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Tegan Atlas

Hello! Nice to me-Oh! What is that?

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a character in “Guerra di Madre Natura”, as played by afreerobin


Tegan Atlas
Role: Libra
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): T, Teai

Build: Skinny, but muscle in arms.
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color:Green
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Red air symbol tattooed on her wrist.

Oddities: Has never really liked cold weather.
Skills: Tegan is a Jack of all trades. She's not the best any thing, but she has knowledge of a lot of things. She's extremely good at talking, not to manipulate people, but to make her point.
Likes: Bright colors. Birds, dogs, being outside, trying new things. Romance.
Dislikes: The color black, mean people, people who only care about themselves. Cold weather.
Hobbies: Reading, Running, drawing, singing, dancing. (She adds new hobbies for a short time before growing bored of them, but Tegan has never grown bored of these.)
Phobia(s): The dark, being alone.
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Personality: Over all Tegan is a very kind person. She tries to see the best in people and give them a second chance. In the stories she was told as a child, Tegan felt sympathy for the villain rather then hatred. This doesn't mean she agrees with their actions, it's more like she believe he can be changed. If you could described Tegan in one word it would be oblivious. Not in a way where she can be swayed, but she will reconsider others opinions and most likely change hers, but in a way she can't tell what others think of her. Tegan is an airhead in every way. She quickly jumps from hobbies and likes, not having the same feeling for a long time. Having a very happy personality she can come off as annoying. She speaks quickly, and is loyal to the core. She'll ignored her own needs to help her friends and comply forget about her own burdens.

Weapon Discipline:
* Golden Dagger
*Her fists
* A baton
She knows how to use other weapons, but she never trained long enough with them to be a pro at them.
*Very agile
*Because she loved being outside as a kid, she can clime very well.
*Because she loves to go from hobby to hobby she is a fast learner.

Relationship Status: Single
*Mother- Sasha Atlas
*Father- Vector Atlas
*Older Brother- Aron Atlas
*Younger Sister- Jemima Atlas

Personal History:
Tegan grew up in a very successful household. Her father was a merchant and her mother inherited a lot of money. Her life was comfortable and very easy. From the start she loved the idea of falling in love with a man and becoming a house wife like her mother. Yet, unlike her mother Tegan loved the outside. Every moment not spent studying with her teachers or spending time with her family she was outside. This was her life until her twentieth birthday. Her parents brought in a man and said she was to marry him. At first Tegan was excited. She loved being in a relationship, but after a while she came to hate the man. He was rude, mean and nasty, all things Tegan hates. She told her parents this yet they refuses to back down. As the oldest daughter she had to marry him. After talking with her siblings, who also hated the man, they devised a plan for Tegan to run away. While her brother and sister distracted her parents and suitor, Tegan left. She left her happy home, not quite one of a millionaire but better then some middle class homes. She found herself in the lower class citys and has been staying in an inn.

So begins...

Tegan Atlas's Story


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Tegan sat at the inn, drinking in the strange sights around her. She'd only been living here for a few days and she still wasn't accustom to it. The people were loud, and drank large cups of beer while conversing with strangers. Never once did Tegan see this back at her posh community.

The owner, a nice old lady walked up to Tegan and put a hand on her shoulder. She didn't say anything but laid a plate of something in front of her. Smiling in thanks Tegan stared at the bowl. Whatever was in it was gray and lumpy but the men and women around her seemed to like it. Never one to not try new things she scooped a bit in her spoon and tasted the goop.

The taste wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the carefully made food she had back home. If Tegan was going to live here now, where her evil fiancΓ©e could find her, she'd have to either eat this or get her own food. Deciding to ask the owner tomorrow if she could make her food in the kitchen Tegan walked up to her room which had been given to her by the owner as long as she did the dishes.

Her room was cute as she could make it. Light purple pillows replaced the old leather ones the room at at first and the bed sheet was an fluffy darker purple. She launched onto her bed and grabbed her pillow. Closing her eyes Tegan let sleep overcome her.


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Zena silently watched first the lone woman and then the two who went over. She waited exactly one minute before moving towards the wall she's scaled so many time, the clothes she created herself helped her become one with the shadows. As she moved the shadows wrapped around her as if to protect her, mingling with the dark grey of the fabric. Once she was to the wall she lifted up her gloved hands and inspected the claws she implemented in their design. The claws were made of a very strong metal she tempered and colored black, shining only enough so they could only be seen up close.
She took her time knowing that no one would ever see her having done this so many times and being aware of the way the shadows moved with her. She liked to believe that they were her parents, looking out for her, guiding her on her path to new treasures and adventure. Smiling at this thought she looked up then launched herself up digging her claws into the imperfections of the wall. Scaling the wall was child's play to her as was climbing down the other side. After noiselessly landing into the dust and dirt she crouched down and sneaked a few yards away from the wall. Looking back she grinned to herself and flung herself into the dirt and rolled around a bit giggling quietly to herself and breathing in the air.
After about five minutes of goofing off she got up, dusted herself off and looked around deciding to go back to an abandoned city she's been to many times and always found something new. She turned and waved at the city before turning and running off to the east, the air flowing through her hair made her feel as if she were flying. Made her feel for at least a moment she were free to be with the land and listen to it's whispers as it told her of it's past beauty.