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Shi Huang

Silent and deadly, a mercenary on the Daedelus.

0 · 358 views · located in The Cloud Sea

a character in “Gunship: The End of Peace”, as played by BleedingCrimson



Name: Shi Huang
Nickname: Shou
Age: 25
Race: Human

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black and long, part of the way up in an elongated bun and the rest hangin loose
Skin: Light skinned with a smooth complexion
Height: 5'4" with the 'heels' she wears
Weight: 145 lbs with all her clothing and weapons and trinkets
Build: Slim with wiry muscles

Physical description: Has wings tattooed onto her back.

Silence, food, meditation, learning, books and knowledge, herb lore, and watching chaos and calamity ensue.
Favorite drink is tea, closely followed by spiced cider.
Favorite food is pomegranate followed by plain rice with chopped or scrambled eggs.
Favorite color is alizarin.
Playing the flute.
Annoying people, idiots, optimists, talking, and untruths.
Is very superstitious and always has at least 8 (number that means prosper, wealth, and/or fortune) talismans for good luck and four (number meaning death) curses for others on her person, displayed for all to see and hidden beneath her clothing receptively.
Bad luck or bad omens towards herself or to those close enough that it would harm her and angering the gods/tempting fate.

Shi is arrogant in an aloof, smug kind of way. She is a very sly and conniving individual who doesn't trust anyone easily. She words hold meaning to her and if she says something she will do it. Her word is her oath and her contract, and so she never says things lightly. She is a very serious person who has buried all emotions so deep she can no longer recognize any but the most common: blood lust, exhilaration, wrath and hatred, sadness, and greed.
Shi's words hold meaning to her and if she says something she will do it. Her word is her oath and her contract, and so she never says things lightly. She is an extremely honor-bound individual and will not engage in a battle with someone who is below her level of prowess unless in self-defense. Though she places deep significance on honor, she is not above twisting the truth to her advantage and often leaves out some of it, if it is to her benefit.
She prefers to not talk if she doesn't have to- doesn't like to waste her words or her breath and she has a very cynical and pessimistic outlook on life, which she likes to call realistic and perhaps somewhat cynical. Hates doing anything without being rewarded for it, and so won't do things 'out of the goodness of her heart'. Everything she does, or rather doesn't do, is measured by the amount of effort something takes versus the reward or effect it will create unless, of course, there's a punishment for not doing something - Shi is a firm believer in carrot-stick policy.
She is lazy, extremely lazy... however, if she is ordered by a higher up then she gets things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The sooner it's done the sooner she gets to go back to lazing about. Completely oblivious to any flirting directed towards her, otherwise sharp as a whip to pick up on most other things.
Shi also tends to zone out, often forgetting to breathe or blink in these times, making her look dead. Sometimes though, she just forgets to breathe (or is perhaps too lazy to- no one has figured out which yet).
Dislikes people in general, though will not begrudge them her favors if they ask, if they can pay for the services rendered, of course.


Fighting ability: Rate you ability in each of the following with a score from 1-10
Melee: 10
Range: 7
Machinery: 4

Weapons: Double-bladed sword that is disguised as an ornamental staff and can be used similarly to a bo staff when blades are not out and hangs from her back, wakizashi, spear,throwing needles and throwing knives

Clothing/Armor: Thick and heavy robes that are ornately embroidered and a chest plate of hardened leather beneath it

Tools: Headpiece is coated in blood/liquid activated poison and so are the tips of her sharpened fingernails, the ink she writes with is also poison

Background info: Grew up as a noble but forsook that life for one that she could enjoy, that of a mercenary. Has been an assassin for almost 7 years now.

So begins...

Shi Huang's Story