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Ilfirinon Ardurwen

"I am the only hope for this world? Unlikely. The world has forgotten me."

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a character in “Guardian of the Flame”, as played by shatari19




“They say that there is good in every being. I have found this to be false.”


Ilfirinon Ardurwen



Role in Dragon Society:
True King


”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Hair color(Elvish Form):

Eye color:
Gold(Dragon) and Pale Blue(Elf)


Other:As Dragon, Ilfirinon has a Elven form.


”I know that my outlooks can come across..strange, but I know that you'll understand with time.”

Stars || Reading || Flying|| Money || The Wilds

Humans || The suffering of others || The Cold || Being told what to do || Elves

Smart || Learns quickly || Agile

Being outsmarted(f) || Kind Heart(w) || Loosing in Battle(f)

Ilfirinon often comes across as being..stuck up..or overly confident. Almost as if he thinks that he knows more than everyone else around him. Once getting to know Ilfirinon, he's viewed as a gentle soul who would do anything for those he holds dearest. He loves talking and having fun with his closest friends and acquaintances. It is rare to see him angry or bothered, usually keeping a cool facade in front of others. It takes a great deal to stress Ilfirinon out..unless he believes his wealth is being threatened.

Ilfirinon was born into the royal family of Ardurwen. He had two brothers and two sisters though was the youngest. Before the Sickness struck his people, he was taught the way to rule the world with kindness and caring. Ilfir never thought he would need to know such things, being last in line for the throne. One by one, his family was killed off by the Humans and Elves. It came to a point that he, too, was struck with the sickness. He gathered so much treasure that he was forced to find a place to keep it all. He came across a gigantic cave that he took to living in. It is in this cave that he still resides. He does not often venture out, save only when he needs to feed. When he is not sleeping or eating, Ilfir spends his time reading or practicing his swordsmanship.


So begins...

Ilfirinon Ardurwen's Story


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Anneliese Ingarn found herself slowly wandering through the small forest that was located near the city of Silanos. She often ventured away from the capital, though was often warned of the dangers of her actions. She did not care. Ever since Eckard had passed, Anneliese had found that remaining within the city was no longer required of her. She loved the freedom and could not imagine ever loosing it again.

The woman moved silently through the woods, making a point to remain as silent as was possible. This time, Anneliese had brought with her three of her current students. The most seasoned of her students. She'd hoped by doing so that they would begin picking up on the art of stealth, something that any archer truly needed to know. A twig suddenly snapped causing the woman to freeze. She looked about as she was hidden within the shadows of the woods. She did not see anything though still did not move. She'd tasked her students with hunting her, trying to catch her unawares. Not an easy feat for someone still learning.

A few more seconds passed before Anneliese finally moved from her spot. She was headed towards the border, a place that was a good distance from the city. The woman slid out from behind the tree that she'd been hiding. She walked slowly, not truly in a hurry. She suspected that the boys were together, still looking for a trail. A small smile found its way to her face. They had no real reason to learn archery. It was most likely only to cause their parents grief, threatening to head in a different direction than they were meant to go in life. As long as she was paid for her services, Anneliese did not care if they ever used archery ever again after leaving her tutelage.

Her darkly colored boots were nearly silent as she walked along. She found herself loosing herself to her thoughts. Ever since Eckard had passed, her mother had made it a point to stay with her. Normally, Anneliese got along with the older woman yet wasn't quite as it usually was. The older woman had been nagging her about finding another husband. Certain that Anneliese could not live without the support of a man. Her mother's words angered her and she could not remember them not arguing for some time. She had hoped that she could prove to the woman that she was fine but..she somehow doubted that would happen.

She pushed the thoughts from her mind as she slid over a fallen log. She made sure to leave a small sign, a broken branch, for the boys to find. Anneliese continued along and within a few long minutes she'd arrived at the border. It had been a long time since she'd been this far from the city. It was a welcomed feeling. This was not a place that she felt was a home. The city was a place where typically the richest thrived and the poor suffered for it. She helped those that she was able to yet it never seemed to be enough. There was always more people that needed helping. The woman took a seat below one of the tall trees, deciding to rest a bit. She closed her eyes, happy to simply have this short amount of time to not worry about her troubles.

