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I only do what I'm told.

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a character in “Gunslinger Girl: American Division”, as played by THESexyMaid_001




❝I hate who I'm told to hate.❞


❝The Basics❞


| Full name |
Maxine Janette Slater

| Gender |

| Age |


❝Deeper Description❞

| Eye Color |

| Hair Color |
Pale Blonde

| Height |

| Weight |
80 lbs.

| Skin Tone |
Pale Ivory

| Distinct Markings |

| Physical Description |
I am only 4'9", but that is no disadvantage. I can move quickly thanks to my small frame and fit into places no one else can. It also makes it harder to hit me, fist or bullet. I must be cursed with two left feet, I accidently fall sometimes when I shouldn't. I prefer to wear the same expression, it just seems a lot easier then smiling or frowning. But if I have to, I can smile. I have kinda small hands so a lot of the time the triggers have to be fitted to my hand size. I've been told more than once that my eyes are scary and look dead, but I'm very much alive.


| Specialties |
✔ Long Range Weapons
✔ Stealth
✔ Evasiveness

| Weapons |
Dragunov SVD
Harris M86
Beretta 93R

| Likes |
♥ Long range guns
♥ Hand-to-Hand combat
♥ Climbing
♥ Training
♥ My Handler

| Dislikes |
✖ Not completing a mission
✖ Disappointing my Handler
✖ Terrorists
✖ People who hurt my Handler
✖ Talking about my feelings

❝Welcome to my Life❞

| Personality |
Well, I don't really express anything unless I'm told. But I do get really happy when my Hander praises me. It's nice. I don't find jokes funny, because I don't really get them, but I do laugh when the enemy is taken down. That's kinda funny. I climb trees and that makes me happy too. A lot of people say it's hard to read my emotions, and I just say I don't have any. I'm really easy to get along with, I only go after who I'm told. I listen to every order I'm given without hesitation. Because there is no need for it, the hesitation. I was made for one thing. Killing and listening to my Handler. I have a bit of a memory problem and it gets me in trouble sometimes. Its not fun...
| Theme Song |
Monster - Skillet

❝Who I Am❞

| History |
I have no memory of my past because of conditioning.
|Thoughts on Other Characters|
Wes- Wes is my handler. He likes to smile a lot. It's refreshing sometimes and he never really gets mad at me. He tells me to smile more, does that make me a bad girl for not listening? I like how he gets all serious during missions, he doesn't let anything get in his way. He's the best handler ever and I love him.
|Anything Else|
I love to kill.
I like to play piano in my spare time because it keeps both my hands and my mind busy.

So begins...

Max's Story

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Max walked through the double doors that marked the end of her training session. She had been improving greatly with all the practice she had gotten in. But she still wasn't perfect. Occasionally she would trip here or miss a turn there, it wasn't good enough.

"Well done Max," one of the lab coats said. "I think you could work on your speed, but other than that, you are doing very well." That meant it was time for her to go to the track and run until she felt she was faster than before. On the last mission, she had gotten to messy and soiled her favorite jacket with blood. Ever since then, she had barely slept and continued to train as much as she could. She didn't feel she had time for anything else. What would come out of having a failure as a soldier. There was no reason in keeping her if she couldn't do her job right.

She absentmindedly made her way to the track of the 'institution' to continue her training. But would running nonstop improve her speed? It should have, but if it didn't? Maybe she was defective or something needed to be replaced. Was Max broken? On all her physical visits to the doctor, he had told her that she was in perfect condition. Maybe it was all the training, or something was just happening. All she knew was that she needed to improve.