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Malyss "Red Riding Hood" Morgan

"It's dangerous to be out in the woods by yourself. Trust me, I would know."

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a character in “Grimm Tales”, as played by angel51897


Malyss Morgan

"Red", "Mally", "Morgue"

Story Character:
Red Riding Hood



Face Claim:

Jenna Red 06 by Robert Bejil


- Mild-tempered (only on good days; she's quite horrid when woken from afternoon naps)
- Likes to eat (and by this, she really likes to eat)
- Maturely childish (imagine if you were 18; she's like that)
- Sense of humor (she's quite pun-derful, you know what I mean? No? Okay then)
- Stubborn (so there's no point in trying to convince otherwise of most anything)
- Tired (most of the time)
- Pansexual (there was this time when she was 14 that she liked a boy who turned out to be a girl; she still liked him either way)


- Can climb trees
- Can wield a machete for battle
- Can swim (she's not that great, but at least she can keep herself from drowning)
- Ventriloquism


- Can't breathe underwater (though she wishes she could)
- Can't fly (wouldn't it be nice to be like a bird?)
- Is a human (what else is there to say?) Because Malyss is a human (and as such has no powers), her lack of an enhanced form means that she will be easily overpowered in a close-quarters fight.
- While Malyss wields a machete for protection, the fact that she is an 18-year-old girl with no real training means that her skills with such a weapon - though not completely non-existent - leave much to be desired at this point.


- Pocket knife (kept in her pocket for reasons)
- Large machete (only brings it with her when she goes to visit her grandmother because of obvious reasons)

Secondary Form:

None, she's just a human.


Once upon a time, there was a young girl by the name of Malyss Morgan. Her grandmother loved her so much, that she made a cape of velvet the color of blood for her little granddaughter. Little Malyss loved the cape so much that she wore it all the time. Everyone around began to call her Little Red Riding Hood, although she preferred to just be called Red.
One day, Malyss' mother gave her an errand to do. "I need you to take this basket of medicine to your grandmother. She lives in a small cottage in the woods. Can you do that for me, Red? I can't do it myself since your sibling or siblings will be here any day now." She took the job up without hesitation. "I'll do it and be back before my sister gets here!" Ruby Smiled at her daughter and patted her head. "Don't stray off the road and don't speak to strangers." With that, Little Red Riding Hood went off to see her grandmother.
In the woods, there lived a clever wolf. He was known more infamously as the Big Bad Wolf. He smelled poor Malyss coming down the road towards the cottage. 'I sense a tender young child. It might not be lunch time yet, but I can always have a good brunch.' So he hid himself out of sight to catch her by surprise. Malyss was minding her own business when the wolf came up to her.
"Hello young red-hooded child. Where are you going on this fine day?"
"Hello Mr. Wolf. I'm going to see my grandmother who lives in the woods today. She's kinda sick, so I'm bringing her some stuff to make her feel better!"
'She's so young, and her grandmother is a bit old, but who can have too much to eat in this day and age?' "Well, I shall let you be on your way then, young lady, but may I ask, where might your grandmother live?"
"She lives just down this road. You can't really miss her house."
"I see. I shall be on my way then, goodbye red-hooded child." And so he left her. The wolf took a different route and got to the small cottage before little Malyss. As he knocked on the door, and frail voice called out to him. "Little Red, is that you? Do come in and shut the door behind you. That wolf is out there again; I can smell him." The wolf entered the house and the room where the grandmother was in. Upon seeing the wolf, she opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. He had opened his mouth at the same time and swallowed her right up.
Meanwhile, little Malyss finally made it to the cottage, knocking on the door as she did. "Grandmother Clarissa! It's me! Red! I'm here to make you feel better!"
"Come in Little Red, just close the door behind you. The wolf is out there; I can smell him."
Malyss came and closed the door like her grandmother said. Of course, it really wasn't her grandmother who had said that. It was just the wolf wearing her clothing. Little Red came in the room where her "grandmother" was, setting the basket on the bedside table. Looking a little more closely at her "grandmother," Red noticed peculair things about her.
"Grandmother Clarissa, you have really big eyes!"
"Oh, the better to see you with, my dear."
"And you've got really big ears, too!"
"The better to hear you with, my dear."
"And you have a really big mouth, and kinda bad breath..."
"Oh of course, that's the better to eat you with, my dear." With that, the wolf opened his mouth wide and swallowed poor little Malyss up. Having eaten both the grandmother and the young girl, the wolf took of the old lady's clothing and went out into the woods. "What a fine day, I might just take a nap near the stream and let the soothing sound of rushing water lull me to sleep." The wolf walked down to the stream, laid himself down and slept.
A little ways from where the wolf was sleeping, a hunter was out looking for him. 'I must be careful since this old wolf has gotten more and more clever through the years.' He kept walking until he made it to the stream. The hunter turned and heard a loud sound just a few meters from where he was standing. Moving closer to the sound, he discovered that it was the very wolf that he was looking for. 'He's got an unusually large stomach. I wonder what, or even who he ate.' He took his knife and slit the wolf's stomach wide open, releasing little Malyss and her grandmother from the dark grossness of their prison.
"Thank you sir! Now, help me find some large stones. We can put them in the wolf's stomach so he'll fall over and drown!"
The hunter looked at Malyss and shook his head. "No, I've got a better idea for this guy. Now, run along, and go home, or whatever." Malyss helped her grandmother and went back to the little cottage in the woods.
As soon as he was left alone, the hunter took his knife and cut out the heart of the wolf, tossing it into his bag. "That should take care of him." Taking the now dead wolf with him, the hunter went on his way through the woods onto his next victim.


From the moment she could walk and talk, Malyss had been known throughout her town to be an odd girl. She had always taken a liking to things that other girls her age weren't interested in. Malyss was an enthusiastic and curious individual who took an interest in anything and everything. More than often her curiosity would get her into trouble with the people around her, such as getting eaten by the Big Bad Wolf who lived in the woods. Although she was quite the troublemaker, Malyss also did try to play the act of a good girl every once in a while.
Living with her parents, Ruby and Marcus Morgan, Malyss grew up with a decently quiet lifestyle. Well, it was decently quiet until the Big Bad Wolf came and ate their daughter while she was on her way to visit her grandmother, Clarissa DeRouge. It is believed that the Big Bad Wolf is dead. He is. He's currently a rug in the house of the hunter who killed him. From that day on, Malyss decided to be more cautious of who she met on the road to her grandmother's house, even bringing a machete with her in case of an emergency.
Malyss has younger twin siblings, Rose and Adam Morgan. She was about six years old when they were born. Rose and Adam were inseparable; wherever Rose went, Adam followed and vice versa. Malyss was fond of the twins, often sneaking treats to them when their mother wasn't looking. She was self-designated as their protector when mother and father went out, and still was the one who got in trouble when they came home.

So begins...

Malyss "Red Riding Hood" Morgan's Story