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Hotaru Emirsdottir

"I'm not going to bother anyone. I just want to make friends and be happy."

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a character in “Guardian Aelita's Original Character Database”, as played by Guardian Aelita



Name || Hotaru Emirsdottir

Age || 17

Gender || Female

Sexuality || Heterosexual

Title || The Best Friend

Appearance || Hotaru has been described as quite average looking with a 45 kg weight and a 159 cm height. With dark brown hair that’s long and brown eyes, Hotaru looks rather ordinary compared to other students around her. Her hair is long and wavy at the bottom and she often styles it by taking the front locks of her hair and tied it back into a half ponytail while letting the rest of her hair free. However, when she’s at work, she’ll have her hair tied back into a loose bun. She’s often seen smiling quite a lot and seems to be enjoying her day. Her appearance is above average. It’s not quite an hourglass figure but it is still appealing to look at. But, she wears clothing that conceals her body most of the time due to being somewhat uncomfortable with revealing clothing.

Face Claim || Uzuki Shimamura from the Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls


Personality || Hotaru can be basically described as the supportive best friend character. She’s mostly quite loyal to her best friend Yurin and is willing to do a lot for her. She’s mostly seen as bubbly and upbeat. Almost every day, she’s seen smiling and laughing over something at school or being supportive towards her friend Yurin. At a first glance, you would assume that’s all to her but that isn’t the case. Hotaru is actually quite the determined individual when it comes to her job and her Let’s Play channel. Though she mainly works as a maid at a maid café, she’ll take on other jobs at the maid café like cooking or serving things. As for her Let’s Play channel, she’s got quite a competitive side and doesn’t give up easily on difficult levels in games. She can find a way to win a hard game and cheer when she does. She also has a huge amount of patience and can wait for months just to get a shiny variant of a Pokemon she wants. She also some wanderlust and wants to travel around the world one day to visit the country where her father first came from along with a few other countries.

Hotaru does have some flaws, though. Mainly in the fact that she’s very selfless. Almost anything she does is for the benefit or happiness of someone else. She often gives way too much of her time to other people that she has almost no time for herself to relax or even sleep. However, even when it gets to the point where her health is affected, Hotaru will insist nothing is wrong and will try to continue to work, play or support her friends. This has led her to be called a workaholic of sorts and while it’s true, she mainly just doesn’t want to bother anyone around her with her problems. She also gets lonely easily but she keeps it to herself as to not bother anyone.

Hotaru is also somewhat of a romantic. While she hasn’t had a boyfriend yet, she’s had crushes in the past and would like to have a boyfriend by the end of high school. She’ll have inward delusions about her friends getting together and having dates while she’s still single. However, she knows her ideas of romance aren’t realistic. It’s just fun for her to imagine things like love at first sight and other things like that.

Attracted to ||

Natural Enemy ||


Likes ||
Video Games – While Hotaru is happy she was able to get a job at a maid café, she’s even happier that she managed to pick up a hobby of Let’s Playing with a sizable fanbase. She absolutely adores all kinds of video games and is known to play mostly Pokemon and fashion games. She’ll go for shooters and RPGs as well, but she would prefer games that are cute.

Money – The green paper that makes the world go around, Hotaru has been forced to grow up faster than others due to life getting in the way of her childhood. As such, she appreciates any form of cash. She’s not necessarily greedy but she wants as much money as she can make off of her job and streams.

Romantic Movies – As mentioned earlier, Hotaru is a hopeless romantic. But, she prefers to watch things rather than read them so she’ll watch movies. Her absolute favorite genre to watch is the romantic comedy genre as it’s always a good mood brightener for her.

Dislikes ||
Perfume – It might be a bit odd, but Hotaru mainly dislikes perfume because they upset her allergies quite a bit. She doesn’t have severe allergies like rash or swelling, but she does sneeze a lot when in contact with perfume. She tries to avoid all beauty stores as much as possible to avoid her allergies acting up.

Small Spaces – Classrooms are generally fine as are large indoor spaces like malls and libraries but Hotaru suffers from claustrophobia and doesn’t like being trapped in small spaces like elevators or even in the bathroom for too long.

Educational Movies – Documentaries and other such movies bore Hotaru a lot. She’ll watch a lot of other movies but she doesn’t like educational movies as they are rather boring for her. Whenever an educational movie plays, she’ll more often than not fall asleep due to how boring it is.


Hobbies ||
Interior Design – Something that Hotaru likes to do in her off time is redesign her room or an in-game room. She’ll re arrange the furniture, paint the walls different colors, add designs to said walls or just draw a future design for her interior. Hotaru does this at least once every month to change the layout of her room and keep herself busy.

Sewing – Another thing Hotaru likes to do to keep herself busy. She’s good at sewing things whether they be tiny stuffed animals, patches or even new clothes out of old hand me downs. Sometimes they don’t turn out quite perfect but she sews them regardless and is quite proud of her work. She’ll give the stuffed animals to her female friends and patches to her male ones.

Let’s Plays/Maid Cafe – These are less hobbies than they are her jobs. For the maid café, she acts as a maid and serves the customers around her with a smile. If someone is absent, she’ll also cook some of the sweets or make some of the drinks. As for Let’s Plays, they fall into her love of gaming so she doesn’t consider it a job. It does make her some money though which is good for her.

Strengths ||
Technical Drawing – As Hotaru was getting more and more serious about become an interior designer, she started looking into what's necessary to get going. She started to practice her drawing skills around her third year of middle school and found designing rooms with specific details on which item goes where, what materials are needed for custom furniture, how much room is needed in the house and the layout of the house in general. One of her co-workers joked that Hotaru should design his room next time and she came up with a complete design for him within two days.

