Lara Roy

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Full Name: Lara Leona Roy

Nickname: Lara is what those who know her personally call her. On the street if you were to point her out and ask, they'd probably say her name was Illusion. A name given to her in honor of her "skills."

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Role: Valerie (LIGHTS) Poxleitner

Appearance: Lara has always been fond of tattoos and has quite of few of them. In fact, she almost has a sleeve on her left arm. She always been skinny, with barely any curves, and this makes her look quite a bit younger than her other siblings - who all seem to be turning into gorgeous, elegant looking people. She on the other hand, seems to be perpetually stuck in the 'cute' stage of her life. Her style doesn't help matters much either. There's always something a bit wacky about her outfits, whether its a sailors hate, a sailor moon-esque tiara, or cowboy boots. Something is almost always out of place. As far as height goes, she's a comfortable 5'5. Above her right eyebrow she has a scar, though she can't quite remember what from.

Personality: Lara has a very difficult time taking things seriously and almost makes everything a game. Her life has always been one big party, filled with boozy nights and the hazy memories that follow them. She's often been described as crazy and unpredictable, always taking risks that even an adrenaline junkie would find dangerous. She's played Russian Roulette too many times to count, both literally and figuratively. She takes the saying "live life to the fullest" almost too far, and has little regard for her own life. However, she would never endanger somebody else's and would never encourage somebody to live as she does. She has very protective of her family and those around her. So...why does she live this way, you may ask? Why does she live in a way that could end her life at any moment, but protect others so fiercely? The answer is simple, until recently she thought she had very little to live for. But now there's a baby growing inside her and she's absolutely terrified.

Power: She's an illusionist. She can make people believe one thing, when something else entirely is going on. She can change what they're seeing, trick them. If there's a banana and a gun sitting on a table, she can make someone think they're picking up the gun - when in reality, they picked up the banana. While it's rare, she can change an entire "scene."

Role: Girl Eleven


Crazy nights
Boys, boys, boys


Bees, she's incredibly allergic.
Being stuck at home
When her family is threatened


The larger the illusion the more energy it takes from her. She'll get tired and will pass out when going over her limits. If she goes way too far, it can make her go insane. Her mind won't be able to tell what is real and what is fake.

Love interest: Boy Four

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