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Fiorenzo Eventide

Foreign Ambassador

0 · 113 views · located in Guile Island

a character in “Guile Island: Mermaids and Pirates”, as played by Nima


Name: Fiorenzo Eventide

Nick-Names: Fiore, Enzo

Species: Merman

Age: 20

Model: Francesco Mino

Eyes: Those who are offered a full forward gaze are considered privileged, as Fiorenzo tends to avert his eyes naturally when talking to others. In the case that one should see his eyes directly, they would appear as if they were two brown jewels glazed over with pools of honey.

Facial Hair: a light peppering of hair clings to his jaw line and around his smirking lips

Damage : Fiorenzo’s body appears immaculate from the exterior, save for a sprinkling of gilded freckles on his shoulders. He has never fought anyone, much less a pirate, face to face or even at an equal advantage. Always from the shadows, from behind, or while his victims are enthralled by his beguiling scales. However, the few close friends Fiorenzo has gathered over the years know of his internal scars and trouble past.

Appearance: Fiorenzo’s mother is reflected in honeyed brown eyes, in their bittersweet, almost hawk-like deftness: eyes that fare well in the shadows. Countering starkly to his sweet eyes are his svelte muscular physique and angular jaw from his father's lineage. His dark features are painted on a luminous palette of skin which wraps a fairly fit body, the fortunate result of private training lessons invested by the family. He carries this figure with grace as if an actor on stage; with a healthy posture and a proud demeanor. His thin lips are often curled into a satisfied smirk on his noble countenance. His strong hands feature a collection of golden rings, each bearing emeralds, diamonds and other jewels fastened to gilded bands, mostly Venetian by design, and a strand of baroque pearls clutches his wrist; all the loot of unfortunate victims.


Tail: Fiorenzo’s tail is covered in brilliantly iridescent white glass-like scales which glitter even at a distance. From the perspective of a sailor, the sighting of the tail is often compared to silver coins scattered along the ocean floor, which allure treasure-hungry fools to their deaths.


Although mostly quiet and morose with the occasional stoic expression to match, Fiorenzo can be quite vibrant and charming when in pursuit of something desired, or when in the company of someone he does not know. In the case of conflict, Fiorenzo will be indirect and polite about even the smallest matters, all the while keeping a smile to help things progress smoothly. Despite his attempts at pleasantries, interactions are often filled with long moments of silent thought, mistaken for awkward silence. While perhaps intimidating by frame and tall stance, Fiorenzo's presence eventually gives a peaceful, collected effect. Given the chance that Fiorenzo does open his mouth to speak, his voice is colored with an accent foreign to this region, perhaps, some might even say, alluring. As an introvert by nature, Fiorenzo finds retreat in his tightly-knit group of close friends and rarely ventures out, unless desire tells him otherwise. Therefore, Fiorenzo is a natural-born master of being coy, and will often use his mesmerizing tail or shy evasive manner as a façade to lure sailors to their looming deaths. Despite having never been on the receiving end of a pirate’s blade, Fiorenzo is fairly serious and respectful of his parent’s warnings concerning pirates. He tends to only resort to feeding on them when he must, after toying with them to fulfill the thrill of danger... and, of course, taking considerable premeditations when interacting with them. Following suit, Fiorenzo is often quite paranoid of strangers. He will interact politely and perhaps unintentionally superficially, but will save his true feelings and thoughts for his closer friends and family; those he can entrust them to.


Looted from a Turkish pirate by his great grandfather, Fiorenzo has carried this family heirloom with him ever since it was bestowed upon him from his father. The blade, an elegantly forged fluid ribbon of steel, damascene by design and silvered at both the hilt and scabbard, is always at Fiorenzo’s side.

Unique Powers: Fiorenzo’s glittering tail resembles that of treasure when hidden in the sand. When he is hidden in the shallow beneath a coral reef or rocks, it is rumored that his tail’s alluring shimmer captivates treasure-hungry pirates into a trance long enough to ensure their already imminent deaths. This could also be considered a weakness, as Fiorenzo is easier to spot if he had to escape. Therefore, he tends to stay hidden beneath large coral outcroppings on the rare occasion that he is hunting in the shallows, and usually haunts the shallows at night for appropriate prey.


Fiorenzo’s family originally descends from mermaids in the Adriatic, the northern-most reaches of the Mediterranean, who thrived off of Venetian riches and several other rich trading ports. His family eventually decided to followed treasures across the oceans, as treasures were taken from lands and made more obtainable by transporting over sea. They settled this area quite recently upon hearing the treasure of this island. Fiorenzo carries the pride of his heritage in his posture and acts as an ambassador for his family in all outside interactions. He is fascinated with the lives and culture of pirates, however, this does not stop him from considering them fair game for prey. He has a very strong connection with his parents, but something still seems strangely amiss about this seemingly sound family.

So begins...

Fiorenzo Eventide's Story