Lea Robinson

"I'm not stupid, This is dangerous but I'm so close."

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Accessing FBI Criminal Data Base...
New York City Mafia Dossiers Uploading...
Password: Ness...
Access granted...


【More Than The Mugshot...】
β€œ My Dad is FBI, You've been warned.”


☞Full Name☜
Lea Iris Robinson

Whatever her father calls her.


African American


☞Sexual Orientation☜

Queens, New York

The Rising Star

【Tale Of The Tape...】
"What is there something on my face?"”


☞Eye Color☜
Light Brown
Black Brown, Long and wavy

☞Body Type☜
☞Special Markings☜

She looks older than she is, and that works in her favor sometimes but not always.

【Behind The Mechanics...】
β€œI can blog all I like, but nothing would be greater then an actual job as a reporter.”


Investigative reporting
Creative Writing
Cooking with her father

Being told what to do, by anyone but her father.
Being snuck up on.
Chewing on her pencil when she's thinking
Drumming her fingers on just about anything when thinking.

Losing her father to the job
Her family falling apart.

To Win the Pulitzer Prize
To look after her father

She has a small school girl crush on her father's partner though he kinda scares her.

Slight OCD, she like to have her things perfectly organized, and tends to get a bit pissy when they are out of place.

Lea is a fun loving good natured girl, who loves a good mystery. She is spunky, sassy, always needing to have the last word and even a little pesky, but headstrong when it comes to discovering the truth. She is very family oriented, helping her mother and father look after her younger brothers, and tries to keep the peace. She's flirty, playful and a a bit carefree, the only thing she takes seriously is her writing and her family, and she's not afraid to speak up about how she feels, and she'll be rather snappy about it.

She has a nasty habit of getting into trouble, her curiosity rivaling that of a cat. If she thinks she has a scoop, she'll do anything to get it, even if that means listening in on conversations and recording them. She is a very determined writer, and she will do just about anything to get her story.

【Armed And Dangerous...】
β€œThe Pen is mightier then the sword...so they say”


She's never killed anyone before, and has only been in a fight once maybe twice in her life.

☞Load Out☜
She has pepper spray her father gave her but beyond that, nothing.

Lea is great with children, having helped her mother and father out with her younger brothers, even more so now that their relationship is rocky at best.

She always has her phone on her, that thing is her life, without it, she'd lost her mind.

Curiosity, She tends to through caution to the wind anytime she gets curious about something, and she'll put herself in harms way just to get a story.

【Rap Sheet...】
β€œIt's my last year of high school, and then I can finally start doing some real reporting.”


Lea life is rather simple, despite her her mother and father's relationship going from bad to worse. She's always looked after her brothers, especially when they were in the middle of a fight, she'd get them dressed and ready for school, and then go herself, one would think that would take a toll, but not really, her parents were trying for their sake, and her father was always there, though there were times he did get lost in his work or bring it home. She didn't mind though, so long as he was there, she'd often peek from behind the couch as he went over case files. Though admittedly, some made her sick to look at. It's what piqued her curiosity in the first place, she always wanted to know more, and her whole life she's wanted nothing more then to unravel truths and solve mysteries. She even started a blog in middle school, and worked on her every school paper she could. Now, that is is her last year in high school, she's decided to she'd study journalism and become an investigate reporter, and her first story: Ric Falcone.

【Just A Little Extra...】
β€œWhy is it that in comics, the superheroes girlfriend is either a scientist, or a reporter? I don't get it?”

*All Optional*
☞Theme Song☜
Your Gonna Go Far, Kid-Offspring
She works as a waitress at the local coffee shop to help save up for school.

So begins...

Lea Robinson's Story


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Lea sighed heavily as her yellow punch buggie decided it wasn't going to work today. She'd just managed to make it all the way to the newspaper to submit her application for an internship, and had a pretty successful interview, but now that she was on her way home, it decided no.

"C'mon..." she groaned heavily, and climbed out of the car. She'd managed to get it to park before it completely died, but it stalled several times before finally committing suicide.

She walked around front and opened the front hood. Smoke puffed up, covering her face in exhaust and something else she wasn't quite sure of.

She coughed waving a hand in front of her face. She'd gotten this old thing for her birthday, it was old, cheap and beat up then and it was even worse now. Regardless, she loved it.

She looked around and sighed. It was late, she didn't want to be out here alone. Luckily her father's office wasn't far from here. She locked up the car, and made her way there.

Once there, she pulled out her visitor's pass and smiled at the reception. "Hey Lea," the woman said with a smile, she was a smart looking woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. "Hey, Natalie, Is my father in? My car decided not to work on my way home, so I'm kinda stranded." She told her and the woman nodded. "I'll see if he's in." she said and Lea nodded before taking a seat in one of the chairs as Natalie paged for her father. Lea pulled out her notebook, and started a bit of her homework. She would be so glad when this was over. She had a couple months left of school and she'd be free. Not that she minded the work, but still she'd much rather focus on her writing and only her writing.
ImageShe just finished her history homework, when she caught sight of her father's partner, Billy. She smiled, she used to have the biggest crush on him when she was younger, and while she still sorta did, she was getting over it, he was more like family now, even if he did look like someone from a Calvin Klein ad. "Hey," She called to him and stood up, giving him a quick hug. "My car died a few blocks over, So I'm stuck here." She said sheepishly. "Just gonna wait for Dad and ride in with him if he won't be too late. How are you?"