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Rebbeka Jones

"Uhm.. Hello.."

0 · 394 views · located in Japan

a character in “Group of Idiots”, as played by BOO!



Name: Rebbeka Jones (Becky)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Role: Girl 1
Romantic Interest: N/A?
Height: 5'1
Weight: 130
Nationality: English
Job: Works at a bookstore
Oddities: Looks anorexic, but is actually malnourished - "I can pass it as anorexia. I wouldn't want anyone to think I was so poor I couldn't feed myself." She also taps on a surface in time to a song only she can hear whenever she's bored.


On the outside, an average day-to-day girl. If not a little quiet. She is kind-hearted but shy and timid. Rebbeka has always been very frail and easily frightened Would rather be on her own with a book of some sorts than with large crowds or confined space. If anyone asked for help, she would go out of her way to help and sometimes blur the lines between right and wrong. However, that hardly ever happens. She has often been bullied for how skinny she looks and how frail she is.


Good fantasy books - "A good story can help escape your life."
Listening to music - "It's a wonder how clever these artists are."
Sweets - "Who doesn't?"
Helping others - "I may not talk much but... if you need help, just ask."


Bees - "Horrible little things. Hornets... The stuff of nightmares."
The dark - "They say 'You aren't afraid of the dark, you're afraid of what's in it.' but I'm pretty sure it's the dark."
Large crowds - "You could easily get lost or hurt..."
Loud noises - "They just scare me."
Small spaces - "G-G-Get me out of here!! P-Please!!"

Talents: Her writing and my singing. Her piano skills are beautiful. She will remain calm in most situations.

Flaws: Much too timid for her own good, very low confidence. Often stops her from talking to people she wants to talk to. Sometimes Claustrophobic.


Singing/Piano- "I've always been into piano pieces and singing. It may shock you but I prefer punk rock to classical, bands like Fall Out Boy."
Writing - "Never been particularly good at it, I suppose. But it's better than drawing."
Reading - "I work in a bookstore..."
Tapping - "I've considered tapping on the desk when bored a hobby as I appear to do it so much."

Bio: Rebbeka lived just an average life with her father and her little sister in England. Her mother wasn't around and so she was the main female in the household. She grew up rather quickly and learned to stay out of the spotlight and avoid drawing attention to herself when her family hit rock bottom. Her father lost his job and her sister grew ill. They didn't have the money to pay for any sort of medical treatment and so they stole. This barely got them enough money to feed her sister Jemima. She decided the pressure was all to much and snuck on a plane to Japan. There, she got a job at a bookstore and rented out a small apartment.

Other: "There's nothing else interesting about me. Except I tap on tables quite a lot. It's a hard habit to give up."

Relationships: A burning hate for her mother and little sister.

Thoughts towards Other Characters:

Joanna English: "Rather nice if you ask me. But very loud, which isn't always a bad thing."
Kaori Yoshida: "Clumsy. The poor girl should be more careful or she could get hurt."
Shiro Rena Minami: "Shiro is always very happy and I like her because of that. I wish I was that way."
Holly Evans: "I... I'm sorry but... I would rather not talk to Miss Evans. She... she doesn't seem friendly."
Kaya Hinamori: "I've never spoken to her. I don't believe I have, anyway."
Ryoko Takahashi: "She seems loud and not very... how to put this... woman-like."
Tamika Kondo: "She's awfully violent with little need..."

Akiyuki Kawada: "Akiyuki is nice and I would like to speak to him more, if I would let myself. Maybe in the future."
Delan Woo: "Delan is always arguing over something ridiculous. Maybe he should mature a little, but I wouldn't know."
An-Ren Huang: "I pity An-Ren. I doubt many see past the good looks. I would like to talk to him more."
Jaemin Kim: "He just seems like a average boy."
Koy Yoshida: "From what I know he's just one of those typical school flirts."
Milo Jay Tonks: "Milo should get out more. There is no question about that at all."
Ryunosuke Jin Akura: "He's into music, I know that. I've heard him sing to. He's amazing! And I've always enjoyed talking to him."
Hiro Maribara: "He's always ill.. I wish he wouldn't be so sick all the time. It worries me one day he just won't come back."

So begins...

Rebbeka Jones's Story


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#, as written by BOO!
Rebekka stumbled out of bed disorientated and confused. My alarm hasn't gone off... She glanced at the time and then began to panic. After a hasty shower, she tied her hair back in a messy bun and made herself presentable. Finally, she grabbed her bag and set off to school. I've been late so many times I doubt anyone cares anymore. Ever since I came from England I can never seem to get my times right. She thought to herself while looking through her bag. I would like to talk to Joanna today though. I should try to make more friends around here. Well, that's what everyone says. She sighed to herself, still checking her bag. Rebekka would often forget things and then be even later. Or maybe Akiyuki. I doubt that, though. Content she had everything she needed, she sped up.

She cautiously headed into school, avoiding people in the corridor with care. Her claustrophobic didn't help with these sorts of every-day situations either. Rebbeka hastily headed upstairs, doing her normal morning routine of avoiding the crowds. She glanced into the Student Council room, but dismissed any thoughts. Passing An-Ren and stopped and looked at him. Oh dear... Something seems wrong.. Her curiosity took over. "U-Um... Sorry but.... Are you alright...?" Her voice was quiet and soft, her English accent sticking out like a sore thumb. Rebekka instantly regretted her decision to talk.