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Nicholas Quinn

"A Cop On The Streets, A Man In The House And A Freak In The Bed" - True Story

0 · 799 views · located in New York City

a character in “Guerra Famiglia: The Crucible”, as played by SirLancelot


Accessing FBI Criminal Data Base...
New York City Mafia Dossiers Uploading...
Password: Ness...
Access granted...


【More Than The Mugshot...】
β€œWhat's cooking Good Lookin'?”


☞Full Name☜
Nicholas Quinn.

Nick, Quinn


Irish and Italian


☞Sexual Orientation☜

Dublin, Ireland

Nick is not a Made Man however he does do quite a bit of work for the Falcones...for the right price

【Tale Of The Tape...】
β€œBaby, you know size don't matter...Right?”


☞Eye Color☜
His hair is a dark brown and is kept short however is never given a particular style

☞Body Type☜
His body is quite solid, however it is in no way bulging. It is clear to any passerby or observer that his slight bulk is not from working out more than lots of walking and running and generally doing his job.

☞Special Markings☜
He does not have any scars or tatoos.

Pretty much anything else.

【Behind The Mechanics...】
β€œThe only things I need are you”






'Boinking' ;)






Bullets (In him)

He has a coffee habit, often being seen with a strong black one.

"Sex is a habit right?"

Nick like never eats in his own home, he's got kinda of a fast food habit but for women he'd call it more of a "Eating Out habit"

He also has a bit of a smoking habit, it's mostly social but in times of stress, he might be mistaken for a factory chimney.

Being arrested with all the people he's put in jail

Losing his sister

To one day retire from the Police and Mob life with his life and some money

To one day punch his stepfather in his no-good face

It's a secret from all of his collegues that he is in league with the Falcone crime family.

He also has kept a secret for a very long time, he actually thinks his sister isn't a terrible person. Ssssh. It's a secret.

Nick could be only described as flirty, it is far too often that he can be seen with a girl on his arm or in his bed...Or atleast trying to get either of those things. He can barely resist making a comment or approaching a woman that he likes the look of. It's something that he couldn't stop even if he wanted to and he really doesn't want to stop. Ever.

He would never let it leak but he is quite fond of his sister. While he might not agree with many of her choices, especially of men but he still looks out for her even if he won't admit it. He will look out for her and has various threats to dish out if he thinks anyone will hurt her and he would make sure she didn't hear about it. Like...seriously. That'd be such a hassle.

When he's on business, either Cop or Mob business he can be slightly different. He might not change so much outwardly but inwardly his mind would be working over-time. Trying to keep every detail straight in his mind.

【Armed And Dangerous...】
β€œYou sure you wanna see my piece?”


He usually tries to avoid 'whacking' people but if he has to, he tries to be quick and clean. His skills as a Police Officer being used to help not get caught.

☞Load Out☜
On-Duty: SIG Sauer P226 DAO

Off-Duty: Smith and Wesson Model 640

Athletics: Nicholas can run, he used to say while he might not be able to do calculas or write an essay atleast he can run. It's been one of his skills for all his life. He liked running and he really likes running after people, maybe that's what he's such a good Cop. The stamina is why he's such a good lover.

Firearms: Having recieved firearms training from the NYPD, he can use a gun and almost any kind with reasonable effectiveness.

Seduction: If he does say so himself, he's quite a seducer. He likes the game. The cat and mouse of it all. He enjoys it even if he doesn't intend it to go anywhere. Harmless fun.

A key part of Nick's equipment would be his badge. He likes to think it pretty much gets him in anywhere he wants to go. It's not true.

He drives a Ford, his unmarked police car. Well, he can't be expected to be patrolling around marked now can he?

One of his weaknesses is a good woman. If someone attracts him or repels him enough, he just can't stop himself going back for more. It's like a compulsion.

He isn't the strongest of guys out there, he couldn't take someone who's tanked themselves out in a hand to hand fight if he's not careful.

Forethought, this might be something people in 'The Business' would have a lot of, well...Nick isn't really cut out for it. Every action he takes seems to be on a whim, his comments, his smiles, his lack of respect will probably get him killed if he's not care. Trust me. He's not careful.

【Rap Sheet...】
β€œFuck you! You aint got shit on me!”


