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Charlotte Morgenstern

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a character in “Guns, Drugs, and Love”, as played by merthur


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"Most girls want a guy who would hold an umbrella over their head and carry them over puddles. I want a guy who would steal my umbrella, jump in the puddles just to splash me and kiss me before I could yell at him."

Iris - Sleeping With Sirens
"And I don't want the world to see me
'Coz I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's meant to be broken
I just want you to know who I am."


Full Name
"My name? Why do you care?" Her name is Charlotte Morgenstern, she hasn't got a middle name. It wasn't considered important at the time of her birth.

"I suppose if I have to tell you, call me Charlie. It is the only thing I will allow others to call me, most don't even know my real name." Charlie stuck with her since she was little, there was another girl in her class named Charlotte and she didn't want to be a double. An added benefit is that she thought it made her sound more like a boy, and she is definitely one of the boys.

"That actually is rude... or ignorant. Are you blind?" Female, though she rarely acts it.

"My role in this? Well I'm a Morgenstern, of course." Girl Sixteen, Ashley Greene

"I think I'll have to go with the assumption of you being blind."

Her hair is the color brown, though many like to describe it as chocolate-y or even black because it's deep brown color almost can appear to be black. It falls in gentle waves, resting just a bit below her shoulders. Though sometimes she will choose to straighten it, it takes quite a while though due to it's thickness, and she really is not all that patient.

Charlie's eyes are somewhat of a murky brown that she can't stand. The only thing she likes about them is the specks of gold that seem to float within them. Unfortunately her deceased mother made her wear contacts, making her eyes appear blue instead because people used to stare at the unusual nature of their color. She still wears them, even though her mother is gone, simply because she has always been told it was safer.

She fits almost perfectly into the "petite" category, being just above five foot[ five foot one inch to be exact, though the world naturally rounds down ] and only a hundred and two pounds. Though, sometimes a turn off to others, she is rather pale. People used to tease her for being "white as a ghost", though she never minded it. The reason she has always been so pale is because she doesn't really like to go out in the sun, she much more prefers the night. As you can see from the picture on the right, she isn't necessarily "strong". You can even see her ribs somewhat.

Most girls go out of their way to look "pretty" for guys, right? This girl is probably the complete opposite, she chooses to be comfy rather than be whore-y. You'll rarely catch her in a skirt, actually she doesn't even own one. Though you'll aslo rarely catch her with pants on, unless in public. She prefers to wear longer shirts[ longer, heh, just long enough to cover everything ], often old band tee shirts or even some of her brothers button down shirts. When she does have to wear pants though, you can usually find her wearing skinny jeans of any color or sometimes even shorts, though she doesn't really like wearing shorts either. Shoes are usually combat boots or skate shoes[ DC's, Van's, TH ]. Also she tends to wear a lot of hoodies in public.

Charlie probably comes off as somewhat of a tomboy. She sits with her legs spread wide, or sometimes she'll lay in a seat and put her feet over the back of it. This girl can curse like a sailor, yet at the same time sound utterly intelligent. Most of the time though, you'll find her in her room, curled up on the window seat with a book and her iPad, listening to whatever screamo or indie music she pleases without earphones so the rest of the house can hear. Mainly she looks innocent though. Like a little kid almost, definitely not like she should be involved in all the current happenings. And she really isn't, she doesn't do drugs and she's never had sex, the only violence she associates with is the stuff her family tells her to do. She isn't one to purposefully cause trouble or go looking for a fight.


"Nothing princess-y, if that's what you were thinking." Charlie likes a lot of things, well a lot of silly things. She likes to play pranks and laugh, run around the house singing and dancing until someone literally has to hold her to get her to calm down. Candy is a god, though she really shouldn't have much of it because she gets hyper way too easily. To be more serious though, she likes to read and write, if you're lucky you may catch her playing guitar or singing, though she really only does that for Boy Four. Something she would never admit is that she likes to cuddle or be held, touch is a really big thing for her, as in she'll crawl all over people or try and sit in their laps, though it's so innocent and playful that it can't be really thought of as anything other. Lastly she loves the rain, her dreams are to be kissed in the rain and dance in the refrigerator light at midnight, sounds like a Taylor Swift song, right?

