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Makoto Iwakami


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a character in “Gunpoint Justice”, as played by Keen


|| Makoto Iwakami ||



|| Theme Songs ||
Fighting||Nagato vs. Asakura

|| Full Name ||
Makoto Iwakami

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Role ||
Enforcer Four

|| Face Claim ||
Kiryuu Moeka (Steins;Gate)


|| Hair Color ||

|| Eye Color ||
Light brown

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||
137 lbs.

|| Appearance ||
Makoto is not an individual who seems particularly approachable from a distance, often wearing a stoic expression, her scanning gaze revealing nothing but her intention to observe and analyze. Her personal style is rather stale and seemingly of little concern to her, only ever changing between her on-mission outfit and her more civilian and casual clothing.


|| Personality ||
Makoto is an incredibly serious woman, making light of very little that she comes across and missing (or perhaps ignoring) most humor and wit pointed her way. Though she is not necessarily a quiet person she often doesn't speak to any great lengths of things she deems unimportant and is usually wary and untrusting of most strangers. With all this said however Makoto is not an unfriendly person, she is a very loyal and protective individual towards those she's familiar and friendly with, she can however sometimes go overboard in her protective nature. Her serious nature is not quite so intense when she's off a mission, and while she always takes things seriously she doesn't always do serious things in her off-time. Makoto is also an honest woman, sometimes brutally so, and unless told to do otherwise will not hesitate to express her opinions. As an enforcer Makoto follows to the rules down to the letter and listens to every word and order given by her inspector Shouichi without protest and with all the efficiency she can muster.

|| Likes ||
- Music
- Games
- Snow/Cold weather
- Her glasses
- Tea and coffee
- Spicy foods

|| Dislikes ||
- Sweets
- Loud people/places
- The heat

|| Weakness ||
Her glasses || Makoto is overly protective of her particular eyewear, often cleaning them as a sort of idle habit and taking special care to keep them safe, lashing out at others who attempt to even touch them.
Dependent || Makoto finds great difficulty in acting on her own when on a mission, without the ability to receive feedback and orders from her inspector she will often clam up and become uncharacteristically uncertain of her actions and plans.


|| Personal Strengths ||
Hand to hand combat ||
Quiet ||

|| Personal Weakness ||

|| Usual Psycho-Pass Level||
Makoto's Psycho-Pass level is usually quite low for an enforcer, often hovering around 110. Her levels often rising along with thoughts of suicide and hopelessness, spiking severely whenever she perceives her glasses or allies to be in danger.

|| Biography ||


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So begins...

Makoto Iwakami's Story

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Hayato Itsuya

Hayato surprisingly was able to stop the urge to smack the newcomer. The enforcer who had walked in was a constant annoyance to his side, and he could never get used to his stupid ways or that retarded nickname he had given him. It worse then the other white haired inspector stupidity...or just about the same.

Like most inspectors, he ignored the comments that came out of the enforcer's mouth. It was never really important, and half the now for instance. He had just decided to ignore the comment, as he continued to go through the history of the cameras and other case files. It was just annoying he had to deal with this alone. Where was the new girl...Uenomi right? He held back a sigh, as he took a glance toward the man. He could never fathom on how he had such a high psycho-pass yet acted like a little brat...which was only one of the reasons why he didn't trust him.

Though, that enforcer's talking was countered by Seiren, much to his relief. He didn't feel like arguing today.

A beeping from the holographic wall brought his attention back to the screen. Clicking on view, the camera brought up a video surveillance of a motel called "Hagekure." He zoomed in, to see a hooded figure turning slightly to see his full face tahnkfully. Clicking pause, the video stopped, and he zoomed in. More buttons pushed, facial recognition activated, and confirmed the match was at least 87%...good enough to check out. The video said it was 3:47 AM today.

Did that mean another body was in the possession of that screwed up bastard? A frown entered his features, as he scowled slightly at the screen. It was also possible that it wasn't him, or he'll be gone for that matter.

It didn't matter, though a loud voice rang out of nowhere. He winced a bit, as the voice echoed, the scowling deepening further, as he looked toward the new comer. There was the new inspector. He sighed, before just saying a single phrase.

"Your late."

With that said, he clicked on a button, and the holographic wall quickly lit up, and he sent it to the other inspectors. It was a lead, so he'd have to go over it with them later when they met up. With that done, he turned to Seiren.

"Torai, Get some security drones around the Hagekure Motel. Geru might be there right now." He said coolly, and quickly before turning toward the new inspector.

"You, come with me." He said curtly, before turning and walking out of the office. He did slowdown his pace a bit, just so the girl could follow.

Shouichi Byakurai

ImageThis time he was able to hear footsteps before the quiet inspector made an appearance. Usually, he would say at least a word of greeting and he'd jump out of surprise...he should attach a bell to him or a cat... but it seemed like today, he was actually paying attention, focusing on the quiet footsteps that signaled the other's arrival.

Shouichi shot him a grin, and responded back happily. "Morning Geo-kun! Having a nice day so far?" He asked, the childish grin never leaving his face. Shouichi had made it a habit of at least trying to get that quiet introvert to talk to him, more and more everyday. He'd like to think it was slowly working.

Though before the other man could respond, the door opening, revealing the dark hair enforcer. He laughed a bit at her question when she walked in, before waving at her with his hand up.

"I missed you Tete-chan! Good morning!" The stupid looking grin never leaving his face as he spoke. It was a common thing for her to come in like that, so he had gotten used to it. Even the "kid" nickname didn't bother him at all...well it never did in the first place, but it was a weird name.

He was at least a year older then the woman.

Though, he did hear the question that she asked the other inspector, and he sighed. It was really hard to be in the room with two smokers. He didn't want lung cancer. Luckily Mako-chan didn't smoke. Speaking of which, where was she?

"Tete-chan? Geo-kun? Don't smoke in here! The stench always stays in here." he asked, putting his hands together in a begging form of sort. Though that easy going grin was still on his face.

Though while he faced away from his computer, it let out a short light beep, to show new mail had come in.