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Alek Kruezmayr

Son of Victor Kruezmayr

0 · 495 views · located in Gundam Wing - After Colony 255

a character in “Gundam Pilot Academy - Elite Class”, as played by Smokescreen


Name: Alekzander Kruezmayr
Age: 17
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Regiment: Fayt

Appearance: Long and lean, with a permanent smile on his face. His hair is blonde and his eyes are hazel. Despite his strict upbringing he is often disheveled as he would prefer to wear simple cotton pants and comfortable shoes, complemented by a soft linen shirt in white or pale blue. When a uniform is required, his is pressed and fashioned to the military specification because if his dad heard he looked like "a street person" that would be his ass.

Bio: Alek is the third son of Victor Kruezmayr, now the tenth generation of Kruezmayr to take up military service. Unlike his father and grandfather, he doesn't care about lineage or prestige and would rather do what he enjoys. His passion for puzzles showed early on and after prompting by his grandfather (later thought to be a slight against Victor who wanted his son to repeat his experience with the Angel regiment) he applied that love to military theory and tactics. His father was visibly dejected, claiming that "All his grandfather wanted to do was control him." It was then Alek's wit of pointing out his father's hypocrisy got him a stout slap across the face.

So begins...

Alek Kruezmayr's Story

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Located between the Earth and the Earth Colonies is the Silentium Space Station, a neutral and heavily fortified sanctuary. As it has always been the base to launch the ship that would host the prestigious Gundam Pilot Academy, shuttles began to arrive from all across the known skies. This year, the magnificent Sylera Nox VI will be hosting the Academy. It boasts the most advanced technology and houses the system's most brilliant military minds to create the most efficient learning environment for its occupants.

Students boarding are to report to their regiment's dormitories to retrieve their room assignments, uniforms with embroidered last names and regiment patch, and a small yet highly technologically advanced communication device that can take the form of a watch or with the click of a button - a tablet.

The students have a 48 hour period to settle in before classes begin. Good luck and safe travels!