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Captain Jones

I have my reasons for being here, and they are not of your concern. Now pay attention, we're being shot at, remember?"

0 · 147 views · located in The Cloud Sea

a character in “Gunship: True Beginnings”, as played by Ark Reahver


Name:Jones Ostreburg Fellouch
Nickname: Flintlock Jones

Hair:A messy mop-head of hair with distinguished gray steaks.
Build:Tall and strong yet a little fat

Physical description:Sporting a fashionable five o'clock shadow at all times of the day and carrying a good share of scars, this man screams "tough son of a bitch". His left leg a prosthetic, worked on by the same scientist that built the Daedalus it functions just as good as his old fleshy one. The man's skin is a dark tan and his face is marked by the lines of his constant smiling.


Likes:Gold, Food, Ladies, Rum, Whiskey, The Cloudsea, His ship, Whiskey, Busty Ladies, Money, Gambling, Sleeping, Being captain, Telling stories, Making up Stories, Cleaning his guns, Whiskey.

Dislikes:The Military, Losing, Missing shots, Loose buttons, Tea, Sky-cities.

Quirks:Has a slight alcoholic addiction and becomes temperamental the longer he goes without drinking,

Fears:This man fears nothing in the skies of Novus Terra, but has been heard mumbling in his sleep about "something" chasing him.

Personality description:
The Captain is kind hearted and wise. He leads his crew through respect, believing that a strong spirit of brother hood is the best equipment a man can have. He is extraordinarily charismatic and many find it difficult to escape his charm. He has a magnificent way of talking his way out of almost any bad situation, and on occasion talking his way into bad situations. Te man acts like everybody's father or grandfather and gives them advice in any way he can. Everyone in the crew agrees that he is truly fit to be captain. Despite his warm hearted attitude to his crew and friends when it comes to his foe he's just as bloodthirsty as all the pirates in the sky. He tends to make some of the wildest decisions as captain and leads every one to believe that he's crazy. Gambling his life and the life of the crew on a whim, lady luck has taken a very strong liking to him and his plans rarely ever fail, people tend to fear his unpredictability and lack of fear.


Fighting ability: Rate you ability in each of the following with a score from 1-10
Machinery:-4 (never has the world seen a man so completely at a loss when faced with a revolving door, or fancy light guns)

Weapons: The Gunlance.

This beautifully made rifle carries one of the worlds most well crafted blades as a bayonet. With a multi round interchangeable clip it can shoot a lot bullets and it can shoot them fast compared to nearly all other rifles. Unfortunately the kick back is like being kicked by a horse and tends to wear down the old man.

Clothing/Armor: He wears now a brand new military suit. White pants and knee high polished black leather boots, a royal blue vest with gold trim and medal pinned to his chest. On top of it all he wears a black, gold trimmed trench coat so old it looks like it could turn into dust any second. It is a deep and faded black with tears and holes and a few patches. He is also always wearing a matching hat.

Tools: His longest living friend and favorite companion, the ever worried, always tidy, rs-377-LX-4I! More commonly know as Jack. Jack is an android created by Machinists from long ago. Saved on one of the captains expeditions he has remained loyal and faithful at his side.


The captain doesn't talk about his past to anyone, unless it's about his exploits in the military and how he saved countless lives. All that people know is that he's been with the military for seven year's now, but nothing else.

So begins...

Captain Jones's Story