Serra Masana

"This world is a troubled one."

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Name: Serra Masana
Appearance: Here
Age: 12
Element: Darkness
Role: Small girl
Personality: Serra is a very quiet girl, rarely speaking to anyone and only if she deems its important or if the remark is at her. She isn't very trusting to anyone, going as far as to flat out ignore new people until she deems them trustworthy.

Bio:Serra was left at the orphanage by her parents as a baby after finding out she was born with a darkness Sigil Stone. She was raised normally, however, she was teased and abused by a few bullies in the orphanage on a daily basis. At the age of three she started to hear her guardian's voice. She would constantly speak to her guardian about her day and make a bonding friendship with her. At the age of 7, Serra picked up a long stick to defend herself from some bullies and found herself highly skilled in Pole-Arms. She then heard her guardians voice and started to learn how to fight with a staff. She fashioned one out of a large stick and practiced with it constantly. She also learned how to play the flute during her free time. The at the age of 10, her life changed greatly.

One day as she was playing the flute to entertain the younger orphans, a small group of men attacked the orphanage. They started slaughtering the orphans, young and old without mercy, leaving there bodies to rot on the ground. As they approached her, she cringed in a corner, waiting for their weapons to fall and slay her. But that was not to be. She suddenly heard agonized screams as the 3 men fell by someone's blade. She opened one eye to see Satosha standing over her with a bloody blade, the dead men around him. She blacked out from the fear and awoke later at a small camp with the man caring for her. Her guardian helped comfort her as she traveled with Satosha. She at first didn't trust him, even going as far as trying to kill him when he was asleep. But each time she couldn't find herself to do it. She remained as his traveling companion and learned of his life,training in her pole-arms as they traveled. She continued to play her flute as well during the two years they traveled together. He had then bought her a spear which she continued to train with. She ha since learned to trust him more, and even developed a brother-sister relationship with him. She still however, fears him at times.

Theme Song(Normal): Again-Yui
Theme Song(Battle): Ultra Numb-Blue Stahli

Guardian Name: Kira
Guardian Appearance(s): Here
Weapon Form: Spear in picture. (Syridil)
Personality: Kira is, unlike most dark guardians, a very caring and sweet woman. She acts as a mother figure for Serra in many ways and as a combat advisor in fights. Although her personality is sweet and caring, she also has a darker side that arises in times of great stress and anger.

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