She was unsure of how long had passed by the time she began hearing voices. They were near and it was only a matter of time before they found her.Their finding her only meant the return to the city..the return to her normal life. She sighed quietly to herself. She had to appear strong before those within the city..and it often became tiring in her mind. She rose from her seat just as three young men appeared. They were all dressed for hunting and looked quite similar. Being related tended to do that. "Ha! We found you!" The eldest brother said, boasting a smile.

"You only found me because I wished it." Anneliese said as she moved passed them. She could hear them following closely, being quiet as if waiting for her to continue speaking. She did not continue until she'd reached the fallen log that she'd passed by earlier. "Regardless, you've done well this day. Next time you begin looking for me with fewer signs. So, until next we meet it would be wise for you to go over the tomes I gave you." They continued along together, the boys speaking with one another. Anneliese, on the other hand, was fairly silent as she walked.

Considering how long they'd spent in the forest, it did not seem to take nearly as long to return to the city. As they entered, Anneliese bid her students a good day before parting ways with them. Slowly, she began making her way to the small home that she inhabited.

Since the fall of his kind, Ilfirinon had found himself in the Lower Lands. He could not remember anything before the Sickness had taken hold yet he did not realize this. The only thing that seemed to drive him now was the need to have wealth or to simply find food. He was only going through the motions and he didn't even realize it.

The Dragon was the last known that inhabited the Lower Lands. The others had all been either killed by the other races or had fled back to Ialeos to live under Ethron. Ilfirinon had remained for the sheer fact that there was something that seemed to keep him below with the Issdra* and the Danech**. He'd long since stopped trying to fight it, simply giving in.

Ilfirinon had ventured for a long time before he'd come across a cluster of small villages that did not seem to have much in the way of protection. It was here that he decided to remain. The most well known of the villages was that of Kinalei for their crops often fed the well off. He'd swept in, demanding payment for his 'protection'. If they were not able to pay, the Dragon killed them.

He had lived this way for quite a long time. Even now, flying across the land, he grew excited at the thought of more gold for his treasures. His shadow was cast upon the ground as he neared his destination. He could already hear the calls and screams from the villagers below as they realized that he'd arrived. He smirked, watching them running to their homes. The Danech were pathetic in his eyes. They gave in so easily.

He reached Kinalei quickly, doing a few circles above before he landed. He was just outside of the village though knew that they would come to him. He waited as patiently as he could. His golden eyes focused upon the location that he knew the few would come from. Within a few short moments they began heading his way, two run down horses pulling carts that most likely held the gold he demanded.

This time, however, there were tarps placed atop the gold. As they neared, the Danech were forced to coax the horses closer. It was clear that they feared the large Dragon. Within moments, they came to a stop a few feet from Ilfirinon. One man, a rather portly man, took a few steps closer. He bowed before the Dragon before speaking. "Mighty Dragon! Here, I have the village's payment. As agreed." The man finally looked up to Ilfirinon and for a moment the Dragon seemed to hesitate.

The other men had begun unhitching the horses, ready to get as far from the Dragon as possible. Finally, the Dragon moved. "Good. And you have honored our agreement?" The man began nodding his head quickly. "Of course! We would not dare go against your word!" Ilfirinon simply nodded. The men waited, watching.

Ilfirinon continued towards the carts, lowering his head so that he could see better what had been brought before him. He could not see the gold and so wished to investigate further. He moved one of his claws to the fabric that was on one of the carts. He was quick to pull the tarp off only to find it filled halfway with gold. Anger quickly found its way to his face. He turned, tail whipping the carts, their contents flying through the air.

"You dare to double cross me?! I..who asked for nothing save for a small payment for my not killing you." It was clear to the men that they should not have tried to fool him. The man that had spoken before was quick to yell up at the Dragon. "Please! Please forgive us! We had no choice! Our village is not wealthy and your price is steep. There are families going hungry in order to pay you. People are dyi..."

"I care not for your lives. You made the deal and you will honor it. One way or another." He fell silent for a moment, as if thinking. The men were becoming nervous, not quite sure what he was going to do. "I am generous. I shall give you a chance to redeem yourselves in my eyes. I will return soon...though do not ask me when. I expect the full. If it is not here then I will kill all that dwell within your village. Go now. You've work to do."

He took to the sky then, flying from the men that had tried to trick him. He did not understand why it was hard for them to simply do as they'd agreed. He began heading to the other villages that he needed to visit. He only hoped that they would not try the same as those in Kinalei. He was not certain that he would be able to be as kind with them.

*Dragon term for Elf/Elves
**Dragon term for Human/Humans