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Team B.A.D.D

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a character in “Grimm Beginnings”, as played by CutUp


Name: The Masked Hatter(real name unknown)| Age: Unknown| Weapon: Full Deck; Dust infused playing cards| FC: Kagetane Hiruko
Semblance: Sound of Madness - He is able to amplify the dark thoughts that others have to the point where they become homicidal.

Name: Berwyn Carroll| Age: 19| Weapon: Twin Hare; Dual tonfas that are also pistols| FC: Ken Kaneki
Semblance: White Out - He is able to camouflage himself, and appears nearly invisible, with only a slight shimmer to distinct him from the background.

Name: Azure Allison| Age: 10| Weapon: Prickly Points; Two daggers attached to very long chains hidden underneath her sleeves| FC: Mashiro Mitsumine
Semblance: Sizzler - She is able to generate powerful microwaves, which allows her to cook her foes from the inside out.

Name: Dougal Spada| Age: 23| Weapon: Slasher; It's just a normal gladius sword| FC: Senji Kiyomasa
Semblance: Astral Strike - He is able to generate a black astral protection of his body. Often times he simply uses this to create long arms to attack others.

Name: Dunstan Spada| Age: 49| Weapon: Finesse; A rapier sword that turns into a bolt action rifle| FC: King Bradley
Semblance: Leech - He is able to leech off the aura of those around him to increase his strength, speed, and reflexes to incredible levels.

So begins...

Team B.A.D.D's Story


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#, as written by CutUp
Murder Melody
{"I just as well kill you today."}
Location: Atlesian Supermax Prison Labyrinth
Time: 11:15 PM, First day of Fall

A loud sigh of boredom came from one of the three Atlesian guards patrolling the halls of the supermax prison known as the Labyrinth, home of many dangerous criminals that could prove to be harmful to the four Kingdoms, and it's ever fragile peace. "Hey." One of the guards called out to get the others attention. "What?" One of them replied in an annoyed tone. If his eyes could be seen they would most certainly be rolling. "You ever wonder why we're-" Suddenly a chain came from the ceiling, and wrapped itself around the man's neck. He dropped his weapon, and tried desperately to wiggle free as he was lifted up in the air. "What the-" Then a black glowing hand extended forward, and grabbed the guard by the back of his head, and yanked him backwards.

"Sonofva-" The third guard struggled to get his scroll out to sound the alarm but strangely it said no signal, something that has never happened at the prison. Before he could do anything else something suddenly slammed against his knee, as if someone kicked him. He was forced down to one knee, and quickly looked behind him to see a man seemingly fading in, and out of existence, he would be visible for a split second, and then he would disappear. The guard felt two hands grab his neck, and then everything went black as his neck was violently twisted, and snapped.

Meanwhile the guard that had been yanked by the spectral hand was being flung towards a dark figure at the end of the hallway. Once he reached the end a gladius sword was ran through him, he had been pulled directly into it. The guard slowly turned his head to look at the face of the killer, only to find it was a tall man with a long dark trench coat, and black combat armor, along with short spiky black hair, and he wore a white mask with a sinister smirk across it. The guard tried to say something but he couldn't get the words out, only able to get some drops of blood out of his mouth. The dark figure pulled his sword out of the guard's chest, and let him fall to the ground. He stepped over him to join the others.

The guard being hung by the chain finally slipped away, and was promptly dropped on the ground. The chain that hung him receded up to the ceiling, and a little girl dropped down from a hole in the ceiling. She was rather small, and just from her built it was apparent that she was young. She wore a dark blue sweater with long, and oversized sleeves that hid her hands, and a mask just like the other one. She had long brown hair tied down with a ponytail. The other figure turned fully visible and joined the two. He wore tight fitting black clothing, ones that were made for stealth. He had snow white hair, and pale skin along with another mask the same as the others. He pulled out his scroll which had a pure red screen that then suddenly turned green. He showed the screen to the others who gave him a nod. The swordsman then cracked his knuckles, and rolled his head on his shoulders.

The three of them rushed forward through the halls of the prison. The white haired one suddenly disappeared as they rounded a corner into a hallway that had four guards in it. He suddenly stopped in his tracks, and appeared between two guards. He held out a dual pair of black tonfas, and pulled the triggers on the tonfas with his pinky fingers, shooting both guards in the head, killing them instantly. The other two guards started to turn around to see what happened but one was suddenly stabbed by a spectral hand through his chest, and the other had a dagger attached to a chain stabbed through his throat. The spectral hand disappeared, and the dagger was pulled out of his neck, and the chain was reeled back to the little girl, and returned to her large sleeves.

Alarms then suddenly went off, and the two men looked at each other. They then picked up their pace, and rushed forward. They were soon met by a hallway full of guards, all with their weapons ready, and pointed at them. "Stop right there! You are all under arrest!" One of the guards ordered. The two men looked at each other, and then they stepped aside to allow the little girl to step forward. Chains with daggers extended from her sleeves, and she began twirling them around in circles, as if it was a mesmerizing dance. The guards glanced at each other in confusion as she did this. She was not attacking them, nor did she appear like she was going to.

Then the chains began to glow bright red, and the lights above them began to flicker. A dark red aura began to extend from the girl, and enveloped the guards. The guards then tried to open fire at her but their guns wouldn't fire, it was as if it was being jammed. At first there was no visible effects from the aura that had enveloped them, but then it happened. One guard suddenly dropped his guard, and leaped up off the ground, and began screaming in intense pain as he desperately struggled to get his armor off. And soon the others did the same. What little skin that was showing began to turn bright red, and it seemed as if their blood was bubbling underneath the surface.

