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Grimm: Shards of Home

Grimm: Shards of Home


One night, a group of children go to bed. They wake up, not in their homes, but in Grimm. Now, using their wits and a bit of magic, they must find their way home. (Adv. Lit Content, 1024 Character Post Limit)

428 readers have visited Grimm: Shards of Home since LittleSun1 created it.


Construction is now complete, please PM me your character applications and feel free to post in the OOC!

The Story:The children went to bed that night, one by one, all over the world. But when four of them woke up, they were somewhere else. Not in America, or China, or England, or wherever they were from… but Grimm. A different world centuries back in time. Not our modern world of cell phones and iPods, but a medieval land of scribes and bards. Now, with only their wits, their own magic, and an unusual friend to guide them, they must find their way home.

The only way to do this, to travel from Grimm to Earth, is with Shards; material embodiments of pure power, something created when a person accomplishes astounding feats, faces fears, saves lives… when they become a hero. Anyone is capable of this really, but their creation seems to come most naturally to Otherworlders; those from everywhere but Grimm. You see, a buildup of unused human magic flows around them and, upon their arrival, it pours out into Grimm, solidifies into shards. This allows a process that might take decades or a lifetime for a Grimmlander to occur in just a handful of years or, in the rarest of cases, months. That is, unless they're one of the Untouched: those who are simply not gifted with magic. No matter how deep their want, how strong their soul, they are as incapable of conjuring a spell as any inhuman creature you will find in Grimm. For them, this trial will be grueling and perhaps they will never leave but, with hope and heart, a Shard may find them yet…

Though the process itself may seem simple enough, it takes more than one Shard for a person to return home and, if that is your goal, you must join forces with another Otherworlder to do so. A single Shard used by a single Otherworlder, however, is capable of nearly anything else. In fact, it’s capable of everything else. It will grant one wish.

And so, if you never hope to go home, Grimm will give you anything.

Resources and Other Information
Character Archetypes Guide: We will be basing our characters off these archetypes from the original Grimm paper-and-pencil roleplaying game (I've never played the game and this chapter is, essentially, the only influence it will have on our roleplay).
FCRS Version 1: Our current rules of combat.
1024 Characters: The section regarding post length is located at the end of the post.

About Applying: The character skeleton is provided below. Please complete all portions of the application, read/skim the Character Archetypes Guide, and Private Message your Character Skeleton to me for approval before posting it in the characters tab. Not everyone is going to be accepted, as a result of the literacy standards and the 'four child limit', and I don't want the Characters tab to be cluttered with rejected skeletons (unless that's been fixed already?).

Also, and this is more of a request, if you're planning on applying but haven't completed or started the character skeleton yet, I'd really appreciate it if you posted in the OOC saying what nationality, age, gender, and archetype you're planning on taking. This way we can attempt to balance the genders, get a bit of multiculturalism going on, and avoid a rush for the same archetype.

Thanks in advance!

Character Spots: We will have, at most, four children and only one of each archetype. I will play the Guide as a storytelling tool (and, I mean, if I'm gunna run this, I want a part too!). Doubling will be considered (in which case we could have five children), but not required, for one player if the characters are somehow connected (siblings, cousins, etc.).

The Guide: Knate (LittleSun1)
The Bully: Open
The Dreamer: Open
The Jock: Open
The Nerd: Open
The Normal Kid: Open
The Outcast: Open
The Popular Kid: Open

Character Skeleton
Code: Select all
[b]Name[/b]: Their first, middle, and last name. No nicknames yet, unless it’s something they ask to be called.

[b]Age[/b]: Ages 7 to 12, they are children after all!

[b]Gender[/b]: Boy or girl.

[b]Nationality[/b]: Where they live and where they’re from. Be original, but stick to what you know (your home country) or are willing to become somewhat familiar with.

[b]Can Use Magic[/b]: The answer to this is likely yes, unless they are Untouched (Untouched humans are uncommon and, much like the inhuman creatures of Grimm, find it impossible or very difficult to access magic).

[b]Appearance[/b]: A written description of their looks. Unless you go so far as to draw it yourself, pictures are not accepted. This should be detailed, at least a couple of sentences.

[b]Apparel[/b]: What did they fall asleep in? There’s sure to be other clothing options later on, but for now…

[b]Archetype[/b]: In a crowd of kids, which one are they?