Born in Dublin to two not very well of parents, Nick didn't have a great start in life, but he was kinda happy. He didn't want for anything that he needed, not that he agreed at the time. Four years into his life, his sister Fiona was born.

They had their usual sibling squabbles but everything was fine. Their family was happy. Then his Dad left. Nick's Father went to America and before too long he had a new Stepfather. The stepfather was a tool and Nick didn't give a shit what that guy said, he wasn't changing his last name for no-one and luckily he didn't have to but his sister, she didn't really have a choice being too long to really have one.

He grew into his teenage years with a hate for that man. It couldn't be said why but everything about the man rubbed Nick the wrong way. It was midway through his teens that Nick decided enough was enough. He didn't need the shit that his stepfather was doing. He wanted out. He needed to go and so he did.

He left on his own. Called his Dad, who helped him out a little but eventually Nick made his way to America with his Father. Left his Sister to get on with it on her own, he didn't think about it back then but he didn't know what was happening behind the closed doors of his own home.

He had many jobs over the years, he worked in stores, bars, clubs. You name it, he's worked there but it was all building up to one thing. He wanted to become a Cop. Not a Mall Cop. Not some Paul Blart type fuckery. A Real Police Officer. He set his mind to it and there. He made it happen. Blood, swear, tears and god knows what other bodily fluids later. He was there.

So here he is, a Cop. His sister was married to a Mobster and he's officially in 'The Business.' Boy is his life great.

So begins...

Nicholas Quinn's Story


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"So he said; That's not my wife. So I said; Don't worry, that's not my dick"

The laughter from the phone emitted loudly and Nick's voice joined in with it, making the coffee in my cup shake from side to side. The laughter may have been too much for that excellent anecdote because some of the liquid fell, right onto Nick's lap. He was glad that it was only luke warm as it hit his crotch. That would've really burned his balls.

"Fuck! No, not you. It's fine Steve."

Nick patted his own lap to hopefully remove some of the moisture. The house of the Falcone's was in his sight. If he was there on official business, it would have been a stakeout but it wasn't. It was more like...planning to crash a party. Infact, that's exactly what it is.

"Dude, what are you doing tonight? Wanna go for a few brewskies?"

Steven was a cool guy. Drinking buddy. Cop. You know, the usual. He didn't know ofcourse, about Nick's connection with the crime family. That'd be far too risky, like seriously. It'd be totally stupid. Detective Quinn stared out of his window, bored. The sky was getting dark as evening was drawing in and Nick was ready to get his party on, as a younger version of himself would have said.

"Nah. I'm going to a party tonight..."

"Ah, who's party?"

"I don't know yet, I wasn't invited."

The two exchanged their goodbyes. It was something which Nick has become quite accustomed to, getting into places that he wasn't really supposed to get into unfortunately his badge wasn't likely to be of much help getting into the Mafia HQ. Seriously. This place looked like the last level of a Cop game, the Bosses HQ. It looked like if you combined Scarface and The Godfather...Okay. Maybe that was an exaggeration but still. It was...big and filled with criminals. The Police Officer reached into his glove compartment and pulled out a small flask, in true stereotypical fashion he poured the liquid into his already present drink. It was time to Irish up this coffee. He waited and he saw people begin to gather outside the home of Ric Falcone. Nick had dealings with him before, quite frequently infact. Especially due to the fact that Fiona was married to Ric's Brother, quite a big factor there really, but they weren't really buddies.

Nicholas breathed in, drank up his coffee and placed his guns into the open compartment, slipping his flask into the jacket. Never know, they might have shit drinks at this party. He stepped out of his car, walked across the street where he was parked and walked towards the door. There were guards ofcourse and Nick made himself known. His sister was married to the Don's brother, that counted for something right? Right?

Turns out it does. He blagged his way through, somehow without getting shot or stabbed or 'whacked' and there he was. In the most boring looking party he'd ever seen in his whole god-damn life. It looked less like a party and more like a banquet. Nick had never felt so under-dressed.


