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Algol Lilac Bâtard

"Sometimes it easier to forget the quite girl in the background, well until I ambush you."

0 · 164 views · located in Earth, 2011

a character in “Guardian Corp.”, as played by RahRadio14


Name: Algol Lilac Bâtard

Meaning: The ghoul Procuration: Aal-goal

Nickname: Ghost, Allie, Lilac, Lavender

Age: 23

Gender: female

Nationality: American , Caucasian




A pale skinned woman with long, ombre black and silver hair. She has light green eyes and a very slim build, with a small chest. A ring of scars encircle her neck. She wears primary black, gray, and white. If she wears colors it would be green. Her voice is soft and low, and doesn’t rise to high. Her outfits are usually black, fitted, with long hoods, and sometimes exotic tribal patterns. Her standard foot wear is flat thigh boots.


l Calm l Cool l Collected l

Algol is a calm and happy individual though a bit too quite at times, she takes pleasure in the simple things like gardening, and the smell of fresh coffee. She likes to think about her days in those small moments of happiness instead of the bad things that happen that day. She enjoys the quietness of the library, and cold winter morning jogs. She tends to gravitate more to large crowds were she won’t be seen, or noticed. She enjoys being in loud places and observing everyone.

To collages she is the calm in the chaos that is the office and their job. Algol is calm and composed most of the time. Most find her quite presence comforting and her soft voice soothing. She finds that her co-workers enjoy talking to her after a hard mission or a tiring day.

l Fierce l Determined l Selfless l

On the job Algol is determined and merciless, a cold aura of a trained professional. She likes to follow the direct orders to the ‘T’ ,though if situations call for it she can think on the spot. She isn’t group leader material though and tends to follow her superior if there is one. She works well in a group but has also shown success alone. By herself she is sent on information gathering missions since her skill set comes in handy here.

The rare time Algol isn’t calm is under high stress, or when the situation has literally gone to the dogs. This is when her unit gets to see the calmest member act like this. She usually starts to hyper ventilate, then proceeds to run around in circles screaming. Depending on the situation she can calm down in a couple minutes and get herself back in shape, and focusing on the situation at hand.


Algol has been an orphan all her life hence the last name Bâtard (the French word for “bastard child”). Algol doesn’t know who or where her parents are, or even if they are alive, but she is very happy without them. In the orphanage she was used to being over looked because of the hundred other kids there. So Algol learned how to take care of herself, and lick her own wounds. She was fondly called the ghost of MayFair orphanage because of her soundless footsteps.
When she was ten her orphanage was slaughtered a magical beast even now Algol can’t describe. All she knows that it has as black as night and bloodthirsty. Algol watched as adults and children alike were torn apart before her eyes by this creature. Algol didn’t escape unscratched the beast had her by the throat and wound of killed her if the guardian corps hadn’t arrived just in time. The injury left her throat unable to reach higher volumes.

She wasn’t recruited right then since she was young. Instead the corps placed her and the rest of the survivors in vacant spots in orphanages. The event had left her hair silvery gray. Her hair never turned completely black every again, sometimes her roots will darken. The experience caused a fear of failure to protect herself or her friends from enemies. She would always be haunted by the images of twisted corpses of her friends. Algol was afraid of the dark for the first couple of months in the orphanage. This is also when she learned of her ability, a group of mean kids had scared her and she had turned invisible while falling through the floor.

She was then taken by the “school for magically gifted” and trained in her powers. She made friends and graduated with flying colors. After graduation she worked in child services briefly. It was on one trip to an orphanage that she was faced with the beast again. At first after stepping into the orphanage she had been shocked at the carnage but when the beast turned its blood red eyes to her. Algol grew calm. She killed the beast. The fight that came was bloody; Algol now sports a series of scars from that fight alone.

The corps had arrived to a slathered orphanage and Algol pulling out the beast’s teeth for a necklace. After the display of bravery Algol was recruited by the corps and has been working with them since she was twenty.


Algol is silent and undetectable even without her powers. Her foot steps have no sound, and she doesn’t wear any noticeable smell goods. In the office she wears bells.

Algol is at the level needed to be a field operative but hand to hand isn’t her best. She is better at ambush or surprise tactics.

She uses a wide range of long range weapons.

She has a high pain tolerance

She doesn’t stop for anything in a fight, not fire, not bombs, nothing.


Invisibility, and Phasing through objects. Algol uses these abilities like she does her hands, so she is very skilled with them.


Tunnel Vision her focus on her fights causes her to sometimes focus on the fight more than her surroundings

Her high pain tolerance usually causes her not to go to the healer when she needs to.

Her hand to hand skills are good against a weaker opponent but against a higher level opponent she can be over powered.

Children- Algol has a weakness of children on the field. Her training tells her that they are potential enemies, but her heart says to help them.

Guns – she can’t seem to work them and flinches if she has to carry one.

Failure- she is afraid she will not be able to defend herself or her unit like when she was a little girl.


Bull whip- it has been upgrades to reach to farther heights, slice through solid objects, send energy slashes. Made out of braided metal fibers from recycled magical swords.

Cat ‘o Nine- same as the bull whip but the reach is shorter and used more for close range, it sends out nine spaced slashes instead of one. It doesn't take up as much magic.

Throwing needles- these aren’t her favorite weapons but they can pin a unaware target, and look nicely in her hair. The needles come in silver, iron, steel, and different metals. For special jobs she dips them in poisons or paralyzes. If given to an expert they can unlock simple doors. No magic added to these.

Silver daggers- a plan pair of two complete silver daggers that she keeps hidden in her boots or on her person. These are usually her last resort if she has been over powered. They have no magic.

Steel or iron chain and ball- These add to her ghost act, and when used properly can do a good amount of damage, but there usually to heavy so this isn’t her usual weapon.

Steel or Iron chain- The chain without the ball. If she is just using the chain she has a chain that has small ruins engraved on each link. If she channels magic the chains can grow spikes. Two simple handles can be added to the ends of each chain to form another whip.

Magic rejuvenation pills- these aren’t used often because it’s bad for one’s body but in dire situations Algol has used them.

Silver charm bracelet- it stores energy from nature and some magic for later. It also doubles as a storage device so Algol can carry around weapons that are too heavy such as the ball and chain.

Neck lace of teeth- the teeth of the beast all strung on a black leather cord, some of the jaw is still attached. This doesn’t have any magical power, but gives courage.


So begins...

Algol Lilac Bâtard's Story