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Cyrile Skylark

I'm Cyrile, pleased to meet you.

0 · 335 views · located in On Mission

a character in “Guilds Of Magic”, as played by Karri Khaos


Name: Cyrile Skylark
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Guild: Phantom Lord
Team Members: -
Sexual Orientation: Bi with a male preference
Type Of Magic: Dark Magic/ Necromancy Magic
Guild Symbol: Right outer thigh, Black and Red
Description: Image (credit for original picture to Hyung-Tae Kim, edits by me)
Hobbies: Backing, dancing, playing piano, practicing her magic, day dreaming
Ranks: C (While her magic is only slightly above a normal level for her experience she has unique ways of using it that allowed her to get to C Rank)

Theme Song:


She seems cheerful enough at first glance and she has a light hearted smile on all the time. She's usually talkative and likes to get to know new people, she's a little outgoing and loves to laugh and help people out when they need it. She's laid back most of the time and is an extreme suck for romance.

When she fights though she becomes more serious but almost to where it's a serenity and she seems calm and at peace when fighting, that or a little spacey no matter how focused on her opponent she is.

Looking at her first glance and first impression unless you see her fight or she talks about her magic you wouldn't assume she uses the kinds she does.


Staff of Cordelia


To be revealed in RP.

So begins...

Cyrile Skylark's Story