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"To us and a new beginning." Hiroshi tapped his glass to her before taking a sip. He then turned to the help, and asked if they could play Momoe's favorite song from when she was a kid. Before he could do anything his phone beeps again. He simply takes his phone out and drops it into whats left of his drink. "There, now no one can interrupt us. He then motioned to an open area in the middle of the room and extended his other hand to Momoe, "May I have this dance?" As he did that he noticed a man walk in, which it normally would matter seemings it is a party after all, but something about him didn't sit right. Then it hit him, this new guy was Johnny Law. "Would Ric really let a cop in here without a heads up? Was he on his payroll? Either way if he was invited why wasn't he warned? Do I leave my daughter that I'm finally breaking through to, in order to confront this or leave it to tend to her? Wait why is this even a question, of course I pick my daughter." he thought and then pushed it to the back of his mind. Right now nothing was more important then Momoe. Then turned his attention back to her.


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Momoe was so excited, she was going to dance with her father again, something she hadn't done since before her mother died. She wanted to cry for her happiness.

His phone went off and Momoe stiffened. Don't answer it, don't answer it, please don't answer it., it was something she used to chant in her head when she was a kid. He'd read her a story for bed or they'd be eating dinner and his phone...or pager at the time, would always go off. She would pray he didn't answer but he always did. She still never stopping praying.

Disappointment washed over her as he pulled out his phone. "Please, Don't answer it." She thought again and to her relief and surprise, he dropped his phone in the glass.

Happy tears welled up in her eyes. "There, now no one can interrupt us." He said and gestured to the dance floor, Momoe gathered up her dress with one hand and took her father's extended one with the other. "May I have this dance?" He asked and she couldn't help a small giggle. "I would be my pleasure." She said and placed her hand on her father's shoulder, making sure to avoid his feet, though her inner child wanted to step on them. She noticed her father's attention was drawn to one of the men that had entered but he seemed to ignore it, which made her all the more happy. Ironically, it was then she felt her phone vibrate in her purse at her hip, smiling at her father, she too ignored it, nothing was going to ruin this for them. Even if it was Ivan, which was more the case. She didn't know how long this would last.


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Marley had spent the beginning of the evening listening in to snippets of conversation, curiously picking up tidbits of info left and right. One girl chatted casually about her brother 'disposing the body' of her ex in the river. Another giggled about the rapid speed that the drug trade was moving at. Huh. That was worth another listen. Marley edged closer to the group, only to glance up when she saw none other than Claudia Falcone walk up to her. "You must be new." Her voice was riddled with suspicion, but Marley detected a hint of humor in her tone. Messing around with the help, huh? Talk about a bully. Why, Marley might just have a word to Mr Falcone about this mistreatment of staf- Oh. Right. She didn't actually work here.

Reaching to her back, the woman tore off the price tag still attached to her uniform. Oops. "Better fix that." She said with a smile, before disappearing into the crowd once more. Marley took a breath of relief before glancing upwards to her cherry locks. Urgh, she knew she should have worn a wig. But she wasn't all that big of a reporter, so she hadn't bothered. Moron. Oh, well. Claudia had more than likely been simply teasing. And there wasn't really anyone else here that she kne-

Suddenly, her eyes fell upon a handsome, slightly underdressed individual. An individual that, frankly, had no right being here. Well, technically, she didn't either, but that was different. Kind of.

She ducked behind a plant pot, glimpsing at the cop through the green foliage. Yep. He was definitely a policeman. But what the hell was he doing here? Part of Marley, -the enthusiastic, gutsy, reporter part- felt a thrill, itching to find out exactly how the man was connected to the most powerful family in New York. The other part, however, -the smart, survivor part- saw things differently. In a 'well, shit. If this guy recognizes me from my having snooped around the precinct in the past, I am pretty darn screwed.'

She bit her lip, continuing the play the part of the harmless maid, as a gentleman she noted as the leader of the Yakuza took a drink from her, and gave her a fifty (Sweet. At least this night wasn't completely useless. Unless, of course, she gets murdered. But whatever) all whilst staying out of view of the cop. Yep. I should have definitely worn a wig.


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Time passed, and the sound of music and laughter grew louder. Alyssa had just finished going over all the paper work, when the grating voice reached her ears. She smiled almost bitterly to herself. Cruel wasn't a strong enough work to describe Claudia. Yet, Alyssa was not one to back down. Both women had been rubbing each other the wrong way since Claudia had clawed her way into Ric's life.

