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Reuben Lark (Soleren)

A cheeky brat, but a genius navigator

0 · 135 views · located in The Cloud Sea

a character in “Gunship: True Beginnings”, as played by Jacopo


Name: Reuben Lark

Nickname: Those who he knows well and like casually call him Reubi

Age: 15

Race: Reportedly human, although there have been rumors that he's a half-blood. Reuben isn't too sure himself.

Eyes: Bright green

Hair: Red that appears orangeish in the sun; streaked with brown and gold

Skin: Reuben is very tan; he's obviously seen a lot of sun

Height: 5'4

Weight: 117 lb

Build: Although he's on the small side, Reuben is sprightly and wiry, like a spring.

Physical description: Reuben has an eyepatch over his right eye, although whether or not that eye is actually blind is a completely different question. He also has a sprawling of tattoos on the back of his neck and on his upper back. Most of them are symbols in an ancient language, although there is also a depiction of a scarlet dragon.


Likes: Freedom, mythology, lame jokes, the sky, wind, science- Reuben dreams of being a scholar someday, but the chances of that are slim

Dislikes: Aggressive people, antisocial people, standoffish people…unpleasant people in general. He also hates fighting, and is always the first to run away

Quirks: Reuben speaks with a tic in his left cheek, like a flash of a grin that disappears as soon as you see it. It only adds to his rather impudent nature.

Fears: Imprisonment, monsters, getting old, humorless people

Personality description: Reuben can be a pain to put up with, or he can be a ray of sunshine. He seems to have vast reserves of energy that result in hyperactivity and much random jumping up and down. One of the youngest members on board the Daedalus, Reuben is an enthusiastic, friendly, chatty, cheeky, flippant little prick who doesn't hesitate to voice his opinion- an opinion that is going to get him killed someday. He's like the puppy that's cute at first, but then takes a piss on your favorite piece of furniture. He seems to have absolutely no sense of respect, but that is false. Reuben has a strong sense of loyalty to those who prove themselves worthy; in other words, he's like a particularly talkative cat. Despite this, Reuben is also capable of surprisingly profound insights about other people or places. It's just difficult to tell the threads of wisdom from infuriating cheek.


Fighting ability:
Melee: 4
Range: 9
Machinery: 6

Weapons: Reuben carries a crossbow with him at all time; despite his eyepatch, he has impeccable aim. He also has light daggers stored on various parts of his body, and a pocketknife which he uses if absolutely necessary.

Clothing/Armor: Reuben doesn't possess armor. He wears a light, blue tunic which reaches his knees, cinched by a double-strapped belt. Under that are a pair of baggy brown shorts. He owns a pair of black combat boots which are both criss-crossed by another set of belts, where Reuben stores a set of throwing knives. Throwing knives are also concealed in his belted fingerless gloves, which are long enough to reach his elbow. On windy days, he'll borrow a jacket from someone else.

Tools: You won't catch Reuben without his silver spyglass, pencil tucked behind one ear, and belt strapped with navigating tools


Background info: Reuben does not have the most illustrious upbringing. His earliest memories are that of working as a lackey for a pirate crew, the Reapers, which is where his tattoos originated. He doesn't know who his parents were, but assumes that he is human. Although his life with the pirates was one he wouldn't want to return to, Reuben did manage to learn some crucial skills in navigation, and found that he was particularly talented at the job. The captain was made aware of Reuben's skill, and the boy found himself with a reputation as the Reaper's genius navigator. After his third stretch in prison, Reuben decided to quit the pirates and join a legal ship- thus, the Daedalus. He still some issues with adjusting to non-pirate life (Reuben's cursing is enough to make a grown man blush), but enthusiastically dedicates himself to his new job as the Daedalus's navigator.

So begins...

Reuben Lark (Soleren)'s Story