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Adriac Veras

"We are not evil."

0 · 231 views · located in Elysia

a character in “Guardian Saga”, as played by Jimmeh1993


Name: Adriac Veras (Please read the history before you read anything else, as it describes Adriac's class type and is important for the personality and equipment parts)
Appearance: Image
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Element: Darkness
Role: Leader of the Path of Judgement
Theme Song(Normal): From Yesterday by 30 Seconds to Mars
Theme Song(Battle): Scrape by Blue Stahli
Guardian Name(s): Merran
Guardian Appearance(s): Image
Weapon Form: Adriac has yet to find out, as he never uses Merran as a weapon..but rather a companion in battle.


Adriac is an individual that many would classify as insane or simply, off. He is ruthless against those who would destroy his people. He is short and bitter, and very ill-tempered. If anyone knew him before the campaign against the Darkness, he was a different person. He became changed when his homeland was threatened..and this change made him the ideal leader for those who wished to fight back against the Blade Lords and anyone else who dared go against the Darkness.

Merran is able to speak like any human, with a slight growl to his voice. He is a faithful companion and very protective. However, in battle, Merran is more the offensive beast (couldn't resist) than a defensive protector. Merran lunges in with claws and fangs, hoping to give Adriac as many chances as possible to draw the power of blood from his victims. Out of battle, Merran is wise and counseling. He is the only thing that keeps Adriac's anger from turning into a blood curdling wrath, something that would only endanger the lives of his men.

As a pair, the two are like best friends out of battle..and like a duet of destruction in battle. Adriac's powers have a catch, in that he can only draw the power of enemies he or Merran have wounded. Because of this, the two work as a team to draw blood from as many as they can..empowering Adriac to his full potential.


Adriac uses a curved longsword, known as a saber. It can be seen in the appearance picture. The blade is kept sharpened to cause as much bleeding as possible. The idea is to inflict as many wounds as possible to open up the bloodstream, that way..Adriac can unlock his full potential (look at history to understand how Adriac fights).

Adriac wears the battle robes seen above, and has similar looking versions of it for other times, just with less armor. Adriac wants his men to know he is always ready to fight, but nobody could walk around in armored robes forever. This changing of robes is an effective middle ground, and most men believe Adriac does wear his battle apparel constantly.


Adriac Veras was more of a scholar than a figher. He was cheery and likeable, always studying the texts for ways to use magic. Call it fate, but Adriac learned a new fighting style only shortly before the Light decided to purge the world of the Darkness. He learned the ways of the Reaver. It was the perfect blend of armed combat and the magic of the Darkness he was born with. For years, Adriac dedicated himself to learning the art while the Light moved closer and closer to Dusktide.

The ways of the Reaver are as follows. Reavers draw upon the life force of their enemy to turn it against them. A Reaver can either pull the life force from a person's blood or spirit. It is easier to pull energy for a person's spirit, but it is more taxing to do so. To draw power from the blood simply requires the target be wounded. Blood spilt onto the weapon of a Reaver empowers that weapon, and empowers the one holding it. Power from blood can be used by two means. Either it does as already stated, where it empowers the weapon it is on, or the Reaver uses it himself to use magic that strips the energy out of the blood and turns it into a bolt that either heals or harms. Energy drawn from the soul, which takes more to obtain, is used simply to empower the Reaver..or to be used as magic similarly to the way blood is used.

After learning and mastering the arts of this magic, Adriac had become much of a different person. He was no longer a happy or kind person. It did not make him evil, but made him resolute. The Blade Lords invade his home on a false crusade, to Adriac..they are evil. Adriac was quickly chosen by other like-minded individuals as their leader. He fought in a way that they did not understand, and so they had a respect for him that they didn't for others. Under Adriac, they hope to drive off the Blade Lords. They want peace, but they are willing to forge this peace from a war that the rest of the world will not soon forget.

So begins...

Adriac Veras's Story