroshi his bath. It's about time to give him one." Jet jokingly suggested. At the mention of a bath Oroshi whimpered, and hid underneath Jet's bed. "Wimp. Alright bud, you be good. See you later. Hopefully this won't be a long mission." Jet stated, talking to Oroshi as if he was a person.

And with that Jet was leading his team to Ozpin's office in Beacon Tower. They had arrived just as team HKL was, apparently they were summoned to the headmaster's office as well. As they all entered the elevator Jet glanced over at Beau, and gave her a friendly nod. He was surprised that they were called in to Ozpin's office as well, he didn't think that they'd be ready to go back out in the field so soon. He couldn't imagine what they must have been going through, especially Beau. He wouldn't know what to do with himself if he lost any of his teammates.

Once the elevator reached the top floor the teams stepped out of the lift to see Ozpin sitting behind his desk, drinking coffee while he observed several screens in front of him, and as most of the time at his side was Professor Glynda Goodwitch. "You wanted to see us sir?" Jet greeted him as his entire body language began to tense up, acting like a soldier when they see their superior officer. "Ah, yes do come in." Ozpin greeted, and then he proceeded to take a tip of his coffee.

"Team JSPR, HKL, I have missions for you today." Ozpin stated as he stood up from his seat, and placed his cup of coffee on his desk. "Glynda if you'd be so kind." Glynda nodded, and pressed several buttons on her scroll that brought up a holographic screen in front of Ozpin's desk. "Alright, team JSPR, an Atlas ship transporting experimental technology has crashed landed in the southeast, near the ruins of Mountain Glenn." She stated, and then images of Mountain Glenn, and the crashed ship popped up on the screen.

"We have lost all contact with the survivors, but their distress beacon is still activated. You are to scout the wreckage, look for any survivors, as well as secure any cargo that survived the crash. Once you scouted the area you will coordinate with the rescue team, and help with their efforts. I shouldn't need to tell you how much Mountain Glenn is a hotspot for Grimm activity, so do be careful. And remember your objective. DO NOT go off fighting Grimm unless absolutely necessary!" She then proceeded to slam her riding crop on the desk.

She then took off the images of the screen, and started putting on new ones for HKL's mission. She put up images of Forever Fall forest, several large trucks, and what appeared to be a military outpost within Forever Fall. "You......three? Where is the new student?" Glynda asked, puzzling the students. "Oh, right. Team HKL, you will be having a new member of your team, a young man by the name of Uros Spinel. He shall be taking the vacant spot on your team." Once Ozpin said that the elevator opened up once more with the man in question walking out of it to join them. "Ah perfect timing. Beau, Kain, Lotus, this is your new teammate, Uros."

"I understand that this is difficult. The loss of your teammate, and the arrival of a new one. But this is the burden you must bare as a Huntsmen, and Huntress. Unfortunately not everyone gets a happily ever after. It is your duty to make sure others do." He stated in his ever present calm, and stoic tone. "Loss is apart of life, no matter how unfortunate it may be. You must learn to deal with it, use it to make yourself better. If not for you, then for the people that you have lost. That is something that we all must learn to do."

"Right, as I was saying. Team HUKL, you four shall be escorting a caravan carrying supplies to a outpost on the edge of Forever Fall. Unfortunately the supplies are to large to be carried by a bullhead, and the outpost is not near the railway." She explained. "Travels on the road have been attacked by bandits, and there are a few scattered reports of Grimm activity. But it's nothing you can't handle." She then closed the holographic screen. "There will be bullheads waiting outside to transport you to your missions. You are dismissed."

And with that the teams began to load up on the elevator to proceed with their missions. "Jet wait a moment. I wish to speak with you privately." Ozpin looked over at Glynda who then joined the other students on the elevator. Once the others were gone Jet turned to Ozpin. "Is there something else I need to know about the mission sir?" Jet asked in confusion. "No, this isn't about the mission. I've received some disturbing news...about your father." Jet's eyes widened, and he took in a deep, nervous gulp. "Wha....what's going on?" Ozpin then pulled up security footage of the break in at the Labyrinth the night before on his scroll.

