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Unleash the Primal Lords

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a character in “Guild Pact”, as played by TemplarWarden



Founding history:

Of the light there was one
Of the darkness there was another
Alike in power
Apart in goal
Under the Sun
Under the Wind
Under the Rain
Under the Thunder
Neither conquered
Neither ruled
Light was hidden
Darkness was revealed
Shattered by storm
Sundered by the blade

Strength sleeps
In fires of the land
Power waits
In blades of the mind
Spirit split
In stone of the heart
Wholeness retained
In walls of moon and stars

Unite the vessels
Of Steam and Mage and Metal
Fortified by stone and sky
Summon the Sun
Summon the Wind
Summon the Rain
Summon the Thunder
Restore the storm
Unleash the Primal Lords

The Prophecy of the Primordials

Every initiate of the Unitate can recite The Prophecy, the creed of every member of the secluded and secretive guild. No one knows who first wrote of discovered The Prophecy. Neither does a single soul know of the the founder or the age of the Guild. Rumor suggests that Unitate existed since the creation of the great relics and the days of the great guilds. Even the ancient scholars and texts can reveal no hint.

Admittance to the guild is through selection and compulsory. Only the most powerful can enter the order. Candidates are forced through strenuous routines, tests of their power and capabilities. Failure of these test results in certain death. Yet, even those who succeed are forever, minds warped to the will of the examiners. Initiates emerged from the trials fanatical in their following of The Prophecy. No matter their strength will they break. The Lord Examiner oversees the entire process of recruitment.

Outsiders know little of the workings or even the existence of the guild, though members often emerge. Cloaked in red and accompanied by hideous monstrosities they provide plentiful sources of rumors and stories of kidnapping children. Even rulers of nations are often sceptical about the existance by the sinister cult. The power of scThey believe the relics of the ancient days are fragments of the ancient Primodrials of Light and Darkness, whom every member reveres above all. Unification of these fragments and restoration of the mighty beings is the one and only goal of the Guild and they shall allow nothing to stand in their way.

Magic used by the guild:
Arcanika: A extremely rare branch of powerful magic which allows manipulation and control of machinery. For even a simple grasp of arcanika a mage requires a large reservoir of other magics. All arcanics are powerful spellcasters in other fields but not all powerful spellcasters are arcanics. Arcanika adepts are recognisable at a very early age, they have a natural affinity for machinery as well as exhibiting the usual signs of magical ability. Very few arcanics exist outside of the guild for every child with the capability is kidnapped as soon as it is discovered.

Species within the guild:

  • Grand Master
  • Council of Lords
  • The Castes
  • Adeptiate
  • Meniate
  • Coven

Grand Master:
The complete and utter master of the Unitate. All decisions of the Grand Master are followed without consideration or hesitation. The Grand Master wields more power then the the combined might of several mundane armies. Elected by the Council of Lords at the death of the previous Grand Master. The elected is usually by far the most powerful amongst his or her peers. The Council of Lords do not necessarily pick the most powerful, they also consider who would be the best leader. Often the elected is a member of the Castes and not a member of the Council of Lords, however, exceptions have occurred.

Council of Lords:
The Council of Lords exist to advise the Grand Master, elect a new Grand Master or deal with more mundane tasks that do not require their leader's attention as well as advising each other on the running of their respective castes. The council can make decisions within the limits the Grand Masters set at their election, different with each individual. Every Lord is generally elected by the rest of the Council when the previous Lord dies of retreats from office. The Council is composed of ten members:

  • Lord Seeker
  • Lord Scholar
  • Lord Warcaster
  • Lord Ambassador
  • Lord Crafter
  • Lord Hunter
  • Lord Adept
  • Lord Examiner
  • Lord General
  • Lord Quartermaster
  • Lord Charter

The Castes:
The Castes are the bulk of the organisation of the Unitate. Any initiate that show skills in a particular area are integrated into a specific Caste suited to their abilites. Each Caste is controlled by a Lord, often the most adept amongst them in the caste's particular field. No Caste is above or below another and while some a rather independent others cannot function without the assistance of another. Every Caste also provides a specialised training to their members, including a particular mode of combat as well as a profession.

