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Deadly. Flirtatious. And loves to drink.

0 · 228 views · located in Earth - Roughly 3044.

a character in “GUN: Red Rasputin”, as played by Sheoul


Name: Rhoux [Pronounced, 'Roo'.]

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Physical description: Rhoux is a tall and thin man. His figure would be near anorexic if it wasn't augmented by visible muscles. His hair sits in a short mess that he never bothers to comb. It's colour appears to be a dark purple. Across his back there are roughly twenty scars received from a failed Bullet Dance, and he has even more littered across the rest of his body - most of which are on his arms and legs.

Clothing and any armor: Rhoux wears clothes that have caused him to be called both a ninja and an assassin. He wears tight, black clothes. The trousers are lined with spare clips for his guns. His top has it's sides covered in spare clips, also. The top itself is a sleeveless shirt, with a few holes in it from previous fights. Over his fingers he has little bits of black tape stuck around a few of the fingers in specific spots so that he can keep traction on the guns if his hands get sweaty.
For shoes he wears heavy, black boots that have steel toe-caps and iron around them as a sort of frame. the shoes don't have any visible laces and appear to have no way of loosening them.

Should he be in cold weather he has an old duster [a type of trenchcoat] that he will wear that is a tan-brown and has several pockets on the inside.

Gun description: Rhoux carries two black pistols with red roses etched into their metal. The pistols have average length barrels, but the handles are longer than normal by about 3 inches. This is both to allow them to be used as blunt weapons, but also to fit in a gas and pneumatic system that can propel empty clips out of the gun at dangerous speeds.

Short Bio: [I'd prefer to reveal it in the story]

Hobbies: Fighting, flirting and fu--... Well you get the idea.

Likes: Women, food, training, and sparring with other Knights

Dislikes: disloyalty, those who prey on the weak, dirty fighters.

Misc. Info: [Nothing to add]

So begins...

Rhoux's Story