Jet watched the footage closely with a worried look on his face. "What? Who?.....Professor, I had no idea-" "I'm not accusing you of anything Jet, you have earned your place here. But I do need to know if you know of anyone who would break your father out. Do you recognize anyone in the video?" Ozpin asked. Jet re-watched the footage once more, watching even closer. "Uh....maybe....the one in the long coat, that might be my brother. He's got a similar semblance, but without seeing it up close I can't say. The others, I have no idea who they are. I....I haven't spoken with my father since Qrow found me....I had no idea....I'm sorry."

Ozpin placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "This wasn't your fault. You had no way of knowing." He pointed out. "I know....I know. It just....doesn't make me feel any better." Jet stated as he pushed his bangs out of his face. "You should go to your team before you are missed. If you can think of anything helpful please come and see me." Jet gave him a nod, and then started his way to the elevator. "You know, your team won't think any less of you if you tell them the truth." "No, I will. I've done a lot to put it behind me. I won't let it come back to my team....thank you for telling me."

As Jet got off the elevator he had a noticeably grim expression on his face. "Ok, so do we need to grab any supplies from the dorm? Extra ammo, food?" Jet asked as he rejoined the others. "Oroshi might be pretty helpful out there. Maybe we should take him with us? We've been working on his tracking, and sniffing out Grimm. He could help us avoid them." Jet then looked over at HUKL, and their new member. "Hey, I'm Jet, nice to meet ya."


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In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life; It goes on.

The elevator ride up to Ozpin’s office was awkward and tense to say the least. The fact that they were about to be sent on the first mission ever since they lost Umber was… scary. It made Beau’s knees want to shake, which they did ever so slightly before she managed to control herself. With a deep breath, she started humming a quiet, gentle tune over and over. The sound of her voice caused a wave of calm to wash over the small room, even for her. When the elevator dinged to a stop, Beau let out a soft sigh of relief.

Beau looked over to the black swordsman of the other team and gave him a curt nod in response. He was a good, kind person that she enjoyed chatting with about strategy and life in general. The two weren’t particularly close, but Beau would trust him in a battle. He knows his stuff. "Oh, right. Team HKL, you will be having a new member of your team, a young man by the name of Uros Spinel. He shall be taking the vacant spot on your team." Beau was quickly snapped from her short daydream. "Ah perfect timing. Beau, Kain, Lotus, this is your new teammate, Uros."

Seeing this new, strapping young man brought up all of the memories of Umber that Beau had been trying to suppress. His broad shoulders, wide smile, and deep voice had calmed Beau for the few time together they had as partners in battle. It wasn’t long before there was a tightness in her throat and the prickling of tears behind her eyes. "I understand that this is difficult. The loss of your teammate, and the arrival of a new one. But this is the burden you must bare as a Huntsmen, and Huntress. Unfortunately not everyone gets a happily ever after. It is your duty to make sure others do." He stated in his ever present calm, and stoic tone. "Loss is apart of life, no matter how unfortunate it may be. You must learn to deal with it, use it to make yourself better. If not for you, then for the people that you have lost. That is something that we all must learn to do." Beau inhaled deeply, letting air fill up her lungs fully before breathing out slowly. She coughed softly, forcing her throat to relax. She had shed enough tears already. Now distracted by the fact that she had a new teammate, she could hardly focus on Goodwitch’s description of the mission. It was a basic one anyways; protect a caravan from bandits and Grimm. Nothing too special, but it was enough to help HUKL back on it’s feet. "There will be bullheads waiting outside to transport you to your missions. You are dismissed."

Before leaving, Beau bowed courteously to her teachers. “Thank you for the opportunity, Professors. I promise that what happened that day will… Never happen again.” With another curt nod to Jet and his team, she turned and moved toward the elevator once more. “Alright team, let’s move out. We’re heading back to the dorms to grab some supplies, then we’ll be going to the locker room to get out weapons. After that, we get flying.” Towards a fresh start. She added that last part to herself at the end. If anyone needed encouraging, it was Beau. She was destroyed after Umber’s death; that was until she realized she had to deal with it and be a leader again. Life goes on. And with a press of the elevator button, on it went.