"Claudia." Alyssa smiled overly friendly, turning to face the poignant woman. "Now, now. Green really doesn't suit you." Alyssa moved towards Claudia stopping before her. "Crass as always. It's nice to see you too." She continued to smile before her expression turned to that of mock shock. "You're wearing clothes!? Lovely dress. What is it? Walmart? Target? Definitely, a step up from the Thrift shop were you must of shopped before Ric decided to . . . Well," Alyssa continued with an amused twinge to her lips. She was not in a mood to take Claudia's shit tonight. "Ric has always had a place in his heart for the less fortunate. Charity starts at home after all. Downstairs did you say?" Alyssa brushed passed the absinthian woman, knocking Claudia's shoulder.

Alyssa was sure Claudia knew after her feelings for Ric. Maybe, she wondered as she made her way down the stairs; Claudia and she could have been friends, if they had not been in love with the same man . . . Alyssa smirked, realising her ideal thinking was exactly that. Ideal. And untrue. Claudia was gauche. She was so very . . . common. And nothing could ever change that. No matter how much she may try to elevate herself in the world. No matter how she tried to play the gracious hostess; what was out of Claudia's power to change was where she came from.

Standing on the fringes of the clamorous room, Alyssa grabbed a glass off the tray of a passing waitress. She was going to need it by the looks of it. The look of disgust of Nick Quinn's face as he entered matched Alyssa's own thoughts. What had she walked into? It was like she had walked into the Twilight Zone. Yukimura was there dancing with his daughter as if they were at her cotillion.

Her eyes searched for Ric but he was nowhere to be seen. Claudia's words rang in her ears. Claudia's jealousy did not give her the pleasure Alyssa had always thought it would. Because Claudia didn't matter. She was just a blip. And blips faded, in time . . . Or disappeared.


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Claudia tapped her foot impatiently as Alyssa just kept blabbing at her. All of the words that came out of that cow's mouth were supposed to make Claudia tick, and they did... to a certain extent. Alyssa was one of the few people who knew (and cared) that Claudia was born and raised to be a lower-middle class Italian woman who would have six children and argue with her husband every night. She was by no means raised to live the life she was pursuing now. And yes it was strange that Ric and chosen little frizzy haired Claudia over smart Alyssa, but he had. Now Alyssa just needed to get over herself and accept that. For God's sake, Claudia and Ricardo had been married for eight years and Alyssa still wasn't over it. Somethings just need to die, and Alyssa's love for him is one of those things.

By now Claudia was used to the jabs that Alyssa took at her. Instead of furthering the irritation between the two of them Claudia, for the first time in a long time, decided to keep her mouth shut. Claudia did nothing as Alyssa barged into her and made her way down the stairs. Claudia stood in Ric's office for a moment, taking it's paperwork and metal kind of smell. Then she returned to the party. Her hazel scanned the guests as she defended from the staircase. A jumble of people Claudia didn't remember inviting were here, but that wasn't something unusual. Everyone was trying to get into these parties. Then she spotted the handsome devil on payroll.

"Nicky!" She exclaimed, swigging down the last of her champagne and putting it on a servers platter. Claudia cupped his face with her right hand and gave him a quick peck on the cheek on the other side. Pulling away she said "I wasn't expecting to see you here." If Claudia had lived another life she would have married someone like Nick Quinn. He was charming and had one of those cute little accents. He would have been something of a prize to her and her girlfriends back home. Something a little exotic, and if he wasn't involved in the mafia, something stable enough to raise kids with.

Claudia did a quick scan of his clothes. Underdressed, but she didn't mind. Nick Quinn never seemed to understand that these sort of things were a fashion statement for women and a time to show off for the men.


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Nicholas scanned the crowd. Overdressed, overpayed. The words that came to his head. He pulled the flask out of his jacket and took a swig before placing it back into his pocket. He looked and thought he saw a spray of red hair disappear from him. It slightly intrigued him and he walked further into the party. He saw the champagne being carried around, looked down at himself and sighed. He could have atleast worn a nice suit. His eyes met with one Alyssa Mancini, he'd seen her around and he gave her a quick once over. Up and down. She was hot. He'd seen her around before and every single time he made that conclusion.

They'd never really spoken properly but Nick liked to think he'd made an impression. Atleast enough of one that if he wanted to go and talk to her, it'd be easy enough. It was then he heard a sound. A call. The homing signal. He knew who it was before he even looked. The wife to Ric Falcone. A smile summoned itself to his face. He heard his name and felt her hand on his face and her lips touch his cheek.

"Claudia! Baby!"

