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Rhev Arkha

A mercenary master of advanced weapons.

0 · 145 views · located in The Cloud Sea

a character in “Gunship: The End of Peace”, as played by Ark Reahver


Name: Reveillo Alcaster
Nickname: Rhev
Age: 22
Race: Human
Position on Daedalus: Mercenary

Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Shaggy and unkempt, his short black hair lacks any form of control.
Skin: Burned tan by the sun from weeks spent out at sea.
Height: 5'11
Build:A slender and athletic build. His muscles are well developed, but only to the point where they would not hinder his flexibility.

Physical description:He has strong broad shoulders, and a strong and proud posture. He has two large burns on his back that look as if he was clawed at by a large creature. His left hand was badly injured in an accident so his middle finger, index finger, his thumb and part of his palm are mechanical. He has a faint five o'clock shadow, and a thin patch of hair from his chin to the bottom of his lip.


Likes: Machines, Friends, Drinking, Rare Meats, Being on a hip, Excitement, Storms, fighting

Dislikes: Large crowds, boredom, reading, merchants

Quirks:He has a short fuse, and although he tries not to be angry, arguing with him can easily turn to violence

Fears: Love

Personality description: At first he is resistant of any social interaction, but if someone tries hard enough they can get him to open up. He is a very reliable and dependable friend, his feelings are hidden from everyone and he seeks solitude instead of company when something has hurt him emotionally. He is in fact a very well mannered person, but he prefers to deal with most of his problems through violent physical conflict. He holds no grudges, and believes that a goof fight can help anyone become better friends.

His biggest fear is that of love. He is afraid of becoming vulnerable, to him his strength is everything, it is his pride, to feel love for some one else would put him in a weak position. so He tries his hardest to avoid it, although he cannot always help the way his heart feels.


Fighting ability:15


Gungnir- A specially crafted expandable spear, it is a one of a kind weapon, and it cost him a lot of money. The spear has implemented electricity as a form of attack. By placing a battery pack of highly condensed power into the shaft Rhev can create arcs of lightning with every swing. Making impact with anything while it is charged with lighting creates devastating results. He carries the retracted weapon on the back of his waist, and has three battery packs are attached to the holster.

Flame Spitter- Is another high tech weapon he carries on his left arm. It is a mechanical gauntlet, made of lightweight and durable metal. The gauntlet implements technology created to absorb heavy impact so it can be used as a shield to deflect all kinds of weapons, even bullets. The reason it is a weapon is because it has a small flamethrower hidden within it's mechanics, although over use can cause the user to burn himself.

Clothing/Armor: He wears dun-colored leather armor, that is reinforced with small bits of chain mail. He wears a pair of pilot's goggles along with a dirt red bandanna around his neck. He wears worn buckled boots that run up to his shins. (I might comeback and edit this some more)

Tools: Beside the 3 battery packs for his spear, he has a small canister of flammable liquid attached to his left thigh. He carries a small pocket journal that has seen better days, and a medal from the military in even worse condition.


Background info:

Rhev does not know any of his family, he was raised in an central district orphanage most of his childhood. The closest thing he had to family were his two best friends, Eket and Nowah who grew up alongside him and faced all the same problems. When they reached the age of 14 they ran away from the orphanage and began living a life in the streets of the undercity. It was tough but so long as he was with his friends he would be fine. They each got a part time job and started making money, enough so that they could afford a house and buy food for themselves. A year passed this way when Rhev found out about a new job position they could all have. This was great because they each worked someplace different and were seeing less and less of each other.

They took a job as assistants on a Storm Hunter ship, which sailed into lightning storms to gather power for the sky cities. The job was a dangerous one but it payed very well and before they knew it they were living in the Central district. At one point Nowah was hurt in one of their expeditions, her injuries were nothing serious and she recovered well. Rhev and Eket decided she shouldn't go with them anymore she was too important to them and they did not want to lose her. She started a business in their home running a flower shop.

Rhev and Eket continued to work for the Storm Hunter's and eventually came to be in charge of their own ship. During one of their expeditions into a storm they came cross a military vessel under attack from a sky pirate ship. Rhev and Eket helped them out and fought against the pirates. During the fight a stray bolt of lightning badly wounded Rhev. They returned home as quickly as they could.

Rhev had been bedridden, and Nowah took care of him while he recovered from his injuries. At some point during his recovery a military messenger came to their home. He carried a message for Rhev asking him and Eket to join the military. He said he would consider it once he recovered. While Nowah watched over him he started falling in love with her. He eventually got better an decided he would join the military for a chance to move up to the Noble district. When he proposed the idea to Eket, he agreed and they both went into the military at 17. For three years they trained and fought for the military.

They rose through the ranks quickly and right before they got their big break and moved into the Noble district something happened. Rhev decided he would ask Nowah to marry him, but when he went to find her he discovered she was in love with Eket and the both of them had been secret lovers for some time now. The day of Rhev and Eket's promotion ceremony Rhev began a fight with Eket. He was discharged from the military and left the sky-city of Wynn.

For the last two years he has been working as a mercenary for whomever will hire him. The Daedalus is his most recent job.

So begins...

Rhev Arkha's Story