Mathematics – While she does have a C average, there's only one class where this isn't the case. She's excellent in mathematics, whether they be trigonometry, algebra, or even calculus. She often doesn't need too much help in math. While she won't be solving math equations she created for herself, her excellence in mathematics pays off when she does her technical drawings on her free time. Because of this, she knows the exact cubic feet that the king sized bed will take up in the parent's bedroom or how many inches wide a door frame needs to be to fit a complex door.

Socialite – Hotaru can be easily described as a social butterfly among the students. Save for one awkward year in middle school, Hotaru has had multiple different friends. She's not as close to them as she is with her best friend, Yurin, but she does keep tabs on a lot of students. She'll also talk with her fanbase on her Let's Plays to build a friendship with all of them to keep her channel going strong. Also, she'll talk to regular customers at her maid café to keep them coming back for more. Hotaru's rather proud of how well she works with others and hopes that she'll continue to work well with others as time goes on.

Weaknesses ||
Selfless – While her loyalty is admirable, it has led to an unhealthy amount of selflessness. When asked what she wants in life, Hotaru draws a bit of a blank as she hasn’t given much thought on herself. Her selflessness also causes her to not be able to open up when necessary and this leads to small outbursts of emotion when she’s alone.

Absences – Because of her jobs, she’s put school at second priority and doesn’t take it as seriously as others. As such, she’s absent for at least two school days in the week to work on her jobs. While these absences are bad, considering her situation, she can’t exactly quit her jobs.

No Sleep Schedule – While this may not be too bad at first as it encourages more work from Hotaru, keep in mind that people need to sleep in order to properly function. At school, she’s a bit of a space case and almost dozes off during class. It takes a day of sleep for her to recover from 6 sleepless days.

History ||Hotaru Emirsdottir’s tale began when her father and mother met. Emir Bresisson was an Icelandic immigrant that came to Japan where he met Fusako Yamamoto. The two fell in love during college and married once they got jobs at the same company. Hotaru was born a year into their marriage and Emir and Fusako raised her up right. They taught her manners, kindness and they told her all types of stories related to romance. Hotaru absorbed all of these things and became a kind and happy toddler.

When she started kindergarten, Hotaru was a social butterfly and made friends left and right. However, she attracted a few jealous girls who didn’t like how easily Hotaru made friends with people. One day, when it was time for a field trip, Hotaru was locked up in a storage closet by said jealous girls. Hotaru was scared and just banged on the door. She was saved by another girl who decided not to go and relieved, Hotaru decided to become her best friend. Hotaru did a lot of things for her and it came across more as the girl taking advantage of Hotaru rather than a friendship. This friendship ended when the girl had to move away. Hotaru was upset and spent the first year of middle school sad.

However, when the second year of middle school rolled around, she came across Yurin Akizuki. At first, Hotaru didn’t think much of her and just went about her business but as she saw Yurin reading a romance novel one time, Hotaru decided to get involved with her. The two at first bonded over Yurin’s romance novel and the relationship bloomed from there. Hotaru kept Yurin close to her as her very best friend. She’s made many different friends after that but not many of them were as close to her as Yurin was. She was going through her life happy.

However, things took a turn for the worst. Her parents got subjected to a giant increase of work so Hotaru was left alone in the house. Every month, she would get sent checks for money that were just enough to pay the bills and get some food. Hotaru had to grow up very quickly to pay the bills and survive. However, she was still missing her parents and tried to send them letters to get in touch with them and just get them to come back. All that she would get back were checks, never any letters. Hotaru was crushed but decided from then on to not bother other people with her problems and keep her feelings to herself.

Luckily, she had an opportunity to make more money thanks to her uncle, Keitaro Yamamoto. He owned a maid café and saw that Hotaru was struggling and confused about the world of business. So, in a sense, he took her under his wing and became a legal guardian of sorts while her parents were away on business. Hotaru became a maid at his café as a result and kept doing her very best to make spare money to save for college. However, she was still a bit short when it came to buying stuff she wanted so she looked for another job. Starting up a YouTube channel under CandySlayerPhantom, she decided to make let’s plays for the internet. It took two years but she had around 5,000 subscribers and they often donate to her livestreams.

Hotaru came across Seven Stars from gossip by co-workers. Apparently, if you were in that school, you would be able to get accepted into any kind of college you wanted. Hotaru wanted to become an interior designer so she decided that she would try to get into Seven Stars. It wasn’t easy at all. Hotaru was never an academic type of person and only had a C average. But for the chance at getting into a school that could net you any possibilities, Hotaru was willing to try anything. Her co-workers even saw her studying during her breaks and only getting one hour of sleep a day. However, after all her hard work, she went into the entrance exam. On that day, Hotaru was almost braindead from a lack of sleep but she pushed on and was determined to get in. She ended up having to go to the hospital after to get some sleep. Weeks went by and Hotaru was scared that she failed. But, one day, she was happy as can be when she saw a letter. They congratulated her on doing a good job on the exam and just like that, she was in. Seeing her best friend Yurin was enrolled in the same school was a bonus. Now, Hotaru is looking to get through her school years, make enough money to live happily, get a high school degree, get into a good designer college and live a long life. She hopes romance will be involved in it somewhere and is determined to not let people in on her lonely life.

So begins...

Hotaru Emirsdottir's Story