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Silver Swann

"...It is the part of us that we feed that determines us to be a monster, not what we are born."

0 · 279 views · located in Moreton, Estreia

a character in “Grimm Tales”, as played by TristisNox



Silver Swann

N/A unless other characters call her something

Story Character
The Six Swans



Face Claim
Kahleesi (Emilia Clarke)

Quiet, Loyal, Kind hearted, Sassy, Stubborn, Low people skills

Skilled Seamstress, Tracker, and Knife wielder

Social anxiety- One on one she's awkward, Two people she's still awkward, more than that she shuts down because she doesn't know what to say or how to connect with them
Being human- Unlike her brothers or many other fairy tale being, she is purely human. She doesn't have super strength, speed, agility, or anything else that would classify her as being supernatural.
Select Mutism- It first started out with her keeping her brothers secret, but now it is tied with her social anxiety. She can speak, but rarely does.

Knives, Sewing needles, Pins, Fabric

Secondary Form
Doesn't have one

Story (Most of it is outlined in the background except for the marrying part)

She and her six brothers grew up in a small village away from most humans. Unlike her brothers Addler, Jan, Markus, Hayden, Tillo, and Killian who take after their mother who was a swan shapeshifter, Silver was a normal human like her father. They lived happily until Silver was ten and her mother was shot while in her swan form. Devastated and afraid, the Swann brothers rarely shifted for fear they too would be hunted and killed for what they were. Although sad at their mother's passing, the family eventually brightened up and were happy once more. But like most stories the Swann sibling's happiness disappeared when their father returned from selling wears married to a woman that despised all things magical. The brothers along with their sister did their best to hide what they were, but eventually (like most secrets) their true identities were revealed.
They were playing by a lake that was secluded, a haven to the water bird shifters and their little sister. Every few days the siblings would disappear for hours causing the new mother to grow curious to where they were going. Finally, years into the marriage, she silently followed the children to their play site. She watched as the brothers undressed, Silver no where to be found. She gasped as she watched six young men turn into brilliant swans. Furious, she ran out yelling and screaming, cursing them for what they were. Silver watched in horror as the stepmother yelled that she was going to tell the authorities what monsters the Swann children were. Unable to stay home for fear of being killed, the six swans flew away to find safety. Fleeing back home, Silver collided with her father informing him all that had transpired. Her father wept at losing his sons, knowing they would never be able to return home.
When the stepmother returned she swore at her husband and accused Silver of being a monster like her brothers. Then she left the house to inform the authorities of the Swann family's secret. With tears in his eyes, Mr. Swann held his daughter's face in his hands and told her to run and find her brothers. To protect and keep them safe. To never return. With a hastily packed bag and a knife to protect her, Silver fled her home to track down her brothers. She searched for a year before she found a small hut with six beds. She waited patiently until her brothers returned, they were barely able to shift back to humans after over a year as swans. They warned her to leave as the hut was lived in by robbers that used the brothers for their gift. She refused telling them of a rumored city that was populated mainly by fairy tales. Already feeling the shift overtaking them, they agreed to meet her there before shifting back to their avian form and flying out the window. She quickly left trying to keep up, but found that her legs were no match for their wings.
A few years later she found herself in the city of Moreton, waiting for six swans to arrive. At the moment she is apprenticing for a seamstress, barely speaking to anyone.

She rarely speaks, partly because she feared revealing Her brother's secrets while traveling and in part due to being alone for years while searching for her brothers and then Moreton. She communicates more through expression and gestures, but will on occasion talk although you would have to be quiet to hear her for she is soft spoken. Surprisingly she adores singing, but is too embarrassed to do it in front of people.


So begins...

Silver Swann's Story