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this world is based off of the chilling adventures of sabrina.
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The Academy of Unseen Arts is a part of Guardians of Hell.

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The Unorthodox // Attire // Hex: #4abab4


Taylor sat there silently as she studied the newcomer. Giving nothing more than a small chuckle and grin at Tamsin's retort. "Yeah, and I'm a fairy princess." she always did have a means of making even the slightest remark somehow oddly amusing. Even if Tamsin wasn't trying to be.

"There’s a reason that witch sounds eerily similar to bitch.” Taylor heard him rattle off, which she couldn't help but stifle a small chuckle. "Could say that again." the young witch said under her breath, never once taking her eyes fully off of the man. Finding something off about his presence. As if that was truly saying something considering who else was in the room. Not that Tamsin was the worst type of company she could ask for, in comparison to a few others.

Isaac Courtney.” the male introduced himself finally as he took a seat.

Taylor was going to introduce herself when Tamsin spoke up, "Tamsin Reid, your local immortal," introducing herself, and then pointed to Taylor as she continued to speak, "And Taylor Montgomery, soon to be book signer." Taylor gave a small shrug in response as she was introduced, "Not sure, honestly. Do I really want to sign my soul to the biggest asshole to ever exist?" her voice was oddly serious for a moment, almost deadpan. But a smirk scrawled across her face, "Could still be worse things in life, I suppose." Taylor gave another short shrug.

Taylor began to drift into her own thoughts after they exchanged a few more words, mainly saying how she didn't entirely remember seeing him before. And that he must have been new. "“I’m hardly new, though that’s a matter of semantics." a small, shit-eating grin formed on her face as she gave him a curt nod of her head, "I'll be sure to remember that for later." turning her head away from him, she found herself rolling her eyes all too hard. This guy was already beginning to get on her nerves in record time.

Tamsin likes to thinks she knows everything about everyone.” Taylor barely acknowledged what he had said, finding his presence to be more of an annoyance now than anything. And frankly, she didn't really want to be there anymore. Blocking out whatever else Tamsin and Isaac seemed to discuss.

Now it’s time to, in the words of Tamsin, watch witches make the worst decision of their lives.” Taylor blinked back to reality as she was lost in her thoughts. Almost having asked what he was talking about, but remembered what he was referring to. Giving him one last coy smile before he walked out the door.

Taylor merely sighed, rubbing her face slightly before she got to her feet. Time to sell her soul to the god damn fucking devil. Something she never thought she would actually do at any point in her life. To think, not that long ago she was singing in a god damn bar for a few extra bucks, and now she was in a school for witches and warlocks. And above it all, she was about to sign her name in a book for only the worst type of person to ever exist. "Well, time to go make the worst fucking choice I will ever make, I guess. If I don't burst into flames first." Taylor said audibly enough as she walked past Tamsin, not paying her and the man she was talking to any mind.

The walk to the Desicrated Church was a rather long and boring one, finding herself in her own thoughts. Maybe she should just turn back now and forget all of this. What's the worst that leaving could cause? Taylor was already far over her head in all of this, way more than she realized. Feeling the nerves and anxiety bubble within her stomach. Everyone else had family or some sense of familiarity with them for this ceremony. Taylor, she had no one.

This feeling of anxiousness and possibly even fear and unease only became more so when she entered the building. Some familiar faces were amongst the crowd, some she was closer to some, if one could even consider it that, and others she had never seen a day in her life. She felt so out of place and small. This wasn't her element. Everyone else here knew what they were doing, knew what they wanted, meanwhile, she hadn't the faintest clue. What if when she got up there to sign, she froze? Taylor would be the only one to chicken out of this whole thing, all because she was far over her head in this endeavor.

But yet, she found herself taking one footstep at a time closer and closer to the front end of the Church. Finding a few empty seats off to the side, Taylor sat down. A sense of unease and dread overcame her as she realized what she was really about to do. Give up her soul for the sake of power? While yes, it was sounding rather pleasant, and desirable by so many here, this wasn't exactly what she wanted. But she had no choice in this. She had to. So she sat there, in silence. Cursing to herself under her breath.