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Gunslinger Girl: America

The Social Welfare Agency, American Division


a part of Gunslinger Girl: America, by THESexyMaid_001.


THESexyMaid_001 holds sovereignty over The Social Welfare Agency, American Division, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Social Welfare Agency, American Division is a part of Gunslinger Girl: America.

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Max [21] "I only do what I'm told."
Alice [20] "It's nice to meet you."
Samuel Wilson [19] "War and crime aren't so bad, They give us a job after all"
Seiren [19] "Perhaps.. it is time for you to die?"
Wes Thornton [19] "It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it."
Walter Westfield [19] "The moment you stop needing to be taken care of, is when you have to take care of someone else."
Chris Jerrine Michel [17] "I don't believe in using people so lets work together.
Beth [17] "Hello! I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna have to kill you now!"
Natasha Wright [0] "I do what is necessary."

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As Samuel leaned against the wall to his left he listened intently to what Alice had to say, silently deciphering every word she spoke. He was keen to hear as to why she was alone and hoped her answer was a good one."Beth is developing pictures from New York with Chris. Wes is taking Max to the cafeteria for ice cream. And Seiren is who knows where. Besides, I didn't get to do anything like this in New York." After saying this Alice moved swiftly, pushing open the blue doors of the building and slipping inside, once again leaving Samuel standing alone. However this time Samuel was much quicker to follow, only pausing for a second to take what he had just heard, try to sum it up in fewer words and come up with something along the lines of "Everyone is busy so I'm going to shoot". This brought a brief smirk to his face, reminding him slightly of his own youth and that they shared some interests as he took the step from the cold corridor into the warm training facility.

Inside Alice had been busy, having cleaned her gun and already made sure all the safety requirements were met. The moment Samuels foot came down on the concrete floor she whipped around, eyes sparkling, to ask a question. "Are you gonna watch me?". With a brief nod towards Alice Samuel followed, watching over her as she blitzed through the training rooms. Every time she hit a target he felt proud of her -but- in a lot of cases this feeling was quickly followed by some disappointment, having just watched her shoot down a hostage or civilian dummy. He really admired her diligence and loyalty to training, it was unfortunate that she wasn't as accurate as others when it came to shooting.

After over seeing Alice's first run through the training course Samuel took a break, resting in a small white room that could be called the lobby. He sat down in a semi comfy chair and pulled his black touch screen phone out his pocket. The phone was fairly old and the letters S.W were stuck on the back in pink and purple plastic gems. That and the few love heart stickers on the phone made it really stand out in comparison to Samuel, this didn't stop him using it though. He could hear Alice's gunfire in the background as he browsed through his emails, looking for what had caused it to ring before. Eventually he found the file, a mail from Walter. At first he wasn't too sure what it was but after a brief inspection came to realize it was about a mission. He was just about to give it a proper read over when Alice shouted over, asking about missions.

Samuel was quick to respond, shouting out to Alice. "I got a mail about one here! Check it out!". As she bounced over Samuel held out his phone, the file open, ready for her to inspect.

#, as written by Damioa
Chris set everything ready and set before Beth arrived. He divided everything into sections. A section for Beth, a section for him, and a section of the pictures he was ordered to take in. When he was done with that he decided to wait outside the dark room for Beth seeing as there was no part in starting without her. He wanted her to have fun working.

That's what little girls are supposed to do right? Have fun?

Even in his own thoughts he wasn't sure himself if that was the case or not. He still wanted her to smile and have fun. He flipped out his phone to see if he had any messages.
"Chris. What do you want for dinner?"- Tria

His heart sunk at those words. Tria was a good cook, but her foods tended to be a little too spicy. He sat stood thinking about what type of food he could get that wouldn't be spicy. He decided to put the answer on hold just awhile longer as he saw Beth approach.

"Beth reporting for duty, sir!"

He smiled a little wider than he would if someone was around. Still, hiding his teeth he tried to match hers as much as he could. "You came just in time. Let's get started." He said while leading her into the dark room. He proceeded to pulling out the film from its case, carefully putting each small picture into slides.

"So, what are we working on first?" The girl asked.
"Well. I figured we could split the work. That way we'll be done faster so you can go play. Here," he said handing her one off the slide holders, "you work on the pictures we took of Alice and the city area's and I'll work on the building pictures and rooftop areas."

He then placed his slide into the projector, exposing himself for Beth to see. The two had done it many times before but if she needed a reminder, she could always look over at him. After he had the setting right he turned the light off, placed the reflective paper under the display then turned the projectors light back on. Letting it sit for about seven minutes, he finally took the picture and placed it in the developing chemicals. Plashing it around gently, the picture finally showed up clear on the paper. When that was done he hung it up to dry. That marked one down, only so much more to go.


