Guardians of the Divine


a part of Guardians of the Divine, by ઽ૮૨α.


ઽ૮૨α holds sovereignty over Eden, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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2,182 readers have visited this universe since ઽ૮૨α created it.


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Eden is a part of Guardians of the Divine.

1 Places in Eden:

11 Characters Here

Valerys Astraryen [0] Guardian 2 - Descendant of the Priestess
Kwon Daeshim [0] Age: 23
Quinn [0] Divine 3 - Horned Serpent
Yuel [0] Divine 4 - Tiangou
Lyssa [0] Divine Four
Galaya Rinson [0] Guardian 4
Adelaide Greywater [0] "got your hands in the devil's pockets, got everything to lose."
Junichi Takahashi [0] Guardian 3 - 74th Guardian's Sibling
Ki [0] ~
Ofelia [0] WIP

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