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" .. How may I help you?.. "

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a character in “Guerra di Madre Natura”, originally authored by MissUnown, as played by RolePlayGateway




Role: Virgo

Gender: Female
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): None that she knows of
Age: 19
Love Interest: None currently

Height: Five foot even
Weight: 105 pounds
Build: Slender with newly budded curves
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Moss green
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Scars: small ones on her hands and arms due to her hobbies. Tattoos: Raven wings between her shoulder blades that stop at the middle of her back. Piercings: Size 6 taper gauges one in each ear lobe.
Description: Due to her Olive skin tone it is hard to determine if she tans or not. Her hair Is thick and wavy usually needing little maintenance, which is good considering she normally just rolls out of bed and lazies about most of the time.

Preferred Clothing: Mainly Gypsy garb, but she has several outfits she has made herself including a special one she made for when she sneaks out of the city to explore.

Oddities: Enjoys the strange and can easily become obsessed with new things that peek her interest but tries to not let it control her actions. The best way to describe her might be a walking contradiction. Suffers from depression at times, this fluctuates at random times.

Skills: She is talented in the arts, making things has been natural to her even at a young age. She can sing but doesn't do it openly, people have listened in on her singing many times and has a small group of fans that she is unaware of. Gardening: Was able to get her hands on some seeds and put together a garden in her basement.

Likes: Colors, marionettes, being around kind people, caring for animals, she has many likes a few to many for her to be able to list at one time.
Dislikes: Anger, Being yelled at, Herself.
Hobbies: Reading, drawing, sewing, nearly any craft, playing video games, cooking, cleaning, word searches, is currently teaching herself how to play the Ocarina (in secret), She has many hobbies she juggles around to keep herself busy.

Phobia(s): dark small spaces sometimes.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Always appears to have a faraway look about her and tends to day dream whenever possible. Don't let this fool you though, she pays attention to nearly everything... Well, mainly when she feels like she SHOULD listen. Due to a rough childhood mentally she is a bit unstable, she does her best to keep it under control by staying as busy as she can. This is made easy though due to her love and talents in creating things, cleaning, and cooking. She almost constantly puts herself down and usually ignores or denies any compliments she is given. Generally quiet and timid but given time she will open up and talk freely with those who are willing. She bonds quickly with those who she befriends and has a strong love for the people or animals she cares about and will do almost anything for them. She is also a bit clueless about people and because of this can be easily taken advantage of, not that she can notice or care. She kinda likes being told what to do and actually performs tasks better when given orders. A very curious soul unable to stop herself from leaving the city each night to explore the dead land, imagining what it must have been like when it was a live.

Weapon Discipline: She has very little weapon discipline due to her peaceful nature and lack of the knowledge of defense. She keeps two daggers with her at all times though, and practices with a bow for sport only. Not that she won't defend herself if need be.
Abilities: She is able to disappear in a seconds notice, Hiding in wait to knock out her opponents.

Relationship Status: Single
Family: Anslem Hartwig: Presumably dead.
Personal History: Orphaned at the age of 6 due to her birth parents, who were infamous thieves, being captured and after a long trial, executed. She was taken to an orphanage where the kids were given medication to keep them quiet and calm. This made it easy to force them to do manual labor among other questionable things. This went on until she was 11 when she was taken from the orphanage by a man by the name of Anslem Hartwig. He was a friend of her parents, being in the same business as them, and upon hearing of his friends demise began searching for her.

Unfortunately the government had erased all evidence of her existence in an attempt to reform her into a slave. This made it very difficult to find her and by the time he did her programming was nearly complete. The damage on her psyche was immense but with his love and patience he helped heal her shattered mind. They lived together above a shop (A small cafe) near the gate of the city, every night they would venture out and explore the land, finding the secrets that had survived the death of the world. Each day was a new learning experience, he taught her all he knew and by the time she was just 17 she was a master thief. The lessons from then on were weapon skills, but the night she turned 18 Anslem disappeared. She tried desperately to find him but after a year she is beginning to believe that he is dead. She continues to search for any clues of where he could be though hoping that one day she'll find him.

So begins...

Zena's Story


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Zena silently watched first the lone woman and then the two who went over. She waited exactly one minute before moving towards the wall she's scaled so many time, the clothes she created herself helped her become one with the shadows. As she moved the shadows wrapped around her as if to protect her, mingling with the dark grey of the fabric. Once she was to the wall she lifted up her gloved hands and inspected the claws she implemented in their design. The claws were made of a very strong metal she tempered and colored black, shining only enough so they could only be seen up close.
She took her time knowing that no one would ever see her having done this so many times and being aware of the way the shadows moved with her. She liked to believe that they were her parents, looking out for her, guiding her on her path to new treasures and adventure. Smiling at this thought she looked up then launched herself up digging her claws into the imperfections of the wall. Scaling the wall was child's play to her as was climbing down the other side. After noiselessly landing into the dust and dirt she crouched down and sneaked a few yards away from the wall. Looking back she grinned to herself and flung herself into the dirt and rolled around a bit giggling quietly to herself and breathing in the air.
After about five minutes of goofing off she got up, dusted herself off and looked around deciding to go back to an abandoned city she's been to many times and always found something new. She turned and waved at the city before turning and running off to the east, the air flowing through her hair made her feel as if she were flying. Made her feel for at least a moment she were free to be with the land and listen to it's whispers as it told her of it's past beauty.