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Shayne Duvall

She is a hot mess.

0 · 484 views · located in Earth, 2011

a character in “Guardian Corp.”, as played by ChaosReborn



Name: Shayne Duvall
Nickname: Shay
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Nationality: Black, and Korean
Appearance: She has a fair complexion, and light hazel eyes. Her hair is typically in a pony tail so it doesn't get in her face, and each strand of hair is a dark midnight color. Her body is slender, and toned from her last few years of training, and on her left forearm there is a tattoo that signifies her bond with Boho.
Personality: Shay is a ball of rage. She has an explosive temper, and can lose her mind over the littlest things. You left the cap off the soda? She now hates you. She forgot to eat breakfast, and ends up going hungry for the whole day? The world is now ending. Everything is a big deal to her, and it's not because she likes being dramatic. It's because she genuinely thinks every little event in life is special. For a very long time she didn't have the luxury of being dramatic. So now she tends to overreact over small things. Because of her past, she isn't very good at interacting with people. Words like "boundaries," and "personal space" mean nothing to her. She is very touchy, and is always initiating contact with people so she can reassure herself they are real. She likes connecting with people, and making friends. As a general rule, she is polite, but once she becomes comfortable with you, she drops all the formalities and becomes a menace.

Outside of work, she is extremely competitive. There is nothing humble about her. When playing games, or taking shots, or gambling, she is convinced she will win. Defeat is painful for her to swallow, and she will spend hours agonizing over the loss before getting over it. And that's only after she finds all of her mistakes, and corrects them. Shay will get butt hurt when she can't win, but unlike most sore losers, she will come back again, and again, and again until she is satisfied. Quitting is not in her vocabulary.

When it comes to her job she projects power, and confidence, to cover up how inadequate she feels. She doesn't have the same magical ability as her peers, and the difference in strength between her, and the rest of the Guardian Corps is staggering. Because she doesn't want to get left behind in terms of power, she rarely finds the time to sleep at night because she is always training. She pushes her body to new heights of physical strength so she can keep up with her peers. But sometimes it's not enough, and she is forced to rely on Boho to do the things she can't.For the most part, Shay will follow any order given to her by a superior, but in the rare instances where an order might go against her principles, she will take the risk of losing her job to defy them. Nothing will make her discard her ideals.

Even if they are naive and childish.

Shay doesn't think the end justifies the means.

And she won't put the needs of the many over the needs of the few.

All she cares about is Boho, what remains of her family and The Guardian Corps.

Shay's good moods are rare, but when she does relax, she lets go completely. She has the most fun with her unit, and she smiles the most around them.

She doesn't care about the rest of the public, and she doesn't believe in the "good of the people."

Shay grew up in Korea for the first part of her childhood. She was a wild, immature little brat that could never stay out of trouble. She ran away three times between age seven, and age ten because she hated her parents rules, and thought their traditions were pointless. She didn't understand that the rules were there to protect her, and she didn't care that her parents were just looking out for her welfare. Because she lived in the backwater slums, and ran rampant through the streets with all the other undisciplined children, she thought she knew everything. She didn't need money, because if she wanted something, she would just steal it. If she was hungry there were plenty of scraps that people threw away. She didn't need anyone for anything, and she became a maestro at working the system. She became fleet on her feet to escape beatings. She was an expert pick pocket. She learned how to throw a punch and how to take one. All her parents had to say about her was, "You should aspire to be a housewife....You're such a disappointment. Only criminals do what you're doing." After awhile her parents gave up on her. Her mom, a portly Korean woman who was entrenched in the past, thought her daughter was a failure, and her father an olive skinned business man simply pretended she didn't exist.

He always wanted a boy.

And Shay was many things, but she could never be the son he wanted.

When Shay came home after running away the third time, two things happened: One, her mother had a stroke after dealing with a lifetime of pain and stress, and two, her father decided Korea didn't have the technology or the medical practitioners needed to help his wife, so he decided to move his family to the U.S. Most of his funds went to transporting his wife via airlift. She was safely deposited into the care of a Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles. The nurses there were used to dealing with people like Shay's mother. They frequently dealt with patients with her advanced age, and degenerative symptoms. That meant Shay, and her father had to find their own way to get to a foreign country. They were penniless though. With no money, and no legal way to get the cash they needed, they were forced to take extreme measures. Shay had immersed herself in a lifetime of crime so far, and she knew one more wouldn't kill her. She suggested they stowaway on a plane, or a boat. Her father was a proud man, and furiously stomped down the idea. But when all of his plans to save money failed. When he was forced to new lows, and he was convinced nothing else would work, he went along with his daughter's hare-brained scheme.

They hid in the drainage system on a boat for seven days.