He exclaimed to her as he risked breaking a boundary, he wrapped an arm around her waist and gave her a quick squeeze. He winked at her and responded to her next comment.

"There's a reason for that...Probably because I wasn't invited but don't worry, I didn't bring my badge..."

He kept a hold of her waist and gave her an up-down look.

"You're looking good...More clothes than I'd like but I suppose that wouldn't be appropriate...With your husband so close and all.."

He took a step back and gave her another look and smiled then gave a mock paranoid look around the place. While he wasn't actually scared of Ric, he had heard stories and...If it came to a fight Nick REALLY wasn't confident. He'd probably be killed, dragged out somewhere and shot. Nick didn't wanna get shot. It wasn't in his plans for the next five years.

"I don't have to worry about being shot now do I? Because...How could I resist touching you?"

Nick stood and looked around, no-one else was particularly pulling him, he did notice that he couldn't see his sister but maybe she just decided not to come...Whatever. Claudia was entertaining enough...and....Alyssa was always an option...


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Claudia flashed a glittering smile when he said he had not been invited. There was good reason for that. She and Ric didn't want to introduce all of their assets to Hiroshi. But Nick's showing up here wasn't something entirely too bothersome. On a business level Claudia would have liked a little warning but on a personal level she was more than happy that he was here. Nick was someone that Claudia could count on... for the most part, anyway. Claudia was just tickled by the man. She of course was truly loyal to her husband, but that didn't mean she couldn't flirt with the Irishman. She was confident that Ricardo trusted her enough, and if he didn't, then that was his problem.

"You're looking good...More clothes than I'd like but I suppose that wouldn't be appropriate...With your husband so close and all.."

Her hazel eyes peered down at her dark blue dress. It was a silky material that wrapped around her body, with a high slit and a low v. The dress something of a show but it definitely wasn't her most enticing piece. Claudia figured that tonight was a good night to lay back, after all the old Asain man was attending and she didn't want him to have a heart attack before both clans had settled on a deal. "If it's any consolation, there's nothing underneath," Claudia said in a hushed voice. Though Nick might not have known that she was would never dare sleep with him, she still found pleasure in teasing. "After all, what Ricardo doesn't know won't kill him." With that line she let out a little laugh as her eyes search for her husband. Her words were laced with deeper meaning. Ricardo was gone so much that he really didn't know a lot of what Claudia did her spare time. Nor did he know that she had her own little network and was working on Carrie. Not finding her husband, she returned her gaze to Nick.

At his mock paranoia Claudia let out soft chuckle before saying "Maybe, if you're not careful." Her tone was full of sarcasm. If Ricardo felt intimidated by Nick it would a surprise to Claudia. After Nick worked for Ric, and there were a number of ways that the Don could easily fuck up his entire life.

"You didn't come to this party for me though." She said as she watched him look around. "Looking for your sister? Or another wealthy woman to fuck?"


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Nick chucked when she told him that she had nothing on underneath. He wouldn't put it past her. She had a reputation. It wasn't one spoken about super openly but it was hushed enough to sound like the truth.

"Oh, I can only imagine what Ricardo has waiting for him every night....Damn..."

He bit his lip and smiled at her. Nick didn't think he would actually fuck Claudia....Okay...What he meant was he didn't think he'd want to fuck her and deal with the repercussions of that action. He didn't want to die after all. He also was pretty sure that she wouldn't fuck him either, obviously. He's not rich enough for her tastes, no way he could throw parties like this. He could maybe rustle up some wine and Doritos on short notice...

She doesn't look like a Doritos kinda girl. Nick thought that the fact she might not sleep with him even if he put in a lot of effort slightly insulting on some deep egotistical level, one he would probably tell his therapist about if he could afford one. It was then that she mentioned what Ricardo doesn't know.

"Oh really? Maybe one day Darling, we can go get a few drinks. I'll give you a ride...or two in my Cop car, get into a car chase and cap it all off with a nice coffee and a sleep...Sound fun?"

He laughed when she said he wasn't there for her and took a step forward.

"Awww don't talk like that Honey, I'm always here to see you. Don't you ever see me just barging in, wandering around? Hoping to see you in your usual undressed state?"

He chuckled and smirked to himself before shaking his head.

