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Amber Springleaf

Beauty from the deep

0 · 105 views · located in Guile Island

a character in “Guile Island: Pirates and Mermaids”, as played by Jane Storm


Name: Amber Springleaf
Aliases / Nick-Names: Spring
Species: Mermaid
Age: 17
Model: Image
Eyes: turquoise
Appearance: The embodiment of grace and feminity, mermaids have always been an icon in the fantasy world. Amber is no different, she has the fragile constitution of her kind and the delicate features of her mother, one of the most powerful mermaids in the island. Her eyes hold the colors of the sky reflected in the water. They are both deep and mysterious like the ocean and it is believed that they’ve been given to her as a sign of divine love because neither of her parents posses that color in their eyes.
Her fair -hair is straight and full, long enough to reach her waistline and she likes to keep it intricately braided, especially when she ventures on the shore. Her body is mostly lean and slender, has a well defined waist line and a small chest. Amber’s lips are full and naturally cherry-colored,the bottom lip slightly fuller than the other. On her left side of the face, just around the eye she has tiny orange colored scales.

Tail: Amber’s tail is mainly turquoise,having light green stripes along the middle, a sign of the time of her birth, spring.
While having the looks of an angel, Amber is quite temperamental. Emotional and unpredictable, she doesn’t like to feel shackled by social rules or tradition. She loves her kind almost to obsession,being what someone might call an “outstanding patriot” and cares for her family and friends like any other merfolk, as they are always linked by powerful ties. Amber loves to visit the shore, but doesn’t stay more than half an hour twice a day on it because she’s too afraid of being caught. Although the lagoon has never been found by another specie, Amber heard stories of captured mermaids and merman, forced to age and die in just half a day. She loves dawn and dusk, the usual times of day when she gets out of the water to look at the sky. Sometimes she likes to sneak out of her room at night and explore the shoreline covered by the darkness which makes her feel safe.
She loves tending to her underwater garden and she doesn’t make friends easily. Amber is not a very friendly mermaid, but if it happens to befriend someone she’ll be loyal and caring until the end, always there when you need her. She has little conflict with the others mainly because she rarely interacts in society. It’s not because she’s shy or socially challenged, but because Amber loves the quite times, the peaceful moments of the day and she truly believes that silence is often better than words.
Weapon: none

Unique Powers: While having a beautiful voice and the power to enchant just like any other merfolk, Amber possesses the ability to use sound vibration as a weapon, the waves made by her voice being extremely powerful. She can control her power at will, especially in the water where her unique sound waves can move rocks and shatter glass, but it takes a lot of concentration and a great deal of effort so she almost nevers plays around with that. She never used her ability on shore, but she’s quite sure that the results would be devastating in the least.
Amber was born in a family of seven, having four brothers bigger than her. Being the only daughter and the youngest on top of that it’s needless to say how spoiled she was since a child. One might suppose that was probably the main reason for her moody nature, but the fact that she was born in the springtime had a huge influence on her personality. It is common knowledge among the merfolk that seasons have similar effects on different persons and Amber was no exception. She hates the cold and wouldn’t stay on the shore on a windy day even if otherwise it would kill her.

Nowadays she spents most of her time with her childhood best friend, exploring the deep, avoiding sharks and sometimes playing on the beach. Both her parents hold good positions near the King and Queen as advisors, so Amber is often summoned at the royal court along with her four brothers for various reasons (celebrations, meetings, balls). Because she never met one and never ventured out into the sea outside of the lagoon, Amber has no idea how a human exactly looks like, she just knows that it has the same appearance as merfolk, the only difference being the legs which humans can’t change back into a tail. She honestly can’t tell the difference between pirates and regular people, but she heard stories that gave her some insight on the matter.

So begins...

Amber Springleaf's Story