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Raven - Guardian of The Black Castle

The Black Castle's heart is my own.....beating within cold stone

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a character in “Guardian Dragons”, as played by NemotheDroneAlien


On a bitter cold winter of ancient days a strong kingdom of stone and shadow was finally crumbling at the feet of an enemy. Its once strong army was now being blown away as easily as crisp autmn leaves. The villages were destroyed with flame, the mighty castle which stood as proudly as a crown now peppered with connon fire.
The wise widowed queen of the falling kingdom was devastated and didn't know of how to save her people. Through the war, she searched for a solution to win her victory, but it did not come. Her pale face wrinkled with greif, brown wise eyes glazed with worry. Without a king to properly guid the army, the kindom would fall and collapse under the fist of the enemy.
The queen was desperate for a victory over the tragic war, but soon found herself giving up. After searching, hunting, hoping and praying, she had finally given in to her kingdom's doom. There, on her majestic throne, she waited for her fate. Her dark brown eyes once filled with wisedom glazed with a distant trance. The once beautiful pale face upon her, now faded and wrinkled with devestation and sadness. The queen awaited death at the heart of her castle.
Suddenly, an elderly woman glided silently across the fine rugs of the stone room, and caught the queen's attention. Her distant stare snapped into focus at the strange woman that approached her. The old woman was dressed in grey, a cloak wrapped around her, drawing a shadow over her face with a deep hood. Long white hair fell from the darkness of the hood and lied caorsly down her chest. As the women drew closer she spoke with a hoarse, cracked voice, "I have come to bring you the victory of your kingdom, not for just this battle.....but for ages to come."
The queen's eyes widened as the woman reached a thin arm, traced with purple veins, into the wing of her cloak and presented the forever key to the kingdom's victory. In the palms of the old woman's hands, in the grasp of her claw-like fingers, was a coal black dragon's egg. The egg was smooth and oval, with thin blue-ish veins within the black shell.
The queen looked at the egg with awe and was dumbstruck at first. Before she could speak, the elderly women said, " Take the egg and place it among the burning ashes of the castle's furnace. There, the being within its shell will become the true victory of your kingdom." The women leaned her arms out, providing the queen with the egg. The queen looked at the woman in shock, unsure to reject the egg or to thank the mysterious woman, but she did non of the above. She slowly reached out and took the egg to examine it. She peered up to look at the woman, but to utter surprise, she was gone.
The queen, though wasn't worried where the old woman had gone, for she had to save her kingdom. She rushed to the eastern side of her castle and did as the woman had instructed.
To the queen's great wonder, as the black dragon egg lay withing the ashes and the tongues of flames burted forth and licked the shell, a pume of dark smoke arose from the surface of the shell and formed a curious shape. It was a black, haunting figure of a raven. The smoke churned as the raven filled the furnace and opened its broad wings. With a hoarse caw, it lunged out of the furnace into the air, beating its smokey wings. It glided like a phantom around the room, then turned itself in air, facing the egg which still burned in the flames. With another deep caw, the mighty raven dove down and outstretched its talons. The claws aiming to grasp the egg. At first the queen was scared the dark bird was going to take it, but it made of mere smoke, the egg would be too heavy for it to lift.
The raven's talons wrapped around the egg, landing itself ontop of it. the massive bird then inclosed the egg in its black wings, smoke circled both raven and egg untill a loud crack sounded from the furnace. The egg had split open. The queen watched in both fear and awe as the smoke raven churned and swirled out of its bird shape and into the wide crack in the egg.
Before the queen could prepare for the blast, the furnace exploded in flame, ash and smoke. The stone walls bursted out of place, exposing the insides of the room to the night sky. The queen was thrown back forcefully, the plume of flame fluttered against her hands and burned the flesh. Pain though wasn't felt, for the queen was too dazed and was losing conciousness to process that she has been burned. In her last moments, she peered up at what the egg had hatched. Standing before her, was a frightning, black scaled, adult dragon.
The dragon chilled the queen's veins under its cold gaze. The jet black scales hardly even shown in the moonlight, its wings were broad and bat-like. A horrifying creature of nightmares.
The queen panted as she struggled to lean her back against a half broken wall. She then, even with failing strength, began to address herself to the guardian, "I am.....Queen Ratheria.....the widow and....ruler of The....Black Castle..." The cold eyes of the dragon then burned with a fierce gaze, its lips curled in a snarl, revealing long, white sharp teeth. Seeming to ignore the angry glower of the dragon, the queen spoke her final words, "Be the victory of my kingdom.....Raven..." she rose her burned hand, reaching for the dragon's snout and continued, "Guardian of The Black Castle."
Suddenly, the queen's mind was filled with venomous words that were not of her concence. The dark voice sounded...female. "I am not ruled, I am the ruler! I am Raven, guardian and empress of The Black Castle!" The mighty female dragon opened her massive deadly jaws opened and lunged her head down to the queen with a snarl. The guardian of the castle killed the very one she was supposed to protect.

Raven had served her purpose halfway, though. She did infact win the war from the rival kingdom, but soon after victory, she slaughtered the people of her kingdom. Raven wanted the territory for herself, rather then live beside the pethetic human race. With an empty kingdom, Raven curled her body around her castle, hidden against its black stone. Guarding her territory of The Black Castle. Hidden like a serpent during the light of day, and takes to the skys by night, Raven lives to the modern days.

So begins...

Raven - Guardian of The Black Castle's Story