Drenched in a stench so foul that the fumes alone burned their eyes, and constantly gave them nosebleeds.

On the seventh day when they were safely docked in a U.S. port, they escaped out of the pipe system, and swam to shore. Thinking quickly, Shay hid them in a nearby alleyway, and she was able to navigate her way out of boating district, and into the city. There, a very long journey began for both father and daughter. As they wandered the streets, Shay was the one making the rules. She decided where they would sleep, and what they would eat. And she is the one that stole clothes and tools for them to use. Her father became totally dependent on her because he didn't have the skills to survive on his own. His pride never allowed him to steal. And he couldn't provide for them with a normal job because they were illegally staying there. It took them a year to get to Los Angeles, and by that time Shay's mother had gotten immeasurably worse. Shay was 13 when she arrived in the U.S. She spent a year looking for her mother. When they arrived at the hospital the woman that gave birth to her didn't even recognize the father-daughter duo.

Something akin to resentment blossomed in Shay's chest that day.

After everything they had gone through to get there, her mother didn't even know who she was.

That is when she gave up.

Her father begged her to stay, and help him take care of her mother.

But she said no, and she left the hospital, and her family. She didn't want to be responsible for her parents forever. So she left them behind. By focusing on what she was good at She became a true menace on the streets for years. She learned how to avoid the cops. She made underground contacts that would do anything for the right price, and she became an exceptional thief. She only did small time jobs though, so she didn't attract too much attention. She had a genuine fear of being caught. She didn't want the cops to get wind of her, and deport her back to Korea. (but she had to keep being a thief if she wanted to forge a new identity.) This went on until she was twenty-two. That year was the same year magic was discovered, and her jobs became much more complicated. She was offered a considerable sum to steal from a man named Solomon Kane. But it wasn't like her normal jobs. She wasn't being asked to steal trinkets, or heirlooms, or any manner of rudimentary crap. They wanted her to steal books.

Tomes, to be exact.

It sounded weird to her. But she reluctantly accepted the job for the money. The job itself went fairly well. She broke in without being caught on camera. She managed to avoid setting off the alarm, or attracting the attention of the guards. And she liberated all of the books on the list from their case. They were heavy books, with elaborate coverings, and all the marks of age on the inside. As she left the house, she found herself dealing with a mounting curiosity. She knew most of these books were supposed to be in a museum. And she knew they were somehow connected with magic. Before she delivered them to her client, she found herself stopping in an alleyway to read one of them.She wanted to know what made these books so valuable.

It wast the worst mistake of her life.

Unconsciously, she unlocked her own magical potential.

And she cast her first spell.

But it came at a cost.

The spell of creation was so draining, her body crumpled to the floor, and she fell into a coma. Unbeknownst to her, she had created a familiar, and the strain it put on her body was too much to handle. It was her first spell after all. She lost a whole year because of her own stupidity. For over 365 days, her world was dark. She woke up in 2011, in a hospital without any recollection of how she got there. To her surprise and utter horror, Solomon Kane was the one on her emergency contact list. Sometime between the time she fell asleep and the time she woke up, he had managed to forge papers for her and become her legal guardian. After a brief introduction, She learned that he was the owner of a museum, and that's why he had some of the much coveted tomes in his possession. He had taken his property back, but after seeing her familiar he wasn't content with Shay going to jail.

He wanted her to do something else.

He told her if she wanted to make amends for her crimes, she could either go back to Korea, or join the newly invented Guardian Corps.

She almost said "Ship me the hell off then."

But Something stopped her, or rather someone. Her familiar, a blunt little feline told her they should stay.

Her family was in the U,S.

Her life was in the U.S.

Why would she leave everything behind?

From that day on, she named her familiar Boho, and she began training with him to become a member of the Guardian Corps.


Shay is a fast and brutal hand to hand fighter. She is lethal with her fists, and is a very disciplined student of Muay Thai, and Jujitsu.

She has near perfect aim with long ranged weapons, but she is only capable of using two forms of magi-tech: The enchanted magi-tech pistols and the wearable magi-tech, like rings and cloaks.

She is still a talented pickpocket.

And because of her childhood, she has an extremely high pain threshold.


Shay can only do illusions for a short period of time.

She has a secondary ability that allows her to funnel more magical energy to Boho, and increase his power and ferocity, but she herself is only capable of doing illusions.


-Shay can only use weak magic, and can't be relied upon for powerful spells or shields.

- Because of her coma, she doesn't like to sleep, and has developed a sleeping disorder. If she is too exhausted, she tends to be sloppy, and make awful mistakes.

-If she over exhausts her magical energy again Boho could die, and she could end up in an irreversible coma.