Wes looked off as Alice retreated, a bemused smile on his face. He looked back over at Max, giving her a reassuring nod. "It's fine, Max. It wasn't a long wait. Now let's go get you some ice cream."

He reached down and took her hand in his, and soon they were off, briskly walking over to the cafeteria. A few minutes later they arrived, and Wes went over to get Max her sweets. He returned to her shortly with two ice cream cones, one for both of them. They sat down at a table, and Wes gestured for his partner to eat, as he took a bite out of his own vanilla ice cream cone. Not the most unique of flavors, perhaps, but Wes certainly liked it best. Sometimes the classics had a good thing going for them.

"How do you like your ice cream, Max?" Wes inquired kindly, smiling down at her.


"Alright! Sounds good to me, Chris!" Beth cheerily replied. She took the offered slide holders, and set to work developing the pictures. She worked contently for a good while, humming softly as she did her job.

"Have you heard anything about us going on a new mission soon, Chris?" Beth asked casually, curious. She wouldn't mind a little time to rest and relax, of course, but she was always eager to get out in the field and do some good work. Especially considering the fact that her previous assignment with Alice had been nothing more than a simple recon mission in NYC. Not that that hadn't been great, of course, but Beth was more than a little impatient to engage in some real action. After all, she and the other girls were conditioned to be superb killers. It only made sense that she wanted to work out her talent a little, especially if she could impress Chris at the same time.

#, as written by Ever

"Make sure you don't kill when killing is unnecessary. Life has value, too. Also, I made a very good, expensive meal for you on the table in the kitchen. I think you'll like it, since it's probably still warm." came Seiren’s handler’s clipped response, a slight smile tossed her way. The cyborg watched as Walter quickly jerked his attention back to the glowing screen, his eyes suddenly going alight with excitement. Crossing her arms across her chest, the length of the wet hair halfway dried, Seiren’s cerulean gaze flickered briefly over to the countertop. There, just has her handler promised, was a saran-covered meal with a fluorescent sticky note taped to the top. Looking over at Watler’s intent gaze then back at the awaiting bowl of soup, Seiren turned away from him. With a soft ‘tmp’ from her bare feet, the cyborg passed under the threshold to the kitchen. Grabbing the bowl of soup from the granite kitchen, Seiren opened the refrigerator door and placed the warm bowl on the top shelf. Paused, those icy blue eyes watched as droplets of condensation began to form atop the taut wrapping before her handler’s typing yanked her back to reality. Closing the fridge, the female gave a small sigh as her stare flickered to the window. Yet another odd quality about Seiren compared to the other cyborgs; she rarely ate. Excessive amounts of food was something her body just couldn’t process.. in fact, she could only eat once every 9 hours.

"Get ready to leave soon, Seiren, and make sure all of your weapons are loaded," came the sharp order from Walter. In response, the cyborg merely walked out of the room without saying a word, her mind intent on gathering up her supplies. Heading back to her room, Seiren couldn’t help but wonder who the target was this time.. whose life was going to be ruined.


"It's fine, Max. It wasn't a long wait. Now let's go get you some ice cream." Wes lightly took Max's hand is his, leading the way to the cafeteria. Once they arrived, Max was only temporarily left alone so Wes could retrieve the ice cream but was back shortly. He had a vanilla cone and a strawberry cone and handed Max the pinkish red hued one.

"Thank you," she said and once it was made clear she could begin eating, she stared blankly at the cone, licking the odd cold treat occasionally. It was interesting how some would drip off the cone and onto her small fingers. It was cold no matter what. She always wondered why it would still be cold if it was melting. But Max was a genius with guns and weaponry, not ice cream.

"How do you like your ice cream, Max?" her handler asked kindly.

"It's really good," the young girl said plainly. "Thank you." Max looked up at Wes a blank smile on her face. It is rude to look depressed and say thank you, Alice always told her, You have to smile so they know it is sincere. max really did appreciate Wes taking time to treat her, it was just hard for her to show sometimes. "If you have work to do, I can go train so I'm not a bother." Max was only half way through her cone when she set it down on a napkin, grabbing another to wipe off her hand before she continued. "Alice should be down there. We could work together. I've noticed her shooting still needs work."


"I got a mail about one here! Check it out!" Alice ran over to her handler's voice, sitting and holding the phone at the ready for her. She pulled the screen close, reading every word twice.

"Yes," she screamed, jumping up and down, backwards and forwards. Her gun was safely on the couch, safety on, so her bouncing off the walls was only concern to some one who might walk through the door and get attacked by her excitement. I'm so excited, I can't wait to hear the details! I wonder what we get to do? Do you think we get to do some really cool action-like stuff this time?" Alice continued to bombard her handler with questions and theories, plans and suggestions. Alice somehow wormed her way behind Samuel in the chair and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm so, so, so, soooo excited!" She bounced with every word and squeezed him out of happiness, but not tight to the point to where he couldn't breathe.