The hum of the bullhead was drowned out by the loud music drumming through her headphones. Beau sang along softly, hoping that would be enough to sooth the nerves of her teammates. She could practically smell the mixture between nervousness and eagerness radiating off of them. Occasionally, she sat up from her seat and subtly shifting her wings; if she leaned against them for too long they would fall asleep like any other limb. While walking around the cabin of the ship a bit to stretch her legs, she saw bright red consume the window. She trotted over, only to see the sea of crimson that was Forever Fall. Something about that forest scared her, but also intrigued her. With another deep breath, Beau tucked her headphones away in her small pack, put her hand on Yangu for reassurance, then turned to her team, a wide smile on her face.

“Alright guys, we’ll be getting off soon. The bullhead isn’t landing, so it’s going to pull as close to the ground as it can, and that’s where we get off. You’ve got a minute or two to gather your things before we get going.” Beau nodded at them before going over to the ship’s captain to confirm.

A few, grueling minutes later, Beau grabbed the handle of the port-side doors and yanked them open. Immediately, all she could hear was the whipping winds. The bullhead slowed and got lower to the ground before stopping and hovering. She turned to her teammates and made a waving hand gesture towards the entrance, implying that they should go. But being the leader, she threw herself out the door first. Her wings desperately tried to break free to slow her descent, but Beau fought the urge and forced them to settle as she was in free fall. She took out Yangu and put it into bow mode before grabbing an ice dust arrow. A single shot towards the ground created a slide of sort out of ice, that would slow Beau down enough that she didn’t hurt herself when she reached the ground. When her feet hit solid earth, she tuck and rolled before quickly getting to her feet and checking her surroundings. All was clear. The caravan’s camp was within eyesight. Everything was going well so far, so she turned to watch her teammates land.


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Poppy sighted as Jet confirmed that Ozpin didn't give any details. She had figured he didn't, however one could hope. Especially her who was always ever so curious. It couldn't be helped, though. She would just have to wait until they got to Ozpin's office to find out.

She silently watched as Roux began cleaning their room. She was used to it by now, however when she first started doing this when they were a team she found the girl very odd. She even snapped at her once for touching something that was hers. Now she just knew thus was her and it didn't bother her anymore.

As they left the room she continued to follow quietly. She didn't have much of anything to talk about, though she kept a pleasant expression on her face. When they got in the elevator with team HKL she gave them all a friendly smile. She figured they were tired of people giving their condolences so she figured she'd let that be.

Once in Ozpin's office she listened to their instructions closely. She liked to be prepared. Surprises were fun, however they weren't fun on the battle field unless you were the one giving the surprise. Then Team HKL was hit with a surprise, a new teammate. Poppy looked at the guy, or more up at the guy. He was almost a foot taller than herself and was rather intimidating looking. She thought it was rather odd that he was wearing a full suit of armor. To each there own is what she figured.

As they were leaving she glanced back as Ozpin asked Jet to stay behind. That was rather odd, she wondered what was up. She figured she could ask later. She entered the elevator with the others and once more looked up at Uros. "It's nice to meet you Uros, my names Poppy." She said with a friendly smile, deciding it would be good to introduce herself. She knew they were on different teams, but she was friendly enough with the other members of team HUKL so introducing herself to their new member only seemed proper.

Poppy watched them leave while her and the rest of her team waited on their leader. "Do you think their ready for a mission? It seems a little soon to me, however life does have to move on I guess." She asked to no one in particular once they had vanished.

Jet finally returned and Poppy could sense something was off. She gave him a questioning look, but didn't say anything. He would tell them if he needed to in due time. For now they needed to focus on their mission. "If you feel Oroshi would be helpful to bring along I won't object. As for grabbing stuff from the room I don't think I need anything other than food and water. As long as I have my weapon and we have enough food and water I'm ready to go." She replied with a smile, ready to get a move on.

Beau quickly got her team moving and Poppy watched them leave. "Do you think their ready for a mission? It seems a little soon to me, however life does have to move on I guess." She asked to no one in particular once they had vanished.