  • Scholars of The Prophecy - The Scholars are task with recording the history of the guild as well as securing information on potential relics. They work closely with the Seekers although Warcasters, Crafters and Ambassadors often refer to historical records for guidance.
  • Seekers of the Storm - Seekers are tasked with searching for and hunting down relics and information pertaining to relics. They often work closely with the Scholars to pass on information received. Seekers are the most commonly seen guild members by those outside.
  • Warcaster Generals - Warcasters are the hammer of the Unitate's military strength. They muster and command the legions of titans, the magic constructs of the guild. Warcasters are generally trained in combative magic and tactics and often work with Adeptiate warriors.
  • Ambassador Mages - Ambassadors are the guild's influence on the rest of the world. They are the smallest Caste yet in some ways wield the most power. Ambassadors are tasked with keeping the existance of the Unitate a secret and uninterrupted. They are smooth talkers and the ultimate decievers.
  • Heart Crafters - Crafters are responsible for maintaining the Astral Keep and titans. They also construct and research titans and weaponry, insuring that the Unitate is always a force to be reckoned with.
  • Mind Hunters - Hunters are relied upon to bring in potential candidates from around the world. They are skilled in illusions, tricks and stealth. This allows them to blend into villages, towns and cities to hunt down children exhibiting signs of arcanic ability.

The Adeptiate is the collective term for the adepts, seasoned members of the guild who have either not shown enough specific skill to be accepted into a Caste or are too weak to accepted. They fill any role required, often as support for caste members. They form the heart of the the Unitate warmachine alongside the titans, wielding their magics as any ordinary man would wield a bow or sword. The Adeptiate is organised and controlled by the Lord Adept.

The Meniate is the workforce of the Unitate. They, like the Adeptiate, do not exhibit particularly powerful abilities or are damaged physically or mentally and unable to be of use in any other area. They work in the mines, fields and the animals of the guild, providing resources to sustain the might of the Unitate. They are commanded by the
Lord Quartermaster who also organises distribution of supplies and resources amongst the Unitate.

The Coven is the collective term for the newest recruits to the Unitate, initiates who have recently passed their test and are not experienced to be Chartered. Most initiates only remain within the Coven for a few months until the Lord Charter dictates their role in the Unitate. Children as young as 5 can be Charted into any of the castes for training, otherwise they remain within the Coven until the age of ten when they must be Charted.

The Military of the Unitate is not one separate order, instead it is a mixture of guild members from all Castes and the Adeptiate. Every member of the Unitate has received some sort of training in combat and can be drawn upon to construct an army under the command of the Lord General and more often then not, the Grand Master. The Warcasters, titans and Adeptiate troops are the bulk of the military force. However, every Caste's particular military training provides specialists to support the main and every guild member is a deadly adversary.



Grand Master Arina Talion
Species: Human
Age: 27
Arina proved herself as a skilled tracker at the tender age of seven and she was quickly charted into the Mind Hunters for training. At first she constantly fell behind other recruits, uncomfortable with the sudden change in situation and attention she received. More comfortable when secluded and alone with only animals and machines as her companions. Her integration into the Caste was difficult as she was frowned upon by her peers and superiors. At the age of sixteen when her training was complete and she began her active duty was when she shone through. She brought in sizable numbers of recruits, many of them following her willingly. His skills in magic stretch to command over snow, ice and the minds of others. Her reflexes are quick and he skill at smooth talking surpasses those of many Ambassadors.

Arina eschews the heavier, steam-driven power armor for a much lighter and more maneuvererable set. Instead of donning one of the ancient armors she commissioned the Crafters to custom forge the Ice Crown, her private set. She wields the Ice Claw, an ancient weapon laced with Soul Gold that amplifies her mastery of the frigid elements.

Lord Scholar Bella Yuria
Species: Amia
Age: 82

Lord General Savent'ar
Species: Furio
Age: 42

Lord Warcaster Riae Gardiun
Species: Human
Age: 30

Lord Crafter Imere Fait
Species: Human
Age: 34

Lord Hunter Everion Avara
Species: Elf
Age: 573

Lord Seeker Aly Tavar
Species: Elf
Age: 467

Lord Charter Barius Logan
Species: Human
Age: 36

Lord Adept Ignais Trone
Species: Human
Age: 29

Lord Ambassador Anya've
Species: Caravine
Age: 52

Lord Quartermaster Guroth Typhorus
Species: Orc
Age: 34

Lord Examiner Craick Icurus Yutiho Varia
Species: Drake
Age: 17








Dispersed though way through the midst of Unitate task groups, Magisters are the Scholars of The Procphecy unleashed upon the field of battle. Placing the historical records aside the Magisters are formidable foes. The powerful suits donned by the Caste in times of war are ancient, deadly and valuable. Forged with great precision and rare materials they incredibly difficult to replace and repair. Fueled with ancient stores of arcanika these suits of armor provide the wearers the ability to crush boulders and men alike with their fists. Within the steadfast armor the Magisters can safely observe much of the battle's progression to add to the Unitate's great stores of knowledge.