#, as written by Shiki29
And so she left. Walter didn't have a problem with Seiren's stoic behavior. It was fine, to him. He never really thought it somehow detracted from her expression. It was probably something Walter alone seemed to think. Well, whatever, time for a new mission. Walter was already ready, in terms of clothes. His suitcase was where he left it. He didn't get a call from Samuel, who typically made plans for the missions, nor did anyone else seem to be immediately ready. There were some things Walter could do to pass the time. He could follow Seiren, but he decided to leave her be for now. He'd come back to her, and together they could wait for the others. Walter decided to see how the others were doing, first. Entering the training room, he saw no one inside. Seeing no one around, Walter picked a handgun as a weapon form the selection, A simple SO-COM pistol. Walter held it in his hand, before twirling it around his finger. He cherished the feeling, the weight, the things the handgun were to him. He had not used one in a long time. His skill were rusty, and, while there was no need to use one, for him who had other weapons, Walter couldn't help himself. He was born on a battlefield, and raised in it. Throughout all the allegiances he had gone through, with different people and organizations, Walter hardly ever complained. He just fought. It was in his nature to fight. He immediately stopped twirling the gun, and in a motion that seemed too quick for even practiced officers, he whipped it forward, stopping it right when a target was in his sights. A bulls-eye seemed imminent, but Walter did not pull the trigger. He couldn't pull the trigger. He knew all too well, why. His choice of weapons was oddly devoid of a handgun, when in the field. Walter wasn't fighting for whoever told him to, anymore. He honestly liked being in the Agency, and conducting manners in their way, because they were something Walter could believe in. His weapons that he used were almost entirely for special operations. Even when loaded with lethal rounds, he didn't look forward to harming his opponents. He didn't think much of it, other than that he would hate doing such things, except on a mission.

Oh, right. The mission.

Walter had gotten lost in thoughts again. He put the gun back where it was, and jogged out of the training room, into the lobby where Alice and Sam were. He didn't pause his jog to the exit, to his suitcase, but he did smile and wave at Sam and Alice briefly, before running out the door, and arriving to his briefcase a short bit later. Grabbing it, he opened it, checked to see his equipment was all there, and loaded, and that he had plenty of ammunition, before going to go wander around with it in his hand. Maybe he would run into Seiren, or any of the others, again.


Samuel relaxed in his seat and watched Alice, both his ears and mind were wide open as he listened to the variety of ideas and plans she was throwing his way. This was probably as much for fun her as anything else she did, she could always finding the potential for fun in things and would easily exploit it with no second thoughts. Eventually Alice's rambling came to a halt though and before Samuel himself had even realised this the girl had found a way to wedge herself behind him and now clung to him like a scarf on a cold day. She held him tight, though not to tight, and bounced up and down wildly, actually shaking with excitement.

It wasn't just Alice's movements that told Samuel she was excited. She even went to far as to say it herself however you might not have realised this at first. A lot of what was coming out of Alice's mouth was slurred to together and hard to decipher: she often sped up her speech when she was really psyched up, unfortunately She never noticed this herself. But in there somewhere she said "I'm so, so, so, soooo excited!" It was around this point Samuel got to his feet, leaving Alice dangling off his neck like a cape for a moment before she dropped to the floor. He turned to her and patted her head gently, talking calmly as he did. "Alice, Im sure theres so- ... some really cool action stuff this time. But until then we should train for a bit, Ill join you."

With this said Samuel turned again, pivoting on his heel to find Walter dashing across the room. There was barely time to say hello before he left again, though he did manage to send a quick wave in their direction as he ran off with a briefcase. Samuel wasn't too sure what had just happened though assumed it to be nothing more than a simple hello and shrugged it off as best he could before heading to his locker in the other room, forgetting Alice still had his phone.


"Sure, you can go ahead and go practice with Alice, if you want to, Max." Wes replied, as he finished off his ice cream cone. He wiped his sticky fingers with a napkin, and felt his cell phone vibrate in his jeans. He reached into his pocket and fished the phone out. He turned it on and scanned through a list of new emails he had gotten. One in particular caught his attention; the email itself contained details for a new mission.

"On second thought, you might have to wait on that." Wes began apologetically, as he put his phone away. "Seems like we have another mission waiting for us."

A new mission so soon? This was surprising. Usually they were all allowed a little R&R before going on another mission. The higher ups must have thought this was extremely urgent if they were sending them back out into the field so soon again. Perhaps they had only just found out Natasha Wright's current location; yes, that might make sense. In that case, they'd want them to immediately act on this information.

"Go ahead and get ready for the mission, Max. I'm sure we'll all get assembled together soon enough for a mission briefing." Wes added, as he stood up from his chair. Good thing he hadn't even had the time to unpack his gear, yet. That would save him some time.