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Julia Crow

"One fairytale, two fairytale, red fairytale, dead fairytale."

0 · 772 views · located in Moreton, Estreia

a character in “Grimm Tales”, as played by SlightlyInsane


Julia CrowImage

If you’re a good friend, she will allow you to call her Jul.

Follower/Hunter # 1



Face Claim:
Jodelle Ferland


Julia can be as simple as she is complicated. Most of her personality is a result of her upbringing (or lack thereof). Due to her feeling abandoned from a young age, she is afraid to become too close to anyone who isn't blood related. She will use the excuse that the people she meets won't impact her life or matter. However, she is lying to herself and others as she really does want a deep connection with someone. While she would prefer it to be her father, in reality anyone who wouldn't leave her or ignore her would do.

Her fear of intimacy results in Julia acting like a bitch towards most people. She is generally coldhearted towards them and mistrusting, which she lets them know. She can be bitterly sarcastic as well.

However, she does have a soft side hidden under the anger, insults, and general dislike of people. If someone is a friend, she will become less cold towards them and gradually open up to about what she's feeling. She's used to holding her emotions in, but would love to just talk with someone. If someone is a close friend whom she trusts, they will likely see what's left of the happy kid in her.

+Quick Runner
+Talented Knife Thrower

-While she can run quickly, she can only do it for so long. After she’s expended her energy, she needs to cool down as any human does.
-She’s rather short, standing at 5’2 1/2”. So don’t ask her to get something off of the top shelf. While she is strong, her height can give a much larger opponent the upper hand.

Julia prefers blades to any other weapon, though she does carry a shotgun with her just in case.

In addition to her knives, shotgun, and their holsters, Julia carries an ammunition pouch, a small pack of food and water, and a picture of her family.

Julia has light weight armor which covers most of her body. It fits on underneath her clothes. While it can stop a bullet, she will still be bruised due to the armor being light. The armor is strong enough to deflect blows from close range weapons such as knives.

Julia was born to Vincent Crow and his wife Maria on December 21st in the capital of Estreia. Growing up, her father would come and go due to his work. Her mother was her primary caretaker. As a child, she was quite happy and was able to get almost anything she wanted due to her father. This made for many memorable trips, presents, and even living in a castle for a week for her 5th birthday. However, her happy and childish lifestyle ended when Julia was about 6 and her mother died of illness. She was devastated, given that her mother was the only person she was close to. Julia will never forget the day her father told her she couldn’t visit mommy anymore because she was gone.

Her father, busy with government matters, decided she should be trained as a Hunter. This way, she would be able to kill the fairytales he despised and be cared for without him having to do much. Julia, realizing that death was as real a thing as her left pinkie toe, didn’t put up much of a fuss. Grief made her mind lethargic and she didn’t care where she went or what she did. She just wanted her mother back, but perhaps the closest thing was to gain the same connection she’d had with her mother with her father. In her 6 year old mind, she thought that this would be a snap. She learned quickly that it was anything but easy.

Vincent, still preoccupied with the state of Estreia and the possibility of evil fairytales out there, visited Julia at the Academy once every four to five months. While it gave her motivation to perform well, it also caused her great dismay. She was daddy’s little girl and he was all she had, so she needed to show him she was worthy of being has daughter as well as a Hunter. She never disappointed him, always earning a smile or applause after he viewed a sparring match. They would chat for a bit and then he would disappear again, leaving her to focus on training and feel abandoned.

Julia felt that he loved her somewhere deep down, but that he would never flat out tell her. He may have praised her training, but he never discussed anything else. Not how she was feeling, her mother, or where he was going all of the time. A simple, how are you? would suffice, but it never found its way from his lips. Vincent was a mysterious man, even to his own daughter. Despite her frustration and anger towards him, she still loves him.

After years of training, Julia became an official Hunter for Estreia’s government. She has been hunting for two years.

She is unsure of why her father hates fairytales, but she figures it must be a very good reason if he wants them all dead. If he wants them dead, then she should too... right?

So begins...

Julia Crow's Story