Accompaning Warcasters and titans into the thick of battle, Artificers are the Heart Crafters carrying their skills beyond the workshops and forges. Clad in steam-driven power armor they themselves forged they guard the more vulnerable flanks of the almighty titans, maintaining their charges while extending their abilities to crush those before them. Towering over most races they smash aside resistance with great maces, swords and all manner of weapons.

Representing the guild to the world of Terrera on and off the battle field the Ambassador Mages take their positions as the vanguard of any force. Earning the name of the Forelords by leading from the front. They are the first into the fray and the voices of the general to the very end. Swift and deadly they boast compact power armor, empowered as much by their own arcanika as the steam boiler. Their blades swiftly seek the flesh of enemy leaders as the Forelords plow alone deep into the enemy army.

The most powerful Caste on the field of battle, Warcasters are trained from initiation to stride alongside titans under their control. Standing greater then even the Artificers in their mighty steam armor they are the hammer of the Unitate. The unstoppable juggernaught at the core of an army they smite their enemies with titan and blade. Generally the most powerful arcanics in the Castes they can funnel their magic through the Soul Gold cores of the titans, while sparing enough power to vanquish any fools who attempts to stop them.

Silent and deadly, the Mind Hunters bewitch the minds of their foes on the battlefield, striking from nowhere and disappearing after ripping through the flanks and rear of formations. The destruction they leave behind appears as if the furies themselves tore the life from the corpses and so they earn their title. Many a battle has been won alone by their mind twisting magics or their terrifying invisibility. Furies do not wear the heavy and powerful steam armor, instead they prefer light hides adorned with deadly spines and blades so that every piece of their bodies are weapons.

Seekers of the Storm remain beyond the chaos of battle, observing from afar as they wait for opportune moments. Like the Furies, Stalkers are invisible hunters, their arrows ripping from the sky to extinguish the lives of their foes with unerring accuracy. Their magics allowing them to pinpoint targets even at such great distances and guiding their explosive or piercing arrows with the mere power of their minds. Like the furies, their armor is not enforced by arcanika steam but designed specifically to allow for freedom of movement across difficult terrain.

Adept Legion:
The most numerous of the Unitate's war-force. Clad in heavy bladed armor and wielding both great magic and expertly crafted weapons with skill far above that expected from most spellcasters or warriors of any nation. Alone they pose a terrifying threat, in both appearance and reality. Yet, working alongside the might of the Castes they are beyond deadly.


The Astral Keep

The Astral Keep is the heart of the Unitate and has existed longer then even the guild itself. Over the years as the guild has grown the Keep has expanded, mining ever deeper into the heart of the Spiratash Mountains. The Astral Keep is constructed in the highest mountain range known in Terrera. Incredibly difficult to find and access the Keep clings to the edge of a precipice, an small blemish in the distance to the naked eye. Below, plains stretch out from the roots of range, many of the inhabitants aware that the guild dwells somewhere in the crags above.

Very little of the Astral Keep is above ground. The Unitate maintains a fortress mentality and protection is the reason for much of their complex mined into the mountain. What is above ground is the animal pens, some training grounds and the examination course mostly. Along with few defensive constructions and small fields to assist in food production during the event of a siege. Although a siege is unlikely and the fields certainly cannot maintain the entirety of the Unitate for very long. The most impressive construction on the surface is the huge, iron gates barring entrance to the caverns when close.

The center of the catacombs below the mountain is the Temple of the Primordial Lords, an huge cavern decorated and given over to worship of the Primordial Lords, whom the Unitate believe are buried deep in the depths of the Spiratash. Connected to the large thoroughfares leasing to the gate are the more predominant areas such as the Crafter's Hall and the Titan Sanctum. Hidden in great halls accessible by only the smaller tunnels are the Caste Halls, where each caste trains and studies. This includes the Grand Library, where books and tomes countless are stored and preserved. Scattered over all the levels are accommodation, storage and other areas.

131,847 Adepts
45,423 Meniates

So begins...

Unitate's Story