A popping sound could be heard coming from each one of them, and they then all collapsed at the same time. The three of them calmly stepped over their bodies as they made their way towards a cell door at the end of a hallway. Prisoners from the other cells began gathering around their doors, each one pleading to be released by the trio, but they ignored them all. They came there for a specific reason, and none of them were it. They stopped in front of a cell at the end of the block, one that seemed much more heavily secure than the others. The air around the cell was ice cold, feeling like a meat locker. The man in black held his hand up, and it glowed black as he prepared to fire off another astral projected hand at the door.

They were then joined by another, much larger squad of soldiers that took aim at the three. The little girl started to step forward once again, but the white haired man held her back. Behind the guards was another masked figure. He was a tall man more elaborately dressed than the others, as he wore a red tuxedo and top hat, appearing like a ringleader at a circus. He had a deck of cards in his hands that he passed between his gloved hands. He approached the two guards in the very back, and placed his hands on their shoulders. His body began to glow purple, and it was then passed onto the guards. Whispering could be heard, but it was impossible to make out, and didn't even appear to be any form of language.

The two guards he touched then tensed up, and grunted their teeth as they glared at their comrades in front of them. Then the two men shoot their comrades in the back, killing each one of them. The masked man walked forward, dancing around the corpses as the two remained guards turned to each other, and then shot one another. The masked man approached the others with a sinister, and unsettling laugh that echoed through the prison. "Oh what a wonderful day this is!" He smirked. He turned to the black swordsman. "Shall you do the honors? You were the one who recommended him." The dark figure nodded, and reached out his hand. He created a large spectral hand, and slammed it into the door, and violently ripped it off the wall, and tossed it behind them.

Cold air rolled out of the cell, feeling like they just opened a freezer. The cell held a single prisoner, a dangerous man who was chained to the wall with steel shackles, and a iron straight jacket. The man had long black straggly hair, and a matching beard along with an eyepatch on his left eye. The man slowly opened his remaining eye to look at his rescuer, and breathed deeply, his breath could be easily seen due to the cold. "Who the hell are you?" He asked bluntly. The masked man let out a loud laugh. "We're your new best friends, Dunstan Spada." The man smirked. He then took his deck of cards, and threw them at Dunstan. The cards embedded themselves into his shackles, breaking them enough for Dunstan to break free of his confinement.

Dunstan then fell to the ground, and crawled towards the exit. His skin was a light blue due to the cold, and his body was weak. He looked up the his masked rescuers. "Who are you? What do you want?" He asked. The masked man, who was now clearly the leader of them, let out a chuckle, and reached his hand out to help him up. "Me? I'm the man who will destroy the world. Beyond that you can call me your new employer." Dunstan raised an eyebrow as he hesitantly took his hand, and got up. "You see, Mr. Spada, you come highly recommended. I've been following your work, and I gotta say, I'm a big fan. I could use someone with your skills, and you'll be well compensated of course. But we can talk details later. I just want to know if you're in?" Dunstan then looked the others over, and let out a sigh. "Doesn't look like I have much choice." He replied. The masked man let out a loud laugh, and smacked Dunstan on his back. "That's the spirit!"

He pulled a card out of his deck, and it began to glow black, and he tossed it on the ground. The card began to turn to ash, and the ashes swirled up in the air, and formed a black portal. "Alright kiddos, field trip over, let's go." He stated as he waved his companions through the portal, first was the little girl, then the white haired man, and then the swordsman, and finally Dunstan. The ringleader stopped before he entered the portal, and looked up at a security camera. He took off his hat, and took a bow in front of the camera. He pulled out another card, and this one began glowing a light blue, and he then threw it at the wall behind him. The card turned to ash, and a wave of electricity surged from the card, knocking out all power in it's wake. The cell doors then began to open one by one, releasing each prisoner. And with that the masked man finally left through his portal, and it then disappeared.


My Demons
{"Save me if I become my demons."}
Jet's eyes shot open as he was woken up by the sound of his scroll going off. Jet picked up his scroll off the nightstand next to his bed, and saw that it was a message from Professor Ozpin, he had a mission for the team, and wanted to see them. He had sent a message to team HKL as well. Jet sighed, and let out a big yawn. He sat up in his bed, stirring Black Oroshi who slept at his feet. The dog yawned like his master, and stretched out his body. Oroshi got up, and made his way over to Jet, and proceeded to lick his face. "Aw stop! You got morning dog breath!" He groaned as he pushed his pet away.

Jet stretched out his arms, and looked over at his teammates. "Oroshi make sure everyone's up." Jet ordered as he started to change out of his pajamas. Oroshi barked happily, and quickly turned around in a circle as he proceeded to jump on his teammates beds, and licking them each on the face to wake them up. This caused Jet to chuckle, he knows that at least Roux isn't too fond of the dog, despite the fact that Oroshi seems to like her the most of the team, other than Jet of course. "Ozpin wants to see us, got a mission for us. Get ready in five. If you don't then you have to take Oroshi for his walks the rest of the week."

Jet picked up his longcoat, and threw it on, and with that he was fully ready for the day. No matter what was in store. Once Oroshi was done waking everyone up he rushed over to Jet, and sat down in front of him. Oroshi made small whimpering sounds as he raised his paw up. Jet sighed. "Alright, you did good." Jet then opened up the drawer in his nightstand, and pulled out a bag of dog treats for him. Jet tossed one up in the air, and Oroshi leaped up, and caught it in midair. "Good boy."