"No but seriously, I'm just here because I heard there was a party but...Fucking a rich girl wouldn't be so bad....If you're not available that is....Is my sister even here? I don't really keep track of where she goes"


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Carrie pulled her car away from the police officer and skidded down the road. After some self convincing she decided the party was a must. She hadn't spoken to her brother in ages and had run out of things to tell the FBI about him. Quite a shitty mole she was in fact.

Whole driving down the street, to her own stupidity she found a tube of cherry red Chanel lipstick in her glove compartment and applied it while driving down the road. As a cause an effect, the cause being Carrie was distracted driving, the effect was well an interesting one. See she had swerved to the other side of the road. Although her story didn't end there as she swerved back in less than a second.

Smiling, and feeling invincible Carrie grabbed the Bourbon beside her and took another swig, wincing as the alcohol went down but smiling at the warm feeling it spread throughout her body. Drunk was good. Getting drunk had in fact become Carries favorite past time since Sam's death.

Finally she pulled up in front of a huge mansion that she had grown very accustomed to over the course of her life, although in recent years it had nearly become a stranger. Although the house was now a stranger Carrie let herself in anyways, not bothering to knock as she came face to face with the crowd.

Carrie had not forgotten on the way out of her Range Rover her bottle of Bourbon which she held in her hand and occasionally took a swig of as she let her eyes roam about the crowd taking everything and everyone in.

Almost instantly she spotted people that she knew. But a select few actually caught her full attention. Although the ones that did really caught it. Such as Mark Hartmann, a man she knew from her mole work. Two thoughts popped into her mind when she saw him, first suspicion as to why he is here. Maybe he's a traitor against the FBI, Carrie thought to herself. Her second thought was that he would see her and rat her out to her family, which ultimately was one of her biggest fears, the mafia didn't show sympathy to traitors even if they are family.

Moving her eyes from that she spotted Claudia and yet another cop. Oh this is fucking great, thought Carrie. Claudia, whom Carrie had previously been close with, was now just another person she got to watch burn when the mafia got taken down. It almost excited Carrie to know that her revenge may work.

The last person she spotted was her brother, whom she glared daggers at from across the room. She balled her hands into fists and clenched her teeth at the mere sight of him.


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"Ah," Claudia cooed at him as he went into detail about a pretend date. "If only you were proposing this eight years earlier," she teased. In all honesty though, eighteen year old Claudia would have jumped on the chance for a date with Nicolas Quinn. Then again, who knows what shenanigans Nick was up to in his twenties. Perhaps he wouldn't have made the same kind of impression on her then. Claudia quickly imagined Nick as a twenty-something year old, probably just as handsome but not as rugged. He wasn't involved with the dark side just yet, and that might have made him a little more innocent...? Who knows.

Claudia pretended to primp herself as Nick went on about always being here to see her. They both knew that wasn't true. She laughed at his comment about her usual undressed state. "If you wanted to see me naked, you could have just asked," Claudia joked, giving his arm a squeeze. Claudia watched him shake his head, coming out of this silly game that they played.

"A party is a party," She said, slipping one arm around his waist and using the other to theatrically show him the guests that were mingling. "Do you even like parties, Nick?" She asked, taking a step back. Fucking a rich girl wouldn't be so bad....If you're not available that is.... Claudia gave Nick a playful look, "Did you already forget that my husband is here?" she asked, her slender fingers fixing with collar of his jacket. "I haven't seen your sister..." Claudia said, looking the cop over once again. "I heard that she was here though." The party was just starting and if Nicolas planned on staying he would need to clean up a bit. He would at least need a tie.

"You're planning to stay, I assume?" Claudia went on, giving him yet another look down. "You're going to need to do better than this." Finally she had cracked, Claudia loved it that Nick didn't care to dress up but in order for him to be accepted here he needed to shape up. "Come on," Claudia said, tugging at Nick's pants pocket, "Let's grab you something that will make you look less... civilian." Claudia didn't dare put Nick into something of Ricardo's but there were plenty of clothes lying around this house. Some from past victims, some that were gifts never opened, and so on. Claudia led Nick up the stairs, making her way to one of the many spare rooms. This room was full of useless expensive things that Claudia didn't care for, but didn't care to get rid of either. And the closet was full of mens clothing.

"Put this on." Claudia finally said, after searching through the closet. In her hands was a finely pressed shirt and a tie. Though it would still make him a tad underdressed it was enough for him to pass as one of them.