"Girls! They are so bitchy." Obviously she isn't too fond of her own gender, though there is multiple reasons behind that. She doesn't like relationships, they terrify her. Being serious is boring, sitting still is impossible, and her "mother" is a bitch. Charlie can't cook for the life of her, if it can be burnt it will be. Sometimes she will be teased for being skinny or anorexic, and she really can't stand that. Crying, that's a pretty normal thing to dislike, and she hates people seeing her cry. Other things include her insomnia, and the nightmares that haunt her when she actually can sleep. She doesn't like people who abuse animals, especially since she doesn't want to image her Husky Ace ever being hit.

"What am I afraid of? You're funny, I don't feel fear." Like any other human being, Charlie fears rejection. Things that she fears that most adults probably don't include the dark, or mirrors at night. Any sort of scary movie frighten's her, even if it's supposedly PG 13 or whatever. One of her biggest fears is her siblings being hurt or dying, those surprisingly she does not fear death herself.

Charlie's primary mode of living is focused internally, where she deals with things rationally and logically. Her secondary mode is external, where she take things in via her five senses in a literal, concrete fashion. Charlie has a compelling drive to understand the way things work. She's good at logical analysis, and like to use it on practical concerns. Typically having strong powers of reasoning, although she's not interested in theories or concepts unless she can see a practical application. She likes to take things apart and see the way they work.

Charlie has an adventuresome spirit. She is attracted to motorcycles, airplanes, sky diving, surfing, etc. She thrives on action, and is usually fearless. Charlie is fiercely independent, needing to have the space to make her own decisions about their next step. She does not believe in or follow rules and regulations, as this would prohibit her ability to "do her own thing". Her sense of adventure and desire for constant action makes her prone to becoming bored rather quickly. Although she does not respect the rules of the "System", she follows her own rules and guidelines for behavior faithfully. She will not take part in something which violates her personal laws.

Charlie likes and needs to spend time alone, because this is when she can sort things out in their minds most clearly. She absorbs large quantities of impersonal facts from the external world, and sort through those facts, making judgments, when she is alone. Charlie is an action-oriented person. She likes to be up and about, doing things/ She won't sit behind a desk all day and do long-range planning. Adaptable and spontaneous, she responds to what is immediately before her. She usually has strong technical skills, and can be as effective technical leaders.

She does not pay attention to her own feelings, and even distrust them and try to ignore them, because she has difficulty distinguishing between emotional reactions and value judgments. This may be a problem area for her.

When she is over-stressed, she may exhibit rash emotional outbursts of anger, or on the other extreme may be overwhelmed by emotions and feelings which she feels compelled to share with people (often inappropriately). When down on herself she will foray into the world of value judgments - a place which is not natural for the her - and judge herself by the inability to perform some task. Charlie will then approach the task in a grim emotional state, expecting the worst.

But Charlie is excellent in a crisis situations. She is good at following through with a project, and tying up loose ends.

"That's personal." Atmokinesis, the ability to manipulate the weather around her. It has a radius of two miles though, meaning she can't control the weather out of her little bubble. Though she can reduce the distance, meaning if she wanted to make it literally rain on just one person, she could.

"I don't have weaknesses." She also can't control it if it gets out of hand, like if she tried to create a tsunami or tornado. It also causes her to have great headaches and also causes her to not have much of an appetite, which is why she is so skinny. This will help you understand it's full effects.

Love Interest
"Love? It's a superstition. The only love I believed in was when my mother was alive, now that bitch has replaced her." For a long time she has been friends with Boy Four, and though she won't admit it to herself, if he asked her to run away with him there wouldn't even be a hesitation before her answer.

So begins...

Charlotte Morgenstern's Story