-She can't use any spells, enchantments, armors, or magi-techs that drain too much magical energy so she doesn't have the same level of protection as some of her peers.

-Dual Magi-tech pistols: They are the enchanted version
-A ring that stores magical power
-An enchanted cloak that rejuvenates magical power
-A regular machete (As last resort)
-Gauntlets (For hand to hand combat)


Name: Boho

Normal Appearance:


Magically enhanced appearance:



So begins...

Shayne Duvall's Story


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Thirty minutes later, a black BMW pulled into the driveway. A tall homely looking man, wearing a dark suit stopped the car to allow the two passengers in the back to get out. A man who had the appearance of an aging scholar calmly stepped out of the left side, and circled around the side of the car to be a gentlemen and open Shayne's door. She scowled at her polite benefactor as she climbed out of the back, and small crimson furred cat stumbled off the seat behind her. "I really really don't want to do this." She muttered, glaring at Solomon's wrinkled face as he ushered her to the entrance.

Her clothes were disheveled from the long drive, and her shoulders were aching from carrying her bag of essentials. This whole process had been a giant headache. They were in front of the first ever Guardian Corps building, and she was dreading going inside. Solomon Kane, the owner of a prominent museum, and her temporary guardian sent her incredulous look. "You didn't forget your promise did you? You have a debt to pay." He pointed to the little feline at her side. The one she had accidentally created.The one who was sending Solomon a murderous glare because he was being rude.

I forgot about Boho. My familiar.

Shaking her head, her temper flared dangerously, and she addressed Solomon with a scowl "Jot Ga e gay say key ya." (F*ck you.) In her anger, she had subconsciously slipped into Korean. Because he wasn't fluent in her native tongue, Solomon had no idea what she was saying, but from her tone, and annoyed expression, he could guess it wasn't anything appropriate.

"...I'm going to ignore that. Just don't screw this up." He warned her, before giving her an insistent shove forward into the building. Cursing as she tripped over her feet, she caught herself before she could fall and sent the doors a mournful look. She was completely alone in a strange place, with strange people. Solomon had ditched her, and although she didn't like her guardian, she had grown comfortable with his presence. Taking a deep breath, she hefted her bag higher over her shoulder, and glanced down at her feet where Boho was loyally sitting. "Let's do this then." She muttered, picking up the little red feline by the scruff, and placing him on her shoulder.

He purred against her head, a slight reassurance as she stepped into the common room.

The room itself was spacious and led to other connecting corridors. From her position by the door, she could see the kitchen, and the hallway. In the very center of the room there was a couch and a t.v. And after careful inspection she could see some bags littering the floor.

Two other people had already arrived.

Shay's mouth dropped into a small "o" as she stared at the other recruits. They weren't what she had been expecting. Because she lacked any sort of manners, she blurted out the first thing that came to mind, "I thought there were more people, but it's just glasses," She pointed to the girl whose name she didn't know, "And that guy." She didn't know his name either. She sent them both strange looks. "Did no one want to do this?" She gestured vaguely to the Guardian Corps building.

Did no one want to be a guardian?


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The girl was surprised when they both walked in. She jolted her glasses flying out of her hands, and landing near the couch. She stuttered as she turned to her work, made it neat then fumbled around, trying to find her glasses. She went to her knees, trying to find the red glasses she normally wear, almost blind as she fumbled around on the ground, feeling for the glasses. God, Jules. You can't do anything right if you tried. She thought, as the others watched her fumble around for her glasses.


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Whoops. Forget this.


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The other Guardians slowly entered the room as Cyrus stayed seat. First was a young looking girl with light pink coloured hair. She was carrying papers with her, suggesting that she was somewhat knowledgeable but Cyrus couldn't see her as a fighter. She seemed clumsy, there were no clear signs of any weapons and she certainly didn't look strong enough to do martial arts. Cyrus couldn't help but wonder if she was some kind of assistant due to the first impression he had gained of her.

Second to the enter the room was a woman who couldn't of been much further from the girl. She seemed more rugged then her and looked far more combat ready. Along with her was a small red cat that was laying on her shoulder like a parrot. The cat interested Cyrus. He wasn't expecting any animals to be around but he was fond of the idea of having a pet around while they were not busy. Cyrus was about to stand up when she spoke. "And that guy." He was shocked at the blunt opinion but in a way it also assured him. He thought about it a little and realised that this attitude meant she was most likely a very to the point person so she was less likely to hide something from the other Guardians. This is something that Cyrus hoped would be a common theme within the group.

Lastly, a more mysterious, younger lady. Her white appearance and slim body also made her look less like a fighter. She sat down on a seat by herself, only adding to the strange presence she had. Even when handing the girl her glasses she didn't speak, this only made Cyrus more awkward in the situation to the point that he just had to shatter the silence in the room.

