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Holly Evans

'Huh?, that seat's taken.'

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a character in “Group of Idiots”, as played by Subarashiify


Holly Jade Evans

Name: Holly
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Role: Girl number 5
Romantic Interest: N/A
Height: 5ft 4
Weight: 115 llbs
Nationality: English (Manchester)
Job: N/A
Grade: 11
Oddities: N/R

Personality: She is quite dependent on others but fun to be around, fairly loud but can also be very arrogant and bratty towards people who are either strangers or not close friends. Sometimes she can be quite serious and sensitive but rarely shows this side to anyone but her closest friends.
Likes: Being around people, exercising, partying.
Dislikes: Smokers, being alone, shy people.
Talents: Singing, academically talented.
Flaws: Fairly harsh and blunt, arrogant.
Hobbies: Running, Singing

Bio: Holly grew up in Manchester and has lived there all her life, she pretty much has the typically perfect family, happily married parents with no siblings or pets, hence why she hates being alone. Her life can be considered quite boring but by surrounding herself with good friends she manages to have fun.
Other: Very small and slim frame, often considered slightly anorexic. Dyed blonde hair with caramel highlights, shoulder length and straight. Thin face, dull blue/grey eyes.
Relationships: She has a fairly good relationship with both of her parents but often has disagreements with her mother like a typical teenager. Takes advantage of her Dad sometimes.
Thoughts towards Other Characters: She loves to be around the friends who are similar to her; open and fun and isn't really keen on the shy ones.

So begins...

Holly Evans's Story


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Holly Evans


The irritatingly familiar sound of Holly's alarm clock echoed through the thin walls of her small bedroom, causing the blonde girl to fold forwards, immediately ripping the sheets that covered her pyjama-clad body. With a small yawn and a glance at the mirror hung neatly on the opposite wall, she padded lightly across the light cream carpet and ambled into her ensuite bathroom. The apartment she shared with her mother and father was in fact quite small but due to their undying love for their daughter, Holly had recieved the biggest room, and just one of the perks that accompanied it was an ensuite bathroom. After peeling off her vest and shorts combination she stepped into the shower and flipped the switch, jumping back as a jet of cold water came streaming down before warming up slightly to a suitable heat for the girl.

After hopping out of the shower she frowned slightly, catching a glimpse of the clock that sat atop of a bathroom cabinet. It read 7:00, which meant she only had an hour to get ready! Frantically, she pulled open the cabinet and grabbed a hairbrush along with assorted make-up which she then applied neatly but quickly. She was most definitely not going to go to school without something to cover up her 'many' imperfections. Holly then proceeded to drag the brush through her long blonde hair before removing the dressing gown she had put on and dressed into her school uniform. Typically, people would say that they should have been able to wear what they wanted, but Holly thought of it as quite cute and a nice change from the boring English uniform she was forced to wear back in Manchester. Pulling her thigh-high socks up a little, she grabbed the few books laying on her large oak desk and shoved them into her school bag before finally leaving her bedroom.

In the small yet stylish kitchen she found a brown paper bag containing her lunch, with a small Post-It note attached to the counter top that read 'Have a good day sweetie! Mum x' She left the apartment with her school bag and lunch and tiptoed down the stairs swiftly, beginning her walk to school. 10 minutes later, she headed through the large iron gates and when she noticed a few of the 'Group of Idiots' gathered at a bench just outside the main reception she quickened her pace and gave a small wave to them. 'Hey guys.' Holly beamed at them as she neared the bench.


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An Huang

"Ahem... would Master Ryunosuke Akura please make hs way to my office immediately. There seems to have been a little... misunderstanding regarding his current position... again. That is all."

"I apologise everyone... but it seems I have to go... I'll be sure to speak to you all later yeah?"

An nodded at this, spacing out for a dear long moment there while listening to all his other friend's conversation about the high jumps after school, and snapping out of the conversation for a short time to hear an announcement made about Ryu leaving school for a bit, "You're going to have to make up some things if you leave too long, keep that in mind." He said with a small and usual smile before waving as he left the room.

"Bye bye Akura-san!" Shiro said in her enthusiastic tone and continued to stare out the window as usual.

