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GUN: Red Rasputin

GUN: Red Rasputin


Knights, fighting, action, and a freeform world to play in. It's got it all.

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The year is somewhere around 3044. To be honest, no one knows the exact date. Long ago, a huge war with man and machines on either side fighting caused the near destruction of the human race. Modern technology nearly disappeared. That day almost destroyed the entire planet, and it was since known as "The Event." Following the Event, the world had to be rebuilt and 344 years later it is in a strange state. Every major city resembles the past. Aesthetics are back to into a way that can be only be described as Feudal. The world has gone pre-industrial, but there are some differences. Technology is still somewhat around, though it's use is frowned upon and it is believed that the last surviving androids [machines that can think and feel like a human] have moved to a colony where they can hide from humanity. Electricity is still in use in the large cities, but most of the world still shuns the use of even this and as such, any towns or villages in the country away from the cities, will not have any electrics.

Warriors still roam the forests and the deserts. They walk as idols, symbols of protection. Many of them have lived their lives to be warriors, and they use their supreme skill to protect the weak, and defend villages. They usually don't even ask to be paid, and instead seek bed, food, and a blacksmith in return for their deeds.

Warriors are not as you remember. For today, they do not roam with mere swords, bows, and arrows. They march with guns.

A warrior starts his or her life learning a martial art, so that they can defend themselves without a weapon. Following that, they learn a new martial art: Gunkata. It is a martial art that is difficult to master, but extremely powerful. Almost all warriors use this and the most common guns used with it are dual pistols.



The world is split, different kingdoms and empires are ruled all over, and many of them are peaceful and allied together, but one of them is not. That one is the Empire of Rasputin. He is known for his specially trained and powerful army known as the Red Army. They are called as such because they are all completely covered in red armors, and even their guns are painted with red parts.

Rasputin has hatched a terrible plan. He has heard word that there is a relic from the Old World* that has enough power to instantly revive an old super-army that could crush civilisations in a single day. He has no idea what the relic is, but he is sending his spies out to gather information about it. With it he will take an iron grip on the world, and become the ruthless emperor of earth.


Below I will explain in more depth the world of a Warrior.

Knights or Warriors are those who have learned how to effectively use a gun as a weapon of combat and have honed their bodies and minds to make them the fastest and most agile fighters in the land. Many Knights start with knives or sticks and learn Martial arts so that they can defend themselves with disarmed.

A blacksmith is a Knights best friend. They craft their guns, ammo and armors. A blacksmith's skill is one of the most sought after and the most difficult to learn.
Many Knights travel the world to meet Blacksmiths from other countries to find the best weapons and armors.

A knight wears little armor. Typically they will wear a steel plate on their arm, [right for right handed, left for left handed] which can be used - with much training and skill - to deflect a bullet. This is done, not by holding the plate in the path of the bullet, but rather swinging the arm into the bullet to knock it off course. The Knight's strength and speed make this possible, and any normal person attempting it would likely fail

Knights are very into their own Aesthetics, and each have their guns and armor crafted to follow their unique tastes. This is both a way of allowing a Blacksmith a great deal of artistic expression, and to easily identify different Knights.

The world is no kind place, and different Knights usually make their money from either protecting people from bandits and raiders, or use their power to extort and steal.
Many Knights who follow a lighter path, will take it upon themselves to try to defeat any Knight who uses his or her abilities for their own selfish gain, rather than to help others.

Long range?A Knight's true abilities explained:
As you'd imagine, a gun is typically a long-range weapon, not meant for the close combat it's now associated with. But, see, that's the main problem. A Knight is extremely fast, extremely strong, and most of all; deadly accurate. Many of them try learning to use a skill called "transparent shield." This skill is when the Knight actually shoots a bullet out of the air. This is always used if someone shoots from afar, but is rarely used at close distance.

Many Knights, once they have been taught everything their master can teach them, begin to learn their own techniques, and form their own unique fighting style. This falls into their world of aesthetics, and many of them create moves and techniques based around that. A common point of jokes is that Knights seem to always give the more complicated moves interesting and almost poetic names.

One such ability has become a famous technique that was used by a Knight who has been hailed as the creator of Gunkata. The man's name was Wilhelm, and one day he was ambushed by no less than 50 armed men. They fired at him with automatic rifles and the man didn't return fire, instead he began to move as if in a dance, each fluid movement dodging the bullets. What's more, he was also using the Transparent Shield technique, and making himself impossible to hit. All of his attackers fell defeated and the man's technique was named, "the bullet dance." Many say it is impossible to master, and often people only manage to dodge and deflect a few rounds before their movements become too predictable and they get shot. A common sign of someone who has been trying to learn this move is long, thick scars that stripe along various parts of their body. These are the marks left by bullets nearly hitting and running along the skin, tearing a line of damage in the process.


To help you all fully get into character I have provided some video demonstrations of Gunkata as used in the media.

Video clips from Equilibrium
10 second fight from Paragraph 78
A fight from an anime that resembles Gunkata


Character skeleton: Please, no pictures. If you feel you need to provide one, do so ALONG with a full description of your character, and only realistic pictures in this case.

As a quick reminder, your character, if they are a Knight, must be over 18. This is the age that one is considered an adult, and ready to being learning through their life, rather than their master.

What should be included with your character profile:




Physical description:

Clothing and any armor:

Gun description:

Short Bio: [This is optional]


Likes: [Optional]

Dislikes: [Optional]

Misc. Info: [Anything you feel you'd like to add.]

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I breath heavily as the large sandbag falls to the ground. Sweat drips off my forehead and I stumble to the side, wretching horribly, my entire body shaking violently. I heave and heave, throwing up my breakfast from two hours before. I pushed myself too far. Again. I wipe my mouth with my arm and walk inside, my straining muscles screaming in protest as I go to the washstand and rinse my face, arms and neck with cold water. I sit down on my worn couch and unwrap my hands, still breathing hard. I toss the bandages towards the trash can and lean my head against the back of the couch. I close my eyes and think about when the next time a knight will come through the village. Another challenger for me to face and beat. That's why I train so incredibly hard. You have to be tough to survive on your own now-a-days. Especially when you're a girl. It seems that no matter where you go, guys are always trying to take advantage of you, no matter your age or sexual experience. Sexual experience. I scoff and smirk. That is something I defeinitely don't have. The guy who tries to take advantage of me is going to be quite sorely disappointed; not only about the fact that I'll kick his ass before he can even try anything, but also that unlike most girls around here, I have absolutely no sexual experience. Not that I'm complaining about that fact at all. I'm actually quite proud that I've been able to keep my virginity for this long. It's not something a lot of girls can say they still have. Maybe one out of every few hundred. Those statistics make me feel special... kind of. I stretch out on the couch and doze off, random, incoherent thoughts running through my head.

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Character Portrait: Rhoux

Deadly. Flirtatious. And loves to drink.


Character Portrait: Rhoux

Deadly. Flirtatious. And loves to drink.

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Character Portrait: Rhoux

Deadly. Flirtatious. And loves to drink.

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