Cyrus stood up from the couch and began to speak. "Hey, I'm Cyrus. It's good to finally meet the people behind the names." Cyrus looked around at the others as he spoke with a friendly smile. "I guess we should start by getting to know each other?"


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Juliana stumbled back up then slid her glasses on her face. She smiled at the girl who helped her then looked over to the now speaking male. "Oh! Um, okay!" She said, acting as if she was part of the group. She looked around as she waited for someone to start, and when no one did she interrupted again. "I'm Juliana Adeline Cava. You can call me Jules since we'll be working together." She said looking at the others and then went red. "I'm sorry! Did I strike a nerve?" She inquired as she walked over towards her work. She wondered what she had done. She grasped the necklace around her neck, a small amber crystal hanging from her silver chain. What did I do wrong Papa?


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The silence was suffocating, even when the guy, Cyrus, decided to speak. No one seemed to be comfortable enough to engage in conversation, and no one had bothered answering her question. This small group of four was drowning in tension. And It was making Shayne restless.The girl with glasses, Jules, was the next one to introduce herself, and she managed to make the air seem lighter. On her shoulder, Boho peered at the magic users, with keen eyes, and after sending each of them a measuring glare the cat spoke. "I here I thought no one knew how to speak....Besides me, and Cyrus." The crimson furred feline jumped off of Shayne's shoulder landing on the edge of the couch with nimble paws. Climbing closer to the newest arrival, the slender one, with snow white hair, Boho's lean feline form gracefully slid down the cushions till he was sitting right next to her leg." You have a scary expression. Can you speak?" Boho's voice was scratchy, with a hint of a purr as he rubbed his head against the girl's hand.

"Boho." Shayne's couldn't keep the horror out of her voice as her familiar took all of the liberties a normal cat would. Purring, and demanding attention, like he was the only thing that mattered in the room. Sending his Master an innocent look, the red feline curled up in a slender ball next to his chosen victim, and smiled a very smug feline smile as Shayne began to simmer. "Oh for the love of..." She threw her hands up in exasperation. Around new people who had never seen a familiar before, he always acted like a brat. It was better to just go with it. Twitching a bit, she massaged her forehead to stem the oncoming headache, and she grudgingly began to introduce herself,"My names Shayne Duvall. And that is Boho." She pointed to the overly friendly cat. "...He's my familiar." She said familiar in the same way one would say testicular cancer.

What a sorry introduction.

"I know this might be a weird suggestion, but if we're going to get to know each other, why don't we start by seeing what we can do? We could all spar, and see how good we are with our Magi-tech?...I don't know about you guys, but I feel more comfortable talking to someone after I've beaten them at something." She glanced around the room with a pleading expression. Shayne's competitive side was rearing it's ugly head, and even though she knew she was at a disadvantage, she still wanted to see what her companions were like.

How strong they were.

How strong she was in comparison.

In this humongous building there was a gym somewhere right?


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Juliana looked around at the others as they were okay Shayne's new idea to spar. She gripped her necklace then grabbed her paperwork setting it down in one of the drawers in the desk. She wasn't going to be much of a fight. Really, all Juliana was there for was to fix Magi-Tech and analyze the members to make Magi-Tech specialized for them. They all made their way to the gym that was in the facility. "So, who goes first?" Juliana asked, still holding her crystal. She never really learned magic and she could really only use a Magi-Tech gun which she kept in her boot at all times. She would only use it for self defense though.


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#, as written by Kuroh
Sapphire's eyes widened when the cat pounced on the couch. Unsure of what to do, Sapphire just sat there, transfixed by the small animal. When the thing talked, her eyes sharpened, and she looked back and forth from the girl to the cat. She hadn't been around very many cats, but she was pretty sure that they weren't supposed to talk.

"Yes." she answered, her accent making the word sound sharp.

Sapphire calmed down a bit when the animal curled up beside her. Boho, she corrected herself. She enjoyed the silent conversation between the two. The smug little cat had frustrated it's Master. She felt her mouth twitch upward, but quickly stopped the oncoming smile.

Her ears perked up at the suggestion of a duel. Sapphire's body felt unused and eager to fight after the many hours of sitting in a car. It would be a good way to get to know each other, as well. Sapphire's icy eyes grinned at the sound of competition. This girl will be fun, she thought.

"I agree. A sparring session sounds.....interesting." she said, her light eyes playfully challenging those around her, "Is there a gymnasium in this facility?"

The smaller girl, Juliana, seemed to know where one was because she immediately started in the direction of what seemed to be the gym. Sapphire looked around, wondering whether or not to follow.