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Edwin of Altaria

Member of the Red Cloth

0 · 249 views · located in The Cloud Sea

a character in “Gunship: The End of Peace”, as played by Ark Reahver



Name: Edwin of Altaria
Race: Elven

Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Faded blonde hair with brown streaks here and there. It is pulled back into a pony tail, a few loose hairs drape over his face.
Skin:lightly tan the natural color of Elves.
Height:5'9" Somewhat tall compared to most elven males.
Weight: 157
Build:Lean and muscular. He spends alot of time working with heavy metals so his body has become strong over the years.

Physical description: As a machinist he has been wounded many times at his job, and has the scars to show it, though most f them are on his arms and torso he has a scar that stretches from his right cheek to his jaw, and several other small scars on his face. He bears the tattoo of his birth city, Altaria on his back.


Likes: Machines, Inventors, Science, Skyships, Coffee, other Elves

Dislikes: Human nobles, Loud noises, alcohol, Slavers, the military, cowards

Quirks:Tends to be somewhat distrustful of many humans. Although he understands that not all of them treat elves badly he has a tough time trusting. He can easily lose his temper when around enslaved Elves, he hates that they let themselves be treated the way they are.

Fears:Being enslaved is a constant fear amongst elves, being caught without the right documentation could easily mean spending the rest of your life in servitude.

Personality description: Edwin is very friendly once he warms up to people, often making jokes and sarcastic remarks. He is smart and well collected and can always contribute something to a conversation. Although when it comes to new humans he is very quiet and cold, sometimes acting angry and violent, he tries to make sure his temper doesn't get the best of him. He will often offer a hand in everything as is his helpful nature.

Now: He has become even more distrustful. He's lost most of his friendly attitude and has become distant. He rarely shows much enjoyment of anything anymore.


Fighting ability: 20

Weapons: Gunbead
The Gunbead is a prototype weapon created by Edwin, it is a rifle that uses experimental laser technology. It acts like a repeater rifle with multiple rounds and single fire capability, but it can use a charging system that allows for powerful charge shots that can cause massive concussive damage.

Now: Edwin finished Gunbead, turning the weapon into a gun sword. It uses energy created from kinetic energy to power the shots. The more he fights with it the more powerful and the more plentiful the shots Gunbead can fire.

Clothing/Armor: Edwin wears little armor. His leather, heat resistant gloves cover his fore arms and have metal plates placed on them to further protect his arms. His boots are steel toed and have steel kneepads. His clothes are a simple white collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a maroon embroidered vest that has been worn out and faded. He wears a pair of goggles to protect his eyes and a black bandanna around his neck for when he needs to cover his mouth. His pants are a dark grey fabric thats durable yet lightweight, they are just baggy enough not to restrict him and at the same time not baggy enough that they can get caught on any machinery.

Now: He now wears the standard uniform of the Red Cloth. Black leather clothes and and a crimson red cloth wrapped around his waist and neck. His new armor has Altaria's emblem embroidered on his hood.

Tools: His trusty monkey wrench is more than just a tool, he often uses the thing as a weapon, implicating sword techniques into his swings.

Now: He carries caltrops and smoke bombs so that he can escape from finished missions.


Background info: He worked on the lower levels of the Skycity Anatole, a city in the western wind as a mechanic and weaponsmith for several years after leaving the apprenticeship of his now deceased master. Raised as an orphan he has fought and ran away from enslavement all his life due to the fact that he does not have proper documents that allow him to be a free Elven citizen. His true home was the sky city of Altaria, but he has never been able to return for unknown reasons. His parents died when he was very young and he has no recollection of who they are. He hopes that someday the Daedalus can help him discover more about his past life.

Now: Edwin has become consumed by hatred. During the attack on Tirdwell he was approached by a man with glowing orange eyes named Harris. Harris filled his head with dark thoughts, and eventually caused Edwin to join him. Edwin became a member of the Red Cloth, his current location is unknown.

So begins...

Edwin of Altaria's Story