"Aw, come on, An-kun! You can wear the miniskirt and bring pom poms! You too, Aki-kun. An offer you can't refuse."

An laughed at Joanna's way of saying things and shook his head innocently, denying, "Ahaha, but I can't do that! I really wish I could though... N-not to wear the miniskirt! But to cheer everyone on and join you guys, but being Student Council President does tend to interrupt these things unfortunately. Besides, I doubt that my sister would let me borrow her skit anyways-"

He didn't realize what he had began to say until he finished half of the sentence. As many people knew, An had amnesia, making him unable to interact in PE, do any sports, and it caused him to lose all his memories since the beginning of high school. He had no memory, only living alone, 'Sis...ter...?' He wondered to himself for a while, 'Since when did I have a sister?'

An noticed that his expression might have looked strange at the moment since he was so shocked from what he said, so he immdiately forced a smile and said, "A-anyways, I-I'll probably just try to bring the paperwork over and watch after school anyways! A-ah... uh... W-well... I-I've... got to go... do something real fast! I'll be back!" He quickly bowed his head before quickly opening the door and slamming it shut my accident, then dashing down the hallways filled with people.

He needed some time to get what he said through to his head, 'I-it's probably just an illusion... a hallucination? I didn't say anything like that! I never had a sister before, and if I did... well... where would she be? I live alone, don't I? I don't have any relatives or family, the doctors said they died in that car crash which I don't even remember. I don't even remember their faces...'

An walked to a small water fountain inside and on the same floor level, and instead of drinking it, splashed it on his face for a moment. Maybe it looked a little weird, but he had to snap out of his daze anyways, 'I-If they saw me like this I'd look weird...' He told himself with a serious expression.

Shiro Rena Minami

"Trying to get Ana-chan alone, are we? Delan-kun, you sly dog,”

Shiro laughed at her friend's comment on the two and whispered in Joanna's ear, "Someone's getting off with another certain someone quite well today. And here I thought that the shortie wouldn't ever find something as beautiful as this!" She pretended to wipe away an invisible tear with a chuckle, hoping Delan didn't hear her comment as she whistled and continued to look out the window before hearing another familiar voice appear so quickly.

'Hey guys.'

"Evans-san~" Shiro grinned and waved, stretching her arm high up so that it almost touched the ceiling, seeing how she was 5'8, being the tallest girl in the group, and taller than the majority of the boys actually, "Good morning! Ah, you missed so much though! I was actually beginning to wonder where you were!"

Shiro then heard voices below her, through the crowd of voices that is. She had good hearing, and could hear a friend's voice from over a mile away, if that were humanly possible. She always liked to over exaggerate her abilities, acting like she had inhumane super powers or something when she really didn't, and could just recognize a friend's voice in the crowd really easily.

Immediately turning back to the window, she looked down and saw a young boy with brown hair. She knew who it was without a doubt because he was just like her in some sense; having a weak body. She found it annoying, but kind of looked up to this kid who was a year younger than her for prevailing for such a long time and pushing himself anyways.

"Maribara-san!" Shiro called with both her hands cupped around her mouth to make her voice louder over the other students. She raised her hand and waved, signaling to him, "Come on! Come on! You're going to miss everything if you don't hurry up and make it to the Student Council room you know!"

'Hmm? Who's that?' She thought to herself, seeing that popular girl with the brown hair, the foreign looking one that is, walking around and apparently he was having a conversation with her, 'Perfect! Now we can invite a new friend and they can get here faster!' She let a small childish and idiotic looking grin slip onto her face.

"Neh neh, Maribara-san, bring that girl with you! She'll need to get directions right? Huang-san can give her directions about the school and talk to her as the Student Council President! Isn't that right, Huang-san-" Shiro turned around but then saw that An wasn't in the room, 'Strange... what happened to him...' She wondered, but just shook it off.

It wasn't her business anyways, "A-anyways! Come on! Bring her up! She'll need some directions around the school as a new student anyways! We can make a new friend also! Come on!" She motioned for the two to come upstairs to their level, the second floor in the Student Council room which was only used after school and during school hours.