[b]In Depth Personality[/b]: Traits specific to your character, also include a summarization of their archetype. I don’t expect paragraphs so long as you create a somewhat unique personality.

[b]Equipment[/b]: Likely larger or less personal things, such as a backpack, a slingshot, or anything too large to fit in your pockets or pack. You [i]probably[/i] don’t have any right now.

[b]Items[/b]: Smaller things or things that have little to do with exploration. For example, a flower, a book, or even a rock. One personal item is permitted per character. This could be any lighter object that they felt an emotional connection to and may have been touching when they fell asleep, such as a stuffed animal or a blanket. The item crossed over with them. This is optional. List the personal item first and feel free to list and describe anything you may pick up later on (items or equipment).

[b]Skills[/b]: You have a total of 5 points to spend, we are starting at 5 because our RP will include leveling. Please read the FCRS V1 guide linked to under Resources to learn more about this system. Make sure your skills make sense for your character and archetype! You must have at least one point per skill.
[i]Strength[/i]: How much you can lift, also your HP (how many hits your character can take).
[i]Intelligence[/i]: Willpower, logic, and magic skill. If a character is Untouched, they simply have willpower and logic.
[i]Speed[/i]: How fast your character moves and how dexterous they are. This also affects ranged attacks.

[b]Spells[/b]: The majority of characters will have at least one spell. As imagination is key in Grimm, it’s up to you to create them. Make something that fits your character and obeys the rules of FCRS; remember to include skill cost! To start, you may have only one. Keep it to something you could imagine costing only one skill point. If you are having trouble with this, I’ll try to help once the rest of your character is accepted.

[b]History[/b]: What’s happened to them before now? Don’t feel pressured to have a long or dramatic history, they’re only young.

[b]Experiences[/b]: More unique things that your character has learned or can do. For example, Boy Scouts, playing the piano… anything like that! You never know what’ll come in handy.

Your character thumbnail, if you choose to have one, should be something that represents you character; an animal, an item, or a place. Anything like that.

Toggle Rules

Combat and Skills: This roleplay will employ FRCS Version 1… Or at least we’re going to try it (and find out if it is both enjoyable and something I can run). I think the 10 second combat will work well with our short post limit (detailed below), and it would allow our characters to level up, which is in line with the style of roleplay I’m going for. As such, we will be assigning our characters Strength, Intelligence, and Speed points. Read more about it here. This will be the first time I’ve ever used a system such as this, so I apologize in advance for any confusion (and, honestly, if anyone has any other ideas about how to run combat, I’m open).

We’re not going to bother keeping track of item weight, just be logical about how much your characters carry.

Posting Limits: To encourage quality posts, I intend to have a very low post maximum; 1024 characters. This is sort of an experiment for me, inspired by a RPG thread. There’s a lot of things to like about this thread’s idea — it saves time, sanity, etc. — but, and this is what I’m going for, it also conserves inspiration. By forcing us to pack our posts into such a small number of words, it also forcing us to leave things out, things that can be included later on. Hopefully, this will help us to build momentum, and that’s the goal!

Creating a Shard: For us, the roleplayers, a Shard will come into being through a combination of leveling, in story events, and character evolution (along with, hopefully, dramatic timing). Expect time-skips; this will be no easy — or short lived — task for our characters. The specifics should become clearer as we progress through the roleplay (to our characters, to you, and to me).

General Rules:
  • Advanced Literate: Despite the low posting limit (which, really, should enable this), good spelling, post flow, and unique characterization are still expected and required of all participants.
  • Final Word: It’s mine; I’m in charge here. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear them.
  • Only Four Spots: Unless someone really impresses me after those spots are full, there will only be four roleplayers (if that). Chances are, we won’t have to worry about that though!
  • Have Fun: I know I’ve just thrown a wall of text at you, and I feel pretty bad about that now… The point of this roleplay really is to have fun, and I’m not going to be a Nazi about too much of the above if it means realizing that goal.
I haven’t posted any of the commonsense things, such as not Godmodding or cussing out other roleplayers, but I really don’t need to waste any more space on that stuff… (Bet you can see why I need a posting limit now, right?)

Let me know if you have any questions, and can't wait to see what you come up with!

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